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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy cooler saturday partly Cloudy with scattered showers a Little cooler and less humid. High in upper 60s or Low 70s, with northerly winds to to 15 . Saturday night fair and Cool. Bennington Bennington. Vermont. Saturday. August 31. 1963 Anner established 1841. 60th year. No. 19.271 Price 7 cent coast guard urged to act on russian spy trawlers Washington apr House investigators demanded Friday that the coast guard take Swift action whenever soviet fishing trawlers that might be snooping for intelligence Are spotted in . Waters. They contended the government is putting undue emphasis on the presumption that soviet vessels cruising off Florida Are in innocent passage from North Atlantic fishing grounds to cuban ports. The recommendation was made by the House armed services investigations subcommittee in a report on its investigation of soviet trawler traffic in . Territorial Waters. The subcommittees key proposal a the agencies concerned should adopt a uniform National policy which would permit the coast guard to take such immediate and unilateral action As May be required in the National interest whenever vessels have electronic or other capabilities which constitute a threat to the Security of our country Are found Tran new k to k hot line is ready to be used Washington apr the White House Kremlin a hotline a intended to provide instant emergency communication Between the chiefs of state is ready for use the Pentagon announced Friday night. A terse one sentence announcement said Only that the a direct communication link Between Washington and Moscow is now in reply to a question a spokesman said this meant that both the land wire and radio circuits Between the capitals now Are ready. The idea in setting up the facility was that in event of emergency it might reduce the Chance of accidental inadvertent nuclear War. During the crisis last october Over the presence of soviet missiles in Cuba the existing communications channels often proved to be slow and unwieldy. Tests of . And soviet equipment for the new a hot line had been under Way for some time followed lately by tests on the circuits themselves. Soviet equipment was installed in the Pentagon last monday. Installation of . Equipment in Moscow was completed on aug. I. The Pentagon is the mechanical operating terminal for both the land line Tran Ocean circuit and the alternate radio circuit. However direct connections relay the circuits directly through to the White House. The .-soviet agreement to install the line was signed at Geneva on june 20, following Long policy and technical discussions and negotiations Between representatives of the two governments. The hot line uses the teletype system rather than a Telephone voice line. The reason for this is to avoid misunderstanding which might occur through language differences in an Exchange of spoken words even though interpreters were used. Additionally the Tel printers provide written record which May be preserved and studied. The . Equipment being used transmits printed words at a rate of too a minute the russian equipment at go words a minute. Each nation originates the message in its own language. However All messages Are put into cryptographic machines to a a scramble the message and thus preserve secrecy against possible tapping on the line by a third party. The line will be manned around the clock by teletype operators and translators. The duplex wire Telegraph Cir cult extends via Overland and Cable connections from Washington to London Copenhagen Stockholm Helsinki and Moscow. The alternate duplex radio circuit goes from Washington to Tangier in North Africa and from there to Moscow. This is an alternate circuit in Case of trouble on the land line. Siting our territorial the report coincided with a statement by sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., that the activities of soviet fishing vessels off Cape cod form an a ominous Kennedy said the coast guard has counted 169 vessels in the Fleet and he added there Are undoubtedly Many More concealed by fog cover. The president s brother said intrusions can be anticipated from a Fleet of that size. Under existing Law he said the Only thing that can be done is to order ships to Back off if they begin fishing in . Territorial Waters. The subcommittee said numerous soviet vessels have been seen off the East coast of Florida in the past six months Many inside the three mile limit. Soviet trawlers also have been reported recently sensing off the West coast from Washington to Southern California past . Missile Sites. The Navy has had them under surveillance. Mystery St die Falls. Raffles Kent i mope Hartford. England apr Straw fell for an hour from Clouds Over this part it Kent today baffling one and All. Joyce Hyams wife of a Farmer the outskirts of the Community said a i was hanging out some washing when i text Straw tailing All Over me. I looked up and the sky seemed full of the Straw fall quickly spread to the City and soon local residents were Busy with brooms and pitchforks removing