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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 23, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Clear Clear tonight with lowest temperatures in the teens. Thursday increasing cloudiness with Little temperature change. Yesterdays High 27 Low 9. Today at 7 ., 12. Sunset 5 32 . Sunrise 6 38 . Benning Bennington Vermont wednesday february 23, 1966 Armer weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,999 to cent legislature to consider the president army officers seize Power Bill thursday Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hoff a massive Canadian Power Purchase Bill today was made a special order of the Day for thursday. Rep. Daulton Mann a Peru chairman of the House banking and corporations committee suggested the move today in order for his committee to study the measure further without re committing it. The Bill was scheduled for preliminary consideration by the House today. And not too surprising is the fact that Republican support for the democratic Bill is solid. House speaker Richard w. Mallary a Fairlee has said he is in favor of the Bill if it will protect the credit and interest of the state. He said tuesday that he Felt there would be several amendments attached to the Senate measure when it comes up for action in his chamber. Mallary added he Felt there would be even greater support after the changes were made. Rep. Francis j. Pelsch a Burlington also indicated that some members of the gop Union school Board hires principal the mount Anthony Union school Board announced last night it has hired Charles w. Heir 39, of Scotia ., As principal of the new Union High school. Heir has been vice principal of Scotia Glenville High school on the outskirts of Schenectady since 1962. He will assume his new duties in Bennington april i. A native of Kearny . Keats married and has four children aged 12, to 8 and 4 years. He received his . Degree in 1950 from Montclair state College in Montclair ., and his a. A year later from teachers College Columbia University Presently a candidate for the de. D. Degree in educational administration at the state University of new York in Albany Kier has been associated with Scotia Glenville High school since 1953, when he joined the faculty As a teacher of social studies. He became guidance Counselor of the school in 1958, and a department chairman in 1960 before being appointed vice principal. Keir also taught social studies at Keene Central school in Keene Valley He served in the . Navy As electrician from August 1943 to May 1946. The Union school Board in announcing Keirs acceptance of the Job said it was a very pleased to thus conclude a search that began a the week before four of 15 applicants for the position were personally interviewed by the school Board. Also announced last night was the Board s Choice of an assistant principal miss Catherine Corcoran of North Bennington. Miss Corcoran principal of North Bennington High school for Many years will assist Keir in directing grades 9 through 12 at the new High school. An associate principal to direct grades 7 and 8 has yet to be chosen by the school Board. Steering committee might move to have the Bill sent to the House judiciary committee today for further study. Peisch Heads the judiciary committee. If the Bill goes to this committee Mallary said it probably would be delayed Only a Day or two. Proposed changes will be made from the floor by Peisch. The amendments Are described As ones that will give further Protection to vermonters if and when the Power plan goes into effect. Opponents of the Bill lobbied tuesday in the Halls and corridors of the state House. Backed by Central Vermont Public service chairman Albert a. Cree the lobbyists lost a running Battle to defeat the measure when it was in the Senate. For the second straight Day telegrams to House members were delivered. The telegrams urged lawmakers to defeat the Bill on the grounds that the Hoff plan is a dangerous and vicious a and that Vermont would become involved in owning a Power Utility through a nonprofit corporation to import sell and resell Low Cost Quebec Power. Cree appeared twice before Senate hearings on the Bill and when he lost his bid for defeat switched his operations to the House. In other action tuesday the Senate approved a Bill that would give control and management of the states Deer Herd to the fish and game Board for a five year trial period. The Bill goes to Hoff for his signature. The upper chamber also approved a measure to permit the state Highway department to conduct studies on automobile junk lining state roadsides and see legislature Page to col. 5 asserts threats seen leading to crisis in relations with . Cairo up a diplomatic observers said today egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser a latest anti american threats could Lead to a crisis in relations Between the United states and United Arab Republic. The Arab Leader in an address tuesday night marking Unity Day the eighth anniversary of the unsuccessful 1958 Union of Egypt and Syria also threatened to renew the War in the Yemen. Nasser speaking at Cairo University lashed out at the United states for providing Israel with military Ald. He threatened a a a preventive War if Israel began attempts to develop nuclear weapons. The Arab Leader said . Ald to Israel showed a a policy antagonistic to Arab nations and the Arab he was believed referring to recent reports that the United states was supplying Israel with 200 Patton tanks. The unusually Tough speech indicated that Nasser was returning to the offensive in Arab politics. He said Israel could not develop nuclear arms without help from the West. Nasser also had used the term a preventive War with Israel in a recent interview with iraqi journalists. Nasser also threatened to keep his troops in Yemen for As Long As five years. He accused saudi Arabia King Faisal of 68th anniversary financing a plot against the . Nasser a attack amounted to a virtual repudiation of the agreement he signed with Faisal last year to end Yemen a three year civil War Between royalists and republicans. Nasser had backed the republicans and Faisal the royalists. Under the agreement Nasser was to have begun withdrawing his troops from Yemen last nov. 23, but