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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 23, 1966, Bennington, Vermont I Bennington Banner wednesday february 23, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorial an Era ends and begins before the special session of the legislature began in january most observers were pessimistic about the chances of gov. Hoff a legislative program. The Republican majority they predicted would kill it. Much to almost everyone a Surprise the legislature has shown an inclination to favor most of gov. Hoff a proposals. Most astonishing of All was the final passage tuesday of the Bill transferring the management of the Deer Herd from the legislature to the fish and game department. For decades the Law makers have regarded it As their sacred privilege to decide when Deer could be legally hunted and with what weapons. Yet this year they gave up that ancient prerogative without the Knock Down drag out fight that might have been expected. The action on the Deer Herd Bill and on a number of other important Bills indicates that the re apportioned legislature whether dominated by republicans or democrats views proposals for change and Reform with favor rather than antagonism. Many of the proposal Freedom to travel limited or not the revocation of Yale professor Staughton Lynda a passport earlier this month raised Only a subdued stir probably because Lynda a activities As a self appointed Delegate to Hanoi last december had not sat Well with the american Public. But the state departments reprisal again raised the ticklish question of Freedom to travel. Is there a right to travel out of the country and if so is it absolute or limited should . Citizens be barred from visiting China Cuba Albania and North Korea As Well As North Viet Nam to Date the question has not been answered conclusively even by the supreme court. While the court held in 1958 that a the right to travel is a part of the a Liberty of which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of Law under the fifth amendment a a it has also upheld the state departments Power under a 1926 Law to regulate travel through passports. Just How far the state department May go in these regulations has not been defined by the court however. After Long litigation it was decided in 1964 that restrictions could not be applied to editor s notes George Sleeman who recently has been doing the work of three men has been included in the 1966 edition of a outstanding Young men of the hard working acting principal of Bennington High school is entirely deserving of this Honor. Dick Hollister bounced Back quickly after Henry Mallory Defeated him for the citizens party nomination for Bennington Village president last week. Hollister has filed his nominating petitions and the race is now on. We re pleased that there will be a contest for at least this one key Post in our local government. Hollister and Mallory should now enlighten the Public As to their opinions on such pressing issues As unification parking meters in municipal lots the before the special session were Long overdue As members of both parties realized. To fight the Hoff program for partisan reasons alone would indeed have been foolish. Fortunately the fears that this would happen had Little substance. Passage of the Deer Herd Bill Means that the fish and game department which employs trained biologists will determine what is Best for the health and Well being of the state s oversized Deer Herd. An account by Lawrence Pratt in today a Banner of a talk by Ben Day the departments Deer biologist indicates the Type of specialized knowledge that the fish and game people will use to decide the length of the Hunting season and the sex and size of the animals that Hunters will be permitted to stalk. The average legislator simply does not possess the knowledge and experience that would qualify him to be an expert on the regulation of the Deer Herd. An Era so some say has come to an end. But another Era a that of scientific game management has begun. Communists passports. Now communists May travel As freely As other american citizens and communist nations Are not automatically off Bounds to american travellers. Ideology does no to have much to with the question the courts have decided. The one Issue still under Contention concerns the so called area restrictions Laid Down by the state department to limit travel to five countries Albania red China Cuba North Korea and North Viet Nam. It is argued by some that these Broad prohibitions work to the nations detriment while abridging individual Liberty. In one passport Case Justice Douglas argued that the state department goes too far and should exercise the restrictive Power Only when a some Clear countervailing National interest stands in the the american civil liberties Union maintains that movement should be curbed Only a when our country is actually engaged in War or where a criminal indictment is pending against the individual desiring to leave the if these two criteria were accepted the Only place legitimately off limits to american citizens today would be North Viet Nam. That sounds reasonable enough. Development of downtown Bennington and traffic congestion. It is disappointing that other candidates wont be taking part in the discussion. Unfortunately there just Arentt any other contests for Village posts. A number of readers have asked where the cover picture for the banners recent car supplement was taken. The photographer