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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Bennington, Vermont I Bennington Banner saturday August 31, 1963 w a Shin Pion ailing the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials Progress on population control to the continuing debate Over population problems and birth control the Rev. John a. Of Brien of the University of notre Dame has made a clarifying contribution. In his article published this week in two major Catholic and protestant magazines father of Brien Points out that roman catholics protestants and jews a Are in substantial agreement a on principles for dealing with the worlds constantly growing population. They agreed on the need for a prudent regulations of births and on the need for recognition of the responsibilities entailed in procreation. On that common ground says father of Brien they a can work together with each group following its conscience to achieve the same important such a statement helps Clear away misconceptions that impede rational discussion of population problems. It underlines the fact that the enlightened views of Church leaders have not in every Case filtered Down to their flocks a that Many arguments about a birth control Are caused by misunderstanding of the positions of other faiths. For if father of Brien is Correct Indr. . Dubois civil rights Pioneer by the time . Burghardt Dubois died in Ghana this week at the age of 95, he had become a figure in the history books. No longer a propelling Force in the race movement to which he had devoted so Many years he was Hal forgotten by a generation More conversant with the achievements of the Rev. Or. Martin Luther King James Baldwin and Roy Wilkins. Yet for the larger part of the first half of this Century or. Dubois had a greater Impact than any of these men do today. As teacher author of a dozen Fine books Magazine editor political organizer he fought the Early Battles for negro rights while helping to shape history. There might not be a National association for the advancement of coloured people today if Dubois in 1905 had not initiated a Call for a aggressive action which became known As the Niagara movement and ultimately the a act. There might not have been a civil rights March in Washington wednesday if or. Dubois had not in weighed 50 years before against Booker t. Wash Cam Merit hats Are dolled to partakers in the March Brattle b orc re former our hats ire doffed to the nearly 20 Windham county residents taking part this week in the civil rights a a March in the nations capital. It is unfortunate that More persons from the Southeastern Corner of Vermont did not make the pilgrimage Over 60 from the Bennington area did but the local delegation should make us All proud nonetheless. There is something most significant in the sea of White faces that departed the Brattleboro and Putney areas for the demonstration for negro liberties. It was not so terribly Long ago that demonstrations for this cause included vers few White faces and too mans americans took the mistaken position that the White demonstrator was a some kind of but attitudes have changed with relative abruptness. Whites Are now numerous in the ranks of negroes protesting inequalities and except for the diehard segregationists a few persons ruffle their eyebrows anymore at the interracial efforts to achieve citizen rights. And that a what its All about. Citizen rights. It is not a negro cause alone just because it concerns negroes. Freedom lovers regardless of color Are expressing deep concern for denials of citizenship rights in the worlds Foremost democracy to one segment of the nation s citizenry. The surest Way to keep people from jumping Down your Throat is to keep your Mouth shut. A Ashland k an Clipper. I he degree of Progress throughout the country can be compared to the womanly figure some areas Are underdeveloped a few Are just right and some Are even falsely pal led. Towns county Ca Herald. Perhaps the March a greatest Success was in shoving aside the extremists his thesis that a the Catholic Church does not forbid birth regulations but simply forbids some methods of limiting families then discussion of the population problem comes Down to consideration of various Means to the same end. There is basis for the belief that research will produce a thoroughly effective method of birth control which will receive Church Sanction. This be it noted is a More Liberal View of family planning than is attributed to the Catholic Church by most of its critics and indeed by some of its friends. It is a far cry from the uninformed View that the Church endorses Large families regardless of the parents ability to support and rear them. That misconception with its overtones of hitlers and Mussolini a campaigns for Ever More babies has let informed Catholic theologians in for undeserved censure. Thus father of Brien has performed a service for his Church in clearly outlining the common ground upon which it stands with other faiths. His words support the growing Hope that reason May one Day solve the worlds population problems. In ton and his policy of a acquiescence or at least no open wherever the negro has made strides in America there you find that Dubois has ventured already Clearing the Way. As an innovator intellectual activist and articulator of his Peoples deepest feelings this native of nearby Berkshire county will always have a place in accounts of the negro in North America. He enhanced and clarified the question of race which he called a the Central problem of the greatest of the worlds democracies and so the problem of the future that in the last two years of an unusually Long life his achievement should be tarnished by conversion to the communist cause is regrettable. But this is almost an irrelevancy Given his earlier strictures against communism in the United states and his lifelong opposition to violent revolution. If political labels must be applied he was More socialist than communist but even that term does not wholly fit. For the truth is that Dubois was concerned with improving the negroes lot first