tuesday night he said he would keep them there until Britain has withdrawn its troops from neighbouring Aden and until the yemenis could agree on an interim government for the nation. There was speculation that Nasser a statements could encourage a renewal of the War that began with the 1962 ouster of the ruling Imam Mohammed Al Badr. Power Iii syrian dip Ric hard Hollister Henry h. Mallory Village clerk Hilda Hurley reports no one slipped any new nomination petitions under her door last night with an Eye to beating the Midnight deadline for March 15 Village elections. Its now official candidates for Bennington Village president Are Henry Mallory and Richard Hollister. Mallory was nominated Over Hollister at a citizens caucus last week but Hollister has since filed nominating petitions. In \ Iel Nam the founders of the baath socialist party in the 1950s defense minister maj. Gen. Mohammed Omran or. Mounif Qazzaz a jordanian and Secretary general of the party a International command Man sour Attriss speaker of the National Council legislature and so Lull Ai Saml assistant Secretary general of the International command. The International command took Over control of party affairs in Syria last december. The new government which observers said could be expected to seek increased cooperation with the communist bloc including red China ordered All airports and ports closed . Will abide by free elections Beirut up a dissident syrian army officers seized Power in Damascus Early today and arrested president Amin Hafez and Premier Salah altar but there were indications a counter coup was in the making. Radio Baghdad said army commanders in the Northern syrian cities of Aleppo and Hama declared their opposition to the seizure of Power by men they called a Quot Bunch of radio Damascus in announcing the takeover said the country would be ruled by the a provisional National command of the oath socialist the Aleppo broadcast said military forces in the Northern City Are a determined to crush the conspiracy a by Force if necessary. It appealed to the coup leaders to a return to reason and not expose the country to informed sources in Beirut said the coup Leader was believed to be maj. Gen. Sala Washington up a rep. Monters in his monthly news redid Leader of the Booth Robert t Stafford it r.vt., said letter from Washington said party s extremist faction which to a be rejects recommend either of these solutions a Al was purged last december Lions that the United states though attractive upon first Damascus radio did not withdraw from South Viet Nam Blush could quickly Lead to identify the coup Leader. Or engage in an All out War in chaos for the world and the a curfew was ordered in the Asia against All communist a United syrian capital and Telephone Lions. The Republican congressman Stafford in writing to ver suggested instead that he strongly supports current efforts a until further there were unconfirmed reports that Iraq has moved troops toward syrians Eastern Border. Relations Between the two countries have been strained for years but Hafez recently had moved to ease the tension. Hafez also had been seeking improved relations with the United Arab Republic a policy opposed by Jedi and his followers. Jedi and others were removed from Power in a sweeping party overhaul three months ago in which the baath local command was dissolved. Jedi then dropped from Public View. Withdrawal from Viet rejected by Stafford Washington up a the White House has emphasized in such a government. Rather he said the Viet Cong should once again that the United be represented Only if they show they have a some popular this Appeal would be shown a a ideally a through free elec states will abide by the results of any free elections in South Viet name regardless of the outcome. But America is opposed to tons the senator added telling the South vietnamese before any election is held that they should accept the communists in a a a coalition government or agree that the Viet Cong should be represented even if they do not win the election. The Johnson administrations statement of policy tuesday capped a Long Day of sparring with sen. Robert f. Kennedy Dan. Y., whose weekend Viet Nam proposals triggered a hot controversy. When All was said it appeared that the White House and Kennedy had considerably the chasm which seemed to Divide their positions earlier. The new York senator communications were Cut off. Border posts were closed and the takeover appeared Likely to increase tension along the syrian israeli Border where two military clashes broke out in the past two weeks. Damascus radio announced suspension of the provisional Constitution and dissolution of preme court Justice Hugo l. The National revolution Council Black refused today to stay the highest ruling body in the Hafez effect of a feb. 9 ruling by a regime. Three judge Federal court in arrested with Hafez and Austin that the Texas poll tax altar were Michel Aflak one of is unconstitutional. Justice Black refuses stay Washington up a us world wide revolutions predicted by Mcnamara if reds win in Viet Washington up a defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara said today a red Victory in Viet Nam would set Loose chinese communist attempts to foment violent defense program and the big he said . Embassies in buildup brought on by the a most of the non communist vietnamese War. Countries had repeatedly assessing the world situation sought military and non he said that a the focus of the military help for Viet Nam. . Defense problem has forty nations had agreed to revolutions throughout a fall of shifted perceptively toward the provide military economic or narrowed the underdeveloped peking already has named Thailand a was its next victim a he said and is creating the far humanitarian Aid he reported. Which the . Has made and is making to negotiate an honorable settlement in the Battle torn Southeast Aslan nation. A if we cannot negotiate anywhere a said Stafford a be it the United nations Geneva or elsewhere then we must stabilize South Vietnam both militarily and he said that from recent Tes tin Given Here the military Effort can succeed by a concentrated ground operations in South Viet Nam and by use of air Power on Only selected military Stafford also commented on other issues in Congress. He