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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 1

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Bennington, Vermont Snow flurries Snow changing to flurries tonight High temperature today 15 to 20 degrees. Low tonight 5 to to. Cloudy with flumes tuesday and Little temperature change. Yesterdays High temperature 22 Low 5 today at 7 ., 20. Winds yesterday to 26 Mph. Sunset 5 27 Sunrise 6 44. The planet uranus is now lined up directly across the solar system from Earth. Bennington Bennington Vermont monday february 19 1962 Anner established 1841 Price 7 Cento allies flying in corridor to defy reds Berlin apr Allied aircraft flew through the North corridor from Berlin today to counter Rene wed soviet pressure on the vital air lanes informed sources said. Military and commercial trans ports thrust through the Berlin Hamburg corridor Over communist East German territory the informants said. The Western operation was designed to assert Allied rights in face of the renewal of harassing tactics by the red air Force. Seventh time for the seventh time since it started harassing Western air links to Berlin on feb. 7, the soviet air Force told the Berlin air safety Center sunday night it was reserving air space up to 7,500 feet in the North corridor leading to Berlin from Hamburg. Allied control officers rejected the soviet flight plan and ordered military transports to stand by. The soviet move came after a weekend pause in the Berlin air crisis. Sunday morning Moscow announced it had rejected a three Power protest that Maneu vers of the red air Force in the corridors were dangerous and illegal. The allies insist that air safety rules in Force for 17 years require notification of each individual flight through the three 20-mile wide corridors linking Berin Hamburg. West takes stand the Western Powers charged the russians were trying to change the rules by making a Block bookings for the red air Force. The allies do not dispute soviet contentions the red air Force has equal rights in the corridors but they insist on carrying out the safety rules. The allies complained to the Kremlin that soviet Jet fighters buzzed Western aircraft in the corridors last week. The West is making its firm stand because of the extreme importance of the air routes to Berlin. Only by air can travellers go to Berlin and Back without submitting tickets at communist control Points on highways and railroads. East Germany has charged for months that the West has mis peace in Algeria cease fire Felt to be at hand Rooming House warehouse fires apr French officials said today that secret peace talks with the algerian rebels had ended heightening speculation that a cease fire is imminent in the bloody North african rebellion. President Charles de Gaulle a algerian affairs minister Louis Joe who led the French govern ment negotiators returned to Paris to give a report. Diplomatic observers said the French announcement saying the Georgetown regaining shaky peace Georgetown British Guiana apr an Uncertain peace settled on this tropical capital today after a siege of rioting looting and burning. Labor leaders called off their general strike against leftist prime minister Cheddie Jagan but his East Indian followers were reported plotting reprisals in the hinterlands. British armed forces hurriedly flown from Jamaica and London on Appeal from Jagan were braced for trouble although fire blackened Georgetown was quiet. Tension High racial tensions Between negroes and East indians ran High after rioting negro mobs burned half mile Square of Georgetown a business Center and its East Indian stores last Friday. The rioting left six dead scores injured and $11 million property damage. Jagan an East Indian himself gets most of his support from East Indian Farmers and workers outside Georgetown. Negroes generally support Forbes Burnham Leader of the Peoples National Congress party whom Jagan Defeated in last Augustus election. Tensions a a relaxed somewhat sunday night with the announcement of labor leaders that they had called off their week Long strike. The Back to work Call came aft talks had ended almost certainly indicated that an agreement had been reached with the rebels. These observers said if the talks were going to be continued a or if they had broken Down a the announcement normally would have said they had been suspended. Spokesman confirms a French spokesman officially confirmed for the first time that the talks had taken place Between feb. La and 18 on French territory. The site of the crucial conversations was not reported but it has frequently been speculated that they were held near the Swiss Border. The announcement said a the conclusions. Will be brought before the the French Cabinet regularly meets on wednesdays. It was not immediately known whether a special session would be held be fore wednesday. Joe and two other French ministers met with rebel vice Premier Belgacem Krim foreign minister