it from streets and lawns. The weird phenomenon stopped As suddenly As it had begun. Kennedy appeals to restore foreign Aid Freedo to does n t k1 i Ping Vith during a Rescue operation a i s military adviser right keeps a Lookout Tor rebel soldiers in \ let t Ong infested territory near Hen cat Northwest of Saigon South \ let Nam the downed c Hopper landed in lie Rice Paddy due to engine failure and a powerful 11-37 makes the Rescue with a Sling a photo i red gunners kill 2 americans i Vietnam Fri opposed to Bobby on a Cosa Nostra disclosures Washington apr recent disclosures about the nationwide crime Syndicate known As a Cosa Nostra will make the fight against it More difficult j. Edgar Hoover said Friday. Hoover Fri director publicly evaluated for the first time the Justice department s disclosure that Joseph Val Acle 33-year member of the Syndicate had spilled to Federal agents Many of its operating secrets and named its chieftains. A recent disclosures in the fight against organized crime serve in a larger degree to magnify the enormous task which lies Hoover said in the of big a september Law enforcement bulletin. Hoover gave substance to recent recons that the Fri had opposed atty. Gen. Roben f. Kennedy s decision to make Public the Valachi Story and bring the mobster out of hiding to testify next month before a Senate subcommittee. The Fem is known to be firmly opposed to disclosing a for any reason a the names of informants for years its vital underworld sources of information will dry up. Hoovers description of the Malachi revelations left the distinct impression that they were largely stale news. Rather than providing new information Hoover said. Vala chips tales a corroborated and embellished the facts developed by the Fri As Early As 19g1 which disclosed the makeup of the Gangland the Valachi talks began in june 19g2. He said. A Justice department source has described the Valachi talks As a a major intelligence Saigon South Viet Nam apr communist gunners shot up 18 . Helicopters and killed two More americans on Friday in the War that parallels South Viet names Buddhist crisis. A . Army h21 helicopter was downed in flames and two americans aboard it perished 30 Miles Northwest of Saigon Acair ital bedecked for a mass demonstration expected saturday in support of president Ngo Dinh diem a government four were wounded. Seventeen other h2is, assigned like the downed Craft to ferry vietnamese troops for a raid on a guerrilla hideout near the cambodian Border were hit by red ground fire. One was reported punctured by 11 bullets in addition five of the elderly banana shaped transports were forced Down by mechanical trouble. A military spokesman said three americans were wounded by communist shots when other helicopters landed in the area of the crash to investigate. Names of All the casualties were withheld. Hie fliers deaths brought to 54 the number of americans killed in action on vietnamese soil. The toll from All causes including a preparing for that ride on the Rutland rails first of Hilf to move Over local Rutland railway tracks in almost two years was this Boston and Maine inspection car which Friday checked the six Nile stretch Between Bennington and Whit reek n v Ben Mont papers division of the pow chemical co. Expects to operate its own Industrial Yard service shunting loaded boxcars to connect with the Boston and Maine. Inspection will determine work that needs to be done to rehabilitate tracks i he local Industry which h will lease a diesel locomotive Hopes to have the private serv ice operating by mid september meanwhile two new Jersey men Are negotiating a least with the state Tor permanent resumption of Public service on the 140-mile Stretc h of now abandoned Rutland tracks Between Burlington and i bite Creek staff photos a buc Kler mine that killed 18 come cheaply closed probe starts a dents is 99. Hundreds have been wounded. Strained relations remained evident Between South Viet Nam and its giant ally. One Issue was the fact the . Aid Mission a pipeline for american millions in support of Viet n Jpn a Economy and armed is sheltering two Buddhist monks who sought Asylum there from the military crackdown on the Buddhist foes of diem last week. . Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge is reported to have rejected new demands from the South vietnamese government for their surrender. This move was interpreted As a toughening of . In policy toward diem a regime that could precipitate a diplomatic clash. New negroes jeered in i Lute neighbourhood Folcroft a. Apr a negro family was moved into a previous All White housing development Friday under a cordon of 50 state troopers and the jeering of More than 200 persons. Horace and Sara Baker were driven to their Home by Phillip Savage Tri state director of the National association for tile advancement of coloured people. Moving Van w orders began carrying furniture in after the Bakers and the crowd began shouting a niggers some rocks were thrown and one smashed a window. The crowd standing near the Home began pushing ahead but police pushed it Back. The crowd included Many