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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 30, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner monday december 30, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials tax assessment districts we wish Pownal town representative Jim Lounsbury Luck in his Campaign for the general Assembly to create regional property assessment districts in Vermont. It Isnit very Likely this proposal is going to win overwhelming support from legislators but the concept makes a lot of sense. In essence it is another Way at bringing about some consolidation of town operations that gov. Hoff has been advocating. The idea could perhaps be considered the foundation of any purposeful Region ligation of local government functions for government operations practically speaking begin with the assessment of taxable property. Lounsbury one of the legislators involved in the study of Vermont a property appraising methods ordered by the governor said he was a a amazed at some of the towns appraisal methods. Apparently he is convinced some communities Are not doing a particularly Good Job of appraising property. The primary function of a Lister is to see that property is listed on the books at its fair Market value. This is not a matter of Guesswork but a fairly scientific procedure based on the property s location its condition and a variety of other factors. It requires some Basic skills but More important it requires there a no bandwagon yet in the last half year before the opening of a presidential nominating convention it is recognized political strategy for supporters of the leading nominees to go about creating a a bandwagon efforts Are to impart an impression to the Public that the party has in effect its decision and the smart voter will fall in line. The strategy is being worked Tafare thee Well by adherents of senator Barry Coldwater a fervent coalition of Republican party workers reactionaries and Rural conservatives against big government. With a conviction that half persuades even the Eastern Middle of the Road republicans who voted twice for general Eisenhower they assert that the nomination is in the bag already for senator Coldwater. The same process is under Way in the Campaign for governor Rockefeller though with an undertone of anxiety. While the new York governor couples his plea for Republican support with a warning of the dire consequences to be com Merit Ute it in. A Little bit Peter j. Steincrohn m.d., in his Book a your life to enjoy Prentice All. 1961 i have been a steady smoker since the age of 18. Every few years i would test my will to see whether i was Man or mouse. I would forego tobacco for three or four weeks or months. But Only temporarily then the trial period Over i would begin to smoke again. At this Point you May say a a that Sall right but remember that was years before the appalling statistics on cancer and heart disease. How do you feel about smoking now Are you still a heavy smoker a the answer is that i was never a heavy smokers and am not now. For years my daily quota has been about ten cigarettes a Day with an occasional pipe Ful at night. On a diligent sense of fair play and equitable treatment on the part of listers. Bennington and a handful of other Vermont communities can take Pride in listing practices that Are based on a set of ground rules that practically eliminates All guess work in property listing. But other towns with less skilled assessors we suspect have a grand list based on assessments at something other than a fair Market rep. Lounsbury hints at some of the discrepancies when he said listers in some towns Are assessing property far below the fair Market value. And he is pushing for the regional concept whereby tax districts would be created and full time listers hired to appraise property. These professional appraisers he suggested would a have no axe to grind and would apply Standard rules in the appraising of property. He also noted that a High turnover of listers year after year makes for erratic listing practices and not a very High degree of appraising competency. These Are All valid criticisms of the present Way property is appraised and listed in Vermont. The regional concept to establish tax assessment warrants careful study by All legislators when they return to Montpelier next month. Visited upon the party should senator Coldwater win the nomination the outward show is one of supreme Confidence. Last week for example his Campaign director told reporters in new York that governor Rockefeller is a sure Choice for the nomination in july on the basis of his outstanding qualifications and a tremendous experience in both the foreign and Domestic to him at least the matter was not even in doubt. But both these approaches should be heavily discounted. The fact is that they Are promotional efforts put Forth by persons already heavily committed and deserve to be viewed As such. There is Little in recent presidential nominating campaigns to support the thesis that an irresistible bandwagon starts this Early and much in the history of winners Eisenhower and Kennedy and losers Taft Kefauver and Stassen to suggest that an Early Start toward the nomination can be self defeating. A great Many decisions face the republicans before they agree on their Standard bearer next july. Despite the impression so assiduously cultivated by the Coldwater and Rockefeller forces the gop bandwagon has not even