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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 18, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4 a Bennington Ranner tuesday january 18, 1966 the Bennington Banner i bushed every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorial chemical escalation the statement by 29 new England scientists in mondays Banner condemning the United states use of chemicals to destroy crops in Viet Nam raises an Issue that deserves More Public consideration than it has received to Date. The . Command evidently has been resorting increasingly to chemical weapons without examining their political implications. It is questionable whether the Broad Issue of chemical and biological warfare has been resolved by Washington policy makers let alone discussed by the american people in whose name the hostilities Are being waged. In their statement the 29 biologists chemists and physicians raised four Points to be confronted by those approving crop destruction in Viet Nam. The first is that the process is a indiscriminate Quot destroying food that belongs to combatants and non combatants alike. This harms not Only the Viet Cong it harms the pro Western vietnamese also women and children As Well As men. For that reason the scientists Call it a a barbarous Quot practice that a shows a shocking deterioration of our moral a second Point is that the chemicals May be toxic under certain circumstances. Although . Officials claim that they Are non toxic to Man the scientists Point out that the term is relative. A Poison that is harmless in Small controlled quantities May be lethal in accidental concentrations or when ingested by the very Young or the ill. To claim that the chemicals Are harmless therefore is misleading. A third objection cited by the scientists is that use of chemicals sets a precedent that could justify use of More powerful chemicals gases and biological weapons spreading plagues Andes Idem is. Once the principle is established it is difficult to draw a line against More potent chemicals. And in that connection the United states May find its policy a Boomerang. Chemical and biological warfare is inexpensive and easy to wage compared with nuclear warfare and Many Small countries Are equipped to take part. Beside All these objections there is the simple question of . Relations with the asian Peoples. By escalating into chemical warfare that injures Friend As Well As foe the United states May Well be building a Reservoir of resentment in Asia. For policy makers that could be the most important Point of All. From the purely military standpoint any Means of weakening the enemy can be justified. But More than military considerations Are involved in Viet Nam and we Are mistaken if we allow the generals to decide important questions of politics Public relations and simple s notes the no Shaft Lions club deserves plaudits for their Volunteer work in sprucing up Cole Hall in Shaftsbury. John Hamiltons picture in mondays Banner shows the Good Job the members Are doing. Kirtland Kings comments that efforts by a few legislators in Albany to repeal the sales tax will be fruitless can be read in context to comments by Vermont a House speaker Richard Mallary the Vermont legislature will pass a sales tax in 1967. Just How Mallary figures Vermont will go for the sales tax next year is hard to guess but we suspect that if the Economy continues to Boom As it has in Vermont the past year it will not be passed. There Are plenty of legislators still dead set against this form of taxation for the Green Mountain state. That was an extraordinary picture Carlo Wolter took of the wooden log that was converted into a smoothly rounded football shaped Lump of Wood just by being tumbled about in a Brook. We be seen plenty of examples of Wood being smoothed into funny shapes by the action of water but Carlos picture is one of the More outstanding examples we be seen. Bennington will certainly be a Busy place today with the arrival of James q. Dupont from Wilmington Delaware an official in the Public relations department of the famous company that bears his name. Dupont spoke to area High school students this morning addressed the rotary club at noon and will be featured speaker at the Industrial management club this evening. With All this talking we Are hoping that Bennington will turn around and treat him to a Day of relaxation and maybe a trip to some of our famous ski tooth decay a private matter Worcester Telegram researchers at the University of Miami claim to have discovered that tooth decay is a highly contagious disease. If this finding holds up it May influence Public philosophy in this country. Until now tooth decay has held a somewhat privileged place in the thinking of some people. Efforts to add sodium fluoride to Public drinking water have frequently been countered by assertions that tooth decay is a private matter and that forcing mass medication on people is unconstitutional and unjust. Even some of those who Are convinced that fluoridation does reduce dental decay have been impressed by this argument of private rights and fluoridation has often foundered on the Rock of popular by contrast no Community in the country would think of putting the question of chlorination of Public water supplies up to popular vote. Chlorination is regarded As strictly a matter of Public health and the experts Are allowed to do what they think necessary to make water