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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 10-Beiinington Banner monday december 23, 1983 sub for tourists first submarine designed expressly for tourists. The 85 foot sub. Which will take 40 passengers to the underwater world of Lake Leman in Switzerland will be in operation at the Swiss National exposition which will take place in Lausanne from april 30th to october 25th next year. Johnson signs treaty giving land to Mexico Washington apr president Johnson signed Friday a treaty to end the Century old Chamizal Boundary dispute with Mexico and give that country 437 acres from the Border City of Elpaso Tex. The president said the lingering trouble Between neighbors finally yielded to Good will tolerance and Trust. And he saw in this a pattern by which a other problems in our hemisphere and for that matter throughout the world Quot might be solved. Speaking to a group of dignitaries reporters and camera men crowded into the historic treaty room in the private residential quarters of the White House the president said a this is a moment of which we can All be proud. He did not refer directly to the fact that the United states after agreeing to arbitration of the dispute refused in 1911 to accept the arbitrators award. Members of the . Senate had stressed this in urging a it Proval of the treaty which went through the Senate unanimously except for the vote of a Republican senator from Texas John Tower. He said he voted no because the document was not submitted to the Texas legislature for approval. Johnson emphasized the importance of the treaty and the fact it shows that a old and distasteful problems can be solved if men of Honor seek to understand the other Man s viewpoint. Still the president made the signing ceremony a Homey informal occasion. The Chamizal Case named for a Type of Brush growing in the area grew out of a change in the course of the Rio Grande River in 1864. The River forms the Border Between Mexico and the United states at Elpaso japanese religious movement seeks toform3rd civilization Tokyo up a in a Tokyo newspaper cartoon a Little girl fingers the Christian religious medal hanging from her father s neck. A daddy Quot says the caption a you re the Only one that wears this any More. The newspaper is called Seik to news. It is the mouthpiece of Soka Sakkal a society of fanatic japanese buddhists who Are determined to conquer Japan America and the entire world with their Peculiar religion. Another Issue of the paper blisters american christianity for its handling of the negro problem. Soka Sakkal Means business. In Japan it is the wonder of the Post War religious world a mixture of religion and politics that has jolted older religions and thrown a scare into politicians. Abroad it is the subject of controversy. The roman Catho lie weekly a America Quot Calls it a movement of a present Power and potential danger Soka Sakkal had Only a handful of followers in 1945 a today it claims to million throughout the world although informed observers Are sceptical. In America it boasts 4,000 followers in los Angeles alone. Its professed aim is to establish a a third civilization Quot that is neither capitalist nor communist. Its enemies compare it with Hitler s nazism and other Buddhist sects in Japan Are ganging up to fight it. It has won converts among american service men in Japan working on them through their japanese wives. U. S. Military authorities refuse any Public comment on it but watch it closely. A a air organization now has one million youths says Soka Zakkai s Well tailored president Dai Saku Ikeda. A this Means the future of Japan is in our hands. Soka Sakkal written with four chinese characters which mean create value learning a so Clety has made its biggest inroads among the poor and friendless of japanese society. The underpaid housemaid the harassed shopkeeper the threadbare pensioner and the Small town boy lonely at some obscure Job in Tokyo Are its natural targets. It has made Little headway among the prosperous and successful people in Japan. The worst criticisms that have been levelled against Soka Sakkal involve its forceful system of winning converts and its Active intolerance of other religions even other forms of buddhism it draws its inspiration from a medieval japanese Buddhist Prophet named no Chloren who called me mix s of other Buddhist sects a fiends Quot and a devils. A prospective convert is Apt to be besieged virtually night and Day by Soka Zakkai workers pleading praying and threatening. Sometimes the convert gives in just to get a Little peace. People entering the religion for the first time go to a Temple for a ceremony. They receive a replica of a slab of Wood on which no Chloren inscribed the essence of his religious thinking. Called a a horizon or a Basic object of worship it must be enshrined in the believer s Home. Prayers Are said in front of it every morning and night. The Lifeboat closed include stations to be Maine Burn Island and Cape Elizabeth and a mooring at Cross Island. Massachusetts a Straits Mouth Nahant and Cuttyhunk. To