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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Light mostly Cloudy with periods of occasional very Light Snow principally in North portions tonight and tuesday. Temperatures rising into the teens in North portions today and falling Little if any tonight. Somewhat warmer tuesday. Yesterdays High 8 Low minus 5. Today at 7 ., 9. Sunset 4 43 . Sunrise 7 21 Bennington Bennington Vermont monday january 17, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,968 to cents Viet new year truce ordered Saigon up a a. S. Troops Ere ordered today to observe a formal cease fire during the chinese lunar new year and officials disclosed they had launched a giant psychological warfare Campaign to win Viet during the Viet Ion Quot kidnaps american Saigon up guerrillas today ambushed an automobile and kidnapped Dou Wien Cong defectors Holiday. Gen. William g. Westmoreland commander of u. S. Forces in Viet Nam ordered the cease fire beginning at noon thursday and lasting until 6 . Sunday. His orders followed similar directives Given South vietnamese troops by their commanders. The truce will be the second cease fire in less than a month although the 30-hour Christmas agreement was broken by the Viet Cong almost As soon As it began. The psychological War Campaign described by u. S. Officials As one of the most Viet Cong Flentse in recent history was launched several Days ago the army rules Nigeria after abortive coup Lagos Nigeria up a an request from the Cabinet to asked to return by his Cabinet interim military government head the temporary military or by Gen. Irons. A i do not today ruled africans most regime. The posts of prime want my presence to comply populous nation brought to the minister and president were Cate what they Are trying to do Brink of civil War in an suspended As was parliament there Quot he said abortive coup by dissident the whereabouts of prime Azikiwe recuperating from Junior officers. Minister sir Abubaker Tarawa an illness had earlier indicated maj. Gen. Aguill Johnnie Zalewa and finance minister he would return to Lagos As Irons 41, nigerian army chief chief Festus Kotie Eboh re soon As possible but said today of staff sunday night said in a manned unknown. They a a the Best thing is to leave it to radio broadcast he agreed to a wished saturday during the those on the spot to decide lightning one Day coup attempt what to do in the Clr Custan launched from key regions Ces. My sole is to help in throughout the country. The restoration of Nigeria which has a Popula Nigeria twice the size of ton of 55.6 million had been guerrillas began Glas Ramsey an american metering into Home employee of the United states villages for the tet Holiday. Operations Mission som. Robert f. Delaney 40, of Ramsey 28, Boulder City Centerville mass., a special nev., is the assistant som assistant to Brig. Gen. John n. Province officer for Hau Nghia Freund who Heads the Cam province immediately West of Palgon said it is designed to ask Saigon. The guerrillas a Why go Back the ambush occurred at 5 15 Why not stay Home a Rusk in Manila . Secretary of state Dean Rusk left shakes hands with Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos at Malabanan Palace in Manila prior to a 52-minute conference sunday during which Rusk and ambassador Averell Harriman briefed Marcos on the Viet Nam War and the . Peace offensive. Up . 4 15 Est As Ramsey was on his Way to the Village of Trung Lap 24 Miles Northwest of Saigon. A group of Viet Cong guerrillas fired a burst from Small arms which wounded the vietnamese Driver in the leg officials said. Ramsey got out of the car with his hands above his head and was led away by the Viet Cong. The Driver managed to hitch hike a ride on a motor Scooter an hour later and reported the incident to som authorities. A . Embassy spokesman who revealed the incident said no further details were immediately available. Twenty specially designed planes circled Over guerrilla haunts and dropped thousands of leaflets and surrender passes and played taped messages urging the pc to defect. A special theme song called a tet without you Quot written by one of Viet Nam s most popular songwriters was being broadcast Over radio stations and too vietnamese song and dance teams were sent on Tours by samoans truck and helicopter with skits built around the propaganda offensive. Westmoreland s directive to see Viet Nam Page 12, col. 4 cuban officials seize three . Shrimp boats Miami up a a state san Antonio in the Yucatan were in department spokesman said Channel. A cuban patrol boat Waters at the Swiss embassy in Havana took the three Man Crew off the seizure. Cuban territorial the time of their would be asked to determine Why three Tampa fla., shrimp boats and the nine men aboard were seized by cuban officials. Two boats were ordered into a Western cuban port sunday As they tried to help a third shrimper aground near Cape Hoff and tax officials discuss charges levelled at Witherspoon Montpelier up gov. Philip h. Hoff met today with top officials from the tax department and the state employees association to discuss charges made Friday against tax commissioner Gerald Witherspoon. Garnet l. Harvey executive director of the employees association said that Witherspoon had violated personnel Transfer procedures under the state Merit system. The tax department recently underwent a reorganization when the state switched Over to data processing. Meeting with Hoff in addition to Witherspoon and Harvey were William f. Kearns administrative commissioner Les employees recently resigned