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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 10, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Fair and colder fair and colder tonight with Low temperatures in the teens. Saturday fair and not much change in temperature. Yesterdays High 39 Low 31. Today at 7 ., 33. Sunset 4 15 . Sunrise 7 16 The Moon will be at Perigee tonight 226,500 Miles from Earth. Bennington Bennington Vermont Friday dec Ember to 1965 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,938 to cents a go signals Spur gemini 7 astronauts space Center Houston us a a go. Go. Go Quot signals from Earth stations spurred gemini 7 twins Frank Waves balk Rescue of 27 seamen Dingle Ireland up a Twenty seven greek seamen in life jackets Clung today to the deck of a flooded greek freighter off Southwest Ireland As 40-foot Waves walked Rescue efforts in an Atlantic Gale. Ships and planes stood by to try to save them if the freighter sinks. The 81,000-ton liner Queen Mary tried to shield the crippled freighter with her great bulk during the night but her Captain said it would be a sheer suicide Quot for the men to try to leave their ship. Already three men were washed overboard in trying to abandon the 7,000-ton greek ship constants. The Queen Mary resumed its voyage from England to new York at Dawn As other ships arrived to Shepherd the Costan tis which had a 35-degree list. Her after deck was awash and her holds were flooded. Both lifeboats were smashed. The British ship Surrey trader the norwegian ship stove Vulcan and the italian ship actor la were still standing by. The Cost Antis was located 270 Miles Southwest of the fastnet Rock Lighthouse in Southern Ireland. There were unconfirmed reports the norwegian ship had picked up one survivor the second Engineer and one body. The Royal air Force Raf dropped inflatable rubber dinghies around the greek ship and said it was keeping an air plane constantly circling above. Borman and James Lovell into their sixth cosmic Day today along a nearly perfect circular path toward a unique Quot space Date Quot sunday. Before Dawn had broken Over the United states the two astronauts were Back at work trying to rid their record destined flight of a few minor frustrations a most of them born of Earth s uncooperative weather. Borman and Lovell unshaven and unwashed but Happy at their jobs were firmly zeroed in on the Halfway Mark of their 14-Day, 206 orbit voyage. They will reach that Point saturday afternoon. Gemini 7 began its 86th trip around the world at 6 26 Est. Mission control gave the godhead for 103 orbits carrying gemini 7 into another Day toward its 14-Day goal. Officials said they believed Borman and Lovell had a a concentrated Quot nights sleep possibly the Best one yet. Never had an american manned spaceflight gone so Well so Long. The Quot go. Go. Go Quot reports from ground stations followed the Orbital express along its five mile a second course. At Cape Kennedy plans for launching gemini 6 astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford into orbit sunday to Chase Down gemini went just As smoothly. After getting about six hours of sleep Borman and Lovell awoke about 6 30 Est today said a Quick Quot Good morning sir Quot to a station in the Canary islands and grabbed some Quot instant Quot breakfast. Then they looked for a break from Earth s weather to finish up some experiments that to their frustration had been left hanging. Once again an attempt to talk with Earth Over a beam of laser Light fired by a handheld Quot Ray gun Quot was scheduled. So were numerous picture taking attempts which had been delayed by Clouds covering Many of the target area. For the first time weather did not interfere with the laser beaming. But neither astronaut was Able to spot a a homing Quot laser beam from Hawaii to Ward which the transmission was to be aimed. Second Blastoff set for sunday Cape Kennedy up a astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford fit and ready for a sunday Blastoff got the All Clear from weathermen today and tackled paperwork and practice for their Chase in space after gemini 7. Everything was rolling along smoothly toward the 9 54 Est liftoff sunday. The gemini 6 Pursuit ship emerged from the first round of final launch preparations thursday night institutions Board backs Warden of Windsor prison Windsor us a Vermont s three Man Board at institutions has expressed full Confidence in the Job being done by Warden Robert g. Smith of the state prison Here. In a letter to Smith made Public today the Board took note of a charges levelled against you and the administration of the prison Quot in recent months. Smith and other prison officials have come under fire recently with charges of alleged Quot brutality Quot levelled by 18-year old Ronald Rich. Rich has claimed he was stripped of his clothing beaten about the face and thrown into a cell on death Row for his refusal to be transferred from one area of the prison to another. In a press conference on wednesday gov. Philip h. Hoff said he could not guarantee that riches constitutional rights had been protected in the past but he said he was sure they were being protected at the present time. The Board of institutions comprised of . Petersen Russell g. Sholes and Philip p. Savory said the criticism has a perhaps hindered the administration of a positive rehabilitation program the letters said a although we believe the Public should be made fully aware of the programs and facilities at the state prison the criticism that has entered on the prison has made your Job As custodial superintendent much More with a steady Quot go Quot for flight. Spaceflight weather forecasters predicted perfect weather for the launch site sunday with sunny skies Light southeasterly winds and a 65-degree temperature. The Outlook for All the Ocean Landing areas also was Good. Schirra and Stafford who came within 42 minutes of launch seven weeks ago attended a routine review of testing on their powerful rocket during the morning. Much of the afternoon and evening was allotted to a rehearsal of gemini 6�?Ts critical rendezvous Maneu vers. The pilots planned to a Fly Quot the space Chase in a