and with economic theory second. Though Young negroes May not recognize the name he is one big reason they Are witnessing the Dawn of a better Day. By Marquis Childs Washington. It was part Camp meeting part Joyful picnic and part a determined almost fierce political rally uniting people of so Many kinds and conditions. Above All it was an answer to the scoffers hoping for the worst. Gov. George Wallace of Alabama had sneered at what he called an organized civil War a rabble looking for trouble. No one watching that vast crowd sweeping away from the Lincoln memorial could help but be impressed by the quiet and the patience with which they stood As the hours wore on listening to a program that was inevitably too Long. They had come from All Over the country schooled in the need for dignity and restraint. All the dire forebodings about what might happen with such an influx of people were put to naught. At times it seemed they were almost too restrained. Only when the chant a pass that Bill a now and then swept Over the assemblage starting just under the speakers platform and sweeping out to the farthest reaches under the elms along the mall did the crowd seem to take life. But the depth of feeling was there just beneath the surface. In the response to the fiery words of John Lewis chairman of the student non violent coordinating committee calling on the marches and the demonstrations to continue until Equality should be won you could be sure that this was not just a glorious Outing that was an end in itself. The negro leaders who spoke were All veterans of a War still going on and the March was merely a pause in which to recite Battles won and warn of the Long and difficult Campaign still ahead. How much that great demonstration a the greatest test in the history of the capital a will mean for civil rights legislation is hard to say. In the cold Light of the morning after As the weary marchers return Home it May seem Small indeed. Attitudes Are hardening on both sides of the integration line. In the House members of the Liberal bloc feel that the Ken a in this boat we re All integrated Nedy administration has made a characteristic tactical error in asking for less than a full measure of civil rights and expecting to take less than that. Rep. James Roosevelt d-calif., and others have been pressing the White House to include a fair employment practices provision. The crowd held up an impressive number of signs calling for a Federal Fec. Administration supporters Are saying that it will be enough to get the Basic Structure of civil rights legislation then expand upon it in the years ahead. A lot of hard work and a lot of Luck will be necessary for even the first fundamental step. But la the legislation is watered Down a the Public accommodation Section amended to cover Only establishments with 50 or More employees for example a the deep and dangerous frustration for which the March was a temporary outlet will build up again. A of the Crux of the whole matter is jobs. The most forthright expression of this came from Walter Reuther of the United Auto workers. Without jobs for both Whites and negroes in an expanding Economy civil rights tend to seem a theoretical privilege for the affluent of both races. Regardless of How much it finally Means in the civil rights score this great orderly mass outpouring will go Down in the history of the capital As a Triumph. The setting and the Day were perfect. As the hours wore on the Shaft of the Washington Monument threw a deepening Shadow on the reflecting Pool framed by the crowd stretching almost its entire length. They had sat through to the end with Little movement with Only at the extremities people coming and going As the oratory wore on. They were rewarded by the closing speech of Martin Luther King or. Which Rose above Mere oratory to a moving peroration of what the future can mean for an America that has wiped out the hatred of race prejudice. Rev. Or. King and the other leaders had shown not Only that they could organize such a gathering but that in this critical juncture they could hold the support of the mass of the negro people. The extremists were pushed to the Remote sidelines. And that is perhaps the greatest measure of the Success of a Day that has had few if any parallels in the life of this Bennington a Post office project to the editor of the Banner a your editorial on the Post office project is stimulating but there Are Points that need closer examination. One is on the need for better facilities. Facts relative to this were published in the Banner a year ago sept. 13, 19g2 and no editorial comment was forthcoming. This also Points up the fact that a new Post office has not been rushed. This proposal is at least three years old and has been before the Public for almost a year. This has not happened overnight or kept hidden from the Public. To keep the record straight the commission is the new element on the scene not the Post office proposal itself. Second is or. Burdiss Assumption that the Post office now is a pedestrian oriented and that any new site be based on this orientation. The fact is that the great mass of downtown traffic is not pedestrian but vehicular. Once they get Dow Street they then become pedestrians. Therefore the location of new facilities perhaps should be based on the vehicular pattern As Well As the pedestrian. An area within two blocks of the present building could and would meet both requirements. Third or. Wakefield s statement relative to authorization being a withdrawn overnight is not a threat but Plain common sense and a practical necessity. An option is secured for a limited time and unless it is picked up the land is again placed on the Market. Your editorial comments on the school site can also be applied to the Post office site. By nitpicking we May lose a most acceptable site. Fourth your quote a we better hurry this new Post office project along or there May not be any Money left. There is no time left to prepare a plan for although hedged by a in effect a this was never discussed or even implied at the court House meeting. The fact that a