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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 3, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Partly Cloudy Low tonight 15 to 20. Partly Cloudy Friday but considerable cloudiness with possible Snow flurries in North portions and no important temperature changes. Yesterdays High 32 Low 14. Today at 7 ., 15. Snow on the ground 16 inches. Sunset 5 05 . Sunrise 7 06 Benning Bennington Vermont thursday february 3, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1811, daily 1903. No. 19,982 to cents town faxes . Planes strike Good news taxpayers reduced rates seen North Viet targets a major adjustment of Bennington s grand list will be put into effect this year according to an announcement of town listers this week and it May mean lower taxes for Bennington property owners. The 1966 grand list which with the adjustment will be about 25 per cent higher than the 1965 figure in turn will have a significant effect on the tax rate which Bennington selectmen will propose to voters at the town s annual floor meeting monday night feb. 28 the major boost in the grand list a which represents the assessed valuation of real estate and certain personal property will come As a result of an across the let Oard review of real estate valuation begun about two years ago by listers. While the new assessed valuations issued by listers May be clanged in some cases As a result of appeals taken by individual taxpayers listers Lave informed selectmen Liat they expect die grand list to go from the approximate 1963 figure of $13.8 million to about $17.5 million. Using this figure at their meeting tuesday night selectmen have come up with a proposed tax rate of $1.08 for their general fund expenditures. This compares to the 1965 general fund rate of $1.95 but with one important difference the difference is that selectmen Are including in their general fund budget this year a $29,500 outlay for Bennington a three Public libraries. This is an expenditure which previously Lias always Senate passes pay raise Bill Montpelier up the Vermont Senate today passed the House measure that will give legislators a pay raise retroactive to Jan. 5, the first Day of the special session. The Bill passed without amendment on a Roll Call vote of 22-8. The action climaxed two Days of bitter debate. Sen. George Morse a Dan Ville however proposed an amendment calling for a reduction in weekly expenses. The Bill ii its current form will pay solons $10 a Day and $40 a week for room and Board. Morse suggested Only $7 a Day and $28 Tor the week. His amendment was Defeated on a Roll Call vote by 25-5. In addition the measure will pay the lawmakers a salary of up to $3,000 for a regular session and $1,200 for a special session. Been put up to voters As a special appropriation. Since voters have never turned this Down selectmen decided to include it henceforth As a general fund budget item subject however to the libraries not making any a a unreasonable requests for increases in town taxpayers contributions. In effect then the $1.80 tax rate proposed for this year compares to a 1965 rate of $2.15 which is the 1965 general fund rate of $1.95 plus 20 cents for the special Library appropriation that year. Selectmen came up with a 1966 general fund budget aside from the Library appropriation of $288,450, about $16,000 More than tie comparable 1965 budget. Actual 1965 expenditures just about hit that years budget total on the head though Navy plane w crashes Iii Antarctica Washington up a a twin engine Navy dc3 transport plane crashed in Antarctica tuesday killing All six crewmen aboard the Pentagon reported wednesday night. A Navy spokesman said the plane attached to air development Squadron 6 and based at quonset Point ili., naval air station was seen to crash by crewmen on another plane which landed approximately a mile from the site. The Navy said the two planes were engaged in Field party support flights when the crash occurred. The dc3 burst into flames on Impact and according to radio reports from Antarctica was destroyed. Weather was mentioned As a possible contributing cause of the crash the Navy in Washington reported. Some individual items were either More or less than the amount set in seach Case. While some budget items were reduced for this year these were More than offset by increases in others to make up the $16,-000 total increase. In addition revenues were estimated to be Only $5,000 this year compared to the $10,000 in anticipated miscellaneous Revenue budgeted last year. Thus the net amount to be raised by taxation aside from the expenditures for the libraries went from $262,500 last year to $283,450 this year or about $21,000 More. Selectmen said that if the listers grand list adjustment were not to go into effect this year then the 1966 general fund rate would have been about the same As last year. This was accounted for by the fact that while the general fund budget is up there also would have been some increase in the grand list anyway As a result of new construction. Key items in the $16,000 budget increase were poor Relief up $3,000 to $55,000 Board of health up $2,300 to $8,800, an increase called for to buy the town health nurse a new car Bridges up $3,500 to $8,-000, anticipation of an outlay for a new Bridge in North Bennington taxes up $4,100to$18,-500, increased social Security county tax and Extension service outlays and elections up $5,000 to $7,500, anticipation of three elections this year. Taking the $1.80 proposed tax rate what this will mean for taxpayers will differ with individual cases. For those property owners not affected by the listers appraisal adjustment it will mean a smaller tax Bill. But for the Many property owners affected by the assessment increases their tax Bills presumably will be about the same or May even go up depending on see town taxes Page 16, col. 3 w very to /. Ter a weary . Serviceman serving As a senior advisor with the vietnamese airborne brigade rests beside his radio set after directing troops during a night attack by the Viet Cong. Dirksen is a Cun shy Quot of new Parley on Viet Washington up a the Johnson administration May Welcome the convening of a Geneva conference to seek peace in Viet Nam but one key gop Leader said today he is a gun shy about the idea. White House press Secretary Bill d. Moyers and a state department spokesman expressed the