Safe to drink. If tooth decay is proved to be really contagious therefore sodium fluorides May some Day be regarded As Normal additives to water supplies Justa chlorine is. Whereas both fluoride and chlorine Are poisons in their concentrated form scientists Point out that both Are perfectly Safe when diluted in water in the infinitesimal amounts needed. Some 60 million americans already drink fluoridated water and the records indicate that their Teeth cavities Are considerably fewer As a consequence. For All the Light banter about the kissing habits of americans it seems unlikely that these habits will be greatly changed by the findings at the University of Miami. But other things May be changed considerably. Yew hmm a he Csc voc Wah of Motif afe you we to Mutt my Hamilton Winte r scene Mountain chatter Wil Dangora by Carlo Wolter by Marquis Childs Washington. As cruel a Choice As any president Ever faced that is the Prospect for Lyndon Johnson at the Start of the second year of his first full term As chief executive and commander in chief. In any objective View of where we stand today the president is seen in fact to have no Choice. The guns versus butter argument is almost wholly meaningless. It implies that by trimming off a Little fat the nation can devote itself to winning the War in Viet Nam. As chief executive Johnson knows How false this is. He has had on his desk for some time a report still classified secret showing 21 a High tension cities where there is steady deterioration in the negro ghettos. To ignore this and postpone or abandon the programs for making at least a Start at correcting a Century of injustice is to risk disaster. Violence and rioting on the scale of Watts could break out in any one of these cities in coming months. But As commender in chief he has come to understand the nature of the trap that is Viet Nam. This was the great service performed by his own chief inspector sen. Mike Mansfield the Senate s majority Leader. When Mansfield and his four colleagues returned from the round the world trip on which the president had sent them Mansfield made Clear without any sugar coating the consequences of an open ended land War in Asia. A of the Mansfield report is believed to have been the most important Factor in the commonsense decision the president has for the time being arrived at. That is to make Viet Nam a holding operation while a new and revitalized attempt is underwritten to win the villages and pacify the areas held by the South vietnamese with american help. This comes belatedly after the tragic errors of the past have been compounded. The so called Hamlet program was Little More quotes everybody in los Angeles drives a car and As the living standards of the rest of the world Rise All the chinese indians and africans will demand and get the same Freedom of moving about that americans and europeans have. I Don t believe controls can be devised that will adequately reduce the poisons Given off by automobiles and other machines that Burn Fossil fuels. Mankind will sink to its smoggy doom through inertia and irresponsibility and nothing will be done about it until it is too late. A moms Nieburger professor of biology University of California los Angeles new York exists Only in the present tense. Just As there is no sense of obligation to the fun than a system of armed stockade within which helpless villagers were confined often at the mercy of returning Viet Cong. The new program is inspired by maj. Gen. Edward c. Lansdale consistent advocate of the vital need to win the allegiance of the vietnamese people. Economic Aid to the South will be doubled this year with the full backing of the Aid administrator David Bell who has Long proved his ability and dedication in this difficult Post. Part of the new program is to try to broaden the base of the government in Saigon. It is today hardly More than a Shadow government with Premier Nguyen Cao by presenting a dominant military faction. The critics of negotiation make a powerful Point when they say that any agreement to end the War would almost inevitably result in a takeover by the communists in South Viet Nam in a relatively Short time. But the More the government slips into the role of american puppet the less Likely it is that any Independent regime can Ever be established with South Viet Nam becoming an american protectorate into the indefinite future. A of As head of his political party the third horse he must ride in a race with Odds that the founding fathers could hardly have conceived the president understandably did not show his entire hand. And it is Here in the weeks just ahead that the testing will come. For a Large part of the military conspicuously the air Force and their spokesmen will fight what appears to be a holding operation looking to an eventual settlement. Walked of their goal their shrill cries Promise to become hysterical. That goal is in one disguise or another a preventive War against i communist China. Their Case sounds very much like the argument for a preventive War against the soviet Union in the late 40s. As politician compelled to tailor his decision to clients covering the entire spectrum the president runs his greatest risks in the year ahead. Trying to please everyone a to keep his consensus Ture so there is no feeling of Pride in i e past. Although Manhattan is quite old a it was first settled in 1615 a it is As Alexander Woollcott once remarked a a town without any the City seems to regard the past with contempt and hastens to obliterate its heritage. Even allowing for losses due to natural hazards such As fires the near totality of devastation is remarkable. This 300-year-old City does not contain a single 17th Century building Only one pre revolutionary Structure still exists and Only eight buildings or. All Manhattan Date to the 18th Century. A Richard j. Whalen in his Book Quot a City destroying itself ,4n angry View of new York Quot Morrow. 