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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 10, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Clearing cooler Clearing and cooler tonight with Low in the 50s or Low 60s. Wednesday fair Cool and much less humid. Yesterday s High 82, Low 70, today at 7 . 72. Total precipitation in last 24 hours .16 Inch. Total for Early week s rainstorm 1.24 inches. The Moon is at apogee 252,400 Miles from Earth. Benning Bennington Vermont tuesday Augustio 1965 Anner pounded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903 no. 19,834 to cents Bill Johnson vigils housing Washington up a president Johnson signed the $7 billion housing Bill into Law today thus launching a controversial new subsidy plan to help some Rowley firing rumoured Montpelier up a state agriculture commissioner Raymond g. Rowley is reportedly being considered for an ouster by gov. Philip h. Hoff. Rowley said this morning that he had not heard about the report circulating in the statehouse that there is pressure on Hoff to fire him. Hoff monday would neither deny nor confirm that Rowley a dismissal is being planned. The governor said the Only complaints he has heard about Rowley in recent Days have come from Washington county and Are results of a milk dispute Between Washington county Dairy Farmers and creameries. Quot they have been unhappy Ever since in be been in Here Quot Rowley said this morning. Quot whether they Are More unhappy now i done to of the nation s needy with their rent. The chief executive signed the measure at ceremonies in the White House Rose Garden. In addition to the rent subsidy plan the new Law also expanded All current housing programs and in one instance provided for a new departure in federally aided Public housing. Under a provision of the measure funds would be provided to rent or lease some Public housing units. It has been the practice to build new Public housing units. The effect of the new Law would be to scatter Public housing units throughout a Community rather than to concentrate them in one spot As is now the Rule. Most of the programs contained in the measure had Strong bipartisan support in Congress but the lawmakers parted company on one Radical housing innovation added this year. This was the rent subsidy plan aimed at providing $150 million in Federal rent payments for needy persons who Are Blind physically handicapped elderly or displaced from their Homes by Highway or slum clearance projects. These subsidies would be limited to certain non profit housing projects. 53 counted dead in missile silo blast seeded with u kiss president Johnson gets a kiss from lady Bird monday after he signed into Law the $280 million health research facilities act at the National Institute of health at Bethesda my. In right background is sen. Lister Hill . Up . Files slowing of War Iii new Hanoi peace bid Washington up a president Johnson s top diplomatic and military advisers monday night dangled a tentative peace offer before the communists in the Viet Nam War. Secretary of state Dean Rusk said the United states was ready to Quot consider Quot ending its bombing of communist North Viet Nam if the Hanoi regime gives Quot some indication Quot that this will Lead toward peace. At the same time defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara said that if the communists reduced their military Effort in Viet Nam the United states would decrease its activities but Mcnamara also reaffirmed u. S. Determination to resist red aggression and said americans were prepared to fight for 20 years of necessary to protect South Viet Nam. Mcnamara and Rusk were interviewed in an hour Long television program lbs which ranged across diplomatic and military aspects of the conflict. Asked whether the War might end by a gradual reduction in fighting Mcnamara replied Quot that is the Way the 1946 guerrilla War ended in Greece and it May Well end that Way in South Viet declaring that the United states was Quot very sensitive to the level of activity of the communists Quot Mcnamara said Quot we would be Quick to sense any change in policy or objective or capability and our Effort would drop both Rusk and Mcnamara expressed Confidence that South Viet Nam and the United states eventually would Triumph although they warned that it might take Many years. Searcy Ark. Up a Rescue workers today hauled 53 bodies of a construction Crew from the blackened Depths of a Titan ii missile silo where they perished in the nation s worst disaster involving space age materials. President Johnson ordered an immediate investigation of the underground explosion and fire. A special team of 30 experts arrived on the scene today. Capt. Douglas e. Wood director of information at Little Rock air Force base said