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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Danner monday december 20, 1965 new York state politics the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials Germany a nuclear ambitions a number of world leaders Are making their Way to the White House these Days to discuss with president Johnson the problems that Are making this Christmas season less than merry for a Large portion of the worlds population. The problems which America As the worlds greatest and richest Power must have a hand in solving Range from War and famine in Southeast Asia to White minority Rule in Rhodesia to the defense of Europe. The most recent arrival is West Germany a Chancellor Ludwig Erhard who will meet the president today and tomorrow. The main purpose of Erhard a visit is to plea for a stronger voice for Germany in the nuclear defense of Europe. He is expected to argue in favor of the use of atomic submarines now being built by Britain As the Core of an Atlantic nuclear Force. The submarines would be manned by Crews of several european nations and Germany would have some say in How they Are used. The plan was proposed by the British As an alternative to the Multi lateral Force favored by the americans. Originally German demands for a a nuclear voice a arose from fears that the United states would not use nuclear weapons to defend Europe because this would mean communist retaliation against the . Frequent re editor s notes the new teacher salary schedules adopted last week by the Bennington South supervisory Union and the Manchester school Board will make southwestern Vermont schools far More competitive with neighbouring states when the annual search begins for promising Young teachers. Bennington Manchester and Dorset will be offering $5,000 a year to beginning teachers next year which should be enough to entice some of the Best College graduates to our part of new England. This starting salary will be $200 above the state required minimum next year but still below the $5,250 offered in Chester. Teachers salaries have taken some spectacular jumps in the past few years and now after being paid so Little for so Long teachers Are doing almost As Well As their colleagues in other professions. We re glad that our local school boards realize the importance of offering teachers the Best salaries possible As Long As the budget does no to empty the taxpayers pocketbooks that is and we Hope that Bennington a uniform salary schedule approved after Long weeks of study and discussion can eventually be adopted by All the districts that belong to the it. Anthony Union. Bennington a regional planners agreed at their meeting last thursday that participation by the town in a county wide planning program is a Good idea but they very sensibly decided to negotiate first with the state Central planning office about the extent of the towns financial participation. Since the Cost of the program would be divided according to population among All the participating towns Bennington by far the largest town in the county would pay about one half the local share that is the part not paid by the state or Federal governments. Since Bennington is assurances and the assigning of nuclear weapons which remain however under . Control to the German army should have stilled these doubts. The West German demands Are apparently now based on the need for a a status a and the desire to satisfy National Pride. By restraining her longings for nuclear status however Germany could do far More for world peace than by insisting that those submarines have German Crew members. For one thing greater nuclear influence for Germany could undermine the shaky negotiations for a non proliferation treaty. And if West Germany gets some measure of control Over nuclear weapons the russians will feel under pressure to do As much for their allies in Eastern Europe. Secondly the germans might overcome some of the fears and suspicions of German Power among Eastern europeans and her own allies if she renounces nuclear status at least for the moment. Reunification of divided Germany would be far More palatable to the rest of the world if Germany is peaceful rather than menacing. Arid finally Germany could set an example for the other nations in the world who feel threatened by the bomb and Are pressing ahead with their own plans for joining the nuclear club. Already working on its own plan there be much justification for the town to pay to have much of the same work done All Over again. Bennington and the rest of the county would Benefit from study and consideration by a planning commission of problems of a regional nature however. We Hope that Bennington a share of the Cost of any countywide program can be adjusted so that the towns participation will be acceptable to the taxpayers. The addition of a third Lane to the a death Valley a Section of . 7 would certainly improve a dangerous Section of Highway and would be a first step in making the county a main North South traffic artery far safer to travel on. The third a truck Lane a a would be As Ivor tink Pelsue told Arlington town officials last week Only an interim solution since eventually . 7 will be rebuilt or relocated anyway. But an extra Lane for slow traffic will be a big help to local motorists who must not Only negotiate the Sharp curves on that stretch of Highway but must try and control their tempers and accelerators when they get caught behind a trailer truck or a column of skiers or Leaf peckers. Burr and Burton students did a Fine Job of making a a a stained Glass window out of tissue paper to decorate their school for the Christmas season. A picture of the 18-foot High window appeared in fridays Banner. Remember gun powder and alcohol done to mix. It wont a foot and it tastes awful. Burlington free press. Time Waits for no Many but it will stand still for a woman of 30. Arcola Iii re Cord Herald. Fischetti constitutional convention is slow getting started Quot we t>0n t want listers we want Bloot it in perspective non conformity in America family Man by Eric Severeid Washington. The latest example of breaking away from gigantism and the established patterns of our institutionalized life is the creation of Little a anti universities or a counter universities in several cities. These Are groups of students mostly left Wing led by teachers mostly rather Young As Well As left Wing who gather in lofts apartments or other combinations of four Walls and a roof. There they study listen vehemently argue and vehemently agree with one another free of card indexing waiting lines mass classes and the lock step system of rigid courses. A personally i can to think of a single reason Why they . The declaration of one