96 cents paperback a he will end by pleasing no one. Merely cutting up the conventional pie in deference to the threat of inflation will not be enough if the cities Are really to be made Over. Holding the line May prove militarily impossible and if the communist enemy gives him no Quarter in response to All his efforts to find an honorable Way exit he will have to take Steps toward escalation and the Prospect of a greatly enlarged War that he so dreads. To ridicule the president s peace offensive is easy enough. The conventional Diplomat shudders in dictate. But there is increasing evidence that it has had a marked Effort in both the Allied and nonaligned worlds and no one can say what May be the results behind the communist barriers. Here is a Man determined to find his Way out of the trap who will not stand on the conventional Wisdom. Letter we we to the editor of the Banner three cheers and a Tiger for saturdays editorial Quot we can t wait 20 years Quot urging immediate improvement of . 7, particularly Between the Massachusetts state line and Rutland. Widening and straightening of that Section of the Highway has been needed for Many years and the need increases by leaps and Bounds along with Vermont a growing popularity As a year round vacation and recreation area As Well As its expanding Industry. Not Only is the Highway inadequate to handle the growing traffic volume it is also unsafe to travel at today a driving speeds. A pretty fair piece of engineering in the Days of Model to bump rendered Dodge 4s and even Stutz bearcats ifs a death trap for today scars even the Little ones. One must agree wholeheartedly with the editorial that a first class modern Highway be it two Lane or four Lane is needed not in 20 years not in five years but this year a now a however grandiose the plans for the future May be. But there Are Pitfalls in the planning. I refer to the state Highway department s obsession with Quot by passes Quot such As the one demanded for Bennington the location of which has been the topic of so much discussion and a headache for the regional planning commission. The planners have come up with a scheme for a combination by pass for . 7 and Verm on 9, a Belt line which would steer traffic from All directions away from Bennington. Bennington is a business town the Only one of any size for Many Miles in any direction. Over the course of a year it derives a great Deal of income from skiers and summer tour a Chickadee Landing on my shoulder brought me Back to the present. After picking a Sunflower seed which i always carry with me from my hand it flew into a Pussy Willow tree. And that a when i noticed that some of the catkins were in Silver Bud just like the ones found recently by Leonard Black of Bennington. Returning to the House i saw that our Christmas tree which my husband Charles had stuck in the Snow near the Kitchen window decorated with suet for the Birds had gone with the wind. It was nowhere in sight. Last week we were also reminded How important a Telephone can be. For two full Days we were Cut off from the outside world. We missed the rings of the party line As much As our own. But most of All we Contact anybody. So we chanced a thursday afternoon visit to our friends Bill and Lillian sear its. They buy meals gasoline souvenirs and sports equipment they stay at motels. Old Bennington a museum Battle Monument and other historic Sites attract Many thousands annually and of these great numbers Stop to spend in the Quot lower True there Are those who come just for the purpose of visiting the museum just As Many come from considerable distances for the purpose of patronizing the state liquor store. But the vast majority who Stop at the museum or at a restaurant or Motel or any other business place do so because its there and they Are attracted As they drive by. Not one out of 50 would turn off a through Highway bypass or not and go out of his Way to come into town. I am reminded of the experience of the towns along new York states route 20 a the Cherry Valley Turnpike a which traverses some of the Best of the upstate tourist country As it wends its picturesque Way from Albany to Buffalo. Route 20 is lined with Many attractive Small communities a and some not so Small a that have in the past derived a great Deal of income from tourist business. All these communities prospered for Many years. Then came the thruway which parallels route 20 for Many Miles. What happened to the tourist business it vanished. Of yes the thruway has exits clearly marked and Well ahead directing travellers to the route 20 communities. Do they turn off they do not. Nor would they turn off a through route by passing Bennington. I recall a Little item which appeared in the Banner several weeks ago. It announced a meeting scheduled in Wallingford to see what could be done to prevent that Village from becoming by of North Bennington unannounced and luckily for ind them Home. Like Charles Bill is retired from the new York