started to Roll. The Days i smoke three or four cigars i never smoke a pipe and take perhaps two or three cigarettes. Why Haven to i As a doctor stopped smoking the reason must be evident i am not convinced in my own mind that the direct relationship Between smoking and cancer has been proved. At the exact moment that incontrovertible proof comes i shall be among the first to throw my pipes cigars and cigarettes into the wastebasket forever. But As that moment is not yet Here i shall continue in moderation to enjoy the pleasure of smoking. In effect Here is what i Tell patients you Are a fool to smoke if you have sinus trouble chronic bronchitis emphysema asthma hypertension Buergers disease a disease of the arteries in the extremities stomach ulcer or coronary disease. If you Are healthy the Choice to smoke or not is up to you alone. New York state politics a Happy v role May affect Rocky in . Primary Yox Danke in is mkt am prov i me visiting editor the lesson Learned from Oswald hatred Breeds its own Poison Fischetti notice Hou cupful Imon us nor to by Ralph Mcgill Atlanta a. Slowly surely the sad ugly and melancholy facts concerning Lee Oswald appear. He does not yet come into focus. It May be he never will. He is like something seen in a dream. Lee Oswald who assassinated the president was not a communist. He wanted to be. He yearned toward marxism. But the communists would not have him. Communism demands disciplined persons who can be trained and trusted. The soviet files on Oswald turned Over to the United states reveal that the soviets studied him but rejected him. He was unreliable and erratic in his work and activities. A of in Russia they it difficult for him to work and find housing. He left. Later he went to a Young woman typist and editor in Dallas and showed her the beginnings of a Book critical of the russian system. Lee Oswald wanted to become a cuban communist. They too rejected him. It is Likely they did so after getting a negative report from their soviet counterparts. So Oswald though he tried was not Able to become a communist or a member of the fair play to Cuba group. He spouted marxism. Letter intolerance to Tho editor of Tho Bonner i am writing in response to a letter by h. Lee combsjr. Titled a creeping blight a that appeared in the Banner dec. 26. We live in Mobile Homes. We were born in Vermont and earn our living Here. We have not just recently settled Here. Like or. Combs we also Admire the Beauty of the Green mountains and the splendor of our valleys that is Why we choose to live in a Rural area. Or. Combs bemoans the unsightly presence of a so called Mobile Homes marring the Beauty of the Countryside Many of which he asserts Are a nuclei of local we could take or. Combs on a tour of some of our country roads and show him some houses that by contrast would make a local dump look like the Garden of Eden. The majority of people who live in Mobile Homes like the majority who live in houses Are decent Law abiding people who take Pride in their Homes and their surroundings. We pay our taxes. We Are not second class citizens because we live in Mobile Homes. If the spirit of Equality is to be lost in Vermont and the nation it wont be lost by those who live in Mobile Homes but by those who condemn that kind of living by those who assert a you live my Way not the Way you want to not everyone in Vermont is Rich. To Many of us our a Means Are extremely limited. We just can to afford or even want castles to live in. If we have spoiled or. Combs dream of Paradise we Are sorry. There Are Many kinds of a creeping blights in our country. Perhaps the most glaring is that of intolerance. Edward Dufresne. East Pownal. The world he Felt had not treated him but he was not disciplined enough to be trusted. We have seen this happen with other americans who a defected a who sought to become communists. Twenty one american soldiers after the armistice in Korea chose chinese communism. Tile american defectors went seeking something they did not find. They got jobs but they were excluded suspect and they came to know that what they had sought was not there a indeed had never been there. The chinese have sent most of them Back a communism would not take them. In More recent news a kentuckian a a Soldier in Korea a defected to the North korean communists. He went he said because he had heard that in communist Korea everyone had a Job. He reported he was Happy a among kind people who would give him a Job. His grief stricken Mother said she would never believe he had become a communist. She Likely is right. From the meager knowledge we have of him this kentuckian would not be Able to become a communist. They took him for a propaganda value a they will soon spew him out. We can learn a great Deal about our own problems from Lee Oswald a and others like him who feel alienated from their country and who try to become communists a Only to discover communism does not accept those too erratic to discipline. Meanwhile the extreme right Wing groups seem to be trying to prove that their hate propaganda Wasny to guilty of the presidents assassination a when none has so charged. They almost gleefully emphasize that it hoi Boyle s notebook is a marxist hater who is guilty. The curious sick argument seems to be that right Wing hate is therefore clean and even patriotic. The Folly and the danger of this sort of exercise is that it ignores the Basic fact which is that hate knows no direction. Hate already is a