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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Bennington, Vermont I Bennington Harmer monday january 17, 1966 Jef it to York state polities the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorial a reminder to Congress with congressional elections coming up this year we shall undoubtedly read a great Deal More about Bobby Baker the former Secretary to the Senate democratic majority who has been indicted by a grand jury on nine counts of income tax evasion larceny and conspiracy. Republican leaders in Congress have already served notice that they Are not going to let the Baker Case die this time. The coming trial almost certainly will Bare More of bakery a operations than was revealed during the 1964 Senate committee hearings widely regarded As a Whitewash. Those who Are curious about the intricate interweaving of political influence and financial gain that Baker managed so successfully until his exposure 28 months ago will have their Chance to see How it was done. Republican politicians campaigning for election will have their Chance to discredit their democratic rivals by linking them a tenuously or not a with Baker. It is hinted that the trial will bring out the names of More democratic senators than have been broached to Date. But if headlines and partisan bickering Are All that the Case produces the Effort will hardly be worthwhile. The Baker affair will simply become another episode in a series of congressional scandals dating Back to the Early Days of the Republic. What is needed is first strict Justice for Baker himself and second congressional action to prevent the sort of abuse that he is charged with. The latter is needed even though Baker himself goes Scot free for he is a symptom of a situation rather than its first cause. Editor s notes the Bennington Rescue squad had another big month in december. The areas emergency ambulance service was called an average of almost twice a Day which kept the Volunteer members pretty Busy during their holidays. Gbar a Don Hicks who keeps a close Eye on business developments in this area commented after Reading the article in saturday s Banner about the spectacular increase in local liquor sales that Bennington and adjoining parts of new York have an agreeable arrangement to keep liquor sales High in both states. Vermont Sells bottled goods comment is it any wonder they drop out Turlock Calif daily journal Here in a disturbing statement to think about a what we re supposed to learn in school does no to have anything to do with things that concern that sentence is a composite of Many teen agers remarks about school. It was included in a Midwest report on school curriculum for deprived areas. It sums up better than Many previous attempts the heart of the dropout problem. Shakespeare a Lyric elizabethan language May have Little meaning for a 16-year-old who has never owned a Book. Algebra is important but it May Well rate Zero with a youth whose unknown Quantity at Home is As Many close observers of Congress have pointed out Baker came to the Senate As a Page at 14 and Learned his Trade from senators. If he is now accused of conflicts of interest and influence peddling the same can be said of Many of his mentors. Scandals like the Baker Case will keep recurring until the lawmakers apply to themselves the same ethical code they require of other Public servants. It is an open secret that representatives and senators running for election become Beholden to important Campaign contributors and keep those people in mind when significant legislation and attractive appointments come up. Only a realistic and enforceable Law on Campaign gifts can prevent such practices. Many congressmen also have financial interests in industries they themselves indirectly regulate. The most obvious Case is the late sen. Robert g. Kerr of Oklahoma a Multi million Dollar oilman who led his colleagues in support of the profitable a depletion allowance a whenever the question arose in the Senate. Other lawmakers have sizable interests in radio and television stations controlled by the Federal government. The conflicts of interest in the Senate Are As glaring As in any Small town. At the end of the hearing held on the Baker Case by the democratic dominated Senate committee the Senate went through the motions of establishing a committee on ethics but did nothing about the ethics themselves. It did not even require that members make a full accounting of their financial holdings. Unless the Congress is moved to such action the current uproar about Bobby Baker is largely pointless. To the new York adults who can to afford the tax in their Home state and new York supplies Young vermonters who Haven to reached the drinking age in Force in the Green mountains. The proposed Vermont Pavilion for expo 67, the worlds fair in Montreal next year is most impressive looking indeed. If the legislature supplies the required Cash the Vermont exhibit should do a great Deal to stimulate tourist traffic from North of the Border. The proposal is really quite economical too because after the exposition is Over the Pavilion will be moved Back to