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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Snow warning heavy Snow warning tonight Little temperature change High 28 to 30, Low in teens. Tuesday changing to flurries and colder. Accumulation of six inches or More predicted. Winds up to 30 . Will cause Drifting. Yesterdays High 27, Low 2, today at 7 a.m., 7. The Moon tonight is at first Quarter. Bennington Bennington Vermont monday december 23, 1063 Aimer weekly founded in 1841, daily 1003. No. 10,365 7 cents political Pace is foreign Aid Bill set quickening for House Battle ship that burned this is the greek cruise liner Laconia the former dutch passenger ship Johan von Oldenb Anvelt which yesterday reported it was on fire in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. The Crew and 800 passengers abandoned ship. A fire at sea-1,016 leave ship London apr a raging fire forced 1,016 persons to abandon the Christmas cruise ship Latonia in the Atlantic today. A massive air sea Rescue operation plucked hundreds from the Ocean and More were being saved hourly. A . Air Force report said about too persons were floating in the water and All appeared dead. Aboard the 20,314-ton greek liner when disaster struck sunday night were 651 passengers on a Holiday mostly British but including four americans and a Crew of 365. Reports of the total rescued ranged from 470 to More than 800 but there was a possibility of some duplication. All but the Stern of the ship was ablaze and explosions rocked her 608-foot length when Rescue vessels arrived on the scene about 180 Miles Northwest of Casablanca. The water was dotted with lifeboats and swimmers. Great Clouds of smoke rolled up from the red hot Hulk people wild with Joy waved from lifeboats As rescuers approached. Others struggled to swim As far away from the Latonia As they could. The water temperature was 64 degrees warm enough to give those in the sea a Chance to survive. Officials of the line believed two babies and 30 to 34 children under 12 were aboard. Some accounts told of mothers tossing children into lifeboats and of parents struggling in the water Hoff worried about Republican words Burlington a democratic gov. Hoff expressed deep worry today Over one part of the Republican party a general statement regarding t n e gop approach to the upcoming legislative session. Hoff referred to the Republican statement yesterday that a programs that show they will produce Progress and betterment for Vermont will be accepted. We will however reject those programs that Promise improvement for the state but do not have the facts and figures to support the proposed the governor said this morning this statement a sounds like an indication they will use it As a pretence for not going along with a Bill that they know is a Good one. Frankly in a worried about this statement and i done to understand the governor said he May try to gain a clearer understanding of it when he in e e t s shortly with it. Gov. Ralph a. Foote and House Spaker Franklin s. Billings jr., the two Republican leaders in the legislature. The Republican state ment said a there i s ample evidence that gov. Hoff and his political advisors see the upcoming session in terms of tactics a an inning in a game of a state the governor said he expected to be charged with politicking. He added however that of the republicans really approach the s e s Slon on non partisan terms a together we can accomplish More for this state in a month than has been accomplished in Many Hoff plans to present several Bills on the District or regional approach to town problems a s Well As measures on taxation school Aid and natural resources. The republicans promised t o consider the Bills strictly on their merits. The gop leaders said a much has been made of the Assumption that no matter what the republicans d o about the Hoff proposals for a a bold departure it will play into h o f f a hands. That if the Republican legislators adopt his proposals he will be credited with leadership. If t h e republicans reject his proposals Hoff will shout a foul and cry a partisanship. A the Republican party hereby serves notice that it will not be intimidated by this carefully contrived a Heads you win tails i lose attitude a the com Mittee said. To keep their children afloat. . And British military planes criss crossed the area spotting swimmers and lifeboats and directing Rescue boats. A . Air Force air Rescue report received in Orlando fla., said a c54 flying Over the area from the azores told of the casualties. It said a the too were wearing life jackets but All appeared to be radio messages told of the dramatic Rescue. The master of the British Tanker Montcalm capt. E. J. Kempton an englishman reported a there Are a lot of people in the water around the burning vessel. We Are picking up As Many As a the vessel was on fire everywhere except for the aft portion a said a radio message from one of three planes from the . 