the 53 dead would Quot very Likely Quot be the final total. He said Muddy water in the Bottom of the silo would have to be pumped out before a final determination could be made. Two workmen scrambled to safety through searing heat and blinding smoke shortly after the explosion monday in the nine level Structure that is equal to a 15-Story building. The nuclear warhead of the missile had been deactivated before the construction Crew began making modifications in the 170-foot deep silo. The fuel inside the missile did not explode. Wood said Rescue workers reported bodies were stacked in piles around the ladders on the second and third Levels of the silo. The ladders Are used normally by workmen going from floor to floor. The explosion was believed to have occurred in a diesel engine in one of the Little rooms ringing the launch duct. It erupted on level two 40 to 50 feet below the surface of the launching site which is topped by a seven foot thick electrically operated door. Charles f. Strang chief of air Force missile safety arrived at Little Rock air Force base and was directing the investigation. Alignment Board wets District ifs new plan Hartford it. Up a a new redistricting plan for the Hartford Hartland Norwich area was under consideration today by the legislative reapportionment Board. Listening raindrops glistening drops of rain weigh Down these strands of Hay. Bennington a rainfall was encouraging in july but it s still not As much As we need and conservation practices Are still urged. Hagerman area s rain Tai i Meneou racing but ifs still not i it to Par 44 Bennin it ton Iii goes 5 Woodford ites. Merge monday night s rain storm dumped another .16 Inch of water on the Bennington area according to Paul w. Bohne . Weather observer on Harwood Hill. This brings the total precipitation during the past three Days to 1.24 inches and the total since aug. I to 1.34, according to bohnes records. The total rainfall in july according to Bohne was 2.55 inches More than has fallen during any other month this year except april. This is also More than during any july of the past three years but far below the average of 4.79 inches during july in the four pre drought years of 1958-1961. It As of july 31, 14.19 inches of precipitation had been recorded in 1965 at bohnes Harwood Hill station. This is about three invite Konni Hiilton tourist Survey j less than the total rainfall during the first seven months of each of the past three years and far below the 22.5 Inch average for the first seven months of 1958-1961. Bennington villages water Supply is still adequate however. Supt. C. Henry Hansen reports that Lake Hancock in Stamford a major water source was about one foot below its Normal level last week. He adds however that he is sure the weekend rain has improved the situation. Water is still being pumped though from Morgan Spring which is used by the water department As an emergency Supply. The water Board is also urging its patrons to observe water conservation suggestions distributed earlier this year. Members of the Republican town committees of Bennington and Woodford monday night met to form a larger joint committee to serve the new legislative District 3, made up of the two towns. The five members of the Woodford committee were merged with the 44 members of the Bennington committee and the Bennington town party chairman j. Duncan Campbell and former Woodford town rep. Mrs. Daisy l. Myers were chosen to serve As the District committees co chairman. Other officers of the District committee remain the same As those for the Bennington committee Norton Barber vice chairman John Kennedy jr., treasurer and mrs. John w. Miller Secretary. Campbell this morning made How a summer business in �?T65? it depends on who you talk to by Paul Hurlburt of the first two months of Bennington a �?T65 summer tourist season have been More successful than last year there is no consensus to prove it. Merchants and Motel owners offer a far from unanimous appraisal. But a few inferences can be drawn using Oba figures and other numerical counts for support. Take the Motel owners for instance. A Survey taken by the Banner last week showed that whether the Motel business has been Good this summer depends on which of Bennington a four main Entrance routes the Motel happens to be located on. To illustrate six out of eight motels North of Bennington Chi . 