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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Aug 9 1963, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 9, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner Friday August 9, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials lessons of an absurd tax if it is Vermont a goal to present a a a quaint image to outsiders the legislature has surely done it with the absurd provisions voted into the new rooms and meals tax. Anyone who has an interest in or connection with one of the states Many educational institutions has aright to be especially annoyed. As an article in yesterdays Banner pointed out the colleges were made a target for the More ridiculous provisions of the new tax. I the tax applies to outsiders and visitors at colleges but not to the students themselves or College employees and it does not apply to certain pre packaged items. The mental pictures conjured up of the ways in which the tax will operate May be laughable at first but in the Long run respect for Law and order Jean Only diminish. So silly is the Law that Ulm and presumably other colleges Are considering a plan to set up not one but two hot dog stands during football games Jone marked a students and faculty where Jno tax is applied and the other marked a a a others or something where the tax a is charged. J no one is quibbling really about the necessity for the tax and few will be Tun by having to pay the extra pen ies it demands. But the imposition on the states colleges seems thoroughly unreasonable. In addition to a 23-Page a mimeographed set of regulations that a someone at each College is going to Nave to Wade through there still arises $ seemingly infinite number of questions about How to interpret the tax and apply it lawfully. J a Bennington College spokesman Sug i i governor Wallace i remains Ever defiant having Scord a Good Many Points a Vith the rednecks by trying to thumb us nose at the Federal courts on the Ssue of school integration governor George Wallace has now decided to measure the political mileage in another act of Defiance. Alabama he has vowed will disregard the supreme court decision against Reading the Bible in the Public schools even if he himself has to go into the schools to read it. This creates an interesting anomaly. The governor is in favor of keeping god in the classroom and he is in favor of keeping coloured children out. In most parts of the civilized world com me tit alcohol lax receipts Are no fiscal fairyland Export express one source of income that Hgt us been reliable in Vermont and in just about every other state for that matter is the Money received from the Sale of alcoholic beverages. Near after year liquor taxes a finer to bring in More Money than the year before and official figures released from time to time by the indicate some rather handsome Revenue gained through this source. This Happy fiscal fairyland however is not the Utopia one might imagine because it is More of a Mirage than a Miracle since for every Dollar in taxes the state takes in it must hand Over Sev eral More to pay the Piper. Alcohol is not a Friend to the taxpayer it is a Burden. Alcohol populates Surpris tested a Way the other Day to get around All the silly provisions and interpretations of the new tax. That would be to apply it on All food items to student faculty and visitor alike then estimate the percentage of outsiders who had been served during the year and divvied up the extra proceeds equally among students and faculty. Or else the Money could go toward a special fund with which students and faculty members were in sympathy. But it can to be done that Way its too easy. And besides the tax department wont permit the tax to be applied on the basis of estimates. Tax commissioner Charles t. Shea is the Man in the Middle Here he did no to make the Law but his duty is to see that it is enforced. His method will be to ask the colleges to write his department each time a question of interpretation arises and he will reply with a ruling based on the particular circumstances involved. How patrons Are supposed to while away their time waiting for a reply from the tax department is another unanswered question. Actually for All its Absurdity the tax Law and its application to the states colleges May have a beneficial effect As it demonstrates vividly to an outraged citizenry the desperate lengths to which the legislature must go to bring in needed tax Revenue. The tax itself will have to be a thrown our next Winter As rep. Joseph Caracciola of Bennington has predicted. But it May at least soften the blow for the imposition of a general sales tax or whatever other Revenue raising measure the governors planning commission comes up with. The inconsistency would seem obvious but not apparently in Alabama. In the National controversy Over the school prayer Issue opponents of the supreme court s decision have made much of the Contention that religious exercises in the classroom provide a valuable Opportunity to inculcate the Young with a reverence for god and an appreciation of the Christian Virtues. Possibly it does. But one prove it by Alabama where Bible Reading has always been an unconditional requirement for state supported schools. If the lessons of christianity have brushed off on citizenry it Hasni to been very evident in their attitude toward their coloured Brethren a or in the pronouncements of the men they have placed in High office. On which the taxpayers must surf it Ort. It reportedly sends a Large contingent