Dummy capsule with the Houston control Center monitoring the electronic simulation. The gemini 6 pilots passed their final major pre launch physical examination thursday and were declared Quot fit and ready and looking Forward to their Mission Quot by or. Duane Catterson. Their 109-foot space machine was put through a four hour series of radar guidance and life support equipment checks during the evening by Busy engineers and technicians whose record work made the sunday launch Date possible. Today was a general work Day with spacecraft technicians filling the capsule s water Supply hooking up flight articles and preparing for the second portion of the preliminary countdown saturday. X a a hard Steps \arj1 e Landing closes noose on trapped Cong regiment considered in Viet War Austin Tex. Up a president Johnson and his military chiefs today Are reviewing the budgetary Impact of the Viet Nam War with or without the a hard Steps Quot he Hopes peace will preclude. The president detailed his peace offensive in a Telephone speech to the Al Cio convention in san Francisco. While he said the United states is a determined to do All that is necessary Quot to turn Back communist aggression he held out this Olive Branch Quot we Are equally determined that every Prospect for peace be exhausted before other hard Steps Are the president did not explain what a hard Steps Quot Are under consideration but he appeared to temporarily Rule out bombing key targets in Hanoi or in its port City of Haiphong. A lets us Hope however that even at this hour reason might prevail in the minds of other men who hold the key to peace Quot he said. The president described the communist rejections of peace moves in this Way a Only this week we reviewed our efforts for peace in some detail. Our efforts to communicate our desire to talk about peace were met with silence from some shrill propaganda from others. On the crucial question of readiness to meet without conditions the response in Hanoi and still More in peking remains completely Viet deaths reach 1,432 Washington up a latest Pentagon figures show . Combat deaths in Viet Nam totalled 1,432 through monday an increase of 76 during a seven Day period. During the same period the defense department reported thursday the number of . Wounded Rose by 271 for a total of 6,496. Phantom jets give support in new Battle Saigon up a thousands of . Marines poured ashore from the 7th Fleet today and trapped a Viet Cong regiment of 1,500 men already battling vietnamese and other . Marines 20 Miles South of Danang. The marines operation largest since they landed in Viet Nam seven months ago closed a noose on the trapped Viet Cong who were being methodically Cut to pieces by Marine artillery and american and vietnamese planes attacking in great strength with bombs rockets and napalm. A . Marine spokesman predicted the Well entrenched Viet Cong would suffer greater losses than they did in a similar Marine amphibious assault three months ago near Chu Lai that killed an estimated 700 to 1,000 Viet Cong. Enemy losses today were not disclosed. Marine casualties were said to be Light. An idea of the expected heavy communist losses came in a report from two phantom jets which apparently wiped out 150 Viet Cong in an inferno of blazing napalm hurled against a clump of Trees where they had taken Refuge. The Battle zone was some 20 Miles South of Danang and about 20 Miles Inland. It was in this same area the Viet Cong Cut a government crack Ranger battalion to ribbons earlier this week with a Point Blank attack As the rangers rushed in to Aid a trapped government unit. It is about 335 Miles Northeast of Saigon. A . Spokesman who wac a tired . 1st infantrymen take a break after a Battle near Michelin Plantation in South Viet Nam when the unit came to assist embattled South vietnamese troops ambushed by the Viet Cong. Up report gives utilities blackout responsibility guards Gatun a woman in new Delhi India guards a Small Heap of Grain As the City a estimated three million population this week were issued ration cards which allows each person 16 pounds of food Grain each month. Up Albany . A a preliminary report issued thursday by the Public service commission does not shed much Light on the possible ways of a voiding another massive Power failure but does place the responsibility of prevention squarely on the Utility companies. The 24-Page report prepared for gov. Nelson Rockefeller and the legislature indicates that no definite answer on prevention will be available until the Utility and Power officials scrutinize a mass of reports on the nov. 9 blackout. The report Complete with diagrams charts and maps detailing the massive interconnecting system that supplies Power to eight states and parts of Canada Points out that a Quot minor event Quot judge avers courts used to Dodge draft Barre up a municipal judge Arthur n. Mcleod said today he thinks Man., Young men Are trying to avoid military service by having court cases pending. Mcleod who is chairman of selective service Board no. 12 in Barre said a i think their mothers put them up to he said Many of the Young men get themselves arrested for motor vehicle offences and then plead innocent in court. He said they can not be drafted until the charge has been dropped or they change their pleas. on the inside columnist san. Ogden comments on the Cambridge . Physician beaten by six Hunters a Page 4. North Bennington wrestles with unification question a Page 8. Snow Valley ski area is sold a Page 8. Rendered the network Quot useless in a few Quot while it seems evident that Large interconnections Are a necessary part of the modern electrical design if they Are to continue ways to protect the individual systems from the possibility of a recurrence of a disaster of a magnitude like that experienced nov. 9 must be found. The primary responsibility therefore is that of the Utility companies Quot declares the report. Quot obviously Steps must be taken to reduce As much As possible the time of the restoration process Quot the report continues and adds Quot More detailed analysis of restoration techniques must be completed before any definite conclusions or recommendations can be made. Reported