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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner Bennington mon., feb. 19, 1962 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont what the Public wants to paraphrase a popular song a what the Public wants the Public or does it this refrain Sung in a self righteous tone has become an increasingly popular justification for foisting inferior products on the Public under the Guise of providing what it wants. To programs Are one example. Dishes that displace soap flakes in the package Are another. A third example is the Case of the watered Ham which is especially interesting because the consumer fought Back and May yet win. The Case began when former Secretary of agriculture Ezra Taft Benson decided to let interstate meat packers add up to to per cent moisture to smoked hams. The reason was to help these packers meet the Competition from those who cured and sold their product within state Borders and were not subject to Federal control. The latter May add up to 30 per cent moisture. On the consumer level or. Bensons ruling meant that the Pound of Ham which the housewife purchased for sunday dinner might not be a Pound of Ham at All. It was More Likely that although she paid for a Pound of Ham she had 15 ounces or slightly less of meat and an ounce or More of water. An intrastate Ham might be almost one third water. This water is injected into the meat with an instrument similar to a hypodermic Needle. Irate Consumers groups and a new Secretary of agriculture Orville l. Freeman brought the Case of the watered Ham out into the open. The meat packers defended their action on the grounds that the Public wanted Juicy Ham. Or. Freeman made a study and concluded that the Public did not want its Ham watered and reversed or. Bensons decision. Henceforth or. Freeman ruled hams with up to to per cent added moisture must be labelled a limitation the packers through Armour and co., have taken the Case to court. While the United states District court upheld or. Freeman the United states court of appeals has just reversed the decision and granted a preliminary injunction against the use of the Label. Since the agriculture department is expected to contest the injunction the Case of the watered Ham is not finished. However the Case does make two things apparent. The first is the tendency of some producers to shrug off any responsibility for turning out Quality products by downgrading the taste of the consumer. This applies to what he views on to As Well As what he eats for sunday dinner. We think the Public is More intelligent than these men would have us believe. The second is that aroused Consumers can bring action. Once Consumers became aware that with every Pound of Ham they might be paying for an ounce or More of water they protested the deception and the government had Public support for its action. The consumer thus has a responsibility to make his wants and dislikes known both to the producers and the government officials whose Job is to protect him from deception. If enough Consumers protest government action will be taken. If Consumers make their Power Felt producers will have to put real meaning into the phrase a what the Public wants the Public will de Gaulle a 6 vision tonsure French Success ? a Goldwo hol it a a have Arew questions Washington calling division in Republican party ranks was revealed in Lincoln week oratory keep the army out of politics americans who have been watching the algerian disorders from afar May find it hard to understand Why High ranking French military officers should engage in unlawful terroristic activities against their own government. This kind of thing happen in the United states they May feel. So far it is True our country has never experienced an armed revolt of organized military forces against civilian control. But then it has never been faced with anything quite like the situation in Algeria. If it had our experience might have been different. One reason for the French army a intense involvement in the movement to keep Algeria French is that the country has Long been the army a training ground and Home base. When general de Gaulle spoke recently of the army so a nostalgia he was referring to this emotional attachment to the land. A second explanation lies in the French army a belief that it has been crippled by the politicians. For nearly 13 years in indo China at Suez and in Algeria the regular officers and their men have been fighting wars under the direction of the Paris government. Rightly or wrongly they feel that they could have won All of them if they had been Given a free hand. That resentment should be understandable enough in the United states. There Are High ranking american army officers such As general Douglas Macarthur and major general Edwin a. Walker who have always contended that the United states could have scored a decisive Victory in the korean War if Washington had not interfered. It is understood that general walkers disillusionment with our political leadership culminating in his resignation from the army and decision to run for governor of Texas a stemmed originally from his disappointment Over Korea. Historically the French military often has been a Power in the government. In fact it was the main Force in returning general de Gaulle to Power in 1958. By contrast the . Army has never been Able to gain such preponderant Power. Time and again when the Issue has Arisen the civilian Arm of government has succeeded in asserting its supremacy. That this is the better course is proved anew by the tragic disorders in Algeria. By Marquis Childs Washington. The Congress floated gently Down the Stream last week to the accompaniment of salvos of Lincoln oratory from Republican dinners around the country. But this week will be quite a different matter. The presidents proposal for a department of Urban affairs is due to come up in the Senate and the republicans or most of them Are out to Block it there if they possibly can. Veto by a majority of one Branch is sufficient to kill a reorganization proposal. Blocked in the Senate the Issue of Urban affairs will then not come before the House and the