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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Aug 9 1963, Page 3

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - August 9, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Cavalry goes to sea to Hunt korean reds with the is cavalry division Korea apr this frontline cavalry division has developed a Quot Navy to Hunt communist North korean patrols trying to infiltrate into United nations territory. First cavalry division troopers continuously cruise the Itjin River which the communists must Cross in route South. The division which switched from horses to tanks Many years ago got serious about the Navy business to Days ago when communist activity increased along the american sector of the 151-mile demilitarized zone across Korea. Patrolling the River is the Job of company a 8th Engineer battalion which boasts of being a closer to the bad Guys than any other engineering unit in the whole . this slogan is the favorite of the company commander capt. James z. Metalios 29, of Tuckahoe . The Fleet ranges from Small assault boats which can be paddled into dark coves to 27-foot Power boats that carry six troopers up and Down the River at High Speed. Riflemen Are furnished by the 8th and 9th cavalry regiments that have 15 Miles of the Itjin in their sectors. The Man in charge of the Navy s. Sgt. Osko Baccus 33, of Security colo., has had Little experience with boats. A once in a while we got embarrassed by getting stuck on a Sandbar a he said a but now we be got a pretty Nice Little flee pfc. Alfred Baker 18, of Alderson w,va., said being a water going Cavalryman is the Best army duty Ever. Extra Bonus double world Green wednesday and saturday sure tests sought for underground blasts Pasadena Calif. Apr a member of the . Negotiating team says the limited nuclear test ban treaty Points up a serious Gap in the technology necessary for nuclear arms control underground detonations. They were excluded from the treaty because scientists have not found a sure Way to detect and identify All subsurface blasts or. Frank press director of the seismology laboratories of California Institute of technology said in an exclusive interview. Precise information about this research is secret. Neither Side wants the other to know How much Progress is being made in distinguishing explosions from earthquakes. But informed sources say this research is going ahead full Speed because a breakthrough could Lead to cessation of All nuclear weapons testing. A the treaty signed in Moscow is a Good first step but i doubt if anyone would deny there is need for a More comprehensive treaty a said or. Press a technical member of the . Negotiating team. A science has made some very significant advances in the Field in the past five years but we Are All Locking Forward to the Day when underground tests too can be prohibited with Assurance that any violator will be exposed a he said. Atmospheric tests can be detected at great distance because of the radioactive debris. Underwater tests can be detected because they set up sound and pressure Waves that travel thousands of Miles. Tests far out in space can be detected with resonate certainty because they throw off some radiations that Are different from those ordinarily found in the solar system. Scientists cannot be sure of identifying a seismic events a underground shocks a of less than magnitude 4 with monitoring stations outside the soviet Union. Magnitude is a Way of measuring underground shocks on a scale that puts most property damaging earthquakes at magnitude 5 or higher. Magnitude 5 is to times the strength of magnitude 4 magnitude 6 is to times the strength of magnitude 5, and on up the scale. Probable new president of Venezuela is pro-. Presidential nominees including Leon. He apparently thought and leaders could then negotiate for a United front candidate backed by the social christians of the government coalition. Caracas Venezuela apr sen. Raul Leon companion of president Romulo Betancourt for three decades is the leading contender to win the fall elections and succeed Betancourt next february. The 58-year-old labor lawyer the deepening crisis a won unanimous nomination at the recent convention of the big worker peasant party democratic action an which he helped Betancourt found in 1941. Bob Kennedy sen. Erwin clash at probe Washington apr atty. Gen. Robert f. Kennedy and sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., clashed thursday Over a Section of the administration civil rights Bill that is designed to Speed desegregation of Public schools. At a hearing by the Senate judiciary committee Ervin entered his questioning of Kennedy on a provision authorizing Federal Grants upon application of local school boards to pay specialists to develop Public understanding of problems relating to desegregation or racial imbalance in the schools. Ervin asked if it were the policy of the administration to encourage transportation of White children to schools in other communities rather than admit them to their neighbourhood schools in order to eliminate problems of racial imbalance. A no we have no policy on that a replied Kennedy undergoing a seventh Day of questioning by Ervin. Ervin said he could t understand Why in that Case the administration was asking Congress to permit the . Commissioner of education to make Grants to Deal with the problem. Kennedy said the purpose was to assist school districts that Are having problems with racially imbalanced schools but he emphasized that Aid would be provided Only upon the request of local authorities. In 48th year of reign be. Ringlon Banner Friday August 9, 1963-3 Haile Selassie continues to Lead Ethiopia Addis Ababa up a this capital of Ethiopia is Likely to become the a capital of Africa As Well. The event will be another Triumph for emperor Haile Selassie a a Kings of Kings the elect of god and conquering lion of diplomatic sources say Addis Ababa is Likely to be chosen As the Headquarters for the new organization of african Unity Oak when african foreign ministers meet in Dakar Senegal next month. It already is the Headquarters of the United nations economic commission for Africa Eca. It depends on with whom you talk in Ethiopia whether the future is dark or Bright under the emperor s Imperial Rule. But everyone agrees that the emperor a 73-year-old Monarch in a continent which runs to Youthful republicans scored an impressive Victory for himself and for Ethiopia at the Summit conference Here last May which drafted the Oak charter. It was he who insisted that the 30 african Heads of state overrule the timidity of their foreign ministers and draft the charter Here. Both foreign diplomats and ethiopians credited him with the conference s Success. Haile Selassie s country has a history of 3,000 years an area one and one third the size of Texas and an estimated population of 20 million. Its soil is Rich enough to feed to times that number and its scenery is spectacularly Beautiful. Haile Selassie has ruled for 47 years from 1916 to 1930 As Regent