Poison in the National life Stream. It comes from the right and the left. Communism would destroy our Way of life but it will not be done by neurotic rejects. A of it was not marxist hate that dynamited sunday school children to death in Birmingham. It was not left Wing hate that bushwhacked an a act official in Mississippi with lethal Rifle fire by night. It was not marxist doctrine that has the Man charged with this killing a sort of hero to the Community where he is jailed so that housewives reportedly vie to take him hot meals and the White citizens councils raise a defense fund. It was not left Wing hate that dynamited temples and churches and schools in the past seven years. The president was done brutally and pitilessly to death by a Young Man who at the age of 13 was certified by a reputable psychiatrist As being badly in need of mental therapy. He never had it. His crime was neither the work of a left or right Wing conspiracy. It was the Independent decision and act of a twisted hate filled mind that had been rejected by the russians the marines the cubans his neighbourhood his Job associates. So the problem of hate remains a and it knows no direction. If we do not learn that hate has the Power to destroy men and institutions we shall have missed the great lesson of the tragedy at Dallas. They pay people to shoot Deer in new zealand by Hal Boyle new York apr things a columnist might never know if he did no to open his mail newlyweds have an average of two big family fights the first year of their marriage. Guess who usually wins both of them if your doctor says you re suffering from Phro homophobia he a tactfully telling you that you re afraid to think. A of each year it takes less time to Fly around the world a and More time to drive to work. Never argue with a . Mail truck at a traffic intersection. It has the right of Way Over All other vehicles. Women May have had a great Impact on civilization but the five historical figures most books have been written about were All men. They Are Jesus Christ William Shakespeare Abraham Lincoln George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte. A of our quotable notables a the great business of life is to be to do to do without and to de it arts a John Morley. Many Cashiers hate to handle $2 Bills today for fear they will mistake them for $5 Bills. But at one time or another in the United states banknotes were circulated in such unusual denominations As $3, $4, $6, $8, $11, $12, $15 and$25. On the desk of Monty Morgan television producer is this a thank goodness we live in a free country where a Man May say what he thinks if he Isnit afraid of his wife his neighbors or his Boss and if he a sure it wont Hurt his business or his a every time history repeats itself the Price goes up a Arnold h. Glasgow. New zealand has so Many Deer the government pays Hunters to get rid of them. Folk beliefs to avoid rheumatism Wear a red string around your neck. An onion in your pocket will keep you from having fits. To cure a Sty rub it with a wedding ring. Of that does no to work touch it with the tall of a Black cat. It was Dwight d. Eisenhower who observed a the world must learn to work together or finally it will not work at by Kirtland i. King United press International Albany . Mrs. Nelson Happy Rockefeller goes campaigning in new Hampshire next week and How Well she does May have an important role in the outcome of the Republican presidential sweepstakes. For the first time since her husband became an announced candidate mrs. Rockefeller will take an Active and Public part in his bid for voter support. The nations first preferential primary will be held in the Granite state March to and this could be an All important test for the new yorker. Some influential gop leaders still insist Rockefeller a marriage to a a Happy is a serious Handicap in his White House bid. Both Are divorced. Rockefeller agrees his marital status May have Hurt him among some voters but he is certain there is nothing fatal about it. Last fall he was asked what Impact his remarriage would have on delegates to the party a National convention. His Stock answer is is going to know until the delegates at the convention weigh All the factors in their minds and make a decision or until at the polls next november 1964, the individuals go into the voting Booth and each As is the great privilege of this country weighs his own evaluation of the factors and comes to a conclusion. A whatever the individual does a or collectively the people As a whole a that decision i will it is the same position Rockefeller took concerning the political significance of his divorce when he ran for re election in 1962. He had not remarried then but Many leaders discussed his divorce. They said his personal life would be reflected by a drop in his vote. The governor disproved the leaders about his divorce when he won a second term by More business Mirror than 500,000 votes. But when he married a Happy a a divorced Mother of four last Spring polls disclosed a Sharp drop in his popularity. He now feels most of that sentiment has passed. Happy a and that is the Way Rockefeller introduces his wife most of the time a is not entirely new to politics. However it is the first time she has had a front line assignment. In 1958, mrs. Rockefeller a then mrs. James Murphy was a paid member of the governors new York City office. Later she became a Volunteer when Rockefeller his unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 