votes of Republican members Many of them representing Urban areas will not have to be recorded. This would partly frustrate what the Republican leadership has charged is a dastardly plot a to put the blame for failure on the gop and thereby alienate Urban voters and in particular the acutely sensitive negro minority in the cities. A o a democrats say it will be a close thing in the Senate with a margin of two or three votes determining the outcome. The majority leaders in the House Are frankly pessimistic. They expect anywhere from 80 to too democratic votes against it and minority Leader Charles Halleck has served notice that virtually no Republican members will break ranks. He is a past master at marshalling his troops. Last year in the fight to enlarge the rules committee a pack it the charge was a so stoutly led by the late speaker Sam Rayburn there were 22 republicans who stood up to the Halleck whip. They contributed the margin of Victory in the showdown vote of 212 to 217. Nothing like that much help can be expected this time. A o a most Northern democrats would probably be satisfied with a record vote which they could use in the fall to show that the Republican opposition was responsible for killing the measure and thereby blocking the appointment of the first negro member of the Cabinet. At the time that he announced he was sending the letters to the editor citizens for peace comment turning Loose the killers the wife a Hometown weekly newspaper arrived yesterday morning carrying news of a Drunken Driver who drove on the wrong Side of an unloading school bus struck and killed a six year old girl getting off the bus at her farm Home. The penalty meted out to this a businessman gone astray was a $1,000 Fine and a five year suspended sentence. It Cost him less to kill a first grader than it did to buy the car that killed her. A rare miscarriage of Justice not at All. It happens every Day of the year in this enlightened country of ours. Who a to blame for this accepted state of affairs you Are. The smug complacent citizens who Cluck like an old Hen Over murder at their Back door and neither say nor do anything about it. The drunk Driver is still a socially acceptable. A poor unfortunate Critter who has simply had one too Many and too Little sense left in his befuddled head to know better than to drive. Their hands dripping with the blood of innocent bystanders these killers have no More right to be returned to a a a Normal existence by our courts than the a mad dog killers who wander Loose with a Shotgun. The drunk Driver is just As mentally crippled As the insane. Just As potentially dangerous to the people around him As the psychopathic maniac. With one significant difference. The drunk Driver makes his own mental instability. Deliberately and with ill considered forethought. He gets drunk by his own volition. His deadly condition is self induced. Yet our courts under existing Laws and social pressure to keep them ineffective and Hamstrung mete out suspended sentences and relatively insignificant fines for bloody murder and thousands of crushing crippling pain wracking injuries Day in and Day out. Concerned about rehabilitating the poor unfortunate drunks who drive the courts turn then Loose to kill again. Turn them Loose where other potential Drunken killers can take heart from their Freedom. Can see How Little it costs to drink and drive and kill. Why the drunk drive what has he got to lose if the worst happens what is there to make him pause before getting behind the wheel or to ask someone else to drive its a matter of court record right Here in the Emerald Empire that he can get away with murder for relatively nothing. A Eugene ore., Emerald Empire news. Sign in a laundry window people who drop off their clothes Here will receive our special attention. A manic depressive easy glum easy glow. One whose life is Ama journal. To the editor of the Banner a with the Advent of nuclear weaponry Man has created a Means to Settle ideological disputes with a finality unequalled in history. In recent months the resumption of nuclear testing by the soviets coupled with demands for resumed american tests threatens a new spiral in the arms race. Simultaneously the marked Lack of advancement toward world peace As witnessed in the failure of the disarmament talks has produced a reaction of deep concern and frustration in a great Many individuals. They Are disturbed at the thought that irresponsible behaviour on the part of the worlds two most powerful nations could destroy themselves and their families. They Are frustrated because they feel so helpless to do anything about it. One inevitable result has been a spontaneous mushrooming of a peace organizations across the country. In the past people looked upon any such group As being misled by communist peace propaganda and were reluctant to become involved. The current state of world affairs has prompted a reconsideration of their earlier judgment and Many have concluded that a genuine preoccupation with peace is not Only legitimate but vital to the future of our nation. There remains however a Large segment of these persons still hesitant to join the peace movement. Common accusations levelled at existing organizations include an alleged tendency toward vague thinking and idealism. Others Are a d to smack too much of pacifism and even out right surrender. Consequently the entire movement tends to be overshadowed by the false a Cho Tomy a better red than in november 1961, however an american physicist or. Leo Szilard proposed a plan that is neither intended to favor the soviet Union at the expense of the United states nor can it be accused of being unrealistic. In 1939, or. Szilard spurred by the fear that Hitler was developing the atomic bomb prevailed upon Einstein to convince president Roosevelt of the necessity to develop atomic Energy in the United states. But As Early As 1945, he anticipated the ultimate threat to Many a existence and was one of the first dedicated proponents of total disarmament under International controls. His plan which is nothing More or less than a private citizens lobby for peace hardheaded by combines three forces which Are extremely