children and teen agers who also joined in deriding the negroes and police. One teen Ager was taken into custody. Four clergymen and a University of Pennsylvania professor stood in front of the House to Welcome the Bakers. They too were booed. Northeast gun delay Florida route fuse w of Kington apr the civil aeronautics Board Friday granted Northeast airlines an additional 15 Days to seek reconsideration of the decision that the company must give up its new York Florida route. Northeast had said its interests would be a gravely prejudiced ii it were required to file its a get tuition Tor reconsideration by sept. 4. Cab associate chief examiner Thomas l. Wrenn notified Northeast that the filing Date had been extended to sept. 19. Northeast has applied for a subsidy to help it continue operations. The Board has ruled that subsidy payments will Start Only when Northeast drops its Florida service and reverts to operations As a new England regional air Moab Utah apr the $40-million Texas Gulf Malphur co. Potash mine was ordered closed indefinitely Friday pending a joint state Federal investigation of an underground explosion that killed 18 men. Pockets of Carbon monoxide Gas still remained deep in the 3,000-foot tunnels and Crews had to abandon temporarily efforts to recover the body of the last victim. Only two of the seven survivors were still in the Hospital and both were in Good condition. Four of the five men rescued thursday night after being trapped 49 hours spent the night at Home. The bodies of it men disfigured beyond recognition still Lay under Green Canvas covers on the floor of a downtown garage used As a temporary morgue. The mine was ordered closed by James Westfield safety director for the . Bureau of mines and Casper a. Nelson Utah Industrial commissioner. The investigation will Start labor Day and could take weeks to Complete. It will Start with an underground study of the explosion area if conditions in the tunnels Are Safe. Top men of the . Bureau of mines and agencies of the state of Utah started preliminary investigations Friday while people in this Little mining town of 6,500 . Phone Union okays new contract Boston apr the new England Telephone amp Telegraph co. Said Friday the International brotherhood of Telephone workers representing 12,500employes, has accepted a new contract Oiler a the last of four unions to come to terms. The company said the brotherhoods International executive Council has recommended acceptance of the new contract. The Union s membership will vote on ratification sept. In. New England Telephone said acceptance of t h e company a package by the four unions rep representing 27,000 workers a is Worth Over $12 million annually to its employees. This will be increased by $2 million in 1965.�?� tried to help the widows and their families. Members of 54 civic and Church organizations in the Community started a fund and sent volunteers door to door with fruit jars to collect Money. A chamber of Commerce official said the goal is to collect at least $5,000 for the immediate Cash needs of families of the dead miners. No Trace of Bova in mine Hazleton a. Apr a Rescue worker went Down 300 feet underground Friday night into the Henry throne David Fellin cubicle but found no Trace of the third missing Miner Louis Bova. Fellin and throne were rescued last tuesday after 14 Days. They and Bova were trapped at 9 . Aug. 13 after a Cave in at a mine at nearby Sheppton. And Bitko 36, of Pottsville went Down the 18-Inch Shaft through which throne and Fellin were hauled to safety. Like them he was transported in an open safety harness which looks like a Parachute Rig. As soon As Bitko reached the surface and made his report the three drilling rigs resumed attempts to sink shafts in the direction where Bova was believed to be trapped. They had been quiet a along with everything else except a Generator Supply ing Power for electric Light a while Bitko went Down. Earlier f riday a to camera was lowered into the cubicle and a picture showed what appeared to be a body. A what appeared to lie the image of a Man was the remains of the plug that had been used to close up the 12-Inch Hole before they widened it into 18 inches and brought Fellin and throne to the surface a Bitko said. A my inspection of the area where Fellin and throne had been indicated that it would have been impossible to Tunnel from there to where Bova might be entombed on the opposite Side of the slope a Bitko added. By Ann is port mass. Apr president Kennedy remarking that Freedom does not come a easily or cheaply a appealed Friday for restoration of the $585 million the House Cut from the foreign Aid program. The president met for an hour at his Squaw Island summer Home with Gen. Lucius d. Clay David e. Bell director of the Agency for International development and presidential assistant Ralph Dungan. Clay a Republican is chairman of a committee which earlier in the year recommended a gradual reduction in foreign Aid programs. After their meeting the president told reporters the Mutual Security program has protected dozens of countries since 1945. A More importantly a he said