administrations position wednesday after Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield mont., and the French government suggested such a move might help end the War. Mansfield a opposite number in the Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen 111., was chary of the idea however. He said in an interview that the United states . Members seek resumption of Geneva conference on Viet United nations n. Y. Up a Security Council members today began private discussions seeking agreement on resumption of the Geneva conference As a Means of ending the Viet Nam War. The United states scored a tactical Victory in the Council wednesday when Jordan a ballot put the Viet Nam conflict on the Agenda for debate with the scant nine affirmative votes necessary for approval. Russia and Bulgaria opposed the move and France Mali Nigeria and Uganda abstained. Because the move was a procedural question the soviet vote did not count As a veto. Immediately after the vote ambassador Akira Matsu of Japan Council president for february suggested that informal private discussions be started a to consider the most appropriate manner of conducting the highly placed Western diplomats said such private discussions might consume to or 15 Days before the Council is called into Public session again. This procedure was said to have been suggested by chief s. O. Adebo nigerian ambassador with the support of his african colleagues from Mali and Uganda. It was the procedure followed last fall when . Ambassador Arthur j. Goldberg As Council president held the members in private talks until agreement was reached on the Kashmir dispute Between India and Pakistan. The Issue even More thorny this time entered i reconvening the Geneva conference which divided and neutralized the former French Indochina in accords reached in 1954 and 1962. The soviet Union and Britain Are co chairmen of the Geneva conference. Russia thus far has rebuffed British overtures to join in issuing a Call for new Geneva talks reflecting the reluctance of communist China or North Viet Nam to participate in a new round of negotiations. Compromise plan sought in . Reapportionment cousins Franklin left and Timothy miniature Stratton make the most of this weeks Winter storm by sliding Down a giant Mont Blanc Quot of Snow accumulated in the parking lot of the shopping Center on the North Bennington Road. Hagerman Albany .�?a bipartisan redistricting plan May be agreed upon by monday according to legislative leaders following a closed door session wednesday in the office of it. Gov. Malcolm Wilson. After the meeting Republican majority Leader Earl w. Brydges and democratic speaker Anthony j. Travia said they would hold up at least until next week the filing of the party a respective plans. Both agreed they reached no positive conclusions at the two hour session except to maintain Telephone Contact with each other while Travia studies the latest Republican plan expected to be made Public today. The politically split legislature is under a court of appeals mandate to come up with a new redistricting plan by feb. 15 or face the Prospect of having the courts do the Job. The leaders said the feeling at the meeting was that redistricting is a political problem to be solved by the legislature rather than the courts if possible. Both leaders stressed that a there is a momentum towards compromised and made it Clear they Are seeking a Compromise that a would gain support of the greatest number of legislators and come within the guidelines of the . Supreme courts one Man one vote edict concerning reapportionment As Well As fall under the provisions of the state the leaders said the lieutenant governor was not playing an Active role in the Compromise move and that his office was used As a Neutral on the inside a Hoosick Falls Story a Page 8. Success Manchester firefighters pose for a formal portrait in their new quarters a Page 8. St. Peters Church Bach concert wins another rave review a Page 9. Would have a no Assurance that we would be going anywhere in another Geneva a nine nation Geneva conference in 1954 ended the French Indochina War and a 14 nation conclave in 1962 set up an Accord against aggression in neighbouring Laos. The United states contends that the communists have never honoured either agreement. Mansfield a Geneva suggestion and the United nations Security councils vote to debate the Viet Nam War Issue triggered a new round of congressional debate on the situation wednesday. Mansfield who headed a five member Senate Mission to Southeast Asia during the congressional recess and sen. George d. Aiken vt., Dean of Senate republicans were among the first to cheer the . Action. Aiken said he hoped president Johnson would Stop or at least ease the . Bombing raids on North Viet Nam while the . Security Council debate on the matter is in Progress. He termed the councils vote a very helpful. A very Good vote a Little better than i had hoped he said he was glad France abstained rather than voted against the United states. Aiken saw this As offering Hope for reconvening the Geneva talks. Saigon up �?. Planes braving North Viet Nam antiaircraft and missile defences strengthened during the 37-Day bombing Lull hit military targets 60 Miles Northwest of Hanoi today. In the ground War president overhauling food program Washington up a president Johnson is overhauling the a food for peace program to broaden its attack on the world hunger problems which communism exploits by promising full larders and farm front reforms. Additional details of the program which is aimed in part at countering the communist tactic were disclosed wednesday with reports of a secret meeting of the president and congressmen on it. Johnson had been expected to deliver his a food for peace message to Congress today but the White House said wednesday night that he would not. It May be submitted later this week. Rep. Mark Andrews r-n.d., said that the new program of it lives up to the expectations he Drew from mondays White House conference will help prevent such conflicts As the Viet Nam mar. Andrews said the program a is aimed at developing agricultural industries and this is where trouble under the old ways always developed. A the Rise of communism in China was an agrarian revolt. Fidel Castro got his Start in Cuba on the farms. In Viet Nam we hold the cities but we cannot hold the Rural areas. A and in South America its the Countryside where the troops Are sent not the four major offensives had put More than 3,000 communists out of action. The biggest Success was scored by troops of the . 