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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 4, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Soviets Luna-9 makes a soft Moon Landing spacemen on planets by 1976 is predicted Moscow Fuji a the soviet Union today received historic scientific information and possibly television pictures from instruments aboard its Luna-9 space station the first Quot research Laboratory on the Moon. The official news Agency Tass said telemetric signals from Luna-9 will help scientists gain information about the Moons age and surface vital to the Landing of a Man on the lunar surface. Thursdays space feat was the first soft Landing of Man made instruments on the Moon by mid afternoon there were no reports from the Kremlin on what Type of signals soviet scientists had received from Luna-9. However a soviet astronaut hinted that Hussla a next lunar venture May be sending a dog to the Moon. Junkyard standards Bel no set a Washington up a Commerce Secretary John t. Connor has made Public draft standards for regulation of Auto junkyards and Highway advertising under last years Highway beautification act. Connors said thursday Public hearings would be held before final minimum standards Are set. The act provides for control of billboards within go feet and junkyards within 1,000 feet of interstate or federally aided primary highways. Nichols Huus ibi., at fun j 1/2 Price fabric Sale Cottons and blends urn $1.00 la Yard goods or of. Gherman Titov russians no. 2 spaceman told Tass that before the soviets sent a Man to the Moon a live organisms May visit it they May be Belkas and these were the names of Pioneer space dogs which Rose on the Early sputnik. While Tass set no target Date for a russian manned Moon Landing the Agency predicted soviet spacemen would be flying to planets by 1976. The soviets must first Complete successful space Docking techniques such As carried out in the last american gemini launch. Since the United states does not expect to attempt a soft Landing before next May the soviet achievement May have pushed the russians ahead of America in the race to the Moon. The United states Hopes to land a Man on the Moon by 1970. Luna-9 set Down gently on the Moons surface near the a Ocean of storms Region after flying 225,000 Miles in about three and a half Days. It landed with its package of instruments intact and to it Egan transmitting radio signals Hack to Earth. Tass later reported today that astronomers at the pulk ovo Observatory in Leningrad used a giant Telescope to photograph the Landing site before and after Luna-9 set Down on the Moon. The pictures a Are being developed a it said. A team of scientists at the giant radio Observatory at Jodrell Bank England tracked the soviet flight to its end and reported signals indicating Luna-9 transmitted television pictures for More than 20-minutes after Landing. They said arrangements were being made today to translate the telemetric signals into picture for a sneak preview of what Luna-9 saw on the Moon. Moscow radio however announced Only that one communication had been received from Luna-9 but gave no details of information obtained from Man s first spaceport outside the Earth a atmosphere. Free film we offer 24 hour service on Black amp White film developing Lia id and fast service on developing Huuk i color film. Service j Black amp White or Koda color in sizes 126 127-620 120 with each Roll developed and printed you receive a free Roll of film. We develop All sizes of films Bennington photo service 106 North St. Dial 442-5349 daily 9 30 5 30 Fri. 9 30 8.30_ Bennington Robes were la pc Tiar lit tin Daws $9.85 Adams clothes shop a shoes a Moon landings a Chart shows site on Moon of the russian a soft Landing thursday near the a Ocean of storms and the Impact Points of the three american spacecrafts which sent Back pictures As they crash landed on the lunar surface. Up United states congratulates Russia on space accomplishment Washington up a russians successful soft Landing of a space vehicle on the Moon brought congratulations from . Space officials a and indications the american Moon Effort will be pushed harder. President Johnson led the plaudits thursday with a Telegram to Nikolai v. Podgorny chairman of the presidium of the Union of soviet socialist republics. He said All Mankind applauded the russian Effort and that a your accomplishment is one that can Benefit All Mankind. Your scientists have made a major contribution to Many a