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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - January 4, 1966, Bennington, Vermont I Bennington Banner tuesday january 4, 1988 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials t he legislature convenes although it is supposed to last Only six to eight weeks and although some republicans done to even consider it necessary the special session of the state legislature scheduled to Convene tomorrow could turn out to be one of the most productive in history. On the other hand it could turn out to be a wasteful and time consuming exercise in negativism. The legislators who Only recently survived elections to a new re apportioned House and Senate will face a workload of More than too Bills. Among these Are proposals for Reform of the states penal system improvement of the educational system acceleration of new Highway construction and a constitutional convention. These Are All part of gov. Hoff a legislative program but they deserve nevertheless serious and thoughtful bipartisan consideration by the Republican dominated legislature. If the lawmakers relegate the proposals of the Young democratic governor to the trash bin for political reasons alone they will not be serving the Best interests of the state. The most important Bills a those pertaining to prisons and schools a Are holdovers from last year s session. Both Are expected to run into determined opposition. The key parts of Hoff a educational package Call for reorganization of Vermont a numerous school districts into some 25 comprehensive districts and for the creation of an educational television network. The reorganization Bill has been weakened by the removal of a provision making redistricting mandatory but it still Calls for drawing up of a state plan for formation of regional school districts and financial incentives for those districts that Volun editor s notes we heartily approve of the efforts of mrs. Raymond Aja and mrs. Leon Eldred to bring 20 foreign students to Bennington for a part of their Christmas vacations. We Hope both the natives and the visitors understood each other better when they parted at the end of last week. Pictures in last fridays Banner indicate that the students while they were Here had a Fine time eating and talking at a special luncheon Given in their Honor by the rotary club. We can to imagine what the Bennington Post office will be like without Earl Hurley and Thomas Donovan both of whom retired last week after a combined total of 84 years of faithful service. We Hope the two former postal employees will enjoy their retirements. Comment Scenic corridors Brattleboro reformer a legislative proposal for a Scenic corridors along the interstate Highway system and la other Vermont roads a proposal labelled by the governor As the first of its kind in the nation will come up in the special session of the general Assembly this month. The idea appears to have Promise. A Bill would see establishment of a a corridors of natural Scenic Beauty preservation. They would be one mile wide and a minimum of to Miles Long. Land use would tartly merge. Passage of the Bill would Lead to More efficient use of the states educational resources and consequently better education for our Young people. A special study committee pointed out last month the pressing need for a new medium Security institution that would concentrate on the training and re habilitation of Many of the Young men incarcerated behind the ancient Walls of Windsor prison. Just such an institution is the Core of the Hoff Bill. Southwestern vermonters Are fully aware of the need for Highway improvement. The governor will ask for approval of a $36.8 million Bond Issue to accelerate improvements to . 7, among other highways. For Bennington and Rutland counties which have been generally bypassed by new Highway construction in the past few years this is a matter of the utmost importance. A constitutional convention As the administration sees it would consider such matters As four year terms for the governor annual legislative sessions and the elimination of the 10-year time lock on amending the Constitution. Vermont could carry on without these changes but they would certainly be important Steps toward More effective government. The legislature will also consider a Host of other Bills Many of them important. How Many of them will survive the pressure of time and politics remains to be seen. Among those worthy of special consideration Are measures calling for reorganization of the municipal court system beautification of highways and higher pay for legislators. The achievements of the new legislature May be immense. On the other hand the lawmakers May leave undone Many things that they ought to do. The report that 318 youngsters from local schools have already enrolled in the Prospect Mountain ski clubs Junior ski program indicates that the program has gotten off to another Good Start this season even though Snow conditions Arentt All they might be. We feel it is important that every Vermont youngster have a Chance to participate in the states leading Winter recreational activity and we re glad that the local club is doing its part to see that this is accomplished. Congratulations to Leigh c. Plaisted