annually to our insane asylums hospitals and other institutions for which tax Money must he allocated each biennium. And when the Bill is added up you will find that alcohol is robbing you Blind. Figures for Vermont Are not available but the results of a recent Survey in Massachusetts convey a message of considerable importance. A study of drinking in the Bay state indicates that for every doll fir in tax Revenue it received from liquor it pays out $15 on the problems caused by alcohol. A Good thing to remember when Reading tax receipt records from the Sale of alcoholic beverages. But we Are making technological Progress. year our driving manners become cruder As our gasoline becomes More refined. So Orth Kingston it . Standard. Sparks from the forge tempest Over Champlain by Samuel r. Ogden Quot of you rial by Vawter peace you d 6et rid of those horrible things a today find tomorrow Bonn s reaction to l est ban treaty designed to keep Adenauer on stage by Walter Lippmann Washington. The reaction in Bonn to the test ban treaty is a reminder on two Points that Are easily forgotten. First the thorny question of the succession to or. Adenauer is not thoroughly settled. Second president Kennedy did not reach a firm understanding with Bonn on German american policy because when he was in Germany recently the Bonn government was deeply divided. When the first news came from Moscow that an agreement would be reached the West German foreign minister or. Gerhard Shroeder welcomed it cordially and announced so it was thought Bonne a prompt adherence to the treaty. In doing this or. Shroeder was speaking for the Post Adenauer German leaders. But when general de Gaulle decided that France would abstain or. Adenauer and the old guard among the Christian democrats took Steps to overrule the foreign minister. A of since or. Adenauer is still the Chancellor he is Able to redirect West German policy away from the Atlantic partnership and along a line which while not identical with general de Gaulle a is parallel to it. Or. Adenauer will use what political influence he can exercise in the United states to exact a political Price before the treaty is ratified. The maximum gain would be to kill the treaty by inducing the Senate to attach a destructive rider to it. The minimum gain would be to demonstrate that whether or not he retires in october he is still the master of German foreign policy. We have to remember that or. Adenauer s Man Euver is concerned with internal and external West German politics Quot and has nothing to do with nuclear tests. Whether the Federal Republic does or does not sign the test ban treaty the fact is that the Federal Republic has already signed a test ban treaty a a solemn treaty not to do anything whatever about nuclear weapons. If Bonn now decides to abstain from signing the treaty it will make no difference to the nuclear situation. In this West Germany differs from the two other principal abstainers France and red China. For them All testing will remain lawful because they will not have signed the treaty. The Case of East Germany is theoretically though not practically an interesting and even an amusing one. If East Germany were not allowed to sign this unrecognized piece of territory would be free indeed would have a License to test if West Germany refuses to sign it it will still be forbidden to test. This is i hate to say the kind of anomaly which is of interest Only to the professional nitpickers. Only on the surface is or. Adenauer s Man Euver concerned with the nit picking dilemma if East Germany adheres to a treaty is the partition of Germany recognized in International life the East German government has adhered so i have been told to about eleven International conventions and that fact Lias not altered the situation. East Germany is not recognized by the three principal Allied Powers a France Britain and the United states a which have authority in regard to the solution of the German question. The president of the United states has moreover declared publicly that East Germany a adherence to this treaty will not bring United states recognition and if the president says it will not bring recognition it will not bring recognition. Successors Are not. The object of the drive is to take into French and German hands the political leadership of Europe and to do this by diminishing the influence of the United states. That is the reason Why the West German foreign minister has been rebuffed and Why the next Chancellor or. Erhard has so Long been ignored. The object of the Man Euver is to see How Many stumbling blocks can be put in president Kennedy s path during the Long process of ratification. It remains to be seen whether any substantial number of senators will lend themselves to a Man Euver which is not concerned with the vital interests of the United states buy Only with Continental european politics. Report from the . Landgrove. Ohi it is a cruel thing that the people on the Bennington Banner did to me the other Day to stand me out there cold naked and alone with the icy Crystal Clear Waters of Lake Champlain lapping about my benumbed Midriff. It was made to seem that my objections to the opening of Lake Champlain to deep sea traffic were the musings of a propagandist whose dubious services had been purchased with the soiled Lucre of sinister special interests. And the Noble ones lined up there on the Shore senators Aiken and Prouty representative Stafford and prime minister Lester b. Pearson All Good men and True whose combined dignity and prestige should