knowledge of the Moon and of or. Edward c. Welsh executive Secretary of the National aeronautics and space administration Nas Asaid the russian flight was a a very encouraging things and would be a help to the american lunar Effort. A we wish we had been first a he said. A but we weren to and the soviets were and we Are much encouraged by their Success for our Apollo program. A this Means we can land slowly on the Moons surface. We did not know that before. So this is a he also said that radio it convicts \ Lii nicer reports from the russian spacecraft indicated the Moons surface could support a space vehicle which had not been known before. Sen. Clinton p. Anderson d-n.m., chairman of the Senate space committee said that it would be at least May before the United states launches an engineering test Model of americans May be first to use Moon spaceport for \ in Stillwater Minn. Up a a group of inmates at Stillwater state prison who say they a know How to fight dirty have volunteered for service in the War in Viet Nam. Inmates William Aird and Willard la Jeunesse said they polled 42 prisoners and found 38 willing to go into the military service. They wrote vice president Hubert h. Humphrey and the joint chiefs of staff asking to go to Viet Nam. A the cons want a Chance to prove themselves a Aird said. A a we re willing to fight and the cons know How to fight a Why should kids going to College and Young married men have to fight a the inmates said in their letter a when we re willing to do the the inmates suggested Minnesota could a furnish a battalion made up of cons and suggested they be in units by themselves so they would have a a motive for out fighting everyone William Perry world War ii Veteran credited with capturing 240 German soldiers said he made an informal Survey in the prison commissary and found veterans More willing to enlist than men who Haven to seen service. Tin bin in Lton Banner telephones by Ines. 14 2-6300 newsroom. 442-200 . 142-26-4 the Bennington Banner is pub tails to oppt sunday and in Aal Homida at 425 main St., Bennington St. ,05201 but the Banner publish inc Corporal Ion. Members of tinted press inter National which ise rustled exclusive in to use for republication of All local news printed in this news paper As Well As All i i news dispatches. Home delivery a Carrier and motor delivery 10c per Day subscription rates by mail for 50-mile radius and All Vermont 3 months $6.30, 6 months $11.70 i year. $22.50. Elsewhere in the i a. 3 months $7.00, 6 months $13.00, i year $25.00. Second class postage Aid at Bennington it. 05201 space Center Houston up a a russian machine turned the Moon into the first spaceport in the sky but american men May yet become the first to use it. Strangely enough the one May have benefited the other in an inadvertent display of cooperation in space. The machine was the soviet Union s Luna 9, the first object Ever to survive a trip from Earth to the Moon. Luna 9�?Ts major achievements were twofold a it proved that a spaceship of some size could land on without Landing in at least one area of the Moon the Bone dry a sea of a it signalled the Start of the final laps in the two nation race for manned Conquest of Earth a enigmatic nearest neighbor in the sky. The United states May try by late 1968 to Send its first three Man Apollo spaceship to a lunar Landing. The immediate Benefit from Luna 9 was a heartening indication that the american program is in a manner of speaking on firm footing. Some experts including russians contended the lunar surface was covered with a five Day forecast Boston up a the new England temperature during the next five Days saturday through wednesday will average near the seasonal Normal. The . Weather Bureau said today the weather will turn a Little colder Over the weekend with no important changes for the balance of the forecast period. Some normals for the period Are Boston 30 Worcester 24 Nantucket 31 Providence r.i., 29 Concord n.h., 22 Burlington vt., 19 and in Maine Portland 22, Eastport 22, Greenville 13, and Caribou la. At Boston the Normal maximum temperature during the forecast period is 37 and the Normal minimum is 22. Precipitation during t h e period will average up to .6 of an Inch occurring As Light Snow in Northern sections and Snow or in Massachusetts and Rhode Island by midweek officials said. Layer of dust perhaps hundreds of feet thick that would Swallow up a Landing ship. Others suggested the Moon s crust was of a a meringue pie or a fairy castles