Wood Stock site of the nations first ski Tow for use As a skiing Hall of Fame. His father. Yet these and other traditional parts of the academic curriculum Are still being thrust at Many reluctant students. It is not surprising that some of the pupils do not relate to them. Nor is it surprising that Many such pupils bewildered or irritated by a sense of irrelevancy drop out of school. Being realistic about school subjects and the Way they Are taught does not mean that the More advanced classes have to be downgraded. More and More educators Are recognizing however that curriculum should be better adapted to the particular Type of student in each school. What is right for a Well to do suburb May not be practicable in a slum area. The reluctant student should be taught mainly within his Frame of reference though some Effort must of course be made to expand his horizons. He May not receive an Ideal education but it will be a great Deal better than the one he would be getting As a dropout. Fischetti sales tax will remain state lottery weighed Wujs of they Cage me i nm6ht take up singing Quot in perspective Shock of Viet War awakens America to her limitations wll i Dout Vunk yowl pc a a Wmk a i rum you re a silly 400$� by Eric Sevak ii Washington. The second session of this Congress starts its work under the sign of the question Mark the rhetorical question a Viet Nam War or great society a or simply put a a guns or butter a this May be the immediate Short Range Choice expressed in the documents that will be Laid before this Congress and if this were the totality of the american problem at Home and abroad it would certainly be managed one Way or another. But the choices we have to make Are infinitely More complicated than that and they will require the understanding of this and Many congresses to come. The real truth is that we have reached a watershed in our history. The american age of euphoria is ending the relatively Short period of about two and a half decades in which americans mystique was richly coloured by shining optimism about the capacity of one people to protect or alter the conditions of other Peoples All around the Globe. In the years ahead the dominant note is bound to be a far More sober sense of our limitations. For our principal european Peers Britain and France the period of euphoric illusion came to a much More abrupt ending As their out rigging of secure sources of Supply and secure markets folded up in the collapse of Empire. Even then it required a subsequent series of painful object lessons before the British fully accepted the new age that had been thrust upon them. They Learned with Suez that they could no longer act with political Independence on the world stage. They Learned when the meaning of their exclusion from the common Market became Clear that they no longer had the Means of Independent economic life. They Learned with the a Blue Streak missile episode and other incidents that they could no longer independently provide for their own defense. The source of their limitations generally speaking Lay within themselves in their Lack of resources and therefore of Power. For the United states the ending of illusion has taken a rather different course and the first line of limitations we confront lies not with ourselves but in the nature of the alien societies we try to affect. What we have been discovering Are the limitations of our Good will of our political ideals and a finally a of our Power. We have Learned the hard lesson that governments Are not persons and that collective sentiments Are not always collectively reciprocated. In our honest attempts to provide other societies with the keys to affluence we have discovered the chasm Between economic rehabilitation a As with Europe and Japan a and economic development of Semi primitive economic systems. We have Dis covered certainly in the Case of most of latin America that our sense of time has been preposterously sanguine that what we wanted to cd in a decade will require generations and May still fail in the end because the chief underlying Force toward misery a the birth rate a continues stronger than the surface forces toward affluence. We have Learned in the Effort that political democracy is not an exportable commodity that it has profoundly to do with centuries old concepts and habits of religion and ethics that it is connected with the Long accumulated Impact of Judaism and christianity and to some degree very probably with the protestant Branch of christianity. In other words it has to do with the idea of the individuals Sanctity not merely his right Sand with the absence of the hierarchical tradition. It should have been no Surprise at All to us a yet it was a that the great majority of the new nations from Southeast Asia across the mid East and up and Down Africa have for All practical purposes abandoned attempts at democratic political institutions and moved toward directed government. In the last six months five More african regimes have fallen under the military. It is the Shock of the Viet Nam War that completes the process of dissolving the american illusions. In this War we have Learned that even our Power nakedly