programs turn on the Christmas cheer imported and Domestic ale Beer and wines open til 9 pm monday and 6 pm tuesday Salem s super Market by Cynthia Lowry map Tele vision radio writer new York apr plastic Trees and wreaths Cotton Snow and Yule songs Are the order of television Days and nights now and too much of anything can get a bit Boring. Judy Garland in hostess gown invited us into a living room set sunday night and Sang Holiday songs while surrounded by her three real life children. A a Grundle somehow got dressed up in a department store Santa a suit and solved a robbery. De Sullivan s Little italian mouse puppet was dressed up in a tiny St. Nick suit and was hoho Hoing around in a neapolitan accent. Even or. De was full of Christmas plot so by the time Tennessee Ernie Ford turned up on Abc with a Christmas special this viewer had done about As much vicarious celebrating As one could absorb. Lbs in the afternoon started its end of the year shows usually reserved for the Post Christmas week. In a two hour review of the years top television stories it presented a Potpourri of film and tape highlights ranging from the Rescue of trapped miners to the Profumo affair. The program moved without much regard for chronology showing the use of dogs and fire hoses during the troubles in Birmingham the March on Washington suicidal monks and fighting men in Viet Nam funeral services for Pope John among other sober stories. The final portion of the program was devoted to a thorough recapitulation of the terrible events in Dallas on nov. 22 and the Washington aftermath. This was something that might have been handled less explicitly. None of us has forgotten and few of us have quite recovered from those four Days. As narrator Harry Reasoner remarked a it s been quite a year Recorr it cled tonight people s c Cert lbs 7 30-8 30 est a the new York Phil Hartik hic orchestra featuring Young soloists and conductors. Home Type Battery chargers 4 Ampere Charger charges both 6 and 12 Volt batteries of a 4 Ampere rate which will recharge the average Battery in from 5 to 14 hours. 19.95 Bennington garage main Street Bennington drug company is cited for making false claims and eastward to the Gulf of Mexico. The two countries have decided under the agreement to build a permanent Concrete Channel to keep the River on the same course and both plan also to make a Beauty spot of the lands exchanged in the settlement plan. Coast guard will close 17 stations Washington apr the Treasury announced today that 17 coast guard stations will be closed Early next year in a move which will save about $1 million a year. Officials said the move had been under study for some time but it was made As part of the recent drive by president Johnson to effect savings in government spending. The closing of the stations will eliminate assignments of 145 coast guardsmen at the 17 Points. A statement from the Treasury said a improved design and increased Rescue capabilities of modern life boat station Rescue Craft and techniques have outmoded the need for these Washington apr the William s. Merrell co. Was indicted by a Federal grand jury Friday on charges of making false statements to the government about the anti cholesterol drug Mer-29, and tests made to determine its safety. The indictment returned by a grand jury in . District court said the company and three of its research scientists a concealed and covered up by trick and scheme material facts important to the food and drug administration Quot in consideration of whether to permit the drug s use. Mer-29 was on the Market from april 1960 to april 1962, when it was voluntarily withdrawn by Merrell the indictment against the company contained 12 counts of alleged falsifying of statements to the government in applications to use the drug and in subsequent reports on tests of the drug. Named in the indictment Are the Merrell co., the Parent Richardson Merrell inc., and three men who were research scientists during the period covered by the indictment. Each count carries a possible $10,000 Fine and a 5-year prison term for the individuals and a $10,000 Fine for the corporations. The scientists named in the indictment Are Harold w. Werner Evert f. Vanmaanen and William m. King. The indictment charged the defendants had full knowledge of certain tests of the drug which had produced Adverse effects. The scotch they prefer in Scotland do in age. Up in Quality Getch Hugh whisky m inf a Iii pouted in Imi Jim mph him Compart Kwh tort $500 4/sot. Of Magazine Racks from $4.95 smart modern Hassocks $4.95 boudoir rockers now at $39. Bachelor chests Only $49. Swivel rockers Only $49. Bedroom suites from $149. Famous sofa Beds $79 a uni turn co. 19-525-529 main Stott Bennington Honl 46-5341 Sopon Friday evenings no Money Down pay next year open tonight til 9 by Bob Schulz pm i is wish me Luck Charlie Brown i m on my was to the it a Christmas program. To 60in6 to sin6 "jin6le Bells r 1 break a Les Quot r . Bionic by Chic Young Steve can on by Milton Caitiff heart of Juliet Jones by Stan Drake

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