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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 5, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Vermont Gardener our Friend the Ladybug by Pete Mattoon Arlington. For generations we have repeated the rhyme a Ladybug Ladybug Fly away Home. Your House is on fire your children will who among gardeners would recognize a Ladybug of one started crawling Over a Plant certainly every Home Gardener should know and recognize a Ladybug. They Are among the Best friends he has. It does t matter whether you Call them ladybugs lady Birds or lady beetles they Are the Gardener s Friend. Their diet is made up of aphids and scale insects. Their Normal Dally food requirement varies Between 25 and 50 aphids. Some kinds of aphids Are meatier than others hence the variation in the number of aphids needed each Day. The Alligator ing ladybugs nymphs eat almost As Many aphids each Day so with plenty of ladybugs in the Garden or on the House plants aphids Are bound to be scarce. There Are Many kinds of ladybugs. They vary in color from red through Tan to Brown. One is All Black with two Bright specialist says maintaining <><><1 health i Ihie Uit in emergencies Burlington a Good health is important All the time. But it s most important and hardest to safeguard emergencies according to Noah Thompson Ulm Extension Rural civil defense specialist. Disease could run wild following a natural or nuclear disaster he says. To ensure your Good health in an emergency you have to a drink Safe liquids and know How to purify drinking water. A know How to turn off the water service valve in your Home and where to get water for emergency use of your regular Supply is Cut off. A eat Only Safe foods. A have an emergency method of disposing Ai human wastes in Case flush toilets Arentt work Long or you can to get to them. A know How to care for any sick or injured members of your family until help arrives. You can prepare now for any possible disaster situation he Points out. Safe water can be stored in clean tightly capped Rustproof containers. Empty plastic bleach jugs make excellent containers. Try to keep a two weeks Supply of food on hand at All times he suggests. Store this food where it is Safe from fallout or other contamination. Most Kitchen cabinets pantries or closets have doors that close tightly enough for safety. At least one family member should take the medical self help course. Family immunization shots should be kept up to Date. Fish wrestler a Barney Cipriani of Miami Beach holds on to a 300-Pound swordfish that he and a Friend wrestled to Shore last week after an hour Long fight. Thousands of spectators watched while the big fish tossed both men completely out of the water several times up red spots on its Back. This is called the twice stabbed Ladybug. Its preferred diet is san Jose scale insects. Other ladybugs have Black spots on a Tan or Brown background. Some have no . One member of the Ladybug family in America is a Black sheep. It is the mexican bean Beetle. Slightly larger than most ladybugs it is the Only destructive one in the Garden. It prefers a diet of bean leaves to aphids or scale insects. One Ladybug will Lay As Many As 1,500 eggs during the summer. They Hatch within a week and the grubs or nymphs Start feeding on aphids or scale insects As soon As they Are born. Adult ladybugs appear within a month. Ladybugs live Over Winter As adults seeking crevices in rocks or Trees cracks under boards or Best indoor Protection from the elements. Because they Are such beneficial helpers every Gardener should learn to recognize them and to protect them. Do not use sprays against them. See that a few remain indoors where your House plants Are. They will kept free from troubles. Many kinds of ladybugs Are found in great numbers in the West. In recent years several persons have made a business of collecting adult ladybugs and shipping them to Many parts of the country. They Are sold by the quart or gallon and Are carefully packaged so they can stand travelling Long distances. A gallon amounts to about 270,000 ladybugs and that number will devour All the aphids on several acres of apples Alfalfa or Garden crops. The Price per gallon is modest but they should not be ordered unless you know there will be enough aphids on your Trees or vegetables to provide food for them. Perhaps you had better Start with a quart. Aphids or Plant lice Are widespread pests that feed on Many Trees shrubs perennial annuals House plants vegetables and weeds. All Are very Small. Some Are Green in color others Black Brown red purple or yellow. Some Are covered with a Fine White waxy coating that gives them a mealy appearance. Others Are covered with waxy threads and appear woolly. Aphids feed by sucking the Plant juices causing stunting distorted leaves and other Plant malformations. Some kinds feed on roots but most suck the sap from the leaves or stems of plants. So be sure to recognize your co worker the Ladybug whenever and wherever you see them. They Are allies and should be treated with respect. When they arrive know that they Are working Tor you not against you. Just published add seeks hospitable sugar makers Montpelier a keeping in mind that Maple sugaring time is Only two months away and that Many people like to visit sugar houses in operation the publicity division of the Vermont development department is currently compiling a list Ai sugar makers who Are willing to show groups of visitors How Maple syrup is made. The sugar makers the division feels will Benefit from visits to