potent when applied to National politics brains Money and votes. A Council of seven to 12 scientists concerned with practical methods of abolishing War would provide part of the the Money would come from a dedicated minority of citizens in agreement with the principles drawn up by the Council and approved by their panel of political advisers. These same citizens would also provide the votes to elect those members of Congress who demonstrate a genuine concern for peace and to defeat those who consistently support the powerful missile and aircraft Industry lobby in their drive for oftentimes misplaced and Ever increasing appropriations. At this Point or. Szilard a proposal is in the experimental stages awaiting sufficient response to convert his theory to practice. Because this minority he is seeking among the voters will have to be sufficiently a a dedicated to pledge 2 per cent of their annual income the movements beginnings will undoubtedly be genuine and its action sustained by evidence of Progress in Mak ing its sentiment Felt. I have available the detailed proposal As put Forth by or. Szilard in a speech he currently is making at various universities across the nation. I would be Happy to give anyone who is interested a copy of that speech. Mrs Sheila Malloy. Henderson Road Williamstown. Mass. Urban affairs proposal to Capitol Hill As a reorganization measure the president said he would name Robert Weaver a negro the present housing administrator to the new Post if it is created. That is part of the political geometry of the situation shaping up toward next september. The president is being dared by the gop to sign the executive order end no discrimination in All Federal housing. He is being reminded that in 1960 he challenged another president to do what could so readily be done for the negro by the stroke of a pen. A o a but he has let the leadership know that he does not expect to sign the order until after Congress adjourns. To do so he is represented As believing would be to stir the ire of the southerners and consolidate their opposition to All administration measures. It would put in jeopardy the liberalized Trade proposal that the president considers vital to the future of the nation and the free world. But the order it seems a Safe bet will be signed before the election Campaign. The Lincoln week oratory has shown anew the division in the Republican party. The two speakers most in demand at Republican gatherings were senators John Tower of Texas and Barry Coldwater of Arizona both at the extreme right in the gop spec Trum. But sen. Jacob javits of new York speaking at Lincoln Day dinners in Manhattan and Brooklyn warned his party that it was doomed to extinction if it joined up with those who in javits phrase Are trying to a repudiate the twentieth a o a somewhat the same line was taken by gov. John a. Volpe of Massachusetts who said that his party should pay More attention to the cities where 70 per cent of the population lives. This was the warning note sounded by Ohio National committeeman Ray Bliss one of the party a Ablest political strategists at the National committee meeting in Oklahoma City last month. Javits and Volpe Are City born and bred and they have mastered the election process in the great cosmopolitan centers where the last election was decided and where Short of some Radical upheaval future elections will be won or lost. Javits and Volpe Are not in demand in Suburbia and the Small towns of the Middle West and far West where Tower and Coldwater Are cheered to the Echo by fervent followers. A o a the leadership of the Republican party is instructive in this respect. Sen. Everett Mckinley Dirksen the Senate minority Leader is from Pekin 111., population 28,146. Halleck is from Rensselaer ind., population 4,740. With the exception of sen. Thomas Kuchel of California who has the minor office of assistant whip no big City state and no populous Eastern Seaboard state is represented. These Are facts of political life and no amount of exhortation such As was heard at Oklahoma City about the need to hire More precinct workers and spend More Money in the cities will make very much b James Marlow a news analyst Washington apr president Charles de Gaulle who is the Cement holding his country together May need special glasses to Correct his grand vision of Frances future. This strongman saved the French from chaos closing in on them when he took office in 1958. If he should suddenly disappear from the scene now they might Tumble into revolution Between left and right. Under him As he claimed in his recent to talk to the French people his country has become More prosperous than any time in its history. To the dismay of the French in Algeria he was Strong enough to face the inevitable. That there can be no peace there without a settlement with the algerian moslem. A o a but it is astonishing he has not Felt Strong enough to crush or even Cope with the assassins of the French secret army organization who have sought to frustrate his algerian plans with bombs violence and murder. Over the years he has demonstrated a prodigious sense of rightness in himself and a mystical conviction about the glorious future of France. In his to talk he sought to convey a vision of France so aware of the times and the unfolding future that it was ahead of the times by becoming part of the future. For example he mentioned Frances transition from feudalism to centralized government at a time when centralism was needed and feudalism was outmoded. A o a he cited the French revolution of the 18th Century to illustrate Frances awareness a ahead of anyone except the new american Republic a that the world was moving into a new period of Freedom. But he has never fully integrated the French army in the North Atlantic treaty organization and judging from his to talk has no intention of doing so even though his West German ally is expected to. He talked of reorganizing the French army into a new atomic Force. Integrating his army in a single military Force with his allies he indicated would Only make France a a Aback seat thus at a time when there is talk of a United states of Europe de Gaulle insists France will go