of their leaders in los Angeles that a the University student to Day is the single most exploited individual in our society is of course blushing nonsense that must fall strangely on the ears of the negro poor drafted soldiers and quite a few million Middle aged family men wearing their health away caring for their children and their old parents while struggling to hold their jobs against the pressure of younger stronger men. One might also add a few million women trying to be wife Mother Cook cleaner chauffeur civic worker and Saint seven Days a week. But every Man to his own martyrdom it s a free country. The generally inflated currency of self pity in America today is bound to infect a few people who thought they were Well off until others persuaded them they weren t. A of this development of the a anti University was bound to come because a move for decentralization has set in naturally automatically and inevitably against the enormous concentrations of american life. A new cities Are being artificially created to offset the giant Urban centers something the British have been doing for 60 years. When the Center of new York theatrical life got too big too expensive and therefore too narrow in its choices a off Broadways Heaters and theatrical groups sprouted All Over the big City. Mass magazines fell into fairly rigid formulae to guarantee their mass circulations so Small special interest weeklies and monthlies have been sprouting All Over the country. Television networking fell into similar rigid patterns to guarantee economic continuity so educational and other Small stations and groups of stations came into the Field. When any tide gets too big there develop counter tides this is part of the essential movement and flexibility of american society. The notion that America is basically a conformist mass minded society has never been True is not True now and prot ably never will be True. This notion is essentially false when applied to any modern Western democracy. The truly rigid suffocating conformity is in the totalitarian states and in the tribal and peasant societies of the undeveloped countries which is one great reason for their yearn ing to be modernized industrialized and urbanized. Naturally they will go too far some of them in this direction they will emulate our errors As Well As our Virtues. That a their privilege. A of but these rebelling american College youngsters Are of rather special interest partly because they Are of such potential value to our general life. Those few of them who May have read this far will be saying a too bad about the primitive countries. My problem is right Here and now they do have a problem in feeling their Oats intellectual and otherwise in their mass computerized must diversities. Of course they crave More personal attention a All youngsters do and the emotion is not without its creative and constructive elements. But the most vociferous among them Are Likely to be those Overly afflicted with the illusion that if Only their immediate environment were changed they themselves would immediately become Brilliant handsome beloved and Happy in this respect they Haven to advanced an Inch beyond my own College generation of the thirties. Nothing is More permanent and fixed than changing youth. But when the aforementioned Leader of the a a Antis in los Angeles solemnly pronounces that by Kirtland i. King United press International Albany . The $150,000 state constitutional convention commission will have a Tough time coming to life. Anticipating voter approval of a constitutional convention in 1967, the legislature appropriated the funds for the commission before it adjourned last summer. The legislature specified the commission would consist of 18 members six appointed by the governor six by the Senate and six by the Assembly. And the group was directed to submit a report to gov. Rockefeller dec. 31, 1965. As of now not a single member of the commission has been named. Rockefeller is said to have five of his six selected but no word has been received from either sen. Joseph Zaretzki or Assembly speaker Anthony Travola the democratic leaders authorized to pick the other 12 commissioners. Of course the legislators figured the commission might have a Little trouble arranging for the convention so three months were added to the absolute deadline a March 31, 1966. Some observers believe the commission can still be set up to handle the affair but unless something is done within the next couple of weeks two thirds of the commission will be selected by republicans instead of democrats. Officials of the Secretary of states office have been looking at rules which governed the 1938 meeting. There was a series of rulings by the then attorney general John j. Bennett and undoubtedly his views will be used As guidelines for this convention to be eligible a Delegate must be 21 and a Legal resident of new York state. He can hold any Public office except that of sheriff and draw both his regular salary and that of a Delegate. A of Al Smith was one of the most effective delegates. He was respected by All politicians for his knowledge of the state government. He had been Assembly speaker and governor before attending the convention. Smith would hit his subject hard and inject a humorous Story if he noted tempers of delegates were getting Short. Once when a Delegate proposed a huge spending program for something Smith thought could not be done he Defeated the plan with a it reminds me of the time i saw two bums sitting on a curb in skid Row. One reached into his pocket and took out a Little Box. With his fingers he took a Little Pinch and sprinkled the stuff on his wrist. To a taking a sniff the bum said a guess ill buy up All the railroads in the a the other bum took the Box and sprinkled a Little on his wrist and took a Good sniff. A you will not the second bum said a i wont sell a american students have been systematically a dehumanized a any Middle aged Square who has been through the same Mill is entitled to snort. Pc a it happens that there Are scores of colleges and Many very Good ones in this country where this sense of put upon conformity is not very prevalent among the students. Why my own impression after visiting several of these schools recently is that most of their students came to Tempus life in a quite different cast of mind from those at the Berkeley and the columbian. They come from farms and Small towns where they Learned in their Bones what real social conformity can be. Very Many of them worked and saved and sweated to get into University and they consider themselves highly privileged not exploited. They find in Campus life even in some very Large institutions a Freedom an excitement they had never known. The