Saad Dah lab and two other algerian rebel officials. The algerians had left their Tunis Headquarters feb. To to meet the French at a secret location. Rpm re j j or the Union leaders met three used the air corridors the bed and 3 Talf hours wry regime says it is illegal for West-1 negotiator said j d pm commercial airliners to Fly to Berlin because they claim the corridors were provided Only of Allied military garrisons. Countdown begins anew on space trip Cape canaveral apr a with the weather again doubtful the . Inan in space team set out on a new countdown today in Hopes of launching John h. Glenn or. Into orbit tuesday after months of delays. By his own description astronaut Glenn was a relaxed As can be despite to postponements since dec. 20. These delays were caused by Balky weather and troubles with his space capsule and the Atlas rocket geared to Send him on his journey about the Earth. Officials of the National aeronautics and space administration told newsmen sunday that weather experts were a cautiously they figured that the condition of the skies Over this launch base and of the wind and Waves in the Atlantic Ocean recovery zones will be Good enough to permit Glenn a Takeoff. However a the official forecast stud a new storm is expected to move into the Western Atlantic by tuesday. This raised doubts about what conditions will be like in the Bermuda area where Glenn a Friendship 7 spacecraft would be picked up after one or two orbits. If he completes three orbits As planned Glenn will land in the Atlantic about 800 Miles Southeast of the Cape. Some cloudiness was predicted in the Cape canaveral area by tuesday morning. But Nasa weather watchers were rooting for it to thin out so Glenn can blast off about 7 30 Est. Good visibility is a must to permit filming the rocket during the critical Early phases of its flight. Project Mercury officials will make their final go or no go decision based on the latest weather at a Midnight briefing monday. There were three postponements last week after such eleventh hour weather checks. I series of demands. Strikers resume work a terse radio announcement said the unions grouping civil servants government employees and primary school teachers had asked them to return to work with the Trade Union Council also recommending its 12,000 strikers to resume work. Civil servants and teachers struck for higher wages. The trades Union Council protested Jagana a Plains for higher import taxes and a compulsory savings scheme which the Council claimed Hurt workers More than the Rich. A trades Union Council announcement said Jagan promised to impose Price controls to prevent importers from passing on duties to Consumers and to consider the replacement of the compulsory savings program with a voluntary savings scheme. Observers said however the strike basically was against the leftist leanings of Jagan. Pessimism developed throughout the week optimism reigned both in Paris and Tunis Over Progress of the talks. But Over the weekend there was a note of pessimism with reports from Tunis that difficulties had cropped up. The French and the algerians have been coming closer together on a settlement of their 72-year War of rebellion for some time. On feb. 5, de Gaulle scorning right Wing plotters against his Rule expressed Hopes before a National television audience that peace with the algerians would come soon. In Algeria however rightist europeans vows to keep Algeria French and seek to Block its Independence through the terrorist secret army organization. Cause molding co., potters firm suffer losses a Bennington manufacturing concern was temporarily out of business today following a late Friday night fire which destroyed a Large warehouse building owned by the h. W. Myers estate of 324 county St. And caused damages of More than $100,000. David Gil owner manager of Bennington potters said he a a roughly estimates his business loss in excess of $50,000 and fears a four to eight week delay in resuming full production after losing All raw materials and several Large pieces of expensive equipment in the Blaze. Weekend loss of $150,000 a by. 4 i a a v 7 homeless of Jim. V after $45,000 Isis h House fire Union co. Mum on strike vote spokesmen for labor and management at be Mont papers corp. This morning still had an official a no comments on the outcome of a strike vote taken by the Union last thursday. The locals president Lloyd Fleming also had no comment on a purpose of a special meeting of the Union called for tuesday night at 8 pm. At the eagles Hall. Fleming did say that Peter Tufo representative of the local unions International Parent organization would be present at the meeting. The strike vote was called six weeks ago following rejection by the local of the company a offer to extend last years contract without wage increases or other changes. The contract terminated dec. 31. The Union at the local Industry which produces Christmas and other special gift wrappings is the printing specialities