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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 10, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner thursday february to 1966 these Days the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials High Cost of oversimplification nothing has been More detrimental to american foreign policy in the cold War than the popular tendency to try to oversimplify Complex questions. And nowhere is this tendency More evident than in our bad habit of picturing communism As a monolithic Force United in purpose and masterminded by one group of determined men in the Kremlin or in peking. It is easy enough to see How this misconception came about. For a generation after the russian revolution communism was indeed an ideological Monolith. The word was handed Down from the Kremlin to communist parties throughout the world and it was accepted by them As gospel to be obeyed implicitly on threat of excommunication. But that was when the communists held Power in Russia and in Russia alone. As soon As communist regimes arose in other nations immediately after world War ii the doctrine begin coming into conflict with traditional National interests and rivalries. Marshal Tito a successful declaration of Independence from the Kremlin in Yugoslavia opened the door to other communist nations that had embraced marxism As a political and economic system but rejected the supposition that they were thereby inexorably chained to policies Laid Down in Moscow. One would think that by now the fallacy of the myth of communist Unity had been made Clear to even the dullest minds. Since the depolarization of Eastern Europe began we have had the spectacle of the growing and astonish editor s notes Barbara Garrison an energetic reporter for the Beni Catamount did an excellent Job of sampling opinion on the Viet Nam crisis among students at the High school for an article in wednesdays Banner. Her conversations with a number of students revealed that there Are at Beni numerous viewpoints on the situation in Southeast Asia. This certainly seems to correspond to the diversity of opinion in the nation As a whole. Although some of the students questioned by miss Garrison admitted that they do not know enough about Viet Nam to have Strong feelings one Way or the other most of them had Given the subject considerable thought. This is Gratifying because it won t be Long now before juniors and seniors at Beni will be helping to make the decisions either simply by voting or by holding positions of responsibility that will determine the course of the War and american foreign policy. It is understandable too that the War is of particular concern to the male students. If it lasts another two or three years they May be deeply involved in it. The new York tax department Isnit being very neighbourly when it tries to collect taxes on liquor bought at Low Vermont prices by new York residents and taken Back across the line. Vermont should retaliate immediately by imposing a tax on All liquor consumed by Young people under 21 in new York or by adults drinking there after Vermont bars Are closed. Tax department singly bitter schism Between Russia and China and Only this week we have seen in Cuba the fruits of another spectacular falling out within the communist Camp. Fidel Castro who is a cuban nationalist first and a marxist second has denounced the a imperialistic intervention a of communist China in cubans internal affairs with a degree of rancor which he had previously reserved for americans Only. Yet our longstanding hypnosis with the idea of communism As a unified Force has made us slow to see the evidence to the contrary even when it is As Plain As a Pike staff. And we have consequently missed Golden opportunities to employ communist Dis unities to our advantage. Our policies in Southeast Asia provide Only one example of this but it is a costly example. Had we been willing and Able to read the lessons of history we would have known that the Peoples of Southeast Asia have been since the earliest times the implacable enemies of the chinese and a historic Barrier against chinese expansion. We would have known that the marxist revolutionary movement in Viet Nam had we been willing to accept it and court its cooperation rather than resist it by Force of arms could have brought about a Strong and unified nationalist regime which would be a Buffer against China rather than a subservient partner. But the Opportunity was lost because of an inability to see that the varieties of marxism Are As Many As the varieties of Western capitalism. Many More opportunities will be lost in the future if we continue to look at world problems in terms Only of Black and White. Officials could be posted wherever a Highway crosses the state line and collect the Revenue As the vermonters begin to stagger Home about 2 or 3 . The receipts should be tremendous. Perhaps the Money could be used to build that a a extravagant a four Lane Highway we be been waiting for in this part of the state. Planning an Extension to a water system is a Long drawn out process As the Bennington water Board Learned this week. Not Only engineering drawings and Money Are required its necessary to acquire easements and buy land too and that can take a lot of negotiating. Fortunately the Woodford residents whose properties Bennington a proposed pipeline would Cross seem to