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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 1 Bennington Banner monday August 23, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont tutorials jobs profits and \ in Nam or May be an oversimplification to a that our Prosperity has become incurably dependent upon a High level of military spending. But there is no Tonying the distasteful fact that foreign crises Are generally Good for jobs and profits. A recent Washington item in the Wall Street journal headed a Viet Nam brighter the �?T66 economic Outlook a provides corroboration. A the new defense buildup a reports the journal a is dispelling earlier fears of a turn of the year slowdown. Now lbs a a advisers predict Pentagon contracts will boost production and jobs in next year s first Quarter. This is expected to More than offset the Damp it lit ii effects of higher social Security taxes. A we re sure not worried any More a enthuses one a Iso pleased with the spurt in arms spending Are a Good Many congressman with military bases or major defense industries in their districts. Many f than Are already lobbying hard at the Pentagon for the reopening of bases to at have been closed Down by secret by of defense Mcnamara As part of his drive for greater Economy and efficiency. In some cases they Are Tri editor s notes i he sudden change in the agriculture commissioners Job Over the weekend v Ith Reed Rexford of Newport taking Over the Post following the resignation of Raymond Rowley of Milton is one indication How gov. Philip h. Hoff has Learned How to make changes in top state personnel without causing an uproar. Apparently he has profited from past experience when nearly every replacement he has made in top state Jol s was greeted with cries of indignation. Bur tills is one change that won t induce much Republican Tongue clacking. Rowley is a Democrat As is Rexford. It a a a of tile More delightful stories Etc he weekend was the account of Are. George d. Aikens birthday party Vav Ellington attended by such not a Lien is the president and a clutch d ends colleagues from both sides com me it i i s time . Taxed itself Providence journal Vivot is of Tho theory that a lottery is the user to the fiscal problems of every tote in us Union out to Ponder the trouble f u int new Hampshire the Only Tate in the country to have an official i it by. Picket sales this year Are 50 per cent lie Low those of last year and the lot try commission now is considering a Tiv. Advertising Campaign. I la second drawing of the 1965 sweep fake was held the tither Day representing the second million dollars Worth of ticket old on the sweepstakes race. A t Tai of 522 tickets was drawn and All but too were matched with horses Nomi Nat it 1 to run in the sept. I race at Rock i a Ham Park. \ number of Rhode islanders held w inning tickets. But i t is a curious thing that the gambling re on which new Hampshire bet so heavily has failed to operate As successfully this year As it last year. Is it possible that last years ticket buyers Bow id out when they found that the Odds us chantly citing the Viet Nam buildup As proof positive that they were right and Mcnamara was wrong. This is the sort of thing that sex president Eisenhower solemnly warned against in his last major speech before leaving the White House. The great threat to democratic institutions in America he said on that occasion is the enormous Power of what he termed a the Industrial military Complex a a Power which rests upon our staggeringly High defense budgets and feeds upon world crisis. Or. Eisenhower of course not go so far As to suggest that foreign policy is formulated with an Eye to the Short run economic benefits which result from military buildups. Nor he contend that our giant military budgets Are to any great degree the consequence of a conscious and calculated Effort to keep our Prosperity in High gear. But the connection is there however indirect and far below the surface and it is made disturbingly apparent by the unabashed chortling Over anticipated jobs and profits at a time when Young men Are being sent to fight and die in a strange land half a world away. Of the aisle. The party was More than just the Normal Celebration of the senators 73rd birthday. It was a tribute paid to a Man who has contributed substantially far More than Many vermonters realize in the making of National policy both foreign and Domestic this contribution has won him the respect and Devotion of Many republicans and democrats in Washington. Jean Wassick a comments on the trials and tribulations of a Young couple in the throes of moving into a new Home must have stirred memories of ail who have gone through the harrowing experience of packing belongings that have accumulated Over the years. There Are some things you probably just should throw away but can to. And if you have trouble deciding what to keep and what to cast off just ask the movers. They Arentt modest when it comes to passing out that kind of information. Against them were too great and that they Hadnot won the pot of Gold they expected in any event the new Hampshire commission is about to launch a great billboard advertising Campaign aimed obviously at the tourist Trade. Presumably