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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 10, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 6�?bennington Banner Friday december to 1985 red Hinae encourages India Pakistan rift by Phil Newsom up foreign news analyst last september at the Peak of the Indian Pakistan fighting red China suddenly entered the picture with a charge that the indians had built military outposts inside communist controlled Tibet. An ultimatum threatened India with a grave consequences unless the outposts were dismantled immediately and unless the indians returned four tibetans 800 sheep and 59 yaks allegedly kidnapped from Tibet. Then just As suddenly the chinese announced the indians had dismantled the structures and the threat of a grave consequences evaporated. The impression gained from All this was that the supposed military structures had in fact never existed and that the red chinese simply had erected their own Straw Man Only to Knock him Down. Presumably the chinese strategy was to encourage Pakistan to continue its fight with India and to divert India with the threat of military intervention from the North. Heavy snows lie across the Himalaya Mountain Border Between India and red China now but the chinese have continued their harassing tactics both puzzling and worrying the indians. Lbs moves to ease India s food crisis Austin. Tex. Tipi a president Johnson acted thursday to ease indians food crisis by ordering a speedup of Grain shipments and a $50 million fertilizer loan for the shastra government. He urged other food surplus nations to join in the emergency efforts. The Texas White House at the same time announced that All three of his meetings next week with pakistani British and West German Heads of state will be held in Washington. Johnson a announcement that 1.5 million tons of food grains will be shipped at an Early Date to India was made after an overnight conference at his lbs ranch with agriculture Secretary Orvill m. Freeman. The White House explained that India will get at one time the amount of wheat and other grains it normally would receive Over three months. The shipments have been running at a rate of 500,000 tons a month for the past year under the Public Law 480 surplus food program. India confronted with a desperate food shortage and mounting Over population is now rationing food. White House press Secretary Bill Moyers said Freeman is inviting Indian food minister Chidambaram Subramaniam to come to the United states a a shortly for further discussion. India has informed the United states Britain France and the soviet Union that red chinese forces have been moving up to the a line of actual control All along the Way from the Northeast Frontier Agency in the East to Badakh and Sikkim in the West. Intruding 10-Man chinese patrols have increased in size to 50 or 60. It seems unlikely that the chinese would plan a major military action now. What seems More Likely is that the chinese Are reacting to the fact that both Indian prime minister Lai Bahadur shastra and Pakistan president Mohammed Ayub Khan have visits to president Johnson scheduled soon. Moreover both shastra and Ayub Khan have accepted an invitation from soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin to meet in soviet Tashkent in an attempt to Settle their difficulties. That meeting is expected to take place in january. While it is unlikely that the Tashkent meeting can produce any real agreement especially on the question of Kashmir it does strengthen the soviet claim that the soviets have an important role to play in Asia. The questions president Johnson will put to the two men already have been made Clear. First the president will want to know what the two countries Are doing to improve their relations with each other. Involved in their answers will be the future of american Aid. He also will ask shastra what India is doing to increase her own food production. Relations of both with red China also will be explored. Red China blocked in Viet Nam disappointed by failure of the red led revolt in Indonesia and frustrated in Africa May be looking for new avenues for muscle flexing. She also May seek to convince Ayub Khan that he can get More help from red China against India than he Ever can from the United states. Nearby Neihbors about 90 per cent of Canadas 19,516,000 persons live within 200 Miles of the . Border says National geographic. Ball of fire sighted in Midwest provides mystery for scientists Pittsburgh up a an Orange Ball of fire sighted in seven states and Canada provided scientists military personnel and police with a mystery today. The Ball was seen by air plane pilots weather observers the . Coast guard at Windsor ont., Michigan and residents of Idaho Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania Northern West Virginia and new York. Sources at the Pentagon indicated thursday they believed the Orange Flash was a meteorite. Court orders beatle locks or. Paul Annear of the Baldwin Wallace Observatory said the Flash could have been a bolide a meteor which disintegrates As it Falls to Earth or a meteor Shower expected to come next week. He added that the Large number of sightings by air plane pilots indicated Validity of the reports. A after All these people should know what they Are talking about a he said. Air Force officers state police and area scientists will begin combing for the second time a 75-acre area 30 Miles South of Here in a mountainous wooded area of mount pleasant for debris. Near Lapeer mich., 40 Miles North of Detroit police will again search a swamp where a sheriffs Deputy Lenny Tolly found shredded foil thursday. A it looks like it May have come from the Heel of fireball a said Tolly. He said the foil was made of Lead and shredded in strips one sixteenth of an Inch wide. Mem i be shorn red Toast ill Tsung Jen right acting president of nationalist China in 1949-50 and a resident of Englewood n.j., for almost 16 years before going to peking four months ago where he accused president Johnson of expanding the vietnamese War exchanges toasts with Premier Chau in Lai at a party last week Given by la in Honor of communist party leaders. Up series of new cities proposed to solve population explosion Boston up a the state supreme court ruled tuesday that 17-year-old George geor Gle Porgie Leonard jr., must get a haircut in order to return to school even though it could Hurt him As a beatles que Rock a no Roll musician. A we Are of the opinion that the unusual hair style of the plaintiff could disrupt and impede the maintenance of a proper classroom atmosphere or decorum a the court said. Can you think of any other shop where you can have half As much fun with your Christmas shopping list i i i Candle Mill East Arlington. Vermont 5 daily 9-5 sundays 1-5 Washington up a a California industrialist proposed today that a series of new cities a a the equivalent of a san Francisco or a Washington a be built to provide Homes for the nations burgeoning Urban population. John h. Rubel vice president of Lytton industries inc., and former assistant Secretary of defense for research and engineering made the proposal at a symposium on the problems of americans cities. Rubel said that the project could be planned by the Federal government but carried out by private business. He suggested that Congress charter a company along the lines of the communications satellite corp. Comsat to acquire land and build the new City or cities. Settlement of Only one third of the nation s annual population increase in these new cities would permit construction of a the equivalent of a san Francisco or a Washington d.c., every year a he said. A few new cities of excellent Quality and Promise would gradually turn old cities in new directions Rubel said a partly out of a desire to emulate Success and parly a competitive need to do he said the new cities project would a spearhead a movement toward betterment that would eventually spread across the whole of Urban another speaker at the symposium civil rights Leader Whitney m. Young jr., executive director of the National Urban league urged affirmative programs to improve the lot of negroes in the City. He said they deserved More than equal treatment to overcome years of deprivation. Automated . Bigger buying Power super duper Market depot Street Bennington it. 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