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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1965, Page 10

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 20, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Jul Bennington Banner Friday Aurist 20, i9fl� Many problems beset Geneva negotiators Washington up a the United states and Russia agree that Germany should not be permitted to control nuclear weapons but they Are far apart on How this can Best be guaranteed. This disagreement is the immediate obstacle to Progress on a treaty to ban the spread of nuclear weapons. But it is Only one of several formidable barriers to a comprehensive solution of the problem. Others Are a the refusal of France and red China each of which is developing its Independent nuclear Force to make any agreement restricting possible use or deployment of such weapons. Increasing internal political pressures on the governments of India Sweden and several other countries for development of their own nuclear weapons. But despite the unfavourable Outlook president Johnson has ordered his negotiators to press Forward in efforts to find a solution to this a gravest of All unresolved human issues Quot. The soviet a Meric an disagreement was underlined this week by Russia s contemptuous dismissal of a new u. S. Treaty draft on the under the u. S. Proposal nuclear armed nations would pledge not to a Transfer any nuclear weapons into the National control of any non nuclear the latter would Promise in turn not to manufacture or acquire however the proposed treaty has a loophole concerning a organizations Quot which would permit creation of a nato nuclear Force with a u. S. Veto Over use of the weapons or a United european Force with a British veto. The russians View this provision As merely a device to give West Germany Access to nuclear weapons. The United states contends this is not True. In fact Washington argues the germans Are almost certain eventually to develop an Independent nuclear Force unless they Are Given a limited role of participation in a Multi lateral Force subject to american or British veto. . Officials Hope they somehow can persuade the soviets to accept this View. They then Hope that Over a period of time France and red China eventually will conclude their interests they re studying history. In their Ben Nilly iou Banner history is in the making. And the place to watch it being made is in your daily newspaper that s Why teachers often stress the use of newspapers As a a living textbooks for youngsters. Not Only does Reading the daily paper keep students up to Date with current events it also helps to increase their vocabulary and to improve their English. It teaches them lessons in economics through careful reporting of business trends and conditions informs them of the newest achievements in the Field of science As Well As acquainting them with a myriad of other events of interest to aware Young minds. Making a study of the daily news is also the Best preparation possible for one of the biggest responsibilities youngsters will have to face in later years. That of being citizens of a great democracy when it comes to investing in your youngsters1 education. The pennies you spend on your daily newspaper pay the biggest dividend of All a a a a a a a a Public information committee newspaper managers association inc. Would Best be served by adhering to the treaty. Meanwhile the threat of nuclear development in other countries is increasing. India which last year decided against developing its own nuclear Force is having second thoughts due to the growing menace of red China. In Sweden and Switzerland there is some sentiment favouring Independent nuclear development to guarantee traditional neutrality. In the Middle East the United Arab Republic and Israel Are believed to Harbor nuclear ambitions. In fact chairman Glenn sea Borg of the atomic Energy commission lists at least a dozen countries which have the scientific knowhow and material resources to develop nuclear weapons of pressures Force them to do so. Time is running out and As president Johnson said a the time to halt nuclear spread is before its contagion takes l Ite i a it forecast Boston up a the temperature in new England during the next five Days thursday through monday will average near the seasonal Normal. The . Weather Bureau said today the weather will be cooler thursday and Friday with rising temperatures saturday and turning cooler again the first of the week. Some normals for the period Are Boston 71, Worcester 68, Nantucket 67, Providence r.i., 70, Concord n.h., 67, Burlington vt., 68, and in Maine Portland 66, Eastport 61, Greenville 62, and Caribou 62. At Boston the Normal maximum temperature during the forecast period is 79 and the Normal minimum is 62. Precipitation will average .1 to .5 of an Inch occurring As scattered thundershowers saturday or sunday officials said. Lour child and school parents should not Trust amateurs Iii evaluations of their children by David by Dick up education specialist much advice is Given to parents on How to raise and educate their children. Perhaps the Best advice is that they should not become involved with Amateur evaluations. The Parent who tries to Analyse his child often becomes confused and sees problems which do