57th air Rescue Squadron based in the azores. A survivors Are in lifeboats and life rafts which have been dropped by . Air Force aircraft. Four vessels Are in the area and Are picking up survivors. About 60 per cent have been picked up so far. A however there Are Many survivors still in the water. The weather in the area is reported other accounts told of hundreds hauled from lifeboats and from the sea onto the decks of ships. The lines spokesman in London said it appeared about 470 persons had been rescued thus far. At that time radio messages from the scene indicated the total saved was considerably higher. The British liner str Theden radioed she had picked up 300 survivors some injured plus some dead. The Argentine freighter Salta was alternately reported to have from 220 to 400 survivors. The British Montcalm said it had too survivors and the Argentine liner Rio Grande another 50. The Salta raced As hard As her engines would Pound for Funchal in Madeira. The British Consul at Funchal said a there is terrible anxiety Here. There were several British schoolboys aboard who were coming from England to spend Christmas with their parents who Are resident business Folk in the Madeira some passengers were newlyweds. Others were retired people seeking a Sunshine Christmas Holiday. The adult passengers had see ship fire Page 12, col. 3 Washington apr the political Tempo is quickening with the end of National mourning for the late president John f. Kennedy As evidenced by these developments Scranton a gov. William w. Scranton of Pennsylvania said he is giving additional thought to becoming a Republican presidential candidate because of the urging of former president Dwight d. Eisenhower. Stevenson a Adi Ai Stevenson . Ambassador to the United nations said he would run for vice president of president Johnson asked him and a it was both compatible with my health and other Lodge friends of Henry Ca Bot Lodge . Ambassador to South Viet Nam Are forming a National committee to boost him for the Republican presidential nomination. Shriver a peace corps director Sargent Shriver said he has no plans to enter politics but could be persuaded Johnson is the pen indicated he if president Suader. Coldwater a in Washington a Republican circles the feeling grew that sen. Barry Coldwater of Arizona would signal his Sun it porters to resume their efforts to boost him for the Republican presidential nomination. Stripper packs pistol Dallas apr officers took a pistol from a stripper called As a witness today in the Bond hearing for Jack Ruby night club operator who killed the accused Assassin of president Kennedy. The .25-caliber automatic pistol was found under a Scarf in the purse of a strip teaser named Karen Lyn Bennett 10�? known As Little Lynn who pet forms in Ruby a Carousel club. It was found As officers searched witnesses before they were taken into the courtroom to be sworn As a group. The witnesses including miss Bennett were sworn then taken into an anteroom to await their Calls to the stand. Official mourning ends As Johnson lights tree Washington apr thousands of candles burned Bright in the gathering dusk of Washington As the nation ended a months mourning for John f. Kennedy. Sheltered against a biting wind on Winters first Day they symbolized that the late presidents ideals Are still aglow in the world. Bareheaded and costless in Brilliant Winter Sunshine Kennedy had said in his inaugural adress Jan. 20, 1961 a the Enki it by the Faith the Devotion which we bring to this Endeavor will Light our country and All who server and the glow from that fire can truly Light the memorial service president and in. Johnson and their daughter Lacy Baines hold lighted candles at memorial services for the late president John f. Kennedy which officially ended the 30-Day period of mourning. The candles were lighted from the perpetual Light at the Kennedy grave in Arlington National cemetery. The service was held at the Lincoln memorial. Ap1 photo bareheaded and costless sunday night president Johnson told More than 14,000 gathered at the Lincoln memorial and the nation by radio and television a thirty Days and a few hours ago John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th president of the United states died a martyrs death. The world will not forget what he did Here. He will live on in our hearts which will be his thus with the rhythm of Lincoln a Gettysburg address Johnson marked the end of the 30-Day official period of mourning he had proclaimed on his predecessors assassination on nov. 22. An hour and a half later the new president turned a switch to