new manager of the farm department at Fairdale farms. We re sure that with All his experience in Dairy Herd management he ought to be Able to urge Fairdale a 250 cattle on to even More spectacular milk production records than they have set already. Be regulated in the areas of preservation. Specific Scenic Sites beyond natural ones would be protected too like covered Bridges and cemeteries. A related Bill would authorize the state to buy land or various rights and interests in land visible from the highways involved. The measure regulating land use for Scenic purposes is aimed at excluding cities villages and settled areas where 20 or More residences Are situated within one Square mile. Changes May be needed Here and there in the proposal but in principles the idea sounds promising and beneficial. We await with interest the More specifics which must be known. Maj Culini antiaircraft these Days a High . Is not enough to judge . Foreign policy by John cd Amerl Ain new York . As we go into 1966, a year in which decisions will have to be made either to win or end a War the most haunting memory of 1965 is the statement made by John w. Gardner Secretary of health education and welfare that the colleges and universities of America Are destroying the effectiveness of students who have a natural gift for leadership. Assuming that professors can influence students my own memory of College is that indoctrinated. And arbitrary professors were frequently a counter productive a to use modern jargon How do you a a destroy the capacity for decision making or. Glenn Olds who quit the presidency of Springfield College to take charge of foreign student programs in the new York state higher educational system has one theory. Methinks we tend to select our student body on the fallacious theory that the . Is the sole trustworthy indication of a College the ., he says measures a persons capacity to consider All aspects of a problem and then to go on analysing. But decisions in the workaday world do not wait for the endless deliberations of experts. To counterbalance the ., some criterion must be found to measure a human beings qualities of intuition and his will to Cut through a knot before every last a a in is dotted and a a to is crossed. A a the vietnamese War has underscored the a a Analyse forever mentality of Many members of the american professoriate who Are insisting that Johnson must a a negotiate Pronto before the intuitive moment comes for trying to hasten the move to the conference table. By analysis it is easy to sustain the theory that the United states is a wicked hypocritical nation unworthy of imposing its decisions on any people anywhere. We Atter to sell wheat to soviet Russia so Why should we complain when the British or the French sell busses and and machinery to Castro scuba we resent it when the japanese talk of trading with red China but we put tariffs on japanese goods. We place an embargo on Oil to Southern Rhodesia because of that breakaway British Colony a refusal to Grant the vote to members of its Black majority yet we sell machinery to East european communist countries where nobody is permitted a free political Choice at the polls. There is no moral rhyme or reason to our behaviour anywhere if you Are to apply strict analysis to the meanderings of our foreign policy. Decisions however cannot wait upon consistency or perfection. They must be made in response to visceral warnings of dangers to come. Thus Lyndon Johnson could not afford to wait for a full dress analysis of the situation in the dominican Republic last year when he ordered the marines to move in. If he had waited for an expert pronouncement upon the character of exp resident Juan Bosch who hoped to make a come Back with leftist support he would have been Hung up on arguments Over the a a legitimacy of the movement that had originally deposed Bosch. Bosch always claimed that he had been thrown out of office by an illegal coup do eat. But there were Well authenticated reports that Bosch had actually written out his own resignation and had unfortunately offered that resignation to a military Junta that had had the Gall to accept it. The analytical and could have gone on splitting hairs about Bosch a right to deny the Validity of his own resignation until the castrites had seized the government. Then it would have been too late to do anything about it. The High . Lads can prove almost anything about South Viet Nam. There is no a a democracy there. Nobody knows what an a coerced vote might decide about any proposed South Viet Nam peacetime government. Decisions about peace in Southeast Asia must be made on the basis of intuitions about the future however. How do you recognize the propitious moment for a a negotiating with a Hydra headed enemy that will bring several of its Heads to a peace conference the North vietnamese the Viet Cong the red chinese the russians and even the cambodians will All want to have a say about terms. But the various Heads of the Hydra Are by no Means of a common will. Verily we need recognition on our campuses of John w. Gardner a and Glenn Olds Contention that the . Is not enough. And we May thank heaven that we have in the White House a Leader who was not trained in the Modem University system. Mountain