7 said business in june was less this year than it was motels sooth of Benning on the other hand report they were full almost every night both years and under the circumstances expect business to be any better. East and West of Bennington on Vermont 9, the Motel owners offered still another report. Five out of eight said business was about the same this june in comparison with last. Last toned numerical counts can help justify some of these reports. The state Highway departments traffic counter on route 7 in Shaftsbury for example indicated that traffic in june compared with last year was Down about 4 per cent. But if Motel owners North on route 7 thought business was off according tothe traffic count owners East on route 9 should have been four times As disgruntled. The traffic count on that route was Down some 16 per cent according to the counter on the Bennington Windham county line. Figures released by the greater Bennington association agree with the majority of the Motel owners North on route 7 who said the tourist Trade had gotten off to a slow Start this year. According to records at the Goa tourist Center on South Street 339 people stopped for information during the month of june a a 16 per cent drop from june of 64. July in Sharp contrast showed a 32 per cent gain Over the previous july with 2,815 people registering. Most Motel owners in the area similarly reported business had picked up enough by the end of july so it was at least even with last year. Only four of 21 area motels still said business was off in july. The motels South of Bennington continued to Lead the rest however. But what accounts for the disproportionately Large numbers who fill these motels to the see summer �?T65 Page to col. 5 Clear that the formation of the District committee does not in any Way dissolve the separate town party organization. He noted that it will be the party members in each of the towns who will caucus on sept. 13 to choose new committee members and town chairman. Campbell believed that at the present time there is no legislation to provide for party organizations for the districts of the newly apportioned legislature. Present at the monday night session besides Campbell and mrs. Myers were Franklin d. Frantz or. And Charles e. Dewey of the Woodford gop forces my from Bennington mrs. William h. Wills a former Bennington county senator and former first lady of Vermont former town rep. Joseph j. Car Acciola town clerk miss Mary Hodeck and mrs. Clarence e. Howard and David g. Allen two of the three candidates who have announced for seats in the House from the new Bennington Wood Ford District. Others attending included Theodore h. Bird Virginia Bushee mrs. Helen Campbell mrs. Catherine Dermody mrs. N. Y. Duhamel Joseph Hall and or. And mrs. Leo Nash All of Bennington. Plans for the appointment of chairmen of the new legislative districts three subdistrict for Aid to Republican candidates and for a gop fund raising dinner dance to be held in Burlington oct. 2, were also discussed. on the inside tax commissioner Gerald Witherspoon outlines his views on problems of local listers a Page 3. Columnist Charles John Stevenson recalls new England a canal systems a Page 4. Hoosick town Board agrees to hire a new Albany planning consultant a Page 5. The new plan was drafted monday night by the boards of civil authority of the three towns to take the place of one that had been twice rejected by the state panel. The previous plan had been rejected because it divided Hartford by a Finger of land. It had been hinted by democrats that the division was made so that Republican reps. Byron a Thorn of Hartford and Allen Foley of Norwich would not have to run against each other. Monday night the boards of civil authority simply moved the Finger of land closer to the Connecticut River. The vote was 20-8 in favor of the plan cast along partisan lines. The democrats stood in solid opposition to the proposal. Under the new scheme Norwich would get 263 voters from Hartford and the town of Wilder would be lumped together with Norwich. Hartland would get 505 Hartford voters bringing Hartland a total up to 1,333. If the apportionment Board approves the proposal this will be the effects a Norwich and the Finger of Hartford land will elect one representative. A White River Junction and the Region South of its plus the portion of Hartford directly North of the Connecticut River will elect two. A and the remainder of Hartford and All of Hartland will elect one representative. Saturday marked the second time that the remapping scheme for the Tri town District was bounced Back to the local boards of civil authority. Erne member of the Board hinted the plan was politically motivated and not in the Best interests of the voters. The proposed plan had been previously rejected by the reapportionment panel earlier in the week. The boards of civil authority were told to work out a Compromise Between majority and minority reports submitted. At a subsequent meeting however it was voted to resubmit the same previously rejected plan. Part of the difficulty stems from the fact that the proposed Republican sponsored plan would subdivide Hartford with a Finger of land