a it has protected the Security and the Best interests of the United Clay standing with the president said his committee is greatly concerned about the reductions in military Aid and in the Alliance for Progress program for latin America. A we think these reductions have gone too far and that they seriously endanger this program a Clay said. However in Washington a Senate House Republican leadership committee said that if bipartisan support for foreign Aid has been destroyed the president himself destroyed it by blaming the gop for drastic House cuts. The leadership group is led by sen. Everett m. Durksen of Illinois and rep. Diaries a. Halleck of Indiana Senate and House House minority leaders respectively. A it would have better become the office of the presidency had or. Kennedy at the same time noted that go democrats or latter than one out of four also voted to Cut the program a a statement by the Gap group declared. A instead he singled out on Republican who Are out no mix red in the House 258-177.�?� the president had characterized the recent House slash As a shortsighted unwise and dangerously in his latest Appeal the president said it is important a that the american people understand that this is a matter which involves the Security of the country and the balance of Power All Over the nation area Brace for Summers last Holiday heavy Friday evening traffic and Well filled motels presaged a Busy but not out of the Ordinary Holiday weekend in the Bennington area. All the Normal summer activities plus several special events were on tap for residents and visitors during the three Day respite from jobs and other we Klong responsibilities. Today is expected to to generally pleasant a partly Cloudy a Little cooler and less humid. Temperatures Are expected tube in the mid-70s with saturday night fair and Cool. Ten area motels checked f riday evening All reported they were either filled or almost filled. Many overnight guests had made reservations to remain for the whole weekend other visitors were expected in today with reservations for tonight and sunday night. Most Motel spokesmen described business As about Normal for the summer end Holiday but two saw prospects As better than in previous years. Bennington Village police reported an unusually heavy spurt of traffic Between dinnertime and about 8 30 . Friday with the extra flow reported to Lxi out of states coming from the South and West. On the Grimmer Side the National safety Council has estimated that Between 430 and 520 persons May die in traffic accidents across the nation during the three Days. The Council anticipated that 17,000 to 21,000 persons would suffer injuries Dis see labor Day continued on Page 2 record travel is foreseen by the associated press the last Holliday period of the summer lured thousands of Early starters to tile highways Friday. The National safety Council estimated that motor vehicle travel during the Long weekend w ill total 8.4 billion Miles the heaviest in the history for a labor Day period. The Council also has figured that Between 430 and 520 americans May die in traffic accidents in the period that began at 6p.m. Local time Friday and will end at Midnight monday. The current record in traffic deaths for a labor Day weekend is 501, set last year. The Council has reported that traffic deaths reached record highs in july with 3.940, and in the first seven months of this year with 22.930. But travel has increased too. The Council said that As a result the death rate for the seven month period was live fatalities per too million Miles unchanged from a year earlier. Traffic deaths numbered 557 see hoi iday continued on Page 2 Little Rock negroes ask for faster desegregation Litti e Rock Ark. A negro leaders demanded faster desegregation in this once racially troubled City As Public sch tells opened quietly Friday with 123 negroes attending integrated classes. The Only people directly concerned with schools during the Day were students parents and teachers. Police went about their routine business. It was a Normal routine school opening a said r f. Brians acting police chief. This was in Sharp contrast to the violent autumn of 1957 when gov. Orval e. Faubus called National guardsmen to bar the doors of Little Rock Central High school to nine negroes. But As routine As was this opening behind the scenes negroes were protesting that i Ittie Rock still has Only Token integration. At a school Board meeting thursday the Rev. Negail Riley negro methodist minister told Board members that under their present practices it will take 150 years to accomplish Complete integration. I ast year 77 negroes attended integrated High school and Junior High classes. This year the Board integrated elementary schools. I teen be Gnu s were assigned to the first and fourth grades of seven previously All White s Hooks. Bin Mont Ernest b. Mathers of Harvard Street scrapes away accumulated debris from tracks behind the firms Plant in Bennington Village. Company however does nut anticipate major expense in readying tracks for resumption of service

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