reports that the station Wagon in the picture was parked in front of a the fort a a the Home of mrs. Reginald Vav. Buzzell on Monument Road. Hoosick Falls students certainly distinguished themselves academically this year. Seven students at Hoosick Falls High school have been chosen regents scholarship winners according to an announcement last week by the schools guidance director. One of them George Harrison had the highest qualifying score in Rensselaer county. Quot i Don t mind Morse against us what bugs me is Russell Long for w Ashington calling How will View debate in Congress affect democrats chances in 66? now / Lay me Myn to sleep. Keep an Eye on Toms Meile i m of duty by Marquis Childs Washington. At the a a Liberal table in the House of representatives dining room at the Capitol you can hear two diametrically opposed views of the politics of the Viet Nam War. The advice from hard boiled House veterans such As Wayne Hayes d.,Ohio, is a keep your head Down done to get tangled up in the Row Over what to in Viet Nam if you want to come through the 66 other democrats Challenge this View. They believe they have a duty in All conscience to speak out. They have called for a continued pause in the bombing for action by the United nations for sterner efforts to negotiate. They have done this As the republicans with few exceptions have followed the tactic of cautious silence in the belief that a democratic split is bound to help them in the congressional election this fall. A of certainly no one could have foreseen six months ago that the massive democratic majorities in Senate and House would be so riven by an Issue with such deep emotional overtones. What the consequences will be not Only for �?T66 but for the Long term future of the party and for 1968 is at this stage the great unanswered question. While it May not be subject to poll taking measurement there can be Little doubt of the loss the Johnson administration has suffered. It comes from academic Church and other groups with a deep concern Over Viet Nam. It comes too from those who voted against Barry Coldwater in 1964 but without very much enthusiasm for Lyndon Johnson. They Are relatively few in number and the hard boiled would dismiss them As knee Jerk liberals and bleeding hearts. But in one important respect their contribution far outweighs their size As a Small minority in the great democratic mass. Over the past two or three decades and particularly during the eight years of the Eisenhower administration they supplied the steam of idealism and ideas that gave their party a vital Appeal. The hard Core supporters of the late Adlai Stevenson they saw in him the idealism the Hope that inspired them to the hard work of political organization. In the present House 74 democrats Are first Wermers although of this number four had served before and suffered defeat prior to the Johnson landslide. The vulnerable seats Are those that were won by less than 5 per cent of the vote cast a 62 democrats 50 republicans. Conspicuous targets in november will be first term democrats elected in traditionally Republican territory. A of Iowa is a Case in Point. The Republican delegation was decimated with Only one survivor out of the seven congressional districts. The democrats elected in the Johnson sweep Are younger men with notable War records out of world War ii or Korea who have done the Spade work of political organization at the beginning level. Typical is John r. Schmid Hauser of Iowa City formerly a professor of constitutional Law at the University of Iowa. He supports the presidents policy on Viet Nam but he was one of 76 representatives calling for submission of the conflict to the United nations and a year ago he joined in asking for open hearings by the House foreign relations committee on Viet Nam. Feeling strongly the Issue should be debated Schmidhauser is disturbed that he gets Little or no mail on Viet Nam while excise taxes and 14-b draw a deluge. John g. Dow a businessman the first Democrat in this Century to win in new Yorkus 27th District in the Hudson Valley has been an outspoken critic of Viet Nam policy. He was the Only first termer to vote against the Viet Nam supplemental a it Propri Tion last fall. Dow Defeated mrs. Katharine St. George who had served in the House 18 years. His share of the vote was 51.06 per cent and his District will be closely watched to gauge the political effect of the War. A of on the Senate Side two democrats up for re election were among the 15 who signed the letter appealing to president Johnson to continue the bombing pause. Sen. . Bartlett of Alaska is expected to win reelection with Little difficulty since he is so closely identified with the destiny of the new state. But son. Lee Metcalf of Montana is already discovering that he will confront the Viet Nam Issue. His Likely opponent is the Republican governor Tim Babcock far to the right of Center. In his speeches around the state Babcock is saying that now we Are in Viet Nam we must win. This is the attack from the right which is Likely to be the Republican line. So far however there is no Clear Reading. Schmald Hauser feeling that the opposition should take a stand quotes an editorial from a newspaper in his District a the republicans shamefully silent Are callously waiting to jump whichever Way will produce the most votes a waiting to decide whether it will be More popular to attack Johnson for spilling so much american blood or for being soft on this is a familiar