their operations since visitors often buy some of the product. Other information to be listed by the division is the number of people who can be accommodated and whether or not Public sugar parties can be arranged. People who give sugar parties earn Public Good will and usually find better syrup sales As a result the add believes. Such parties Are often put on with the help of local service clubs fraternal organizations or youth groups. With the idea of the tourist Trade in mind the division also lists whether or not sugar makers take overnight guests and whether they serve meals. They also note the commercial accommodations which Are nearest to the sugar maker. In order to accomplish its purpose of helping the Maple Industry sell More syrup the division has sent questionnaires to most sugar makers. The list is to be published soon. Sugar makers listed by the division will find that their names will be sent to Many people outside the state who Are potential visitors. These Are All prospective syrup buyers. Guiding the project to list sugar makers who will hold a open House next March and april is Gordon Hall director of publicity for the add. Assisting is mrs. Lorena Mcgoff. Second Section Page eleven Booklet describes Broad scope of Extension w Ork Burlington a a education is our business. And the state our that statement introduces a new a Leflet describing the work of the University of Vermont Extension service. The publication explains How Extension funnels information from Ulm and the . Department of agriculture to every Corner of the state. And it lists Many types of educational information available free to vermonters regardless of where they live. The a Leflet reflects the changing character of Extension work with its broadened approach to Vermont problems. Such things As Rural development income producing recreation businesses Home beautification and consumer information Are outlined. Also covered Are the leadership and project programs of 4-h and their growing Impact on both Urban and Rural Young people. This work together with cooperation with other youth groups has helped to guide thousands of Young vermonters to responsible maturity. Similarly Home demonstration work with club members and non affiliated individuals includes not Only the household arts but also such things As the Wise use of time and Money full appreciation of decor and design and state and National affairs. But the Lead Section belongs to agribusiness still the mainstay of the Vermont Economy. The a Leflet describes Extension efforts to Speed research from the Laboratory to the farm and the help Given All the Way up the line to marketing and record keeping. More participants sought for farm Grain program Burlington a the 1966 feed Grain program will be essentially unchanged but payment rates Wili be adjusted to encourage More participation Richard Moore chairman of the Vermont agricultural stabilization and conservation committee has announced. Moore said registration for the program will begin Jan. 24 in All counties. Farmers will be asked to divert a minimum of 20 per cent of the feed Grain base acreage to conserving uses. Participants receive income maintaining payments and will be eligible for Price support. Objectives of the program Are to strengthen income of producers and to keep production in balance with consumption. Moore reported there Are about 3,700 farms in Vermont with feed Grain bases totalling 48,669 acres. In 1965, 267 Vermont Farmers diverted about 3,900 acres More than Ever before. Tips for Winter tree care ice storm damage Quot Winter burning an ice storm can split and shatter Trees leaving As much destruction As the most violent wind storm. It happens every Winter says or. Philip l. Rusden of the Bartlett tree research laboratories. Ice storms Start with a win still drizzle when the temperature hovers a Point or two below freezing. Ice piles on ice. Suddenly branches which have been known to withstand 23 times their own weight come crunching crashing Down. Crotches split. Twigs rain Down from tree tops. Sometimes an entire tree topples. Power blackouts usually result when branches Knock Down Utility lines. After major cleanup has been done tree owners should begin repairing their fractured Trees at once. Hangers and broken branches should be removed making cuts flush to the main trunk. Torn bark should be traced to promote Healing. The tree should be pruned to restore its natural symmetry. Weak limbs and crotches that remain should be cabled and braced. Like other types of stonely an ice storm can wrench and tear Trees rootless and create Small cracks in bark of Small branches that become invasion Points for fungi later. To Aid a tree in sealing and Healing its wounds feeding As soon As possible is recommended to restore vigor in Early Spring. A storm battered tree can recover if Given a helping hand. Tree owners can save their prize Small Trees when an ice storm strikes. The Bartlett laboratories suggest this procedure before ice reaches a Branch shattering Point play a Stream of water from a Garden Hose on the ice coated Shrub or tree. Tap water is usually warmer than outside air and will melt the ice. Jarring ice Loose by pounding with a stick May damage the bark. If supple Birches Are Bent out of shape by ice upright them at once and Guy them Back into position. Otherwise of left until Spring new Spring growth will permit them to grow grotesquely out of shape. Accumulated wet Snow can be just As dangerous to Trees As ice. Burlington a a Winter burning of evergreens which appears in the Spring