and his department had to intervene. In a news conference Friday Hoff said he Felt the Crux of the problem was a a misunderstanding Between Witherspoon and his staff and a Lack of communication As to the reasons for the matter before Harvey went to the governor. Hoff said he feels the dispute can be settled if All parties can sit Down and discuss the matter freely. Employees Priscilla Bing Marie Wrafter and George Milo will not be reinstated to their disabled boat. It was nearly two years ago the coast guard in Miami Jan. 31, 1964, that the coast first became aware of the guard escorted four cuban incident when it monitored a fishing boats into key West. Radio message on a cuban they were found in Florida Marine broadcast. Waters by a coast guard patrol the coast guard said the boat three boats apparently went off the captains of these ships course through the Channel and were later tried in a Florida when one went aground and court for fishing in territorial sent a distress Call a cuban Waters and fined helicopter and patrol boat appeared. The boats were identified As the Mark e. Singleton Penny Singleton and Charles Singleton. The Charles Singleton ran aground. The vessels Are owned by the Singleton shrimp co., of Tampa. Bobby Canady Fleet master Aguilar Spain up a a Haven t talked to anybody at of the shrimp company said he a its it strategic air command the air Force yet and i just talked by radio phone with b52 nuclear bomber collided in can t comment on what Hap a i 1� Cash of the air with a kc135 flying opened. All i know is i have a of a Singleton. The Captain Tanker during a refuelling broken shoulder and it s killing Rusk and Harriman on Way Home a Gana Guam up a Secretary of state Dean Rusk and roving ambassador w. Averell Harriman flew into Guam today and talked with one of the u. S. Air Force b52 Crews who bomb communist targets in South Viet Nam from this Pacific Island. Reliable sources said the two envoys May have decided to stay overnight in Guam because of Harriman a so slight illness Quot but this could not be confirmed officially. Reports from Bangkok said authority to form an interim Harriman became ill in thai government until a new constr land but officials in the u. S tuition could be enacted a Mac embassy in the thai capital cording to the wishes of the indicated the trouble was fatigue. Irons began his career As a a it is nothing to worry private in the British army. He about a they added. Is a Veteran of the world War both Rusk and Harriman Are ii Burma Campaign and the on their Way Home following United nations operation in the their separate and joint bids to Congo. Bring about Viet Nam peace in London nigerian pres talks. They flew in from the ident Nnami Azikiwe said he Philippines and win leave for had changed his mind and Honolulu on tuesday. Would remain in England until considered a Model of democracy in the five years since it gained Independence from Britain. Much of this was due to the guidance of Zalewa a moderate surrounded by impatient african leaders. There was speculation Zalewa and his finance minister were kidnapped by the rebels and taken from Lagos to the dissident stronghold of Kaduna capital of the vast Northern Region. It also was thought they might be in Calabar in Eastern Nigeria also reported under rebel control. Or. Nwafor orzo took Over As acting president and spoke on the same radio Hookup As Irons. He said the loyalist army chief had been Given full California is bound by the Atlantic Ocean niger Cameroon and Dahomey. A nation of More than 200 ethnic groups about 44 per cent of nigerians Are moslem and 22 per cent Christian. State department officials said in Washington the situation posed a no known difficulties for the 5,800 americans in Nigeria about one fourth government employees at the Kano missile tracking station. A spokesman said the attempted revolt bore no anti american overtones b52 and flying Tanker collide Over Spain during refuelling Witherspoon said Harvey Nev jobs Harvey said and none has or had spoken to him of the asked for reinstatement. Told him the cubans were escorting him to Santa Lucia. It was not known of the boats supreme court hears arguments on voting rights act of 1965 Washington up a of Ley Bell personnel director and tourneys for six Southern states John Gray budget manager. Today fought against the voting Harvey said three department rights act of 1965 at their last barricade the . Supreme court. They were opposed in arguments before the High court Mission Over the Southeast coast of Spain today and both planes crashed. At least four members of the bombers seven Man Crew bailed out of the stricken aircraft and were rescued by fishing boats. Three of them including the Pilot were brought to the Hospital de Caridad Here. The fourth was taken to a Hospital at Vera by atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzen near Abulius Bach the Man who originally a be Tanker s Crew drafted the Law and defended it a normally three to five men through exhaustive con ression was no known. A1 hearings. Sources said one of the Katzenbach was to present platies a apparently the Tan his defense of the Law following Kerr crashed on the outskirts of the opening argument by South Cuevas de Almanzor about Carolinas David w. Robinson is Miles from the coast. The h and arguments by other wreckage was still burning knew what caused the Accident which happened about 10 20 4 20 .rn est. The b52 was attached to the 68th bomber Wing at Saymour Johnson air Force base in Wendorf said he was Union North Carolina. The kc135 was Clous until he hit the