surely muffle my feeble and chattering voice. Well the approbation of great men is Ever a Welcome adjunct to any cause and to choose sides against them requires some tiny bit of courage perhaps but matters affecting the Public Good should be decided strictly on their merits not by the grandeur of those who Are a for Quot or the insignificance of those so i am not at All abashed by the impressiveness of the names answering to the Roll Call As being in favor of turning Lake Champlain into a ship canal. In addition let this be noted if the decision is to be made on the basis of prestige there Are some noteworthy names lined up on the other Side and it would have been kind if the Banner had allowed me to have at least Admiral Hewett and Douglas Burden out there in the Lake with me for Comfort and support. A of it has been announced that the International joint commission on the Champlain Seaway will hold hearings in new York Vermont and Canada starting in Albany on sept. 16, following up with one in Burlington on the next Day. Now that a Champlain waterway commission with sen. James l. Oakes of Brattleboro As chairman has been set up in Vermont it would seem sensible for the Vermont committee to await the outcome of the International hearings for quite possibly conclusions reached Here could put the quietus on the whole scheme. If the opposite is the Case then it will be time for Vermont to get Busy for Vermont obviously has the least to gain and the most to lose if this scheme matures. It is obvious too that the ultimate decision will have to be made on the basis of costs in relation to benefits and while there is a great to do at this time concerning the possibility of pollution the certainty is that the final decision will be made with no consideration at All being Given to this Angle. The March of Industrial Progress has never been slowed a single step by considerations aesthetic Al. Lip service will be Given to be sure and there will be assurances that the newest scientific devices will be employed so that pollution will be reduced to a minimum. Let us concede that All this is True and that it May be possible for enormous daily tonnage of Ocean steamers which will have to pass to and fro if the billion Dollar expenditure is to be justified to travel through the narrow Lake without causing any significant amount of pollution. On the other hand if it is admitted that pollution will result does any one suppose for a single moment that this Factor would cause these protagonists of uninhibited Industrial growth to Call off their dogs so As i see it the pollution Angle will not turn out to be a determining Factor. If those advocates of Progress who dream of to like steamers Many coloured and romantic ploughing up and Down the Blue Waters of the Lake against a glorious backdrop of mountains choose to believe that these Waters will remain Crystal Clear and As pure As the Mountain streams which feed it let them. Whether they Are right or wrong it will make no difference. If a scientific Miracle can be produced so that neither the Stem to Stern Chain of sea going freighters nor the factories lining the shores which Are to bring an economic millennium to Vermont and this is the condition which must prevail if the dreams of the Seaway people Are to be justified will pollute the Waters and we Are led to believe that such will be the Case so much the better. But whether this can be done or not will make not one Jot of difference. No the decision will be made on the basis of dollars and cents with definite pork barrel angles without regard for the railroads in whose employ i am not nor for Beauty nor even i m afraid Public health. I still insist that this Seaway would be the worst thing that could possibly happen to Vermont but As the Banner pointed out i will be a Long time dead before i can be proved to be either right or wrong. United nations and the test ban treaty also on the 17.7v. Agenda human rights quote a its gom to wow from it a cd amp a if of Hao to of it All Mth us a certain amount of vulgarity is necessary to make the average person enjoy himself. Sir Basil Spence designer of the new Coventry Cathedral on the architecture along Miami Beach. What i wish to suggest is really very simple. The business of education will be cheaper if your Start in kindergarten. To the extent that you postpone education you increase its costs. You Are wasting the youngsters time and probably Boring him too and you Are wasting educational facilities. If youngsters can learn in elementary school much of what they Are now learning in secondary school and there is a growing body of research to show that this is True then it is cheaper to do that learning in elementary school. If they can learn in secondary school much of what they Are now learning in College or in a Post High school vocational or technical school then the dictates of Economy say let them learn it in secondary school. And if they can learn in College what they Are now learning in graduate school Why the same logic still holds. A Jerome h. W in Suer science advis or to i re Side it Kennedy. For this reason we must not treat the nit picking As the real thing. The real thing is the Gaul list drive. In this drive or. Adenauer is collaborating while his hid Ulovle s Ole Book by Jessie Joseph unite d nations . There is quiet rejoicing at United nations Headquarters. Only a Short time ago Secretary general u Thant at a press conference stated his belief that the nuclear test ban conference in Geneva would fail and that no agreement would be