be enthusiastic about the idea at the moment so that the Legal problems Arentt too great. Bennington selectmen should be congratulated for sticking to their decisions not to Grant permits for junkyard Sites in a residential area and bordering a country Road. Junkyards May be a necessary evil but we done to have to have them everywhere. Frank Bizzarro a sabers won their big game against Rutland tuesday night and there now appears to be nothing that can Stop the local team from winning the Southern Vermont league championship. If the state tournament generates As much excitement Here As it did last year we can look Forward to some Lively times around town this Winter. Fischetti Tong and Lynd opponents at Yale heu wow you until further Notke. Of nil Lupton Ullin . Leaders gather in Honolulu to examine Paradox of Viet War by m \ Raqi is Childs Honolulu. This conference called by president Johnson is a Large Blue Chip put on the survival value of the wiry exuberant air vice marshal Nguyen Cao by and the generals who Rule with him. It is expected that by will not Only survive but that with massive economic help from the United states the National leadership committee will eventually win the support of the peasants in the Countryside. By asian standards a eventually is a very Long time. In View of Many previous failures that ended if not in violence then in disastrous disillusion this is a bold bet. But the fact that it has been placed with the flourish of or. Johnson s presence and an annual flow of at least a half billion dollars a year for economic Aid is powerful evidence of a determination to reverse the Drift of recent years. Any sensible bookmaker would quote Long Odds against the bet paying off. But after so Many false tries this appears to be the right directions a determined drive to raise the level of living in the Countryside and close the Gap of indifference and hostility Between the peasant and the sophisticated City Dweller. Nor is by to be discounted As just another in the succession of opportunistic Western oriented military men willing to spend Uncle Sam s dollars so Long As he is not interfered with. He has shown that he can and will work with the americans on terms that do not altogether Compromise his Independence. This at any rate is the official optimism behind the conference. So much official cheer has or the past proved bogus that this must be taken with great scepticism. Recent rumblings out of Viet Nam have had the by government threatened by still another coup. In this new beginning the role of ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge is interesting. When he returned from his first tour of duty in june of 1964, Lodge could hardly be rated an Optimist. In private he talked of the diversity of Peoples and sects among the vietnamese and their almost total Lack of any National coherence. He seemed almost to be saying that trying to pull them together was a hopeless task. Yet at Johnson s request he went Back for a second try and he is largely responsible for bringing retired maj. Gen. Edward g. Lansdale Back to the team. Lansdale emphasized the need to win Over the Countryside if there is Ever to be peace and stability in Viet Nam Short of a communist takeover. If there is Hope today it rests in the combination of by Lodge and Lansdale. Culture health and education Are going to Viet Nam. They Are going presumably with the Assurance from by that his government will cooperate with them in carrying out Long delayed reforms. And that May be the supreme Paradox that this Jaunty sophisticated 35-year-old flyer and his cooperating generals Are looked to As the last Best Hope in doing what so Many have failed to do. Letters by John Chamberlain new York . Yale University is getting a lot of publicity because staugh ton Lynd one of its assistant professors of history took off to North Viet Nam on a peace Mission despite the state department ban on travel to that country. Some of Yale s a old blues Quot Are howling with pain because their University president Kingman Brewster has defended the right of any a sincere Quot professor to engage in extracurricular political activity As Long As it does t interfere with the integrity of his classroom work. President Brewster s stand follows the Well known vol Sairean prescription of letting anyone talk even though what is said May Only add to the sum total of human nonsense. The old blues will not be pacified with this for they make the Point that Staughton Lynd has refused to abide by the Laws of his nation. Whether professor Lynd is guilty or not however will probably never be officially determined so Long As the Federal authorities refrain from accusing him of infringing passport regulations or violating the Logan act by acting As an Amateur Diplomat in dealing with a foreign nation. As a Voltaire an president Brewster might be accorded some Praise for his Neutral practice of harbouring at least a few teachers who think Staughton Lynd is an unqualified disaster. The problem from the anti Lynd Point of View is getting the opposition to Lynd into the headlines. I know at least two Liberal teachers at Yale who defend Lynd s right to go to Mississippi on a civil rights Issue but think he was definitely out of Bounds in going to Hanoi in Defiance of the Law. And i know of at least one knowledgeable individual at Yale who can tear Lynd to shreds on the subject of