each billboard will outline not Only the size of the winnings for the top winners but also will offer careful Road directions to the nearest lottery station where visitors will be welcomed with open arms. The kind of advertising Campaign the commission is stressing ought to serve notice on new England generally just How new Hampshire feels about taxes for such things As schools. Instead of taxing themselves adequately to support schools and other Public works decently the Good Folk of the state of new Hampshire Are pleading with non residents to pay new Hampshire Bills. Well the Campaign to push sales May work after All As has been observed of the Gullible a one is born every but the Campaign also ought to suggest to the new Hampshire legislature that its about time that the state accepted the responsibility of taxing itself normally to meet its responsibilities in providing governmental services. 1%. A a ,. V a n a jul ii v a n a leu York state politics both parties plagued by internal dissension a Quot or. La ppm an no wants to amputate but or. Alsop says to take More shots in perspective Saint Tropez remembered by Kirtland i. King United press International Albany . Both major political parties in new York state Are having their troubles. The democratic wrangling is in new York City where they Are preparing for the All important mayoralty race. Democrats find Leader against Leader Veteran officeholders fighting their Bosses and brother against brother. The bitter clash Between Paul Screvane the favorite of retiring mayor Robert f. Wagner and comptroller Abraham d. Beame for the party a designation will be decided in the sept. 14 primaries. But the scars could carry Over into the november elections. Nearly a score of state lawmakers from the City were in the capital area this week and most of them predicted the sure vane Beame Battle would be a slugging match to the very end. But one remarked a we democrats have a history of fighting among ourselves before an election but when it comes time to vote we get together. You will find us United in while the democratic legislators were split Between Screvane and Beame they agreed the Republican Liberal candidate rep. John v. Lindsay appeared to be the strongest rival they have faced in a mayoralty Campaign. A Lindsay is going to be Tough and we will need All the support and Unity we can get a a a Veteran new yorker said. A the is getting a lot of help from the Liberal sen. Robert f. Kennedy who now has a powerful voice in state democratic circles has been Able to keep a hands off position in the Screvane Beame contest. He will jump in after the primary. State comptroller Arthur Levitt the Only Democrat to hold a statewide elective office has been concentrating on republicans and now looms As a potential opponent for gov. Rockefeller next year. He has been hammering away at the new state retail sales and use tax. Levitt has been pushing for outright repeal and it appears he has a popular Issue at this Point. On the Republican Side,.the discontent is Between a group of upstate leaders and Rockefeller. Many of the leaders Are seeding local office this year and a a ribber of them have been Dot Jing everything possible to dissociate themselves with the state administration. A i voted against the sales tax and the governor proposed it a sen. John h. Hughes of Syracuse said. A i am still against the Hughes had a look at a private poll taken earlier this year and from what he saw the Syracuse senator was convinced a Rockefeller endorsement would be of no help in Many upstate areas. As a matter of fact he sad the governor would find rough in 1966. Gop state chairman Carl $3ftd has been touring upstate counties in an Effort to bring about party Unity for the special november legislative elections. He said the state committee would give As much help As possible to All Pirty candidates. J the new York City mayoral election will do a lot to restore Unity in the winning party. Tie losers will have plenty of Feirce mending to do Between now end 1966. Letters to the editor America a Kim Hou by for it Sov a Reid Saint Tropez. Only in memory does time stand still. The physical artefacts of memory Are engulfed and obliterated by the tidal wave of this generation s nervous mass movements Over the face of the Only Earth we have. Of necessity the population explosion makes this the age of youth and for the Young the past is not Only a bucket of ashes but cold ashes to be dumped. Twenty one years ago this week i was last in this Corner of France coming ashore with the 45th division of fond remembrance. South France had been two years soiled by the nazi presence but it smelled of clean Pine even from the Landing ship tanks. That invasion two months after Normandy was a secondary event in the wars full course but like any climacteric in War it was engraved in Bronze on the minds of All who took part. None forgets none ceases to re Tell the Story and we All become bores in the end. That was a Campaign of Sunshine that one of Flowers ripened grapes grateful girls and rather few deaths. A of in those moments of truth each Point of Rock each Cove and ditch and Pink stuccoed Villa in the line of sight and fire was an existentialist shrine. But