chatter Holiday memories by Carlo Wolter Searsburg. While most of our neighbors in states to the South of us were wishing for a White Christmas the skies Tore looked As if they were going to dump an extra heavy Load of the White stuff on top of what we already had. But As we in Vermont say if you done to know what the weather is going to be wait five minutes. So we weren to surprised when the promised Snow turned into rain on Christmas eve and continued through Christmas Day. But we still had a White Christmas. We Felt sorry for the skiers especially our nieces Joanne and Janet who lost out pm their first Chance to ski together since they took up the sport. They were our House guests at a a Skylark during the Holiday. In addition to the rain we experienced another drastic temperature change when the Mercury dropped from a Balmy but wet 50 degrees to an icy four below Zero within a few hours on Christmas Day. A of thoughts of the death in a tragic Accident of Clarence Briggs a Searsburg native who was Blind from Early childhood injected a note of sadness into our merry family Holiday. We remembered in particular his wife Marla and their two Little daughters who lost a husband and father just a few Days before Christmas. We knew Clarence Well when he lived in Searsburg. His sureness and Confidence combined with a sense of humor always amazed us. It was no hardship for Clarence to walk the mile from his House to ours Over crooked Vermont 9. Sometimes his sister Mary accompanied him but usually he came alone. One weekend especially stands out in our mind. Our House was full at friends of various nationalities. There was a German girl a French lady a greek a Scot and a Brooklyn jewish doctor and his son. Clarences acute ear identified them All by their accent however slight. That night he put us All to shame when someone asked the time. Before anybody else could look at his wrist watch Clarence fingered his pocket watch and said it was 10 40. The first time my husband Charles offered to drive him Home mentioning that it was dark outside Clarence laughed a ifs always a of another time he asked us to take him to a a see a Parade in Bennington. As we walked Down main Street he named every Street we crossed and every shop we passed. It was he who described the Parade to us As he identified each band by its sound before we could read its name on a drum or Banner. Clarence never missed a Searsburg town meeting As Long As he lived on the Mountain. From the Long Gray Bench along the Little schoolhouse Wall where he sat with his father the late Allen Briggs he had his say Short and precise and always in the towns interest. Those Are the things that will keep his memory alive not Only with us but with All who knew him. A of and now the holidays Are Over. Our Vermont new year celebrations Are so different from those we used to know in new York City. We shall always remember our first new year at a Skylark a when neighbors we Hadnot even met invited us to their Home because they thought we might be lonely. But we leave because we were baby sitting with a Leaky fireplace Chimney that sent buckets of water Down the Wall during an All Day cloudburst. So our neighbors came to our Home instead. It was a Lovely quiet evening with Friendly talk and getting acquainted. And at Midnight we toasted the old year out and the new one in with a bottle of wine and other refreshments. It was great to Wake up with a Clear head in the morning. Since then we be spent 18 such new years Eves. This year like Many others our Wilmington friends Leo and Mildred Berry were with us. And As every year we reminisced while watching the big doings on times Square on to. Charles always tells stories about How As a new York City policeman he was stationed at times Square on special duty and about How he disliked being in the midst of All the merrymaking without being Able to join in. I can Well understand How he Felt. I was caught in the fringe of it once when emerging from the subway on my Way to an athletic club party at the hawaiian room in the Lexington hotel. I lived in the Bronx at that time and carried my evening gown in a suit Case so i could change at the hotel. When i stepped from the subway Entrance into the throng of people my suitcase went East and i went West. It took a lot of straining to extricate myself. A looking at the mob scene on to i could almost feel the squirming crushing bodies All around me their hot smelly breath on Ray neck and my ears seemed to ring with the screams of excitement mixed with an occasional curse or outcry at despair when somebody a toes got stepped on. That time Square episode was before i knew Charles. Little did we dream then that some Day we would be Bitting on top of Searsburg Mountain happier watching than participating. We be never regretted being unable to attend the noisy celebrations. Wed rather step outdoors at Midnight with our friends v to feel the same As we do for a breath of fresh unpolluted air thankful that we can live As we please. And from the Mountaintop we shout a Happy new year to All a Saltonstall leaves the Senate letter to the editor appreciation to the editor of the Banner the Board of directors of the Bennington area Myca and staff wish to Start 1966 off right quote