containing Norwich voters. The plan according to state House sources was to have kept Republican Byron c. Hathorn of Hartford and Republican Allan r. Foley of Norwich from running against each other in the october primary. The silo is 56 feet in diameter and the huge missile almost fills it. A narrow ladder leads up the Side of the silo from the Bottom to the Tunnel that leads to the escape Hatch. The two survivors made it to safety through the Hatch before it was closed off. The explosion was the worst disaster in history at a . Missile site. There have been three previous blasts in Titan silos in new Mexico but there were no casualties. President Johnson ordered an immediate investigation and instructed air Force Secretary Eugene Zuckert to Aid the families of the victims. The explosion ripped through the silo monday afternoon. The silo is one of 18 containing five Story tall Titan intercontinental missiles scattered through North Central Arkansas. Peter Klewitz sons co. Of Omaha neb., a contracting firm is doing a $4.5 million modification Job on the silos. Noxious fumes filled the silo and All persons without Gas masks were ordered Back 2,000 Yards. About 300 persons wives children and relatives of the victims gathered along the Road leading to the silo. Capt. Michael Romano chaplain at Little Rock air Force base told them there was no Hope and they should go Home and rest. Quot they re bringing your rela Tives right by you and you Don t even know he meant the ambulances that slipped up the Road with bodies As they were lifted from the Shaft. Quot i was standing next to the ladder Quot said Gary Lay 18, one of the survivors. Quot All of a sudden i heard an explosion and saw a big flame of voting Bill seen no Bor to j t. Poll l a Montpelier up a the Vermont attorney general a office plans to take no action in changing Vermont a existing poll tax Law following the signing of the Federal voting rights Bill this week. Atty. Gen. John p. Connarn said monday that in his opinion the Vermont Law does not violate the Federal statute. Connarn added that he would not discourage anyone from seeking the opinion of . Atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenback but that the Vermont Law will Quot stand the Katzenbach is currently in the process of bringing suit against Mississippi a poll tax. Similar proceedings Are also being instituted in other Southern states where the poll tax is said to act As a bar to equal voting rights. Accused child murderer nabbed in Boltonville St. Johnsbury it. Up a a 33-year-old unemployed Handyman and artist whose 1938 car was photographed at the playground from which a 5-year-old girl vanished was accused today of murder in the sadistic sex killing. Paul Nathaniel Smith of Woodsville n.h., an sex convict with a record of sex offences will be arraigned later today on a fugitive warrant in Orange county municipal court in Chelsea police said. Smith was seized monday at the Home of a Friend in Boltonville by a raiding party of Woodsville and Vermont state police. John Roden Woodsville police chief said the Man a admitted Quot strangling and sexually molesting the Little girl whose decomposed body was found sunday in a Lakeville mass., Blueberry Patch about eight Miles from the playground where she vanished july 29. He said the suspect signed a statement. Authorities said they had been looking for the Man a convicted sex offender almost from the Day the child vanished. His car a 1938 four door Sedan with distinctive markings was sighted in Middleboro the Day the girl disappeared. Pictures which police received several Days ago from a new York tourist which were taken at the playground where Ellen was last seen also showed the car. Middleboro police chief Haploid Tower Massachusetts state police it. John f. Downey and sgt. William Forbush obtained warrants in a special session of the fourth District court in Middleboro monday night on charges of murder and indecent assault on a child under 14. They immediately left for this Community arriving Here Early today. The decomposed body of the girl was found sunday in a Patch of Woods in Lakeville. An autopsy performed by pathologists. Of the Harvard school of Legal Medicine indicated that the girl had been strangled and sexually molested. The Barefoot body of the child was found lying face up by a Lakeville woman picking blueberries with her two children. Police said she had been stabbed in the legs four times and theorized that she was killed the same Day she disappeared. Car ii ii to in Ireland Cardinal Cushing of Boston is escorted by a Captain in the Irish army As the prelate arrives sunday at Dublin Airport to act As papal Legate in the Blessing of Galway a new Cathedral aug. 15. Up

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