not actually exist. Most advice is written in relation to the average child. As an example research shows that most children Are ready to learn Reading at about the age of six. It must also be realized that Many Normal children begin Reading As late As seven years of age. They do not necessarily have a problem. Nature has made each individual different in his rate of growth and development. The fact is that unless there is a serious problem most children will learn to read adequately. Under what conditions should a Parent become concerned the family doctor can be particularly helpful. Regular examinations will reveal a Normal or questionable growth pattern. Children should develop a Normal behaviour pattern. Deviation from this pattern will usually mean a problem is developing. This is particularly True of school age children. A ten year old who loves sports and suddenly loses interest in playing with his friends should be watched closely. The seven year old who dislikes school for a few Days probably has had an argument with a Friend or has been reprimanded by the teacher. However if this dislike continues it should be investigated. Very often an anxious Parent will slow Down a child s development or May create emotional problems. Normal growth varies a great Deal with different individuals. A Parent who rushes a child to walk before he is ready May be contributing to improper walking habits. The child s Muscles balance Etc. Should be sufficiently developed before he begins to walk. Actually the Normal child will want to walk when he is ready. Another result of Rushing a child s development is Fruita Tion. A child who is pushed into attempting impossible tasks might develop a serious Lack of Confidence. He could become fearful of new tasks. The Parent who is relaxed and patient will tend to have a relaxed and patient child. This does not mean that a Parent should not provide opportunities for a child to try new things. It Means that a Parent should not make Success the Only important outcome. The Parent should not immediately think that a major problem exists if the child does not succeed. Parents who Are concerned about their child s development would be Wise to seek professional judgment. Comparisons with other children of the same age must be Broad. 4 television radio Friday aug. 20 5 00 to a the lat Al the Mohi cans Quot 13 sugar foot 5 boso c Lloyd Thaxton 515 17 Friendly giant 5 30 17 what s new 5 ripcord 6 00 5 dateline Boston 6 Earle Pudney 17 the glory Trail 3 your senator from Connecticut 2 weather a pts Newt 13 news 13 6 05 3 sets news weather 6 15 13 news 6 25 5 weather 6 30 3-5-10 Valter Cronkite 2-6 Huntley Brinkley 13 Sunset strip 17 news a comment 6 45 17 report on Congress 7 00 5 news weather 2 or tie a Harriet 3 death Valley Days 6 Pete Williams show to big news 17 pathfinders 7 20 to sports 7 25 5 n e weather 7 30 3-5-10 Rawhide 2 bewitched 13 f tin stones 17 opinion in the Capitol 8 of 6 the Bai i 17 sir Kenneth Clark on Art 2 Farmer s Daugh. 13 have gun w ill travel 8 30 2-6 Bob Hope to password 13 Addams family 17 american symphony 5 Cara Williams 3 survival 9 of 13 Valentine s Day 3-5-10 our private world 9.30 3-5-10 vacation playhouse 2-6 Jack Benny 17 creative person 13 Peyton place to of 2-6 Jack Paar show 3-5-10 Slattery s people 17 dynamics Al the family 13 12 o cock High 10 30 17 Elliot Norton review 11 of 2-3-5-6-10-13 news weather sets la 20 3 America s greatest movies 13 movie is 11 30 2-5-6 tonight show to Quot Over 21�?� i of 2 Dally word 5-13 news 1 to 5 Bat Masterson 2 50 3 news weather saturday aug. 21 5 55 5 sign on 6 of 5 Joe Kelly 7 00 5 Bozo 7 15 to inspiration 7 20 to news 7 30 3-10 summer semes. 7 50 13 news 7 55 2 Dally word a of 3-5 or. Mayor 2 Farmland .a. To breakfast carnival 13 Dick Tracy show 8 30 2 British Calendar 6 Ginny s game room 13 Bozo 8 45 2 social Security 9 of 5-10 Alvin show 13 Davey and Goliath 6 satellite six 3 Deputy Dawg 2 top cat 9 30 3-5-10 Tenn. Tuxedo 2-6 Hector Heathcote 5 capt. Bob 13 Robin Hood 10 00 3-5-10 Quick draw Mcgraw 2-6 underdog 13 cartoons 10 30 3 Wally Gator 2-6 fireball xl-5 5-10 mighty mouse h of 3-5-10 Linus 2-6 Dennis the menace 13 Casper 11 30 3-5-10 the Jet sons 2-6 fury 13 Porky pig 12 00 3-10 sky King 5 Cand Lepin Bowling 2 Beany a Cecil 6 Man from Cochise 13 bugs Bunny 12 30 13 Hoppley Hopper 3 red no. 3 to my Friend flicks 6 the court martial of Billy Mitchell 2 bullwinkle win i 7o monday Friday 6 30 sign on and news 6 30 morning almanac Mon., tues John Page wed., it. Ext. Service thurs., 4-h program frl., social Sec. 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In Joii Iliin Mart Chatta a say cd Buddhi or \ Friend to Quot a Hows it pc Olmyr pal o mime n la what Ever happened to e Niemiec ? a v jaz Blomlie in i ii i it v on no St be an it on once her place a woman of Kep chinese Sou pm Aci is meanwhile a we a have no7 established an in Teecy count Cec. In \ Mee Esta Ltd in Frino if Strei Tom Apa by from of dec inc a re ppm fool or put Tino la Soth n a sad sox with Mapa vie i am it amp Over Tang from the Sli nos and arrows 1 now Jive an n accounting of your time. By Vii Loii Anil i a Bas j you i is i told. Would t believe it my self v heart of Juliet Jones in a stall Drake 5

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