political posture. And it has paid off in the past. Syrup Salt amp vinegar teen age fashions by Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington. When i was in High school a boy who wore what we called a High water pants did so because his legs had outgrown the pants if his hair Hung Down on his shoulders it was generally because he afford a haircut. He looked vaguely like an Escapee from an orphanage but it was from necessity rather than Choice. Today a youth looks that Way deliberately. He is mortified if his Pant legs get within shouting distance of his shoe tops his to sorial resemblance to a sheep dog is contrived on purpose. A of once upon a time pants that shrank two sizes smaller when washed were a Domestic tragedy and a disaster in the family budget. A great Many people in the textile Industry went to a lot of trouble to develop materials that would not shrink or fade but today a Young gentleman is never so Happy As when the none Shrinker a can be outwitted. I have never heard of one who actually went to the extreme of greasing his foot to get it through the pants but i put it past them. We live in an age of affluence when the Young choose their own clothes and frequently pay for them from their own earnings so they see no reason to be influenced by the taste of grownups. There was a time when a boy owned a Blue Serge suit for dress up and the rest of the time wore whatever items of clothing his Mother could scrounge up. It never occurred to him to question mammals judgment and he was Happy As Long As he was inconspicuous. Women have invaded the world of men even unto adopting his clothes so it Isnit surprising that the Young male has fought Back by borrowing color and frilly plumage from the female. After years of existing in the drab colouring of the male today a youth has gone All out to prove that he can Wear Bright feathers too. A of Blue is for boys and Pink is for girls at least in the Cradle. Not too Many years ago the Young Man of fashion would have run and hid if he had had to Wear a Pink shirt but today a fashion dictates otherwise. Let one Young male appear soon in a new Pink shirt and tomorrow you la think its Apple Blossom time in the world of male teenage fashion. To Date nobody that i know of has appeared in Public with a Little lord Fauntleroy suit of Black velvet with knee pants but done to be surprised of it happens. The Young nowadays Pride themselves on rebellion and nonconformity but you a never believe it when you see them flock after a new fashion like mindless sheep. This makes them no different from earlier generations. Back in the 1920s, the Only Young males who did no to Wear Raccoon Coats were those who afford them. A of there Are always a few boys and girls who insist on going to extremes in dress and hair styles. These i suspect Are looking for attention. They spend most of their time looking for rules to break if Only to prove that they dare to break them. Let a school make hard and fast rules about dress and you la always find somebody who seizes on the Chance to be a hero or a Martyr. The More fuss somebody in authority makes about the sin the happier will be the sinner. Presumably one of the functions of a school is to inspire in its students a respect for standards of Good behaviour even extending to certain standards of dress. The Liberty of the individual does not extend to the right to yell a a fire in a crowded theatre to use a classic example and the same Standard could be applied to those who insist on disrupting the school by breaking the rules. Frequently you will find that these individuals Are aided and abetted by parents who Are far less interested in the civil liberties of the child than in the Brief moment in the limelight they can secure for themselves. Most of today a youth Are too Busy to worry about their individual liberties if they Are dressed like everybody else they Are perfectly Happy. Very Long hair is rather uncomfortable a fact that will Send most of them scurrying to the Barber. Those who insist on going beyond the limits of Good taste wont get much satisfaction out of their heroism of they Arentt allowed to come to school to display and tomorrow we must negotiate with Viet Uong our actual adversary in Viet Nam by Halter Lippmann Washington. The key question in the Senate hearings has been whether the administration which says that it wants a negotiated settlement has in fact committed itself to a policy which requires the unconditional surrender of the enemy. This is the question which is at the Root of the profound concern of the senators. It is also most certainly the question which is worrying the country. The question was not answered definitively in the hearings. Gen. Taylor and Secretary Rusk kept insisting that the administration was fighting a limited War that its objectives and its targets were limited and that it is earnestly seeking to engage Hanoi in discussions and negotiations. A of it has remained for sen. Robert Kennedy to raise the decisive question about a negotiated settlement which is whether the administration is prepare letter highways and taxes to the editor of i be Banner whether the majority of us taxpayers in lower Vermont Are in favor of a four Lane Highway from Pownal to Rutland or a modern two Lane Road is not the Point now. The Point is that we Are fairly certain to get four lanes whether we like it or not As i am sure the accelerated Highway construction Bill will pass the Senate. I am a pretty Good loser