applied is sharply and severely limited. It is not Only limited by distance and terrain but by the psychology and historical experience of the Viet the lighter Side namese people by the powerful negative Force of opinion in Many other nations and by the impossible alternatives to restraint presented by the existence of atomic weapons. In Viet Nam indeed everyone of the american projections to the world a Good will ideals and Power a is severely limited in its effectiveness. Not one of the three would have much of an immediate future there even were the limitations on the other two absent. So by historical Accident it happens to be Viet Nam that crystallizes and reveals in full context the limitations of american actions upon the rest of the world and therefore the real size of the United states on this Globe. We Are very big indeed but so was Gulliver when he set out to discover the Earth. Even this catalogue of limitations does not Tell the full Story of the agonizing and Complex series of choices this and future congresses must take. For the dawning realization of the foreign realities comes simultaneously with the chill knowledge that the keys to Domestic affluence have opened not the Gates of Paradise but a Pandora a Chest of frightful physical and social problems chiefly within the great cities. The simple fact that in one More generation we will number 300 million bodies in this country should be enough to suggest the Radical painful acts of surgery that we must undergo if our children Are to co exist in space and health and sanity. Viet Nam is or ought to be Only a footnote in the chapter now unfolding. By Kirtland i. King United press International Albany . The drive to repeal the state two per cent sales tax which Drew so much attention during last Falls political campaigns is dead at least for the time being. Several repeaters have been introduced in the legislature but it appears none will find their Way out of committee. And the sponsors would not have much Luck even of the Bills reached the floor of the Senate or Assembly. A Survey of the 230 lawmakers disclosed the proposals Lack a majority not to mention a two thirds vote to override a veto. Gov. Rockefeller will submit his 1966-67 tax and spending program to the legislature tuesday and Many of the pro Grams will be financed from Revenue collected from the sales tax. It would be impossible to support the programs without the sales tax Revenue. Administration spokesmen said that while first Revenue returns were slightly below estimates the a a take has been picking up during the last couple of weeks and their predictions will look a pretty Good before the year is tax commissioner Joseph Murphy said the new York City transit strike might make a Dent in total collections but nothing substantial. He said the state lost about $1 million a Day in taxes during the 12-Day strike. The figures were based on loss estimates made by businessmen. A of legalized off track betting and a statewide lottery Are certain to get attention from the legislators this year especially in the democratic dominated Assembly. Rockefeller is said to oppose both proposals but he May be persuaded to change his mind on off track betting by Republican mayor John v. Lindsay. The lottery is a constitutional change and would by pass the governor who is on record As opposed to the move. Sponsors of the lottery argued the plan could produce $500 million in new Revenue which would erase the need for the sales tax. The Money would come from four drawings a year. Rockefeller however said in puerto Rico where he operates a Chain of food stores purchases of food increased to per cent during a strike of lottery ticket Sellers. This he said shows Many families used their food Money in an attempt to get Rich Quick. Inasmuch As a state constitutional convention will be held next year the governor believes a showdown on the lottery proposal could be delayed until then. Supporters want quicker action. Approval of the suggested amendment by the current legislature would put the question on the november ballot and if approved by the voters the first lottery could be held in the summer of 1967. The off track betting Bill has nothing to do with repeal or continuation of the sales tax. Under present recommendations backers estimate new York City and the state would share about $200 million in new Revenue. On the state front the governor wants to hold the line on both taxes and spending this year. He will Tell the lawmakers new programs requiring Money will have to come within the present tax Structure because he is not going to approve any increase in taxes. Lindsay was reported to be considering asking Rockefeller and the legislature for additional financial Aid. The mayor however is going to find it difficult to shake the Money Loose because this is an election year and neither the governor nor the lawmakers want to Rock the boat. These Days Are reasons important by Alan i. So ill Rin Burlington. Author Paul Goodman who wrote a growing up absurd a had a comment on politics and politicians in an article he wrote on the great society for the new York review of books of oct. 14, 1965. A