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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 10, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner tuesday Augustio 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials t he need to draw a line because the ends of the civil rights movement Are just it is natural to look with an indulgent Eye on just about everything rights workers May turn their placards to. Do the demonstrators lie Down in the streets blocking traffic do they picket the private Homes of Public officials then in the name of civil rights Many citizens approve a though the same citizens would protest heartily if such Means were used to promote nazism higher real estate taxes or a new Brand of detergent. By the same Token a judge who holds to the strict letter of the Law is often deemed anti rights or worse anti negro. For if he were sympathetic to the civil rights cause he would let the Laws be Bent a Little a or so the argument goes. Yet As events in several . Cities this summer Are making Clear the argument can be carried just comes a Point where the line must be drawn Between lawful and unlawful civil rights agitation. Someone preferably the judges sitting on specific cases must make distinctions Between rights activity that is permissible though perhaps vexatious to some and rights activity that is an offence against Public order. The need for such a distinction was underscored twice in the past week in Montgomery ala., and Chicago 111. After 167 civil rights demonstrators were arrested in Montgomery for alleged violations of Public order a Federal District judge declined to intervene on grounds that they had indeed broken the Law. He explained that he saw no reason to excuse individuals who Lay in the streets or marched up and Down obstructing traffic without applying for a Parade permit. Demonstrators editor s notes must abide by City he said. Ordinances too the literary world lost one of its Best this weekend with the death of Shirley Jackson in North Bennington. Her powerful writing spread Over a Long list of novels and stories kept her readers constantly entertained. Howard be Morova a tribute to her achievements made just note that her insight strength of style and a wonderful strangeness enabled her to tackle themes that other writers simply begin to consider and made her much More than a popular writer of a a ghost stories. If it was nothing else the rainfall the past two Days was As close to a manna from heaven As anything could get and came As a Welcome Relief to the weeks of dry weather we have had. The fact that area streams and Rivers did no to show much of a Rise from the soaking rainfall was a sign of just How dry the ground is. And a Good indication of just How much everyone is conscious of the drought was the comment from one Mother of three Small ones that she did no to mind having them indoors All Day because a a we need the for those who yearn for the Good old Days especially the Days of the in Chicago mayor Richard j. Daley called for a halt to rights picketing around his Home. Complaining that demonstrators against de Facto school segregation had picketed his House for a week upsetting his family and disturbing the neighbourhood he protested that his right of privacy had been invaded. He maintained that an elected official is no different from any citizen when it comes to the privacy of his own household. It is a sound Point. And it provides a specific instance of the sort of clash Between civil and private rights which the courts must referee. There is a crying need for guidelines that will indicate to civil rights demonstrators just How far they May go and to Law enforcement authorities just when they May crack Down. In the present confusion Over the Law even the civil rights cause suffers in the end. For when a local regulation is believed to be wrong the doctrine of civil disobedience Calls for peaceable violation so that its injustice May be brought to Public attention and its legality tested in the courts. When no one knows the limits however deliberate Law breaking for this purpose is confounded with Over Confidence and unwonted Zeal. The main object a to bring about a change in the regulation itself a gets overlooked. For these reasons it is not illiberal to suggest that there Are limits beyond which civil rights demonstrators Ravel at peril to themselves and to their cause. But these limits Are sensed rather than perceived at present. It is up to the courts to say where they lie. Roaring 20s, please note the Thrift shop item in mondays Banner that a Racoon coat is available. The weekend was a distressing time for Bennington a sports fans who have been cheering for the Little league All stars and the american legion Post 13 baseball team. The All stars were Defeated by a team in Barre and the legion team dropped two games to teams from Bellow Falls and you guessed it Barre. Of Well wait until next year we were satisfied to know our teams did the Best they could and who could ask for anything More. As far As the men at Bell and costello a garage in Cambridge . Are concerned the theory that lightning never strikes in the same place twice is about the Only thing to console them after being scared by the close Call they had in the Freak storm that hit the area saturday afternoon. It has been said that one of the most difficult instruments to play is second fiddle. A the Craig Colo Empire a