when actions Are Legal and democratic. Our representatives worked hard just that Way for four lanes. After All we done to Send them to Montpelier just so they can have their pictures in the paper. The four Lane Road will please ski resorts and Large trucking firms but How about Little action in getting taxation straightened out to pay for the roads and make the majority class Happy too. Then our lawmakers will be popular indeed. A Short time ago a Bill was to be introduced for a 2 per cent sales tax even on food. Rep. Reid Lefevre of Manchester came out in favor of raising the gasoline tax both Are unpopular but we will probably have both within two years. Why not Levy a Small tax on ski lift tickets and similar pleas sures and How about a capital gains tax on earnings Over $5,000? i think the majority would like that better. The tax on Gas is too High already. Many vermonters buy Gas in other states where it is cheaper. That hurts the Gas station operators who Are having a hard enough time As it is. Certainly the Large trucking firms Are going to buy their Gas where it is cheaper and that is out of state. In a letter published on feb. 2, i suggested four ways that the state could collect taxes fairly and an officer of the Bennington county labor Council called me and said the Points were Well received by the members. The Council is to be congratulated for its splendid work. Byron a. Harrington. 201 division St. Bennington. To negotiate with its adversaries in the Field. We have Learned promptly from the immediate reactions of messes. Bundy Ball and Humphrey that the administration is not prepared to negotiate with its adversaries in the Field. It does want to negotiate with Hanoi but not with the Viet Cong unless the Viet Cong is acknowledged to be nothing More than the instrument of the Hanoi government. This position is in fact a demand for the unconditional surrender of the Viet Cong which constitutes at least three quarters of the military forces arrayed against us in the Field a and it is a demand for the unconditional recognition of Gen. Kyd a government As the Only political Power in South Viet Nam. No one is entitled to claim that he is in favor of a negotiated settlement of the War unless he is prepared to negotiate with All his important adversaries who Are engaged in the fighting. A of sen. Kennedy has gone to the heart of the matter in fixing Public attention on the simple truth that if the administration wants to negotiate it will have to negotiate with the enemy who is in fact arrayed against us. This does not mean it seems to me that the United states itself should negotiate with the Viet Cong for the purpose of forming a coalition government in South Viet Nam. A negotiated settlement of the War in South Viet Nam will have to be negotiated by the South vietnamese and our policy should be to refrain from vetoing it. We shall have to cease putting our whole influence and support behind Gen. By who refuses to negotiate. The makings of a South vietnamese negotiated settlement have Long been present just under the surface in South Viet Nam. A of the outcome would probably by some kind of coalition government formed for the purpose of organizing a general election. Such a government would of course be vulnerable to the machinations of the hard line communists in Hanoi and peking. Difficult and unattractive As this May be it would be a great Deal better than an unlimited War to achieve unconditional surrender. Moreover there be open to us what is the Only live option Ever had in Southeast would still in my View we have Asia. It is to help provide the material Means by which a United Viet name probably under the Rule of to Chi mirth who is the one National Leader of that country a could be Neutral and militarily Independent As regards China. A of the partisans of our present course will Well to study carefully Hanson baldwins article in mondays new York times. It deals with the present condition of our combat forces. Baldwin is not Only the leading military correspondent in contemporary journalism but has always been and probably still is a has in the vietnamese debate. He tells us that a the nations armed services have almost exhausted their trained and ready military units with All available forces spread dangerously thin in Viet Nam and elsewhere. A a of this report poses for the president the enormously difficult question of How much longer he can overrule the joint chiefs of staff on a limited mobilization of Reserve forces. It also poses the question of whether Secretary Rusk realizes what he is saying when he tells me we have some 40 unilateral military commitments and that we must be prepared to fulfil them All. How can the american people have Confidence in an administration which expands them in the face of the condition of the military forces baldwins article raises the question too whether Secretary Rusk realizes what he is saying when he keeps telling us that the credibility of All our alliances All Over the world is at stake in South Viet Nam. Can he really believe that our value As an ally in Europe rises when we have to draw More and More trained men out of our armed forces in Europe and to replace them with untrained men or. Rusk has entangled himself in the error of failing to realize that it is not what the United states is willing to but what in fact it is willing and Able to that determines the credibility of any one of its alliances

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