City police department. So the two had a Long reminiscent gab about their Days in uniform. A cd this morning a half starved cat passed by my window. It was one of Many unwanted animals discarded on Searsburg Mountain by heartless people tired of their pets. Ifs puzzling Why they acquired them in the first place. I also can to understand Why these people done to choose a More humane Way to get rid of them. It would be so easy to take an unwanted animal to an animals shelter where it has a Chance to be adopted by someone who cares. Or to let a veterinarian take care of it. Some time ago Alden and Marion Harbour of the red Mill gift shop in Woodford saw a Silver Gray White chested Angora peek from the Woods where she had lived about two years. She was As wild As the Fox Deer Skunk Bobcat Porcupine and Bear and All the other Forest Folk. It took months of patient coaxing to restore her Faith in human beings. But she crept a Little closer each Day attracted by a food dish set out in the Field by the harbours. Finally one october Day she walked into the House inspected it and left again. Three Days later she brought Home four Kittens and put them in a Basket on a closet floor. But because of starvation she nurse them and they died overnight. But Quot Lucky Quot although still wild stayed. Today she a the most affectionate pet the harbours Ever had. A Csc a similar incident occurred last summer when a tame rejected House cat brought her three wild born Young to our House for food. So we fed them. In october they All disappeared. But about two weeks later with the first snowfall one of the Kittens returned. She was As wild As Lucky and ran at the sight of us. She took up residence in the woodpile by the barn Wall. But her food froze solid. We re never concerned about wild animals living in the Woods. They re used to the cold and know How to fend for themselves. But we feel differently about domesticated ones. So Charles Cut a Hole in a Wall Board under the breezeway connected with the cellar. One cold Day the Kitten came into the cellar and she has been there Ever since. She a still wild and May never become As tame As Lucky. But at least she a Safe from the elements and wild predators. And being a predator herself she has reduced our mouse population considerably. Need a better . 7, but can do without a bypass a Quot ghost town Quot As the result of the . 7 by pass. Let s not have to Call such a meeting Here i Tell you that . 7, and to a lesser extent Vermont 9, must bypass Bennington because the Village streets cannot handle the traffic. That a utter foolishness As Alexander Drysdale pointed out in the Banner a Long time ago. The biggest bottleneck already has been removed with restriction of parking to one Side of North Street if necessary South Street could readily be widened by cutting Back the curbs. Another solution was suggested by our astute and level headed legislator Joseph car acc Iola in a recent conversation with this writer. His plan is very simple and a whole lot less costly than constructing a Beatline bypass. He pointed out that traffic could be made one Way northbound from the top of South Street Hill through Putnam Square and North Street and one Way southbound through depot Street and Washington Avenue rejoining . 7 again just South of the top of the Hill. It would be necessary to obtain rights of Way across a half dozen or so properties it s True but that would be a far cry from the amount of land that would have to be acquired for the merry go round that is the proposed Beatline. Of course Bennington can handle the traffic and it lose a single tourist Dollar George h. Spargo. Old Bennington. Humor the Weed people who give up smoking usually substitute something for it like bragging. A Indianapolis Star. M Ashington calling Johnson s a cruel Choice Searsburg. For five nights the Mercury hovered Between 8 and 14 below Zero on Searsburg Mountain climbing not much above the Zero Mark during the Day. Quot Skylark Quot our Mountain Home groaned loudly with the contraction and expansion of its Walls sometimes sounding like muffled gun shots. And so did the Trees in the Woods As they snapped with the cold. But thursday the cold spell broke with a sunny 20 degrees above. The sharply outlined Glastonbury Ridge leaned against an azure Blue horizon. Two jets left their Vapours on a spotless sky crossed like tick tack toe lines. And there was hardly any wind. It was a perfect Day to take a walk in the Woods. A of so i put on my Clumsy insulated rubber boots and went Down to our Spring fed Pond behind the House now covered with ice and Snow. Only a Saucer shaped indentation indicates its existence. I scraped away some of the Snow to Check the ice underneath. It was thick enough but As expected unusable for skating. It was Wavy and As rough As an old fashioned potato Grater. Vermont weather simply does no to cooperate in keeping an unprotected ice surface in fair skating condition. Even careful Serai Long and spraying does no to keep it in shape for any worthwhile length of time. As i stared at the spoiled ice i help thinking of the big comfortable new York Connecticut and Chicago indoor rinks where i taught figure skating and took the Beautiful smooth artificially Frozen sheets of ice for granted. Now i found myself wishing that the nearest indoor skating rinks in Williamstown and Troy weren to so far away weather Wise. A of

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