courier when it comes to spotting a Blond hair on a Many a coat All wives have 20/20 vision. The Arlington Heights Iii Herald a a cant we fight scm6 of these other wars ii the Chanticleer new England canals by Charles John Stevenson Monsoon season Washington calling Catholic Church in latin America is under a oink a dramatic revolution by Marquis Childs Santiago Chile. Of All the forces shaking this troubled continent none is More dramatic than the revolution going on within the Catholic Church. How much it signifies elsewhere May be questioned but Here in Chile it is the mainspring of the drive for social change that hopefully will overcome the great problems confronting the Christian democratic government of president Eduardo Frel. Fret is himself a result of the revolution within the Church. Because the Catholic Church in Chile Long ago agreed to a Friendly separation from the state the eager Young men who formed the Christian democratic party could evolve a program and an ideology that was Christian compassionate socialist in some of its aspects yet not enclosed within the embrace of the Church As was the conservative party. A of As one of these eager Young men grounded in the social theology of the French belgian and German Bishops and theologians who have played such an important part in the Vatican councils Frei helped to shape the new party. The Leader in last years election Frei got a whopping 56 per cent of the vote unprecedented in this country where splinter parties and bitter factionalism have characterized Chile a political life. The electoral Victory stems in a sense from a remarkable pastoral letter issued in 1962 under the imprimatur of Cardinal Raul Silva Henriquez. The letter said in effect that the Church in Chile had followed a wrong course. It had ignored the profound social injustice that condemned the landless masses and the jobless in the cities to unrelieved misery and degradation. How Radical a document this was can Best be appreciated by those familiar with the history of the Church in latin America. The identity has been with the elite the Small owning and until recently ruling class. Many Catholic orders conducted Good works among the poor but it was with the biblical conviction that the poor would always be poor and their lot could at Best be alleviated in Small ways. �?0�? that conviction is now being challenged in Many latin american nations. The Hierarchy in most instances remains conservative and traditional set quote Yugoslavia to the great practical Way ideals that haps less is demonstrating Powers in a most that the ideas and Divide them Are per profound than they seem perhaps even irrelevant in important respects to the Way in which people actually live worthy of debate and discussion to be sure but not really Worth the nuclear destruction of our civilization. A sen. . Fulbright in a report on Yugoslavia to the Senate foreign relations committee. Against the Radical changes being undertaken Here. But with the Challenge posed by younger priests who often do not hesitate to seek popular support the old order can never have the same comfortable Assurance of perpetuity. In Peru the american Catholic Church has had an important role in spreading the doctrine of social responsibility and in substantial help to Back up that doctrine. Richard Cardinal Cushing of Boston raised More than $3 million to build seminaries in Lima Cuzco and Trujillo. These seminaries staffed by jesuits train Young peruvians to minister to the indians not with the authority of a priest but As seminarians who give elemental instruction in Reading writing and the beliefs of the Church. Cardinal Cushing also raised funds in America for a Church and a medical clinic in the huge comas Barrada squatter Colony on the outskirts of Lima. His Nephew the Rev. William Cushing Francis is pastor of the comas Parish. More than 400 Canadian and Maryknoll fathers Are working in Peru often in far outposts where the Only language spoken is quechua the ancient inca Tongue. The Maryknoll budget for Peru is More than a half million dollars annually and they Are working in Bolivia too. To a one of the most controversial figures in the upheaval in the Church is father Camilo Torres in Colombia. Descended from one of the old colonial families with ties throughout the elite father Torres made repeated political speeches calling for Reform and social change to overcome the country a desperate poverty and growing unrest. Angry mutterings came from the conservative Hierarchy. Finally Torres strikingly handsome and with a Strong sense of the dramatic asked to be relieved of his priestly function so that he might continue to speak out freely on the urgent need for revolutionary change in the social order of Colombia is to escape chaos or communism or More Likely a singularly vicious mixture of the two with a heavy overlay of banditry. His request was granted and he is travelling widely throughout the country. If he ceases his political activity he can again resume his priestly duties. Even Here in Chile where one of the few presidents Ever elected in latin America by a Large majority in Competition with the combined parties of the left is a Christian Democrat the conservatives growl about a Catholic those who regard any social change As a threat to the established order look with dark suspicion on the Church and on Cardinal Silva Henriquez As Only slightly less a threat to private