Light the National Christmas tree behind the White House leading the nation in a transition from sorrow to the Joy of Christmas. A on this occasion one year ago a Johnson said a your beloved president John f. Kennedy reminded us that Christmas la the Day when All of us dedicate our thoughts to others it. Tourism is leading nation Montpelier apr Vermont a tourist and recreation business has expanded 110 per cent in the past to years or so leading the nation in t h i s area of development. A state Federal Survey prepared by the state development department said prospects for continued growth Are Good and a Well Worth promotional e tourist and recreation expenditures in the state grew from $42.4 million in 19 4 8 to $77.7 million in 1958, the report said. This was an increase of 81.3 per cent. The 147 Page report detailed the Overall growth in lodging places children scamps amusements and ski facilities. When Are Are All reminded that mercy and compassion Are the really enduring Virtues when All of us show by Small deeds and by Large that it is More blessed to give than to receive. A so in that spirit tonight let me express to you As your president that one wish that i have As we gather Here. It is a wish that we not lose the closeness and the sense of sharing and the spirit of mercy and compassion which these last few Days have brought for All of to set in motion the solemn symbolic service at the Lincoln memorial three religious leaders a representing the protestant roman Catholic and jewish faiths lit a Torch from the eternal flame near Kennedy a grave in Arlington National cemetery. An open jeep carried them across the memorial Bridge to the Monument where the Torch was used to kindle Johnson scandle and then those held by Cabinet officers supreme court justices and other dignitaries. A was it was too years ago so it is now a Johnson said in his address. A we have been Bent in sorrow but not in purpose. We buried Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy but we did not Bury their dreams or their visions. A they Are our dreams and it Slons fight for a better life for More people is a legacy to their with the mourning period Over flags throughout the nation that had been lowered to half staff on Kennedy a death Fly again today at staff top. Flags on Capitol Hill will remain at half staff through tuesday however because of the death saturday of rep. William j. Green jr., a a. on the inside editorial a Vermont a recreation Industry a Page 4. Court throws out Case against truck body builder in Berlin blast suit a Page 7. Washington apr the House rules committee cleared the controversial foreign Aid Bill today for another House floor fight. But the House Battle May be delayed until tuesday. The committee which had been stymied by absenteeism Over the weekend voted 8-4 for a Resolution to protect the Compromise $3-billion Aid measure from technicalities that. Coull kill it quickly on the float a a j. The major Issue at Betake a a provision to allow government credit guarantees for the Sale of wheat to Russia. The rules committee Resolution cannot be considered if. The House today unless two thirds of the members present vote to take it up or unless no one objects. Otherwise it will go Over until tuesday. Republicans planned to renew their fight to return the measure to a Senate House conference committee in an Effort to delete the wheat Sale financing provision. A even As Thor rules committee acted there / was a Job Tami ing Republican i it Smyc Tate exit a 111 i Vaal and Georgia who had gone Home Early for Christmas and was speeding them Back to the capital. Who was paying for the flight a and perhaps others a Wasny to Clear. A spokesman denied the White House was paying the Bill. However because of House rules a final vote on the $3 Bil lion Aid appropriation s Jne Asur e was Haj e a Mas eve. Vyrla was not expected before Christ but even if the House approves track records a a. M in a a v the Bill with its controversial provision on government credit guarantees for sales to soviet bloc countries the Senate still must act. And the senators most of them Home for the holidays have no business scheduled All week and Are not Likely to vote before Friday at the earliest. House democratic Leader Carl Albert of Oklahoma served no Hee that there will be no adjournment until the Bill is approved. Ors a secrecy opinion change Over who is responsible for the current situation. Gop Leader Charles a. Hal Leck of Indiana blamed the democratic leadership for what he called a a completely ridiculous speaker John w. Mccormack d-mass., blamed the delay on what he called a Republican legislative a group of democrats returned Here today in a chartered plane. President Johnson was reported to have had a hand in arranging for the