1960. A she enjoys politics has always been interested in it and she likes to meet people very much a Rockefeller said. A she just enjoys this kind of political the governor emphasized however she has no idea of trying to keep every political Date with him during the coming months. He said she will not let campaigning interfere with her family obligations. A a she a trying to balance that out with my political activities a he said. A i appreciate very much the fact that she a been on As Many of these trips As she often Rockefeller explains Happy a absence from a political gathering with a she is Home with the the custody arrangements for the children have not been disclosed. At one Point Rockefeller said a a a satisfactory understanding had been reached and that both his wife and her former husband agreed the children would be kept out of the spotlight. Rockefeller said Happy makes friends wherever she goes and he likes to Tell a Story about autograph seekers come to me and say a will you sign this too a asking for my autograph after she has Given when they sign together it usually reads a Happy and the 1963 Economy began badly but ended Well by Sam Dawson a business news analyst new York apr this year began with storm Clouds in the Domestic skies and setbacks abroad. It is ending with a Strong business and Industrial upsurge at Home marred Only temporarily by a National tragedy and with apparent Clearing of International skies. A Dock strike had East and Gulf ports tied up in january. Worse than average Winter storms ravaged berth North and South. The government worried lest unemployment Rise More rapidly. The business upswing was stalled and Many talked openly of a coming recession. The late president John f. Kennedy plugged for his tax Cut proposal As an anti slump measure. Americans grand scheme for an Atlantic trading Union was set Back on its heels when France blackballed England a Entrance into the european common Market. The United states braced for possible Trade wars. But there was an Early Spring for the Economy. When new problems appeared during the year As they always do general Confidence recovered steadily. Steel production Rose rapidly largely because customers were stocking up in fear of a strike. But a new contract stressing fringe benefits rather than wage boasts cleared the air. It also Way for selective Price rises later in the year. And after a slow summer while customers worked off their inventories steel output closed the year in a Strong upturn. A of Chrysler celebrated its profit comeback by announcing a two for one Stock split and increased dividends in february and repeating this in october. Autos in general racked up their second straight seven million car year and saw a third one a very Likely bet. There was a sad note closing of Studebaker production in its american plants. The Stock Market weathered a three part report by a securities and Exchange commission study group that found Many practices to criticize but was less upsetting than most had expected at the Start of the year. Popular Stock Price averages recovered All lost ground from the 1962 crash and by september were Topping their late 1961 record highs. In december they went to still loftier Heights. Raising of Stock credit margins to 70 per cent Cash from 50 per cent did no to faze the bulls. A of commodity markets were rocked by a scandal in vegetable oils which spilled Over in to the securities markets and into International banking. This is still on the unfinished business list As the year ends. A Railroad strike was threatened at intervals during the year each time postponed by government intervention but major problems remained unsettled at years end. The Federal minimum wage went to $1.25 an hour from $1.15 in september benefiting 2.6 million workers. Total employment Rose during the year but the percentage of the labor Force out of work stayed Between 5.5 and 5.9 per cent. Business profits Rose steadily with the year setting a record. Many leading corporations celebrated by either splitting their stocks or raising dividends or making Liberal yearned bonuses. In the final months of the year communist nations were bickering with the United states for surplus wheat and other grains. On nov. 22 the nation and the world were shocked by the assassination of president Kennedy. The Stock Market had a few minutes of time to break sharply before it was closed. The rebound was even greater. Business and consumer assessment of president Johnson a leadership was quickly manifested in rising Confidence. Retail Trade set a record for december. Industrial production continued to Rise. So did personal incomes. Surveys of consumer intentions showed Confidence would be translated into More buying in the new year. Business executives issued More than usually optimistic predictions and Many announced increased spending plans. Problems aplenty remain. But in general business is ending the year with Relief that fears were overcome and is looking ahead to a Happy new year. Humor coast was Clear a woman engaged a Young maid who answered the door to a Young Man soon after. He asked of her mistress was at Home a ooh yes sir a she replied a come right a but a said the visitor a had no to you better ask her of she a engaged a a ooh she a engaged alright a partly answered the girl a but he a out of town for a week so you be afraid a come in a a Winner London

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