and paper products Union local 534, sub Ord Nate of the International printing Pressman and assistants Union of North America Al Cio. Arlington firms losses Arthur Moody assistant manager of Mack molding co., estimated the firm lost an estimated $60,000 Worth of finished plastic folded items and raw material in Friday nights fire. Officials of the firm went to the fire As soon As they heard about it but were unable to save any materials. Moody said the loss is considered a a total but that it was insured. The plastics were stored in a Cement Block Structure to the West of the Bennington potters manufacturing space. The finished goods were ready for shipment and received heat smoke and water damage. The raw material mostly polystyrene is considered a self extinguishing substance Moody said. That is it will bum if exposed directly to flames but unless it is so exposed will not provide fuel for a fire and will put itself out. Kilns damaged Gil said the roof of the 30 by 60 foot building collapsed directly Over his largest Kiln which was heated to 2,300-degrees at the time the fire was discovered. He said water damage As a result of the fire departments efforts to quell the Blaze and freezing temperatures Over the weekend a certainly weakened a if not destroyed the Large Kiln. A smaller Kiln was also damaged. The Young manager of the pottery concern which has gained an International reputation for its original creations in slightly More than a decade of operations said his entire business was disrupted although the potters showrooms located in a separate building butting county Street were not damaged. Gil said that in addition to a sizeable Quantity of completed products awaiting shipment his concern lost a substantial amount of new Clay just received at the Plant and virtually All of its raw materials Supply. A your of course is to get Back into operation As soon As possible a he said in confirming that his 30 employees Are not at work today. Gil said the men will be called Back to help in Salvage and cleanup operations and the women will be asked to help in packing and shipping what Fin shed products can be recovered. See firms suffer continued on Page 8 residential landmark afire heavy smoke Billows from scotties Manor located at the Corner of Washington Avenue and Elm Street late sunday afternoon shortly after Bennington fire department volunteers answered a general alarm Call. The fire left seven persons homeless including five who f led from the building at the height of the Blaze. Entire upper Section of the building owned by or. And mrs. Randolph j. Lorom was destroyed and heavy damage caused throughout the building. Photo by Lloyd youth killed second Hurt in Auto crash Burlington it. Apr Charles Curr 17, of St. Albans remained in critical condition today with head injuries suffered in a head on two car collision which claimed the life of a Swanton Man. Police said Robert v. Drew died in the wreckage of his car died in the wreckage of his car yesterday after it slammed into a car driven by Warren Rich 19, of St. Albans. Cury remained unconscious at Mary Fletcher Hospital where he underwent surgery yesterday. He was a passenger in the Rich car. Rich was treated at Kerbs memorial Hospital St. Albans for a broken leg and Chest injuries. While Bircher listens Lodge condemns persons who play on our fears boarded up ghost of manufacturing building a this was the scene which greeted Bennington ans late sunday afternoon after a spectacular Friday night Blaze destroyed the . Myers estate warehouse behind 324 county St. The Blaze caused damages in excess of $50,000 to the Bennington potters and destroyed More than $60,000 Worth of materials stored la aaa action of the building by Mack molding co. Of Arlington. Staff photo Hagerman Taunton mass. Apr with founder Robert Welch of the John Birch society sitting on the plat form Only a few feet away George c. Lodge former assistant Secretary of labor for International affairs told a brotherhood meeting yesterday a the who in the name of anticommunism plays on the fears or doubts of people and who questions american leaders whose proof of integrity is beyond a doubt is not worthy to be on a platform of declines comment lodges comment was an apparent reference to Welch who has accused former president Dwight d. Eisenhower among others of being a conscious tool of the communist conspiracy. Welch declined comment on lodges statement. Earlier Welch told the meeting the Birch society is a a militant form of americanism As opposed to the passive form that most americans a wha we need a he said a is less government More responsibility and a better Welch asserted that a three per cent of the communists in the United states Are imposing their views on 97 per cent of the people. The John Birch society takes everything the communists throw at them and tosses it Lodge receives scroll Lodge a candidate for the Republican nomination for the . Senate was one of four persons awarded brotherhood