property than communism. A of As for the communists they make the Church and the Christian democratic party their no. I target. The peaceful non marxist revolution a a third Force Between capitalism and marxist socialism a steals their Stock in Trade. If president Frei can carry through his revolution a the obstacles Are very great a he will have set an example bound to have a Strong Appeal throughout the continent. That is Why both the extreme right and the extreme left would be delighted to see the Experiment come to ruin. Cambridge . We Are accustomed to think of new England As a Region where control of Public transportation is concentrated in several great railway systems and it May come As something of a Shock to find that canals were once built and used in such states As Massachusetts new Hampshire and Vermont. Massachusetts had no less than six canals at one time with a total length of More than a Hundred Miles and in this connection we do not take the Cape cod ship canal into consideration. This project came about a Century after the others. Vermont had three canals aggregating a length of just about one mile. The Best known was the Bellows Falls canal at Rockingham. It overcame an Elevation of about 50 feet and it opened navigation for at least 120 Miles. The White River canal afforded passage for Flat bottomed boats and rafts and the Wate Queechy canal at Hartland was of a is Miliar nature. Each of these canals was built to get around waterfalls or rapids and not to carry traffic for a Long distance As in the Case of the Erie canal in new York state. There were no Gally painted canal boats that featured passenger traffic but some of Hie new England Waterways did bring in their Wake some unexpected troubles. At South Hadley Massachusetts navigation of the Connecticut River was impeded by waterfalls and Many rocks. No boat could possibly pass for there was of course a considerable difference in the level of the land above and below the Falls. In this Case the difference was 50 feet. It was necessary to build a canal about a mile in length on the lower level and another on the upper level. All of this was built through a Rock bed and to further control the Stream a dam la feet in height had to be built. Immediately the problem of financing it came up. A of the Enterprise had been launched at a time when Money was scarce and closely held so an Appeal was made to several banking houses in Amsterdam. The hollanders had done quite Well with their investments in new York and they bought Stock in the new canal quite readily. With dutch Money in hand a Start was made surveying for the lower canal was begun at once and the actual work of construction began in april of 1793. The following year it was completed and a Celebration was in order. A newspaper correspondent probably from Boston described it. He said a the company gave three decent and joyous cheers on beholding so pleasing ingenious and useful a Novelty in this it was Here that inclined plane by which a boat might pass the Falls was first used in America. Timothy Dwight president of Yale College Best describes it a at the lower end of the canal was erected an inclined plane 53 feet in height and 230 feet in length built of Stone obtained in the neighbourhood and covered with Strong Plank and inclined elevated 13 i degrees. When boats were to be conveyed Down the plane they passed through the lower lock and were received immediately through folding doors into a Carriage which admitted a sufficient Quantity of water from the canal to float the boat. As soon As the boat was fairly within the Carriage the lock and the folding doors were closed and the water suffered to run out of the Carriage through sluices. The Carriage was then let slowly Down the inclined plane on three sets of wheels the second and third sets being so much larger than the first As to keep the Carriage exactly level. A the machinery by which the Carriage was raised or lowered consisted of a water wheel 16 feet in diameter on each Side of the plane on the Axis of which was moved a Strong Iron Chain. When the Carriage was to be let Down a Gate was opened at the Bottom of the canal and the water passing through a Sluice turned the wheels and thus unwound the Chain letting the Carriage and boat Down by their own it was All very simple and free from danger. Are 50 states outmoded regional administration by David Lawrence reprinted from the new York Herald Tribune Washington. Administratively speaking not Only is the present system of government in the United states outmoded but if not completely reorganized it will grow even More Clumsy and inadequate As population multiplies from the decade to decade. Thus the boys and girls who Are to years old today will when they Are 55 years old be living in a country populated by about 438 million people More than twice As Many As today. When this writer was la years old the population of the United states was 75 million people. The sociological changes in the last half Century or More have placed on the Federal government a Burden of administration that will continue to increase. The net result May be to leave unfulfilled the worthy objectives of the Laws known As a Public welfare legislation. A Ozmore centralization is bound to produce waste and inefficiency. Decentralization is the logical answer. The main reason Why the system of 50 states with their numerous cities and counties is not equal to the