intellectual or moral excellence a he said a is not Likely province for rulers of any Breed and certainly not for american he said that american politicians Rise to Power by a speaking banalities and a making deals a and that they stay in Power a by avoiding the risks of Sharp definition imagination scrupulous integrity or even too much he conceded that political arts have their use but he said a they Are not the Way of spiritual Goodman a ultimate criticism and the heart of his indictment of the acts of men and women who practice american politics lobbyist w ants Federal humor assistance by Dick West Washington up a the first Issue of the congressional record published after Congress reconvened last week contained the latest reports and registrations of lobbyists. It is a rather Bare Bones listing. The Law does not require lobbyists to disclose any of the details of their activities. In Many cases however the names of the Organiza tons they represent indicate the Field in which they operate. For example the legislative interests of the lightweight Aggregates percentage depletion committee Are immediately apparent. It obviously quote the hottest places in hell Are reserved for those who in a time of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality. Daniel d. Mitch editor look Magazine who has just died at 66. Opposes any legislation that adversely affects the percentage depletion of lightweight Aggregates. We May surmise that the american committee for flags of necessity retained a lobbyist to exert influence against any legislation favouring flags of luxury. It is easy to deduce that the single persons tax Reform lobby works at Cross purposes with the lobbyist for the family tax association. And so on. Nevertheless there Are some lobbyists whose alms Are less than self evident. One such is a gag writer named Jim Atkins who recently registered As a lobbyist for something called the National humor Exchange network. The first conclusion upon which i leaped was that Atkins had been retained in the interest of making legislation More laughable. I pictured the humor Exchange lobbyist lurking in the corridors Button holing congressmen telling them a joke and urging them to pass it along. Second thoughts convinced me however that this service would be superfluous. Joke already circulate around the Capitol at supersonic Speed and most legislation is Good for at least a hollow laugh somewhere. Fortunately Atkins has now come Forth with a policy statement that explains the mystery. A the purpose of the humor lobby is to gain support from All government agencies for the promotion of a National sense of humor a he said. A laugh making is commonly ignored when culture is Dis cussed and we feel that the culture of comedy should be encouraged in our National arts and artist although he did not get specific we May assume that one objective will be the creation of a comedy corps composed of night club dropouts and other unemployed comedians. The corps would be sent to places where people Are under mirth de. Was concisely and succinctly stated in very few words. A no Good thing a he said a is Ever done for its own this is a harsh indictment. Those who disagree with Goodman would say his charge is unfair. Of what crime is the politician guilty they would ask when he does a Good thing for a bad reason if the thing is Good does the reason for it matter Goodman answers a and so do i a by saying that the reason does matter. Politicians who do Good things for bad reasons can never build a truly great society which could Only be a society in which life would be truly excellent. Without a fundamentally sound moral foundation the bricks of what might be designed As a great society would eventually Tumble. A freshman in the Vermont legislature has provided us with an example of what Goodman was talking about. Luther Fred Hackett r�?11-1, of South Burlington carried a letter to gov. Hoff urging the governor to Lead the state in a vigorous Campaign to reduce Highway carnage in Vermont. A i believe a Hackett told Hoff in the letter a the responsibility for necessary action lies squarely with your Hackett pledged his support to help the governor find a solution to the problem. Could anything be better than a vigorous Effort to Stop Highway deaths certainly rep. Hackett is doing a Good thing. But Why if the answer to the question is that rep. Hackett is doing this thing to build political capital for himself the next question is Why not if it should be instrumental in reducing Highway deaths what does it matter Why he does it does it matter that by placing the responsibility a a squarely on the governor Hackett is taking advantage of the immense difference in the responsibility of their two offices and is thus employing an ancient political stratagem it does matter. It matters because a society cannot be great or become great if death on the Highway can be a source of votes instead of a source of profoundly shared moral reaction. Human life is not something to play politics with it is something to Revere and cherish. No lesser measure of human life can exist in a great society

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