water attached to the 910th air re and was picked up by a fishing fueling Squadron at Bergstrom boat along with his co Pilot it. Air Force base near Austin Michael Roony and the 3rd Tex. Pilot maj. Larry Messinger. Reports from the crash scene they suffered Only minor said there were several expo injuries. Sions after the four Jet kc135�? his radar navigator capt. The military version of the Ivans Buchanan also was Boeing 707�?went Down rescued but taken to a different Rescue workers dragged Hospital at Vera. He was three bodies out of the burning reported in Good condition wreckage and said they be Wendorf said he did not know queved several More victims what happened to the other were in the smouldering debris three members of his Crew. Which was scattered Ever an the Pilot said he did not area of about a mile. Plaster and paint Cole Hall is getting a new Interior in time for Shaftsbury town meeting thanks to the Lions club. Leonard Powers top and Gordon Kenyon joined other volunteers this weekend. Hamilton Southern states. Today a Oral arguments Cap concerted Effort by the Federal government to guarantee negroes their constitutional right to vote. The courts nine justices returned to the Bench today from a five week recess. Before hearing the voting rights arguments they were scheduled to hand Down opinions in some of the More than 30 cases they have under advisement. The appearance before the High court of Katzenbach the top Man in the Justice department was an unusual one. It represented the High Point of his personal Effort in the area of negro voting rights. Katzenbach was named defendant in the Challenge to the Laws constitutionality which was filed directly in the supreme court by South Carolina. The state said factors other than Colora economic circumstances for instance could be the reason for Lack of voting strength among negroes. When the court said other states could participate Virginia Louisiana Alabama Mississippi and Georgia came to South Carolinas support. Massachusetts and new Jersey rallied behind the Justice department. Enacted last aug. 6, the Law suspends literacy and other voter qualification tests in states or counties where less than 50 per cent of the voting age population was registered or voted in the 1964 election. More than five hours after the collision. The Jet bomber apparently crashed into the sea because witnesses said they saw a Dye Marker in the water. In a Telephone interview with United press International in Madrid capt. Charles Wendorf the Pilot of the b52 said a i Mallory says he is not candidate Montpelier up a House speaker Richard Mal Lary says he will not be a candidate for governor in the Republican primary next fall. In a statement released sunday the Fairlee Republican said he was More interested in the legislative than the executive Branch of the state government. Mallary said he plans to seek reelection and of he wins will again be a candidate for speaker. There had been wide speculation that Mallary would run for governor. He said the Vermont gop has Many qualified and capable men As gubernatorial candidates among them Richard me Tau writer a a Verri sledding Kennedyjr. Rides the Lead sled while Amidon of Montpelier. His Mother and sister Caroline follow. Swiss mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy takes her children sledding sunday on the winds Pillen slope at Ogstad Switzerland. John f. France ends Boycott of Market Luxembourg up a France ended its six month Boycott of the european common Market today and met with ministers in crucial session of the sex nation trading bloc. French foreign minister Maurice Couve de Murville predicted shortly before the session got underway at 3 32 . 9 32 Est that a the negotiations will not be failure of the meeting being held in Little Luxembourg a tiny City Hall could kill the economic Union which has Given Europe the richest years of its history. The crucial Issue is states rights a How much each member country will have to say about the policies of the Market As a whole. The conflict has set France against the rest of its partners a West Germany Italy and the Benelux countries. French president Charles de Gaulle began boycotting Market meetings six months ago because of what he considered a trend toward International government. The other five partners arranged today a meeting in an attempt to end the Boycott which has paralysed the trading bloc. Up for discussion were de Gaulle a determination to retain veto Power for common Market members and his desire to strip the markets executive commission of its Semi Independent Powers such As the authority to propose new legislation for the trading bloc and to receive ambassadors in the manner of a Sovereign government. In. Y. Seeks permission to keep 1836 loan Albany a in 1836, the Federal government had a surplus of funds so it distributed among the states on the basis of population $28 million in Loans. The states were to invest the Money retain the interest and pay Back the Loans when the government demanded its Money. The government never has asked for it. New York comptroller Arthur Levitt has asked . Sen. Robert f. Kennedy to sponsor legislation cancelling the $4 million loan new York received under the government plan. New York Levitt said is one of the few states that has kept the funds intact. on the inside columnist Alan Sophron asks a Are reasons important Quot a Page 4. Area unemployment declined in 1965, but was above statewide average Page 5. Hassle develops on Way to pay tuition at Manchester Page 6

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