flight. He and aides were said to. Have kept the White House Telephone lines humming sunday trying to whip up support for the measure in Calls to congressmen. And at least one charter flight was reported picking up con Montpelier apr two state legislators have attacked the a use Cecy in government isae hmm differ n t angles Aso amp puff attorney a Feal Chester s. a Opu it a Ion still reve me rates in Vermont. Saps. John j. Of Briend chit to Den a Long to amp a critic o f racing commission pm orations wrote to chair Stejr e d p. Davis of Newport risking for information on hiring practices at Green Mountain Park in Pownal. Of Brien said he h a s sought this information previously but without Success. Davis could n o t be reached for comment today. Meanwhile rep. Roger l. Macbride r Halifax said he plans to introduce a Bill at this Winters special session aimed of plugging the holes he says exist in the states a right to know a Law. Macbride said Ketcham a opinion last week was probably Correct on the Basti of existing Law. The Halifax lawmaker said his Bill would Likely Amend that Law. Jpaul h. Guare spokesman for gov. Hoff indicated it was nos Likely the Mcbride proposal would get to the floor at the special session. Guard noted Hoff plans to seek agree in e n t in Republican leaders to 41 by the session to consideration of tire administration s legislative program. It of Brien specifically want the commission to Tell him How Many vermonters Are employed at the Pownal race track. In his letter to the commission he wrote a the Law is quite specific on this subject and of 85 per cent of the part Mutual employees Are not vermonters the f a it t lies wholly with the Vermont state racing com misses j the. Senator said he tried o n. Dec. 12 to get this and other information at the commission office but a received no reply to my request although it was quite evident that the employees in your office had very Little of any work to quilting party a Trio of Dorsten revives the lost Art of Gallt vhf. Vert lag Witt a peed at afternoon quilting bees they want to finish the quilt in time for Christmas so it can be a gift for Susan the granddaughter of mrs. Carl Ramsay left. Experienced in this Art Are miss Anna Gilbert Center and her sister mrs. Gertrude Drury. Photo by William Sargent Don t Tell Susan Dorset heirloom in the making by Manchen Skinner Dorset a please done to mention this to Susan or even to her Brothers because its a Christmas Surprise from their grandmother mrs. Carl Ramsay who is hurrying to finish them before Christmas. But yesterday it was rather like an old fashioned scene captured in a Glass domed paper weight to see the first of her three crazy quilts mrs. Ramsay is making for her grandchildren stretched on a quilting Frame ready to be tufted by herself and her two friends miss Anna Gilbert and her sister mrs. Gertrude Drury. All ladles Are the other Side of 70. All fall mrs. Ramsay has collected the Square patches from the Sample Basket of the Carriage Trade shop. Each is different. With patience during the Long autumn Days she pieced and sewed them together until now three quilts Are almost finished and ready for three curious children. So done to Tell. Two measure 36 inches wide to fit single Beds and one is double bed Width. Each quilt tells the interest of the child dolls dogs mountains and Western horses Are All living a Gay life but confined within the Borders of the quilts. The quilting Bee began when miss Gilbert remembered the old quilting Frame Long unused in her attic. She and her sister offered to set it up and help with the final Job of anchoring the Cotton batting interlining by timing knotted Tufts of yarn at italian school Mamed for Ken Netty Mantua Italy apr this North italian City dedicated a new grammar school to the memory of the late president John f. Kennedy at midweek ceremonies attended by municipal and . Consular officials. Measured intervals Over the quilts. Cumbersome it would be to do without a Frame and lonely to do by ones self. So the live Groom furniture waa swept to the Walls to make room for the four Long poles joined at the Corners with a a cd clamps. The proud Little comb Back Rocker As old As the quilting Frame was shunted to an obscure Corner. The ladder Back armchair with its velvet Cushion lost its place of Honor by the sofa and cowered by the Iron stove. The room was taken Over by the quilting Frame resting on the backs of four chairs. Even prof. Alfred Gilbert their brother beat a Hasty Retreat. The quilting Frame hardly allowed room for the ladles to stand beside it. It was easier to creep under the Corner poles of you wished to pass around it. Only the sturdy Maple Highboy resisted see Dorset Page 12, col. 2

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