Post office building is proposed is sufficient reason to believe that a plan has been considered. As Point of fact several Sites have been examined and their Over All effect on the potential growth of Bennington considered by responsible authorities. Actually the question of a Money left is not valid in this instance. If government Money were to be used in building the Post office then the editorialist would have sufficient grounds to use that statement. However under the leasing principle a private concern would build using its own Money and the Post office would lease the property under contract. The question of available Money is of Little concern in this instance. The particular site optioned has been approved by the Village zoning committee and the trustees As a commercial zone. There is no conflict with present planning. Fifth or. Wakefield has gone out of his Way to keep officials informed on his responsibility and his reasoning. This includes members of the planning commission. It is now the responsibility of the planning commission to present alternate Sites within the framework of the needs for new facilities. Areas that do not provide for future expansion or that tax existing Community facilities cannot be seriously considered. The Burden of responsibility rests on the planning com Missic i and the decision should be soon if Bennington is to have the proper postal facilities it needs. We in Bennington Are Apt to talk Progress but reluctant to practice it. Donald c. Hicks. 132 Coolidge ave. Bennington. Rod and Pun september Trout by Roy Marsden there seems to be some confusion about the length of Trout season and the methods permitted after mid August when our season formerly ended. A Small pamphlet put out by the Vermont fish and game department and available at the counter in the town clerks office titled a syllabus fish Laws and regulations for Vermont a 1962 edition will give you the Complete Story. Unless you Are interested on regulations other than Trout lean save you researching the Law by telling you that it is permissible to Angle for Trout by the same methods permitted at any other time during the open season and that the open season does not close until Midnight sept. 30, 1963. For Many years August 14 was the last Day for taking Trout. Then the Law was changed to permit Fly fishing Only through August. However our season now runs from the last saturday in april through the month of september. Fall Trout fishing can sometimes be productive after a spell of Cool weather and with the foliage beginning to brighten it can be most enjoyable. Personally i find that my Trout fever has subsided considerably by the first of september but i do make an Effort to fish a couple of times during the month just for the novel it of it. Trout taste just As Good then tool checking recently with Bob Keir local fish hatchery superintendent i was told that the stocking program for the year would soon be completed As far As Legal Trout Are concerned. Bob and his Crew have placed approximately 90,000 Trout from the local hatchery All Legal length or better this year and the ones to be stocked in the final trip Are Browns and rainbows two year Olds running to to 12 inches in length. A of Harriman Reservoir near Wilmington has been experimentally stocked for four years with Lake Trout and some Browns. Earlier in the season this year some really Good Lake Trout were taken and whenever Brown Trout Are present they Are taken As Well. Vermont is carrying out this experimental project at Harriman in an attempt to find out w hat Lake Trout can do in this body of water. The place has the qualifications for Good Lake Trout water but the Only Way to be sure whether this species will thrive there is to Stock them for a per Iod of several years then wait and see what returns the fishermen come in with. A number of years ago a program of stocking feeder streams with a a Fry was initiated in Bennington county. Streams running into the Batten kill from East Dorset to West Arlington were stocked with Brook Trout that were so Small As to have to be measured by cubic centimetres in a Beaker rather than counted. This method proved to be Good and has been continued wherever possible. In addition Keir tells me that this year a surplus of fingerling Trout will be carried Back into these feeder streams and introduced into these Waters to eventually increase in size and find their Way downstream to the bigger streams. This probably is the nearest to a a natural fish that can be introduced into our streams today. These Small Trout will be in the Waters Long enough to spend a couple of years before being caught and should be stronger and much More self sustaining than Trout that Are raised to Legal size at the hatchery before being stocked. If you have been plagued in the past by the recoil from your Shotgun a revolutionary development in Basic firearm design introduced at the 64th annual grand american trap shooting tournament will solve your recoil problems. The Winchester Western division of Olin Mathieson chemical corp., is offering a Shotgun with a unique a Hydra coils device that reduces the traditional recoil from 280 pounds to a gentle 38-Pound shove. Developed by inventor photographer Ralph o. Hogue of Hollywood calif., the hoary Coil unit is the result of More than five years of research and development. This three part unit basically a Hydraulic Piston Cylinder system that utilizes air As a compressing agent acts similarly to an automobile Shock absorber. First it absorbs most of the recoil before the Force reaches the shooters shoulder secondly it then spreads the remaining kick Over a longer period of time so that the punishing slap of recoil is reduced to a mild nudge. Winchester is featuring the Hydra Coil system in both its 12 gauge trap and skeet Model 12 slide action shotguns at the same Price As its Monte Carlo trap gun without the new device. The Hydro Coil unit without Stock and Matching forearm May be purchased for any existing Model 12 trap or skeet Shotgun for $80. Phi the , a wire giant acquires pow Navy Warren wire 11% m mini r klan