texture that would collapse beneath any significant weight. Thursday Luna 9 blew away the dust theory and made a fairy tale of the a fairy castles hypothesis at least As far As one tiny Sliver of the Moon was concerned. Jon Lindbergh helps in bomb Hunt off Spain Palomares Spain up a the son of one of americans greatest heroes Charles Lindbergh participated today in operations to recover an a bomb from 200 fathoms of water off the Southeastern coast of Spain. Jon Lindbergh an underwater systems Engineer for oceans systems corp. Of California flew Here thursday with . Ambassador Angier Biddle Duke to join the operation. Lindbergh whose father made the first transatlantic Solo Foight in 1927, was one of a number of civilian technicians summoned Here to assist in the operation to retrieve the bomb lost in the crash of a b52 nuclear bomber on Jan. 17. Technicians were still awaiting the arrival of the 22-foot, two Man midget submarine a Calvin a which was being flown to Spain in two sections. Also on the Way to help in the search was the a Yalu Minatt a a 51-foot research submarine capable of diving to 6,500 feet which was being transported from the United states aboard an Ltd land ship Dock. Duke disclosed thursday that . Navy frogman divers and swimmers have located 67 metallic pieces scattered Over a three mile area along the Bottom of the Mediterranean. He did not specify whether any of the pieces might be parts of the bomb believed to be a 20 megaton a bomb. Duke said in recent Days the Navy swimmers and divers have recovered ejection seats and other parts of air plane wreckage. He predicted the operation to retrieve the bomb will last another month. february i permanent Good from Fob. Ito 12th Reg. $10.00 now $8 Reg. $12.00 Priscilla a 165 s. Branch St. Now Sio Bennington manner Friday february i 1966�?3 italian censors crack Down on und raped Art in galleries Surveyor its soft Moon Landing vehicle. Sen. George d. Aiken r-vt., a space committee member said the russian Landing was a a very remarkable achievement which puts them in the Lead at least in this phase of space development. A fall we can do is congratulate them and make up our minds to get going a he added. Rome up a a if Michelangelo were alive today a sputtered the director of a leading Rome Art gallery a a he a be forced to put a Fig Leaf on his statue of the indignant comment was typical of that to be found among Art patrons in the eternal City in the Wake of the latest crackdown by italian censors. Acting on orders from the state attorneys office police thursday raided the Rome Branch of the Marlborough gallery and took from its Walls 13 nude drawings by the noted austrian artists Gustav Klint and Egon Schiele. The drawings which the authorities said were obscene recently were displayed at the Guggenheim museum in new York and the Marlborough gallery in London. A a done to mention my name a one gallery director pleaded. A i show nudes too and i Don t want the police to get annoyed at me. But the human figure has inspired some of the worlds greatest masterpieces. If the censors keep up this silly business Rome will die As a world capital of the works deemed pornographic were line drawings of female nudes two by Klint who died in 1918, and la by his contemporary Schiele. Three Days ago police at Tern in Central Italy grabbed 5,000 postcards showing details of the Sims to please Riverton Wyo. Up a a private trash collection firm in Riverton wants to keep its customers Happy. The company a trucks Bear the slogan a satisfaction guaranteed or double your trash celebrated etruscan a Tomb of depicted a erotic acts and were the bulls at Tarqu Lnla along unfit for the malls. They have with an attic greek vase. The been on Sale to tourists for 50 postcards it was alleged years. Bennington la 9o thurs., Fri., sat., feb. 3, 4, 5 special super 8 my movie outfit fun in rim Cartridge Load Large picture for brighter image Kodak inst am acc camera 69.50 Kodak instamatic projector 84.50 screen 14.95 Light 19.95 Case 9.95 splicer with a pulp 3.95 extra reel 1.00 2 film 2.95 a a 5.90 pistol grip 6.95 2 mailers 1.95 a Hgt 3.90 value 220.55 Noveck Shultz your photo ser a ire enter 41 i main St. Tai 2-6926 Bennington bargain Days bargains continue through sunday february clearance y j f in. V a a to j swi m Reg. 229.00 3 pc. By has soft Walnut bedroom set now s158 includes double Dresser amp Mirror Chest a Formica tops Bookcase bed. Reg. 324.00 3 pc. 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