scrolls. The others were atty. Gen. Robert f. Kennedy House speaker John w. Mccormack d-mass., and Angier Biddle Duke state department protocol chief. Only Lodge was present. Speaker Mccormack by Tole phone from Washington warned against Quot the opportunist who under the Guise of serving America would abridge our civil rights our liberties and a fall too frequently a he said a the communists have undermined a nation by pitting one nation against another spreading confusion terror and doubt in the minds of rabbi Baruch Korff said Welch was invited because of a desire to bring together All aspects of brotherhood from Ultra conservative to Ultra Liberal. Thailand . Agree on Laos claims . Bangkok Thailand apr Thailand and the United Sapfo Are a in accords on efforts to Settle the Laos crisis peacefully . Atty. Gen. Robert f. Kennedy said today. Kennedy Here on a whirlwind 22vfe hour visit during his world tour spent More than an Bour in private conversation with thai prime minister Marsha Sarit thanarat with Laos As one of their major topics. In Brief comments to newsmen after the meeting in Sarits office Kennedy said a we Are hoping Thailand and the United states that the matter can be resolved Al Laos in a satisfactory manner. Are both in Accord on efforts being made to reach a Settle ment. He declined however to be pinned Down on whether his reference to efforts meant a .-supported move to form a coalition government for Laos under neutralise Prince Souvanna Phou a. Thailand is opposed to such a government fearful that the pro communist Patchet lao led by Souvanny i half brother. Prince Soukhanouvong would eventually gain control of the neighbouring Southeast Asia kingdom bringing a threat to thai Security. Seven residents of an exclusive Rooming House were a a refugees guests of friends and relatives today after a late sunday afternoon fire Here which caused damages in excess of $45,000. Mrs. Christine Lorom owner with her husband Randolph of the Village landmark residence known As scotties Manor roughly estimated her loss late this morning As approximating $45,000 after a Blaze destroyed the upper portion of the Structure located at the Comer of Elm Street and Washington Avenue. The residence was a commercial dining establishment for several years in the mid-1950s. Built for $99,000 the three Story 12-room building was reportedly built nearly 70 years ago for the late George Graves at a Cost of $90,000, mrs. Lorom said and has been maintained in excellent condition throughout its lifetime. Adjusters were expected to inspect the property later today to help determine the loss. Gutted by the flames which at one Point broke through the West roof of the Structure were five rooms on the upper floor. Four rooms on the second floor officials said sustained some fire damage and they along with several Large rooms on the ground floor received heavy smoke and water damage. Recounting harrowing experiences in fleeing from the burning building yesterday were five Ben Ning ionians who made their residence with the looms. Prof. Kau escapes among them was prof. Alfred Rau a Well known lecturer and biblical author who recently celebrated his 85th birthday. Rau occupied an apartment on the third floor where officials believe the fire started in a Kitchen cupboard. Rau was found standing in a dazed condition in his smoke filled rooms by John a redial 19, of 221 Washington ave. A Sophomore at Albany . Business College. Marechal was at a South Street Gas station when he s a w smoke billowing from the House and raced to the scene to make a room by room Check. Marechal said he a bumped into Rau As the latter stood in the smoke shrouded apartment. He said Rau an inveterate Cigar smoker had a Stogie clasped firmly in his Mouth and a was perfectly see 7 homeless continued on Page 8 Mcnamara conferring on Viet Nam Honolulu apr Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara meets top military leaders Here today for the third time in two months on United states involvement in communist beleaguered South Viet Nam. Accompanied by la military and diplomatic officials m a Namara arrived sunday night from Washington and repeated remark made earlier that the South Viet Nam government appears to be making Progress in the fight against communist subversion and filtration. Dei liars Cornmeal he declined specific comment when asked whether the United states was becoming directly involved in guerrilla warfare against the Viet Cong troops. Before leaving Washington however i Mcnamara said that president Kennedy had made it quite Clear that . Military personnel in South Viet Nam serve Only in technical and advisory capacities and discounted a suggestion that . Involvement might develop into another Korea. President Kennedy said at a news conference last week that . Personnel in Viet Nam although not combat troops have been ordered to a fire Back to protect themselves if they Are fired upon. I

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