Southeast asian realities. This person happens to be a native of South Viet Nam Huyuh Sanh Tong who teaches the vietnamese language to students who Are enrolled in the Southeast Aslan studies program. This moment in the peace overtures. What bothers him is to see the adjective a non communist Quot cropping up As a descriptive term for some South vietnamese functionaries who have recently come on the scene. Where a non communists Quot have replaced a a anticommunist Quot in the past it has invariably been a Harbinger of a sell out to pro communists. Thus Tong is worried that Vul Van thai a a non communist Quot has replaced Tran Thein Khiem a Stern anti communist As South Viet Nam s representative in Washington. He sees a second dominican Republic fiasco threatening. Another thing that bothers Tong is Washington s propensity to think in terms of an a indispensable Quot Man in the Effort to build a consciously democratic society in the South Viet Nam Countryside. He would like to know for sure that Gen. Edward g. Lansdale our a indispensable Quot exponent of democratic Rule at the South vietnamese grassroots is proof against the Blandishments of peacemakers who advocate a coalition with the Viet Cong in a Post War government. Tong wants to know How and Why Premier Nguyen Cao by a firm anti communist was offered a million Dollar bribe to leave his own country. Qty himself is the authority for reporting the bribe offer according to Tong the Liberal a line Quot is being pushed in the United states that Premier by and two of his entourage Nguyen Huu co and Nguyen Van Thieu Are military men who have a no roots Quot in their own land. But As the late Marguerite Higgins made Plain in her or the spot reporting the overthrow of the diem government robbed South Viet Nam of what in . Terms would be the equivalent of the president the vice president the Cabinet the Senate and House leaders the principal governors and mayors and All the chief politicians of both major political parties. After the assassination of diem and the exile of his party there was nobody left in South vietnamese politics with Tong thinks the present South vietnamese government has As much Chance of growing roots As any other. This View is what one teacher at Yale offers to counter what the Staughton Lynd clique has to Tong at history is extremely in say. It is a voice that should be easy about what is going on in heard if Only to give Voltaire his native land. He distrusts his due. Ute kinglets Winter v visitors in Vermont quotes / Dout a cast Imo a he Settle for Sims in spite of weekly religious and quasi religious excursions most people live in a narrow world and Are crudely egoistic for themselves and those near them. Among those fairly Well off even the needs of the poor in their own lands have been straining their loyally. They feel even More indifferent to the notion that they should be responsible for the poor countries. There is particularly in the United states a growing feeling that they receive Little gratitude and sympathy in Exchange for foreign Aid. Prof. Gunnar Myrdal swedish social scientist speaking to the . Food and agricultural organization in Rome. We re going to be tighter on draft deferments. A lot of Guys have been Riding by on velvet. The velvets going to get thinner. Ill Gen. Lewis b. Hershey selective service chief. Aside from its promotional publicity aspects this meeting is a magnificent illustration of the american s position in Southeast Asia. Here Are the president of the United states Secretary of state Secretary of defense two other Cabinet members advisers generals and admirals galore a in Short the top apparatus of the most powerful nation in the world. They came Here to discuss a War that has been going badly in a primitive ragged partly broken country of probably fewer than 30,000,000 people. To enhance the Paradox these men command a Power with the controls entered Here such As has Seldom been assembled. As the generals like to boast the firepower brought against the communist enemy is greater by far than any concentration in the past. The sorties flown by american planes vastly exceed any Effort in world War ii. What emerged from the peace offensive was a baffling mystery a Why after this incessant impounding did the regime in Hanoi give not the smallest indignation of willingness to consider any diplomatic initiative even the slightest hint of interest in diplomatic exploration would have confused Public opinion at Home and abroad however false May have been its intention. But All that came out of Hanoi was a Stern resounding no. In a sense the purpose of the conference insofar As it has a serious purpose beyond the propaganda show is to examine this Paradox. Over and Over we have been told that Only by winning the hearts and minds of the vietnamese people will we achieve a Victory that has meaning beyond the grim Choice of pulverization of american occupation into the indefinite future to keep a puppet government in office. The hour is late and the wreckage of past failures in terms of human suffering and alienation is a great obstacle. But the optimists Are saying Here that it is not too late. To the editor of the Banner John Burroughs aptly called these a Dainty Quot Little feathered Birds the male is officially known As the Ruby crowned Kinglet and the female As the Golden crowned Kinglet. Indeed they do hop around on the Snow