we tall me for y Neven know Nett lbs la five tie Mother came we Are not White Supre mists. We believe that ability not the color of the skin is what counts. It just so happens that in this country nearly All of the people with abilities Are european. A Charles Newmarch White rhodesian Farmer defending his country s declaration of Independence from Britain. By expressing our appreciation to the Banner for the kind and courteous service that you have Given the a by a and its program. You have done an excellent Job of acquainting the people of the area with our program so they might choose what they wish to participate in. We also use the Banner As a Myca history record As each Day we clip out articles pertaining to or affecting the a by a and paste them on sheets and file them in a yearly folder. Again we thank you for your cooperation and assistance in carrying on the programs and activities of the Bennington area Myca. Leonard Bennington. J. Black. By William s. White Washington. The decision of Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts not to stand for reelection in 1966 will have significant effects on both the institutional tone of the Senate of the United states and the Republican Power Structure there. In human terms As Gossamer As Moonlight but As real As steel Saltonstall a forthcoming retirement will close the door on a Long yesterday. It will end the last Small Lodgment in the Senate of an old fashioned strictly aristocrat politics that except for two elderly men was already finished a and sadly finished in one observer s View. For years Saltonstall and Harry flood Byrd of Virginia had made a bipartisan patricians bloc of two. Byrd uniquely symbolized a sort of democratic old South already Long vanished except for him Saltonstall a kind of new England High Church somewhat absent minded republicanism equally lost to memory save through him. A of Byrd has already retired and his Able eldest son Harry flood Byrd jr., has taken his seat by interim appointment a a seat for which he must fight in the elections next year. Sal Tonstall a departure at the end of 1966, will open a Many sided contest in Massachusetts. Public attention is thus entered on the probable identity and party affiliation of the successor. But the Senate a attention is elsewhere. In the Senate the True interest will lie Tot in who is to replace Saltonstall from Massachusetts but rather in who is to replace Saltonstall in its Hierarchy. For a Lewy a or a a Salty a neither nickname has Ever quite overcome the other among his colleagues a is an officer of the Senate Republican leadership. So soon will open a struggle Bland and mannered and quiet As a pillows fall on the outside but Tough and Resolute on the inside to determine who is to replace Saltonstall As chairman of the Senate Republican caucus. A of Saltonstall himself has been More notable for forgoing opportunities for Power than for reaching out for them. In him the Quality of aristocratic detachment is Strong indeed. But Here As elsewhere the critical Factor is not so much the title As the nature of the Man who holds it. In the hands of a More urgent Type the chairmanship could alter things. As matters now stand the essential Republican leadership of the Senate is totally mid Western and orthodox conservative. Essentially it resides in the Illinois hat of sen. Everett Mckinley Dirksen though it sometimes hovers briefly on some issues Over the Iowa hat of sen. Bourke Hickenlooper. Eastern republicanism has been represented at the top by Saltonstall alone a honorable so but Given his temperament not demand ugly so. High National interest he has highly served and notably in the Fields of military affairs and foreign policy. Doctrinal party interest including the More or less Liberal Republican interest which in a quiet Way is also his own has never hotly engaged him. But other times mean other men and this is the Central Point Here. So one can look ahead a bit and foresee another easterner a say some such Man As sen. Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania a sitting Over the caucus where Salty has sat. And in such circumstances one can foresee some changes some Sharp if relative Elevation in the operative Power of Eastern republicanism in the Senate. This would be a healthy thing for republicans Are really without fair representation in the decision making areas of Congress generally. To be sure this is partly their own fault since they tend to throw up some types who Are simply too precious for this world and Are off putting even when they Are right. This sort Salty if perhaps not too vibrant in putting the Eastern gop Case at All events never was. Nor is such a Man As Hugh Scott. Humor addendum Mark Twain once paid a Call on novelist Edith Wharton and came Home beaming. He said he had enjoyed his visit immensely. But his wife looked at him in dismay. A ooh Samuel a she lamented a you went there without your Twain went at once to his room picked out his handsomest tie boxed it and sent it together with a card to mrs. Wharton by messenger. The card read a sorry we come Boston Globe. Cold weather note now is the season when the children leave open the doors they slammed All summer

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