challenges of today is because the population increases ignore geographical lines. There is moreover no Way to collect sufficient Revenue in states which do not have the Industrial capacity or the income producing facilities to raise the desired amount of taxes. Although the 50 governors would be the last persons in the world to concede that the state systems Are outmoded they themselves both democrats and republicans in their recent conference in Minneapolis minn., pointed to the Complex problems arising As the Federal government moves into anti poverty projects mass transit housing and educational programs. This is Why there is a great Deal of talk about Federal refunds to the states. In such Fields As medicare and education for instance the National government is already so deeply involved that the states find themselves begging for Federal funds and Are willing to accept a measure of Federal control. This could mean expensive administration processes because the machinery would be too often duplicated. Hence the trend has been somewhat in the direction of regional administrative procedures. This is especially to be noted in the educational Field As Well As in the Appalachia program and other anti poverty or employment projects. The Grant to the states of refunds of federally collected Revenue May be experimented with now but it is not the solution. The real answer May come through a system of regional governments by which the entire state and local structures of taxation would be reconstituted reserving to the Federal government certain Fields with specified categories left to the local governments. A o a for Many years there have been at various times suggestions made that the United states be divided into 12 regional systems such As the Federal Reserve Board has been found useful in dealing with economic and financial factors of the country As they relate to interest rates and banking. It might turn out that once the advantages of regional systems at administration Are recognized the whole legislative and executive functions of the National government could be limited to allow wider latitude to the regional system. A group of states could elect delegates to a regional legislature which would be coordinated with the office of a regional governor elected by the same component states. Twelve regional governors and Legislatures for example would take a big Load off the shoulders of Congress and the president. This would Point the Way to effective administration As Well As to a More efficient use of tax funds. It May be that under such a system some regions would include Only populous states while other regions might embrace As Many As five or six states depending on the number of citizens in a Given area. A of reorganization of the whole Federal system could be tackled by a constitutional convention. The method for calling such a body into session is provided in the Constitution itself. Certainly the idea that one Man in the White House and perhaps some Day 1,000 or More members of Congress would be Able to enact Laws applicable Only to certain sections of the country and to collect enough taxes for equitable distribution in a country of 300 to 500 million people without a much better administrative system seems an unrealistic concept. A new kind of Federal system with regional units to supervise and assist state and local governments in certain Fields can surely do a better Job than can be expected from the overburdened system of today. Humor i ii Send someone form things mostly i understand what goes on in movie and to drama. But two scenes i have never figured out the one where he leaves her and the one where she leaves him. In the first Case he says a i am going to my Many an impressionable husband has tried this storming out into the rain Only to remember while waiting at the bus Stop that the Only club he belongs to is the National geographic society which is in Washington and As far As he knows does no to have a spare bed. Being a husband he has a total of 53 cents in his pocket and he has to Squiggle Back into the House wet and chastened. Things Are even More unreal when its the wife who is skipping out. Her exit line is usually something like a sorry Cedric but it just wont work. Heaven and Mother know in be and she walks out. Do you catch the unreality no instructions. No wife can go visit her sister in Des Moines for a weekend without leaving behind Field orders More Complete than those for the Normandy invasion. It would More Likely go something like this a sorry Cedric. It wont work. Remember Mathilda a dancing lesson tomorrow. That stuff in the plastic pan on the third shelf of the refrigerator is the dogs food. The left Over hash is wrapped in foil in the Freezer. Of and if a miss Flange from the upholsterers Calls Tell her to go ahead with the Slipcover. Goodby she leaves. The disconsolate husband looks out the window. She Sticks her head out of the cab and yells a Tell the porters we can to make it next Friday night unless you want to go by yourself. Wear a red tie with your Blue suit and get mrs. Amply to sit with an hour later she a Home. Taking off just does no to seem to be Worth All the Advance planning. That a the Way things happen in real life but you d never know it from the Silver screen or the giant Eye. A Bill Vaughan in his Book a sorry f stirred it1 Simon amp schuster $.1.95

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