reached. Almost unbelievably a especially to the weary veterans of five years of negotiation a the Secretary general was proved wrong. A of a no one claims that the treaty is anything More than a first step. But it is a first step the highest sources agree that will go a Long Way toward reducing world tensions. Certain experts consider that the treaty is a first step toward the establishment of world Law. Ambassador James Wadsworth a top member of the . Delegation to the United nations Here comes Goldilocks a or perils of a Toupee by Hal Boyl new York apr remarks a Man with a new Toupee gets tired of hearing a Well hair today gone tomorrow a a i Don t know Why you feel so upset about it Ronald. After All George Washington wore a wigs and they built a Monument to a there comes old Goldilocks i know it must itch terribly in this hot weather Ronald but for heavens Sake quit scratching. Everybody a a a done to sit to close to an electric fan dear. Remember when it blew out the apartment window and landed in a tree and you had to pay that Little boy 50 cents to climb up and get it a a sorry i mussed it up Darling. I was just tidying the floor and when i saw it lying there it gave me such a fright i hit it twice with the mop before i realized what it a if it shrank sir i m afraid it was your own fault. This Model does not carry a drip dry a Don t Wear the Crew Cut one Ronald if you plan to ask for a raise today. Wear the one with the streaks of Grey in it. That la remind your Boss of the Long years of service you be Given to the a you must be particularly careful about Moths sir. Unfortunately they prefer toupees to sirloin a gee fellow in a new in the office. I done to see Why you have to Fly off the handle when All i asked you was where there s a Good Barber around a wonder what happens when he reads a hair raising mystery a a yes it looks Fine Ronald. But my advice is to grow a Beard that would Kinda balance from 1953 to 1960, and from 1958 to 1960 . Delegate at the negotiations in Geneva has said a no one claims that a test ban is a Panacea for All our International troubles. But it is a Start and a valuable referring to efforts being made to Avert a nuclear War the ambassador added a a nuclear test ban treaty is the logical first step of such an a cd a the . Has been involved in the question of cessation of nuclear warfare since 1946 when it received the Baruch plan. Each year the general Assembly has asked the great Powers to work on the problem. Last years Assembly made the request More urgent. The recent successful meetings arranged by the United nations Tex place at the . Palais Des nations in Geneva. At the request of the United nations six of the 18 nations present at the conference were Neutral states. The part played by the United nations was recognized when the conference invited u Thant to attend the signatory ceremony. What will the role of the United nations be now until recently it was expected that the coming 18th session of the general Assembly would be devoted largely to questions of human rights. The United nations has avast machinery to Deal with social and economic affairs As it has in political affairs. There is no such machinery for human rights. Dec. To 1963 will Mark the 15th anniversary of the Universal declaration of human rights. This session appears a logical time to enlarge a human rights program. A of but there is a still stronger reason to believe that the 18th session will concentrate on human rights. The questions of Angola and of apartheid in South Africa were before the Security Council. Had the Council failed to come to some agreement and to adopt resolutions on these questions the issues would undoubtedly have occupied a major portion of the time of the general Assembly. The Council resolutions were relatively mild and the africans will almost certainly look for greater gains from the More sympathetic general Assembly. But there no longer appears to be need for a full scale debate. The consensus among experts now is that the 18th session of the general Assembly will have two major focuses disarmament and cessation of nuclear tests and human rights. The United states can play a leading part in the work on disarmament and nuclear testing. In 1960, president Kennedy in a history making speech before the general Assembly outlined a plan whereby the developing countries of the world could receive social and economic assistance through the United nations. He thus ushered in the development decade possibly the most important certainly one of the most successful programs at the United nations today. A of now president Kennedy again has the Chance to make United nations history. The president could again appear before the general Assembly and this time he could outline a disarmament and a test ban program As he did a program for the development decade. Such an appearance would normally occur on about the third Day of the Assembly roughly sept. 20, but it will lie possible Only if the Senate debate has been successfully concluded or of Success for the test ban treaty is assured. Many leaders in this country along with outstanding figures at the United nations Are hopeful that president Kennedy will once More be Able to stand before the world forum and present a plan that will Benefit All Mankind. Humor sanctified a ministers new Secretary who had formerly worked in the Pentagon set about reorganizing the minister s filing system. She labelled one drawer a a sacred and the other a top Baptist program

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