other Day i had the privilege of speaking to several thousand such youngsters in the Field House of a big mid West University. The chairman of the occasion mentioned that it was the University presidents birthday. The students cheered. A popular University president downright in american by today s standards. Also very heartwarming and reassuring. The passing scene letters to the editor Saint Nick gets sick to the editor of the Banner old Saint Nick was very sick very sick indeed and All the Little elves were afraid Santa do his deed. Then Pudgy an Elf of Santa Claus said a i will do it for a real Good so off he went into the inky Black night first he made sure the bags were pulled tight. He went to Billy a Mary a Tommy a House. He gave a present even to a poor Little mouse. Everyone thanked him when he got Back. He said a e gave a present even to a Man in a Shack. Jane Gil. 122 Mccall St. Bennington. Vermont s blood program to the editor of the Banner last summer when i was a patient at the Putnam memorial Hospital i was amazed to discover that not Only was i not charged for the quart of blood i received but i also was not obliged to see that the blood Bank a Supply was replenished. This experience was in Sharp contrast with my experience in new York City five years earlier when my Mother required blood for the treatment of Lukela. Every transfusion she received had to be paid for in Cash or in kind. If donors repaid my mothers blood debt they had to give two pints for every pint that my Mother received. If one belonged to a blood Bank through ones Job As i did through my school system a Transfer of blood from blood Bank to Hospital was a simple bookkeeping Transfer. Not All people How Ever were in this fortunate situation. Therefore i feel especially grateful for Vermont a exemplary blood Bank which gives blood wherever and whenever it is needed in Vermont a hospitals with no strings attached and at no charge. I want to take this Opportunity to thank the thousands of donors who make their blood available to those who need it and to urge All who can donate blood to do so when the Bloodmobile pays its next visit to Bennington on dec. 22. Ruth Adler. Shaftsbury. Pie in the sky curse the darkness by Al an d. So pm Rin Burlington. There May be a better place in the world than Vermont in which to spend a moment reflecting on Christmas. If there is. I have not seen it. Our Snow our mountains our evergreens and our churches Frame our farmhouses in a living Christmas card. Vermont and Christmas have unique identification. I have done just that i have Given some thought to Christmas and along with everyone else who quote never have the burdens of wealth been greater than they Are today and never have its rewards been Slimmer. Rich people once lived in a world apart today almost the Only difference Between the Multi millionaire and the reasonably Well to do Man earning $15,000 to $25,000 a year is that the millionaire works harder relaxes less is burdened with greater responsibilities and is exposed to the con St an Glare of publicity. Getty the richest living american writing in the saturday evening Post. Has the Opportunity at this time of the year to be either read or heard i am unable to resist the desire to pass my Christmas thought along. The fact that i am a poverty Warrior is by no Means the Only reason that in my reflections on Christmas i find myself thinking of the poor. I am far from alone in such thoughts. I am sure that no one who selects a shining gift in a glittering department store no one who shares his child a excitement on Christmas morning no one whose abundant Christmas reflects his abundant life a Ever quite removes from his mind the image of men women and children for whom Christmas serves Only to emphasize their poverty. But the fact i am a poverty Warrior does affect my Christmas reflections. I have become unable to share the Christmas thoughts of a Large number of americans including a Large number o vermonters who finding themselves uncomfortable with their image of the poor at christmastime feel compelled to do something a it is better a they say a to Light a Candle than to curse the darkness a so they Busy themselves preparing and delivering baskets of food and packages of gifts. For Christmas Day they Light a Candle. I think they Are doing the wrong thing. I have become convinced it is better to curse the darkness a the darkness of poverty. A lighted Candle on Christmas Day Only illuminates poverty it does not destroy it. In War men curse their enemy they do not Light a Candle for him. We have As the . Congress stated in the economic Opportunity act of 1964, legally declared War on a the Paradox of poverty in the midst of this is an enemy worthy of our anger. And if in attacking this enemy we find we must turn some of our anger against ourselves because we discover that we contribute to tile causes of poverty then we should face that anger squarely and honestly not smother it with baskets and packages on Christmas Day. Being a poverty Warrior does not Stop me from wishing you a merry Christmas. But i also wish you a thoughtful one. To the editor of the Banner a new Deal fair Deal Square Deal followed in turn by the great society and its non inflationary policy of 4 Dollar ettes at maturity for every $3 invested. In approaching Dulles Airport at Washington pilots must be wary to avoid hitting Mountain debt which increases in size by billions of dollars annually and even now has attained astronomical proportions. This of course represents a menace to outer space navigation and is aside from the legitimate fear that our astronauts May at any time run into a pie in the sky. Once we do succeed in Landing on the Moon a second space ship will have to be dispatched immediately loaded with foreign Aid. If the Moo nites feel that we Are too stingy with our billions the Leader can always Tell us to jump in a Crater. Following our egyptian policy we will then hasten to double the amount. Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. George no Graves. Shaftsbury. Chief Young honoured to the editor Otth Bonner an Honor came to a member of our Community which i believe did not receive local recognition. In Early october Joseph v. Young chief of police in old Bennington was elected president of the Vermont police association at a state convention held in Ludlow. Chief Young has served our Community for Many years and this recognition on a state level is Well deserved. I am sure the people of old Bennington and Bennington congratulate chief Young and wish him a successful term of office. Our thanks too for his Fine service to our Community. Mrs. Margaret r. Ellis. Old Bennington

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