has been thought to be caused by drying of Needles by wind and Winter Sun. But recent research in Minnesota has shown that drying of Needles May be the result of injury rather than the cause says or. Harrison l. Flint Ulm Extension Horticulturist. On Bright sunny Winter Days common in late january Anfel it Rumary Needles can warm up As much As 30 degrees higher than air temperature. Then when the Sun disappears behind a Cloud or building the temperature of the Plant Falls rapidly to near the air temperature. For example on a Day with a temperature of to degrees above Zero in mid afternoon Evergreen Needles in full Sun May reach a temperature of 35 to 40 degrees. As the Sun disappears these Needles May drop to 5 or to degrees in a minute or less. Even though 5 degrees is not Low for Many of our evergreens a Quick drop to that temperature May do More damage than a slow drop to 40 below would. What can you As a Homeowner do about this first select evergreens that have a reasonable Chance of hardiness in your area. Then Plant evergreens of questionable hardiness where they Arentt exposed to mid Day Sun in Winter. As a last resort cover them with a porous material such As Loose Burlap or Pine boughs that will give a Little Shade from full Sun but still allow Good air circulation around branches. Increase in milk Price predicted new York . A farm prices for milk delivered to Pool handlers in the new York new Jersey Mil shed during the first half of 1966 will average 17 cents per hundredweight higher than last year it was forecast today. Or. A. J. Pollard Market administrator predicted that Dairy Farmers will receive an average of $4.16 per hundredweight in the january june period. The average Price for the period in 1965 was $3.99. Milk production is expected to be 1.6 per cent under 1965 in the forecast period. Bennington Bennington Vermont county agent s report Anner wednesday january 5, 1908/ chances in Farmers Quot tax filing chores by John c. Page county a agriculture agent it is interesting to speculate Why Farmers have to file Federal income tax returns before feb. 15 when the rest of us have until april 15. The Rule does put the time squeeze on getting the records ready and the forms filled out and the Money together to pay the tax. Every year there Are a few changes which Farmers must be aware of when it comes to taxes social Security and also a few reminders needed from past years. First of All Jan. 31 is the deadline for filing form 943 on social Security for farm help. For the past year it is 3 5-8 per cent from the help and 3 5-8 per cent from the Farmer. Freak Pussy Willows Leonard j. Black Bennington nature Lover inspects some Pussy Willows that he found this week on Harwood Hill. Needless to say its a Little Early for Pussy Willows. Who said it was going to be a hard Winter Hamilton however starting Jan., 1966, the Farmers should withhold 4.2 per cent from the help. Also the maximum amount paid on goes from $4,800 to $6,600. Rates will go from 5.4 per cent to 6.15 per cent on Farmers them selves. Social Security payments must be withheld from employees who earned Over $150 or worked Over 20 Days during a Calendar year it is the employers obligation to get the social Security number and pay this and the fact that the help May not want to go along Isnit pertinent. A of this year the investment credit allowance is still applicable to new and used equipment certain types of storage and new this year on Orchards which have been planted. Many Farmers fall to file form 3648 and thus pay More tax than is due. Also a few Farmers fall to include the sales of capital items especially cattle on schedule d and pay considerably More than is necessary because of this. I saw where one Farmer was treating cattle sales As straight income and it Cost him Over $150, just because he did no to spend five minutes filling out scheduled. With today a milk prices this in t exactly Good business or Good common sense. A of where contract sales of farms Are made and Are being computed for income tax a realistic rate of interest must be charged. This probably Means 4 per cent or More and at any rate the interest rate must be stated in the contract or a higher interest rate not to the liking of both parties May be attached to the Sale contract by the tax men. The other change which wont affect Farmers till a year from now is on the Gas tax refund. It will no longer be filed separately in mid year but it will act As a deduction on tile tax on next years forms. Those who pay no tax will get no refund. Those who do will pay less by the amount of the Gas tax refund. The Vermont state income tax changes Are minor except for farm partnerships. In these there will be no filing of a state partnership form but rather the figures will to taken directly from Federal partnership form 1065 and placed on the individuals Vermont forms. As there is now much Cooj it Era Tion Between Federal and state taxes due to the us 3 of computers tanners Anu eve Yone else will have to do a More Complete Job on state filing than mime have done in the past. I have in the office most of the tax forms you will need to do an adequate Job of filing. Let me know if you need any of them for your farm filing. High texan i ail College station. Tex. Up a Texas farm and ranch land prices Are at a record High of $94 an acre Texas a m University reports. Sale prices Range from $20 to Over $1,000 per acre Over a recent test period. # o j new on pure Pak Cartons from Quot at your store or. At your door 99

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