it alone. This can hardly Appeal to the West germans who have wanted the closest links with France especially since Russia is edgy about seeing a free unattached West Germany military Force of West German atomic Power. Reports from West Germany indicate his to report to the French people got a bad reaction and that there is suspicion there he May want to hold aloof to some extent from full participation in the new common Market. In Short at a time when there is growing sentiment among Frances neighbors for merging their interests de Gaulle sees Frances future in standing More or less aloof. A o a maybe he a right in thinking that this course also demonstrates France s awareness of the times and its historic rightness in the course he wants to take. Former president Dwight d. Eisenhower said thursday night he agrees with de Gaulle a belief that he alone was the Man helping restore French glory but if de Gaulle is wrong in his vision of Frances role in the future he May have headed his country and Europe into one of its greatest disasters. He a walking at this minute on a fiery Furnace on one Side the murderous secret army which opposes his idea of Freedom for Algeria on the other millions of frenchmen a communists left Wing parties and non communist Trade unions a opposed to the secret army. A week ago eight people six of them communists were killed by French police in a riotous demonstration against the secret army. This week hundreds of thousands of frenchmen they could hardly be All communists paraded in one of the greatest demonstrations in French history in sorrow for the eight killed and in protest against French police brutality and the terrorism of the secret army. Quote since the Federal government collected $1.20 in taxes from Massachusetts for every Dollar it gave in Aid in 1960, it is Well to remember that any time someone suggests that Massachusetts can to afford to do something but that the Federal government can it will Cost you 20 per cent More in a Federal program than it would if you did it yourself. Sligh jr., executive wee president National association of manufacturers. Lake Champlain ferries becoming More popular Burlington free press Burlington Laid up for the Winter at the Lake Champlain transportation co. Inc. Docks company ferries Are being prepared for next season expected to be one of the busiest in company history. Surveys taken for three weeks each year show Many Many tourists change their routing to Cross on the Scenic line. Often considered a one of the most Beautiful ferry Crossings in North America a Are the three on nothem Lake Champlain from Burlington to port Kent n. Y. From Charlotte to Essex . And from grand i s i e to Plattsburgh .,via Cumberland head. Views from the decks of these ferries have made the Crossings a Scenic thrill not merely a Means of going from state to state. A o a passengers from other areas often return to the area to see again panoramas of two Mountain ranges Vermont a Green mourn gains and new York state s Adirondacks besides Long Lake Champlain vistas to the North and South. Local residents and Many of their visitors adults and children alike have discovered a round trip on the Scenic line especially at Sunset is one of the areas never to be forgotten experiences often repeated several times a season. Champlain added to the burling Champlain added to the burling ton port Kent crossing provide spacious upper decks and Passen Ger lounges with snack bars Dern rest nos gift and souvenir Modem rest rooms gift and souvenir shops. A o a since these two ferries were put into service foot passengers have More than doubled. Company officials report that in addition to automobiles More than 18,000 foot passengers Are carried each year on Scenic line vessels. Thirty two daily Crossings from mid june through labor Day Are made by these ferries and their fast sister ship. The fast seaworthy Valcour a 50-car capacity boat. She holds the distinction of never having missed a trip because of winds since 1948. This was the year in which the present company started service though by origin it s the nations oldest Steamboat company franchised in 1826. All us Terry teats have been put into service since 1940 and either newly built or rebuilt. All Are diesel powered equipped with ship to Shore radio and other Modem devices for passenger safety. From Early april until in id june and from labor Day until Early december the number of ferry Crossings is less frequent and planned according to traffic trends. The three Burlington port Kent ferries have a capacity of More than 1,200 autos daily. Ten autos can be carried aboard the Juniper which operates 24 daily Crossings from Charlotte to Essex ., from May 25 through oct. 21. The proposed Northway from Albany ., to Montreal when completed will come within six Miles of this crossing on the new York Side and is expected to be a the fastest and most popular route to new York City or tile Midwest. A o a it is anticipated said ferry company officers that additional capacity will be required on the Charlotte Essex run at that time. Plans for an additional vessel Are now being considered. Whereas the Burlington port Kent and the Charlotte Essex Crossings accommodate tourist traffic primarily the grand Isle Plattsburgh crossing is about 60 per cent local and commercial traffic. The ferry7 grand Isle operates on this run from april i through dec. 31 making a round trip every 35 minutes for a total of 54 Crossings daily during Peak season. The grand Isle has a trip capacity of 26 autos and a maximum daily capacity of nearly 1,400 autos. Humor two mice were the Best of friends but Hadnot seen each other in years. Upon meeting the first one asked his Friend what he had been doing. A a in a in missile research a the first mouse said. A a what a that a asked the second. A ooh they feed you then they give you tests then they put you. In a nose Cone and blast you off the Earth. When you come Down they give you other tests then have you propagate then a but Isnit that awfully dangerous a the second mouse said. A Well a said the first a a it a better than cancer a Uncle Mats letter. A

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