or ground. They Are Only a i inches in length. A Patch of yellow Orange or Scarlet shows on the top of the Bird s head suggesting a the body is Olive Green. The kinglets often Range Down Ward from Canada during the Winter months through Maine Vermont Massachusetts and very infrequently As far As Northwestern Connecticut. If you Are fortunate enough in having a pair visit your feeding station you Are singularly blessed. In february 1965, we had a pair visit us for two consecutive Days. In january of this year they have been in daily attendance. Often they Are companions and feed with our Ever increasing flock of Black capped chickadees although their feeding habits Are entirely different in one sense and in another quite similar. The Kinglet who is related to the Thrush family is insectivorous and so is the Chickadee. If one denied the Chickadee his daily portion of Sunflower seed Peanut butter or suet he would survive no matter How cold the Winter. He would be Busy dancing from tree to tree Shrub to Shrub locating and destroying larvae and aiding in the survival of humanity. But who would deny the Chickadee his daily lunch not i. One must not be confused when identifying the kinglets. If per Chance you have a pair of kinglets at your feeder please do not be disappointed if you never recognize the Ruby crowned male Kinglet. He is always there but will never display or show the Streak of Crimson state is unfair to pleasure Gar owners this is the reason teams of american specialists in Agri to the editor of the Banner recently there have been so Many activities in our state and town that i am sometimes too Busy to keep up with my letter writing. I May soon write a Book about the last four years. Instead of making the people think the world is made of Green cheese i try to mention the bad Points which Are discussed among our taxpayers because blunders and wrongs can always be straightened out. Sometimes we wonder if some courts and other activities always go by the Law or just As some High Money Monk arranges it. It seems there is always something happening to confuse and displease the majority of the people i am writing about one occurrence concerning the state. I do not say that his action was illegal or undemocratic. What do the people think i have two old cars which i use to drive to work. I paid $64 for 12 months registration. On the registration Blank is stamped void april i 1966. Drivers of pleasure cars Are now told that their registration expires after la months on March i even though payment has been made in Advance for 12 months. I figure the state owes me $5.33. The state could gain As much As $500,000 this Way to help pay for extravagant four Lane roads that we do not need. Large trucking firms which use our roads the most can use their plates until May i. This action reminds me of the Man who rented a House and paid a year in Advance but who was kicked out after la months without getting a rebate. If we could get a Good two Lane Road Between Pownal and Rutland started in this generation then the state is Welcome to my $5.33. But the lawmakers in Montpelier Are now pressing for a 2 per cent sales tax to pay for a four Lane Highway now scheduled for completion in ten years. Four Lane roads will turn our cities and towns into ghost towns and will shove the Little businessmen who have made a living along the Road for years into welfare. Canada is doing very Well indeed. Byron a. Harrington. 201 division St. Bennington. On his head except when angry or during the mating season. He can put the identification on or off As he pleases. Another Winter visitor the yellow Bird or the american Goldfinch is quite similar to the kinglets. Actually the Goldfinch looks like a miniature evening crossbeam the Goldfinch is one half Inch longer than the Kinglet and is a Happy cheerful seed eating Winter visitor. After a Hearty Snow fall they arrive Early in morning feed ravenously on Millet seed and depart As quietly As they arrive. A simple but trifle expensive window Sill feeder of red Wood construction with a plate Glass top connected to a steel water Container four inches in diameter can be plugged into an outdoor electrical outlet to provide warm drinking water. The combination is very Good As water is very essential to the life of All Birds. The advantage of a window Sill feeder Are truly Worth the expenditure. It affords one an Opportunity to closely study the actions of any Birds entering the feeder. Canary Bird seed is the better feeding material for the kinglets. The last Audubon Bird count at Bennington and Williamstown mass., disclosed kinglets in each area. Clarence h. Nickerson Pownal. Pow ii Al s Library to the editor of the Banner i was very much pleased to read about the new Library building Over in Pownal. With this cold freezing weather we have been getting it will be used to Good advantage by the Pownal ites i bet. Reading a Good Book or novel is just what about everybody needs at night time after the chores Are done for the Day. Congratulations to Pownal on their new Library and thanks to the Little boys who carried the books and magazines for the bookshelves in cold bitter weather. Mrs. M. J. Frederico. 125 Leblanc ave. Bennington. Humor population problem bulletin Board notice Ina neighbourhood supermarket a help an unwed Mother please take one of her a the lion

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