where Are they now the Landing Cove near St. Maxime i thought i located in a Long automobile search for time lost. But where the line of German prisoners had formed on the pebbles was a line of boisterous water skiers. The Pink Villa with the Black Shell Hole Between the upstairs windows was somehow gone merged in a Cluster of new Pink Villas. The whole Field of fire was covered by refreshment stands Gas stations camping tents and the masses of sem nude Brown bodies that canopy this stretch of coast each August. A bold shop sign said Quot German spoken and several parked trailers bore the deutschland insignia. Around the Bay toward Saint Tropez a column of great Chestnut Trees escorted the Highway for a distance and a picture came into focus the Ruddy faced neatly dressed country girl who had been standing under the Trees at a bus Stop where no bus would Stop until the War moved far North to the mountains. Saint Tropez is a blasphemy to one of my Vintage memories a blaring boisterous blasphemy. It was a holy place on that evening 21 years ago when it was still the sleepy fishing Village it had been for hundreds of years. That Day the War ended for Saint Tropez lifetimes of safety were suddenly granted. But on that morning two teenage boys with visions of glory had tried to attack the ancient Citadel on the Hill where the cypresses break the sky line and where a few Hitler jugend held out with similar visions. A group had formed on the Quay that evening for the burial service. The father of one of the French boys stood at rigid attention in his faced Blue uniform of 1917. His face haunts me to this Day a Strong deeply lined the grief in his eyes so exquisite that i could not look at him twice. A a of the aging local editor was there in shiny Black Alpaca his pockets stuffed with notes about the Days events which he insisted on Reading to me. And Marc Rainaut now a famous architect and builder the Leader of the local Maquis urbane and romantic in White Tennis shorts a pistol on his hip a Towel around his neck stained with the blood that still seeped through. Now on this spot one has to close his eyes to it All again. Now the sacred place is swarming with the fat families on vacation the phony bearded Folk singers the hawkers of bad paintings the Short haired self conscious girls and the Long haired self conscious boys. Where the fishing boats rocked at Anchor yachts and Cabin cruisers Are moored tightly packed bearing their artful names and their self important owners from St. Malo Nice Nassau and Panama a All seemingly certain that Saint Tropez is Quot in it Isnit anymore and that they Are living life to the Hilt. The old cold ashes have been dumped on the trash Heap of history. The new generation worships today Brown skin and hot Sun. The old gods in their old temples Are wilfully forgotten As an encumbrance on what is. No place for the Middle aged Saint Tropez. To the swarming Brown skinned Young we Are As they contemptuously put Ltd Les crop lantsm a the crumbling a along with our hollow gods our Dusty crumbled passing scene Hiitt Ion to the editor it the Banner Why does gov. Philip h. Hoff continue to support an outmoded idea for rehabilitation of Vermont a Youthful offenders Why does institution commissioner John v. Woodhull continue to push the idea by lobbying at taxpayers expense for adoption of a $4 million prison for Vermont that will Cost $500 thousand a year to maintain Congress on aug 2, in unanimous House action passed a Bill nearly identical to the proposal offered by for friends of rehabilitation to the Vermont legislature. Successful action in Congress came after testimony and study showed that 32 of the 50 states one for 34 years has used the for plan for successful rehabilitation of prisoners at no Cost to the taxpayer. Why does gov. Hoff continue to support a a Woodhull a Castle a a prison plan called �?o40 years behind the times and a proven failure by experts in rehabilitation like or. Paul k. Benedict of new York City and Richard Korn criminologist who received Llie real question by Al an i. Soph Rin Burlington. Whether it is for or against we can Hope that neither senator Aiken nor senator Prouty will justify his vote on the repeal of the Taft Hartley acts Section 14b with tired platitudes. By a class vote the . House of representatives recently approved repeal. The question comes before the Senate soon. As it now stands the House vote cannot operate alone to repeal the Section 14b allows states to forbid Union shop contracts. To a the vote on 14b�?Ts repeal is not As claimed by Vermont a congressman Robert t. Stafford who voted against repeal a simple Choice Between Freedom and coercion. It is in tact a vote which requires a legislator to take a stand for or against Equality of bargaining. Rep. Stafford found it easier to pontificate about Freedom. To understand the nature of the Choice the question of the repeal of 14b will impose on Vermont a senators and their colleagues it is necessary to keep firmly in mind the fact that the relationship Between management and labor a Between those who own the Plant and those who work for them a is essentially a bargaining relationship and accepting that two things become absolutely necessary the first is to