said president Johnson s new spending programs Are a threat for inflation. He added that Johnson recommends a a Quantity of new programs before the Quality of the old ones Are he said he would be highly selective when voting on the new spending programs. Said later he saw no differences apparatus for a so called a War Between his and the Nistra National liberation Tiona a views on the role of the Viet Cong in a postwar Saigon government. But that was not the impression he made last red China s Long term Mcnamara told Congress in his annual defense review is a series of conflicts that a will sweep the world and make it Viet Cong strongholds eds Retreat into nearby Jungles saturday with his suggestion dominant in asian african and the communists be permitted latin american countries. A a share of Power and Mcnamara who had refused responsibility in any postwar to testify publicly at the Senate Saigon government. This was foreign relations committee widely interpreted to mean the hearings on Viet Nam made Viet Cong should be offered a his annual report behind closed place in any coalition govern doors to the Senate armed services committee and the defense appropriations sub com ment of South Viet Nam. Not so said Kennedy tues Day. He said he was not Mittee. Suggesting the reds were in it entitled to any automatic place Mcnamara Laid Bare vast details of the american Fulbright says funds approval not endorsement of lbs policies As even older generations of ancestors looked on from a photograph on the Wall or. And mrs. Charles h. Lee of 308 Silver St. Celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary yesterday. For a Story on Bennington a oldest married couple see p. To. Washington up a sen. J. William Fulbright d-ark., said today he does not want expected congressional approx Laboratory to close Albany A Bender hygienic Laboratory which has provided pathological and clinical services to hospitals and physicians in a five county area for 71 years will cease operations next year. Or. John j. Clem Mer director of the Laboratory in making the announcement tuesday that it would cease operations july i 1967, said the closing decision had chiefly been made As the result of the states plan to build a 500-bed mental Hospital on the site now occupied by Bender lab. The Laboratory opened in 1895, underwent expansion programs in 1948 and 1961, employs about 60 persons and has been the main source of whole blood in the Capitol District. Val of $4.8 billion in emergency funds for the War in Viet Nam a to be an endorsement of president Johnson a policies. Fulbright chairman of the foreign relations committee gave no indication How he planned to vote on the supplementary authorizations measure. The Bill is now being debated in the Senate. The senator also would not say How he planned to vote on Johnson a request for $415 million in extra economic Aid for South Viet Nam. His committee was holding a closed session on the request which served As a vehicle for its recent wide ranging hearings on Viet Nam. In addition to Fulbright shearing and the continuing floor debate the Senate armed services committee and military appropriations subcommittee was meeting with defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara and Gen. Earle g. Wheeler chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. The closed hearing was one of Many sessions planned on the military budget for the fiscal year beginning july i. Like any discussions involving defense Viet Nam was expected to be a prime topic. Fulbright a leading critic of administration policies told a reporter he did not consider the $4.8 billion military Bill any More than a a supplementing of existing military authority quite aside from a renewed expression of congressional support. Sen. Jacob k. Javits r-., also a Liberal took a different View. He said in a speech prepared for the floor debate that a vote is to support our troops in Viet Nam and it is also an endorsement of the presidents policy to on the inside civil defense official cites Bennington s Lack of shelters a Page 3. Elizabeth Dwyer talks of teen age fashions a Page 4. Manchester town meeting promises to be peaceful a Page 6. Saigon up a two companies of hard Core Viet Cong tried for the first time today to stand up and slug it out with . Marines in operation double Eagle along the South China sea coast. The marines killed an estimated 46 before the guerrillas broke off the fight and fled. About 60 Miles to the South near Bong son units of the 1st . Cavalry division overran a Viet Cong stronghold and then engaged in heavy fighting with guerrilla forces trying to escape through the heavy Jungle. Ground fire was so severe it downed two helicopters and a third crashed because of engine failure. The widely separated actions against the Viet Cong involved the 1st infantry division taking part in operation mastiff about 31 Miles Northwest of Saigon and the 1st air cavalry engaged in operation White Wing Masher about 300 Miles Northeast of the capital. A . Military spokesman said the infantrymen seized an abandoned Viet Cong regimental base Camp after heavy shelling and air attacks in an area thick with underbrush and dotted with rubber plantations North of Saigon. The cavalry troops captured a Viet Cong stronghold near Bong son far to the Northeast after four Days of ground assaults and air and artillery barrages. The communists apparently had retreated into nearby Jungle in both regions. Vietnamese troops reported killing too Viet Cong in a two Day Battle South of the 1st air cavalry action along North South Highway i. The government forces were aided by offshore shelling from the 7th Fleet Cruiser Topeka and air strikes by two c47s. The c47s have earned the nickname a puff the magic b52 dragon a because they carry today several new Gatling guns Supply bombers from Guam raided a Viet Cong area in thua Thien capable of firing too rounds of province about 400 Miles North 20 millimetre shells a second of Saigon. Faces of War As the fighting in Viet Nam drags on the real tragedy of War is being etched on the faces of the vietnamese people Young and old. The four shown Here Are typical of the thousands displaced As the War sweeps through their Homes and villages. Up

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