1st cavalry division in a operation Masher along the coast 300 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The operation inflicted an estimated 2,000 casualties on the enemy of which 707 were confirmed dead. The total estimated dead was 767. It was the second highest toll Ever inflicted on Viet Cong and North vietnamese regulars. The 1st cavalry killed 1,500 communists including most of to North Viet Nam regiments in the la Drang Valley and on the slopes of Chu Pong Mountain last november. Estimates there were 2,000 dead. That was the heaviest loss Ever suffered by the North vietnamese. A operation Masher was renamed operation White Wing today perhaps signalling a new phase of a Campaign that also netted 120 Viet Cong captured 906 suspects detained and an estimated 300 or More wounded. There was a possibility the new phase could include 5,000 marines operating 20 Miles to the North in operation double Eagle. So far the marines have killed 28 Viet Cong captured four and detained 146 suspects. The marines biggest Success was operation Starlight last August when they killed 699. The two other offensives were operation Van Buren by the 101st airborne. To Date it has killed 345 Viet Cong and detained 493 suspects in fighting along the coast below the 1st cavalry Section. Operation Mallet carried out by . 1st infantry troops 15 Miles Southeast of Saigon has killed an estimated 80 to 90 Viet Cong including two today. American losses in the four offensives were described As Light to moderate. . Air Force f105 fighter bombers streaked through Low Clouds on two missions Over North Viet Nam today in the fourth Day of raids since the Lull ended monday. On one Mission the Thun kerchiefs Sank or set fire to two barges on the song a River 60 Miles Northwest of Hanoi the northernmost strike since resumption of the raids. A spokesman said . Navy planes in wednesday attacks Sank a North vietnamese patrol boat 40 Miles South of the key port City of Haiphong. Most of the other raids were further South where air Force planes hit a storage area near the port City of Vonh while Navy planes pounded highways and other communications. Hundreds of american South vietnamese and South korean see . Planes Page 16, col. 4 Indian riot leaders Start hunger strike new Delhi up communist leaders arrested for participation in the Kerala food riots today began a hunger strike protesting the Indian governments food policy. E. S. Namboodri pad jailed Leader of the pro red chinese faction of the Indian National communist party and 12 others held said they were going on a fast in sympathy with a. K. Gopalan Kerala member of parliament who has been fasting since Jan. 28. That was the Day peaceful agitation protesting government cuts in Rice rations started. It has turned out to be anything but peaceful. College students still were boycotting those universities which remained open and were stoning police vans Public buses and breaking up Railroad tracks throwing logs on them and blocking trains. Kremlin seen ready to cooperate on nuclear disarmament problems Moscow up a the Kremlin appeared ready today to temporarily sidestep the Issue of Viet Nam and cooperate with International efforts to Settle nuclear disarmament problems. This change in the soviet position first indicated at the Geneva disarmament conference last week was underlined wednesday in a message from soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin to the 17-Natlon gathering. While Kosygin denounced a imperialist aggression in Viet Nam he did not follow the usual soviet practice of mentioning the United states by name. His attack was viewed $2 billion program recommended to lbs by automation commission Washington up a a special commission on automation today recommended to president Johnson a vast $2 billion program to provide work for 506,000 hard Core jobless and another Multi billion Dollar plan to insure needy families a minimum annual income. The commission also called for a National computer commission to match men and jobs and a minimum of 14 years free education and special help for negroes to overcome Job obstacles. It said a a aggressive Federal tax spending and credit policies were essential to prevent widespread Job losses from technological change in the next to years. The recommendations were filed with Johnson in a report from the National commission on technology automation and economic Progress. The 210-Page document delayed a month in a successful Effort to prevent a minority report by organized labor went into topics ranging from air pollution to reorganization of local government. But its major conclusions from a year Long study entered on the Pace of technological change and Steps the 14-Man commission proposed to meet it. After noting that productivity increases have gone up from an average 2 per cent to 3 percent in the postwar period the commission said a there has not been and there is no evidence that there will be in the decade ahead an acceleration in technological change More rapid than the growth of demand can offset Given adequate Public policies. A the growth rate required to match rising productivity and labor Force growth rates is unprecedented in All our history. There will be a continuing need for aggressive fiscal and monetary policies to stimulate As relatively mild in comparison to past soviet statements at Geneva. In his message Kosygin called for a treaty a to close All loopholes a to halt the spread of nuclear weapons and for an underground nuclear test ban agreement. He repeated however the soviet position barring any International on site inspections As a guarantee against underground tests. At the same time Kosygin charged that current Western proposals would allow West Germany to get its Finger on the atomic trigger. This referred to Allied plans for nuclear sharing with the Bonn government. However he said the soviet Union was prepared a to assume a commitment right away not to be the first to use nuclear weapons provided other nuclear Powers do the Candelora feast Day Pope Paul i seated in throne tuesday in Vatican City accepts the traditional Candle from a Capuchin Friar during the ceremony of Candelora feast Day. Up

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