understand the nature and character of that bargaining relationship. The next is to understand the function of the Union shop not Only by knowing what a Union shop is but also by knowing Why it is so vitally important to that bargaining relationship. First the bargaining relationship if you own the Plant and i want to work for you and you want to hire me i offer to sell and you offer to buy my labor. We bargain Over the Price. If i were the Only Man available the situation would whatever our intentions Force us into a fair bargain. In that neither can accomplish his aim without the other our need for each other is equal and therefor we bargain on equal footing. But the existence of another Man who can do the Job gives you the Plant owner a an immediate advantage. With the other Man available you can offer the Job to the lower bidder and that Low old will determine the Price you will pay for the labor of both of us. This Competition Between the other labourer and me puts a new element into the bargaining situation and puts you at a distinct advantage Over both of us. However of the other Man and i agree not to compete with each ther and one of us goes to you representing both As a unit the situation is again what it was when i bargained with you alone a Case of bargaining Between equals. When we bargain with you As a unit we again bargain with you on equal footing. By combining the other labourer and i stand As i alone As a Bargainer with you in a one to one transaction. This is the heart and the soul of collective bargaining. Next the Union shop in a Union shop contract management and labor agree that All employees must within a certain time after being hired usually 30 Days join the Union which negotiated the contract or be discharged. This is not a a closed shop in which Only Union members May be hired and which operates to take the hiring prerogative away from management the vital importance of the Union shop is this it is the Only device labor has to create maintain and insure the equal footing one to one bargaining relationship. Without the Union shop individual employees May keep working though they do not join the Union. If enough employees become non Union members the one Toone bargaining relationship ends and the workmen Are no longer bargaining collectively As a unit. Without the Union shop management will have in actual fact or in potential threat the Clear bargaining advantage which will result from workmen bidding against each other for the Price of their labor. This is what 14b is really All about. If one or both of our senators believes it is in the Best interest of Vermont to create a bargaining advantage on the management Side of the table then he should vote against the repeal of 14b. If he does so vote let him do so with a Clear explanation of Why such a management bargaining advantage is in the Best interest of the state but please no irrelevant platitudes. National attention for his highly lauded group therapy program he set up at weeks school. These experts Felt so strongly they came to Montpelier to beg lefts gators not to build the prison. They love Vermont their summer and weekend Home the new prison will Conlan 71 per cent maximum Security cells. Is this rehabilitation Why does Hoff continue to support Woodhull in this Blind approach to rehabilitation he hurts himself and he hurts the state. Certainly its not concern for the Youthful prisoner that prompts Woodhull a or Hoff actions. I Kenalene j. Collins. farts i to the editor of the Banner i have read with interest there port from Jackson miss., by Irving Adler in your Issue of july 8. I wish to take exception to some of adlers remarks. He said the a fall White licensing boards will not Grant a License to a face Gro but the negroes can gel a temporary permit for individual jobs. He also said that a negro must pay a Kickback of $50 for each permit. For your information there is no such thing As a Tempo Jary plumbers permit in Jackson a master plumber regardless of race May secure a License by completing a simple form Angling it with the chief plumbing inspector. A Bond is requited varying in amounts As to whether the applicant intends to a it re with Gas or water or both. A master plumber regardless of race is required to pay a .�?�$50 examination fee pay a privilege tax and Purchase a $5 identification card which is reneged annually. A Journeyman plumber is required Only to Purchase the identification card. He does not pay a privilege tax or an examination fee and works under the Bond of a master Plumier. At present there Are is licensed negro master plumbers in Jackson. They Are Robert Horsey . Bailey Willie Winters James Mitchell Guy Cox and . Bennett who was licensed july 13, 1965. Five other negro faster plumbers Are deceased. They were Jimmy Campbell Wade Randolph . Ford l j. Edwards and . Harvey. J there Are about 75 negro Journeyman plumbers out of a total of 284 Journeyman plumber in Jackson. All of this information Ispia it Lac record available at the City Lylall in Jackson. We regret that or. Adler disregarded the facts in writing has article. Erle Johnston or. \ director Mississippi state sovereignty com Mission j Jackson miss. 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