the March is. The fund mar Comrade Tiro pah of a pleasure to see to the editor of the Banner a Lawrence Harrington a letter aug. 23 deserves More comment. Fittingly titled a a Many a destiny guided by a child a it related to taking coloured children into Homes for summer vacations through the new York Herald Tribune fresh air fund. Through this fund giving City children a taste of family and country life More work is done toward integration than any legislation or it begins where it should with the youth. After conversation with mrs. Fred Stacy county chairman of the fund i Learned that no one who has been publicly identified with the recent a March on Washington has shown any interest in the fresh air children or has contributed to the fund. How much better if the Money that was spent on the a a March were spent on giving these children a Concrete example of integration. Statistically Bennington county has contributed $180 to the fund. This summer there were 96 children brought Here to enjoy a country vacation. Of these three fourths were coloured. For More than 30 years i have contributed and followed the work of this fund. On various occasions i have been in Contact with the children brought Here. This summer a 10-Yearold coloured boy More polite and outgoing than Many children of my acquaintance was a guest in my Home on several occasions. With the children a real a a March should be started. Mrs. James a. Horne. I Margaret Lane Bennington. Pownal. A was i desire thee a a line from an opera might Well be the gauge of Industrial development Progress. An example could be Warren wire co., which this week came under the management of Walter Stred of Cornish wire of Williamstown mass. Warren is the latest acquisition of the wire giant general Cable which acquired Cornish in 1958. Warren wire makes High temperature wire with special insulation suited to space age use. General Cable in its 40 plants had none which produced this commodity. Warren was desired for this reason and quickly grabbed. A of to some. This might be just another stitch in the seam which has been sewed in North Berkshire and Southern Vermont in the past decade a takeover of Little business by big business. To the uninitiated this is just another example of the death of individual business initiative. In a sense that is True but ifs a country mile from being the whole truth. To illustrate the manager of a Plant employing 1,100 once told me head prefer to have la plants with too workers each strategically scattered across the nation. He said that a couple of decades ago and was far ahead of his time for big business has since Learned the Wisdom of decentralization. In its acquisition of these smaller businesses big business has generally continued the same management Only occasionally pulling up the Little Guys socks to conform with better management practices. The big firm has greater Access to National and world markets and everybody benefits under the arrangement. In the past industries frequently passed from father to son and by the time they reached grandson the current owner had Little interest and less Talent for the business. Result was that the business died men and women were thrown out of work and the Community lost a taxpaying Industry. Even the heirs had nothing for by that time machinery was worn out As Well As antiquated and it went to the junkman. A of family concerns in which Many Are involved in management and production May retain the skill through generations for the successful conduct of their business. But age poses the problems of death and death duties often so heavy As to upset management through forced Sale of Stock to pay these levies to the government. A Case in Point comes to mind a family owned firm successful for 150 years saw the Heads of two branches of the families in their 70s. They sold to an International outfit for close to $100 million and continued to operate the Plant with the guarantee that its control would not pass into unknown unskilled hands. At the other end of the scale is the Small business encouraged by Industrial development groups and aided by local and Federal financing. In most cases these plants representing vision planning and a widely sought product go their Happy and successful Way until they reach the Point where expansion and capture of a new and larger Market is needed. No business can afford to stand still. This Little product of an Industrial development drive is at the Crossroads when this occurs. Often it cannot make the big jump by itself. Stul tidied it squats and glowers at a world suddenly turned sour. Then apparently out of the Blue comes an offer for acquisition by some National organization. Actually this is the gauge of what Success it has made a that it has become a xxi enough to be desired by the big outfit. Northern Berkshire development corp. Has not been in operation sufficiently Long for this to come about. Its director Roger Jewett sees such a merger As the Crown of Victory on his organizations efforts when it comes. He cites the Case of Hoosac Mills Arnold print James Hunter machine new England Lime Hooker chemical Brightwater paper and Dewey and Almy All acquired by National concerns and going bigger and better than Ever. Local help and management have been retained and the firms show steady growth since taking advantage of the big parents markets and other resources. Acquisition by big business of Little business works out Well Jewett contends pointing to Case after Case throughout the nation where the Little Fellows business and future were assured by merger when apparently roadblocks choked the path to Progress and Security for firm and employees. Pownal and Vermont both face definite Assurance of growth and Security through Warren s merger with general Cable. Through the management of the two general plants one in Williamstown and the other in Pownal a closer link is forged Between the two All tied up Ever wonder Why Mountain climbers Are always roped together its to keep the sensible ones from going Home. A Wall Street our Tuil

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