the Marine Landing disclosed that other marines were flown in thursday by helicopter to Ald the hard pressed vietnamese fighting an enemy that appeared determined to fight to the last Man. The spokesman said today a Marine Landing supported by Strong air Force units had a blocked and trapped Quot the Viet Cong regiment dug into Strong positions in the coastal areas that Long have been a communist stronghold. The marines appeared to be attacking in great Force. A spokesman used the term a Multi battalion Quot a 3,000 to 4,500 troops. A Marine battalion runs somewhere Between 1,200 and 1,500 men. About 1,000 South vietnamese were involved. Fighting was described As a heavy Quot As the vietnamese and marines fought the communist entrenched in bunkers trenches and tunnels with heavy machine guns and mortars. Marine casualties were de scribed As a a Light but in recent sure to surpass operation Days the vietnamese have Starlight of three months ago taken heavy losses. When marines moved into an the Marine operation was area South of Danang and dubbed Quot Harvest Moon Quot and a killed an estimated 700 to 1,000 High ranking officer said it was Viet Cong. Deane Davis retires John t. Fey named Montpelier a Deane c. Davis considered a top contender for the Republican gubernatorial nomination next year today announced his retirement As president of National life insurance co. Here. Davis will be replaced by or. John t. Fey former president of the University of Vermont next july i. Davis was elected chairman and executive officer by the company s Board of directors this morning. Fey 48, will let a the youngest president in the 115-year history of the Mutual firm. National life operates in All 50 states and the District of Columbia. Or. Fey currently is president of the University of Wyoming. He has been a director of National life since 1962. He spent six years As president of the University of Vermont. Davis a former Superior court judge in Vermont joined National life in 1940. He has often been mentioned As a leading candidate for governor on next year s Republican ticket. Brezhnev and Kosygin emerge on top in Kremlin reshuffle Moscow up a the team headed by communist party chief Leonid Brezhnev and Premier Alexei Kosygin appeared today to have emerged stronger than Ever from a Kremlin reshuffle. As the dust settled from the dramatic Power shifts thursday it appeared Clear that the current collective leadership has acquired stability and that the changes May have even strengthened their Rule. The event in the Public spotlight was the resignation from the presidency of the soviet Union of 70-year-old Anastas Mikoyan a durable Veteran of the 1917 bolshevik revolution. Standing stoop shouldered and speaking in a Low voice one of the last of the a old bolsheviks Quot announced before the supreme soviet or parliament that he wanted to resign because of age and ill health. The soviet Union acquired a new president when Brezhnev simply announced that the communist party Central committee meeting a Day before the supreme soviet session had agreed upon Nikolai Podgorny to succeed Mikoyan As the seventh soviet president. Podgorny observers pointed out will not be Able to devote much time to party affairs because of his exacting presidential duties. Governor of Vermont predicts snowballing Prosperity in �?T66 editor s note the following was written by gov. Philip h. Hoff in a year end report on state of Vermont s Economy. By Philip h. Hoff governor of Vermont As written for up Montpelier up a Vermont approaches the year 1966 on the tide of a snowballing Prosperity. Expansion is the password in All areas of economic activity in the Green Mountain state. In 1964 Twenty new companies employing 297 persons invested $2,731,000 in plants Here. This expansion Pace accelerated during the current year. By this fall la new companies employing 395 persons had invested nearly a million for capital projects in Vermont. Total insured payrolls were up $17 million during the first half on 1965 compared with the corresponding six month period of 1964. Early Snow already blanketing much of the state is gov. Philip h. Hoff expected to prepare Vermont slopes for a record number of skiers using an expanded number of facilities this Winter season. Thus Vermont looks to the future confident of balanced growth and development. This growth has permitted Vermont to move Forward in the areas of expanded Public services without significant new taxation in the past several years. State Aid to local school districts for example has been increased by 70 per cent since the 1962-63 fiscal biennium. State funds for vocational education have been increased 280 per cent in the same period. The state has stepped up its program of ass stance to new and expanding industries its efforts to conserve its Rich store of natural resources and to improve social services to its population. Vermont indeed is acting on every front to preserve the Best of its Rich heritage at the same time it gives increasing recognition to the needs of a modern society. This approach is reflected in new legislation to be presented the 1966 general Assembly in a wide variety of areas of Public concern. The general Assembly will be asked to initiate action for governmental Reform for establishment of a state educational television network for a Long Range penal modernization program for a major acceleration in its Highway construction program so that All sections of the state will soon be served by an arterial system of modern design. To do this As efficiently and As effectively As possible i shall ask the legislature to continue efforts toward Region ligation of Many of Vermont s administrative procedures. This applies equally to our judicial system As Well As to our system of school District organization. It requires expanded services to agriculture As Well As to regional planning and development organizations. Vermont has made great Progress during the past few years. But it must continue to look to the future if we Are to control our growth and expansion and not merely react to developments inherent in our position As part of an Ever shrink \

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