and from 1930 As emperor 736 Moin Street Leoni told an interviewer he would carry on Betancourt s Brand of nationalism anti communism and pro United states policies but indicated he would withdraw the ban on the communist party imposed by Betancourt if the communists renounce violence. A we do not persecute the communists because of their political ideology but because they have turned to subversion and terrorism Leoni said. Leoni son of an immigrant Frenchman led a 1928 Caracas student demonstration against Venezuela s dictator Juan Vicente Gomez. Betancourt three years younger was one of Leoni s lieutenants. Betancourt and Leoni have shared Power defeat exile and dictators jails Ever since. Leoni was minister of labor when Betancourt was a provisional president in 1945-1948. Party associates say Betancourt wanted the and convention to name three or More possible Many White southerners find racial Justice a dilemma of a dynastic line that legend says originated from the meeting of King Solomon with the Queen of Sheba. More than any emperor Haile Selassie has dragged Ethiopia Forward after centuries of isolation into an Era which knows the wheel and the air plane. He still rules As Well As reigns sometimes even to Small details a and hence the impatience of some of the younger civil servants. A slight bearded figure in full dress uniform who feeds pet Lions by hand he rules with what diplomats Here regard As consummate skill balancing this group against that and holding Ethiopia together As no other Man could. Ethiopia is entering the second year of her second five year plan which started last july and will run until 1967. It Calls for an increase of 4.6 per cent a year in Gross National product and an investment of $1,062,000,000. Over the past few years about a Quarter of the government s budget has gone for economic development. Eighty five per cent of the National product comes from agricultural crops grown by peasant tenant Farmers and herdsmen who make up nearly 90 per cent of the population. But the biggest growths Are scheduled for mining Industry and Power. There is Potash and Gold and exploration is hopefully going on for Oil. The plan Calls for a steel Mill and an agreement has been million piggybacks Washington up a More than one million truck trailer loads will move by Railroad during 1963, the association of american railroads estimates. The Quot piggyback loadings Are 14 per cent above 1962 and double the 1959 level. Concluded with Russia to build an Oil refinery at the port of assay. Like most other african countries Ethiopia tries to be Quot Neutral in the cold War. She does not yet recognize communist China although most diplomats predict she will eventually. In tacit return for an important radio relay station near Asmara which is a vital link in american global communications Ethiopia has received some $114,100,000 dollars in Grants and Loans from the United states during the past ten years and another $70 million Worth of military Aid. With More than 5,000 americans in Ethiopia it is one of the key american diplomatic posts on the continent. The United states has fostered agricultural education and health financed new jets and sent 277 peace corps volunteers. Ethiopia gets other Aid As Well a from Russia the world Bank West Germany Italy War reparations Sweden Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. The soviet Union has promised $100 million Worth of rubles a on paper nearly equal to Aid from the United states a but Only a fraction of that has been used. Boneless Chuck roast 79 rib roast beef stewing beef Walker s la. La. 59 79 food Market Opena charge account z its easy and convenient jewellers amp silversmiths 409 main St. Bennington it. Suitors note what is it like to be a White southerner today a Man of reason who is trapped by his own instincts and past put who knows integration must come tenth is a special associated press series on the integration crisis. By Kelman Morin do you milk a cow. For your breakfast Cream or does your favorite Dairy deliver Richt to your door fat Oyt a Cream of the great television programs Horn allo the National networks by to Cable service de Vered r get into your living room1 Vijh to mod amp it to cafe 317 main Street Bennington it. Atlanta apr for 70 years after reconstruction every southerner was born into a segregated society. Segregation was his Way of life deeply rooted in his consciousness. Moreover it was Legal. In 1896, the doctrine of Quot Separ ate but equal was tested and the . Supreme court held it to be constitutional. Some May have Felt twinges of conscience even so. Ralph Mcgill publisher of the Atlanta Constitution has written a the More sensitive southerner often is self embarrassed by a realization that he has accepted unquestionably some aspect of his Community life which he rejects. But nonetheless he is a part of what he has met and been. And the past in tales of his grandparents his great aunts and uncles has been in his ears from in 1954, another supreme court reversed the earlier ruling. It held that a separate educational facilities Are inherently Southern lawyers and politicians had taken note of a series of court orders that put individual negroes in some Southern schools but the Man on the Street was not prepared for integration. Overnight in effect he was told that he must do a mental about face change his attitudes and abandon beliefs he had always held. Even where the Effort was made a nobody can say How Many southerners made it this was no easy task. In the South racial barriers Are going Down. Schools other Public facilities and business establishments Are being desegregated. What Are the feelings of the southerner As he sees the old patterns of life crumbling around him there is no one answer. At one end of the spectrum Are men like goys. George c. Wal Oil burners adjusted comprehensive Burner service contract covers annual Check up and adjustment plus other Cost saving services Ouk comprehensive Burner service contract helps guard you against heating worries. And it can lower heating costs these three important ways 1. By making sure your Burner is cleaned and adjusted for Peak efficiency to help give you maximum heat from every gallon of fuel. 2. By catching Little troubles before they can become big ones. A Small adjustment or repair in your heating system now May save you Many dollars later on. 3. By insuring you against unexpected repair Bills by helping to protect you against heat interruption. For Complete details about our Burner service contracts a and about our Many other services a Call us today at the number below. Johnson Oil co. H 210 depot St 0 co dial 442-4018 Bennington lace of Alabama and Ross Barnett of Mississippi fiercely defending the old order. A legion of southerners applauds them. At the other Are men like Hod Ding Carter editor of the Greenville miss., Delta de in of rat Ralph Mcgill and others who Are less Well known for their opposition to segregation. Carter and Mcgill receive Bales of letters some favourable More abusive. Between the poles of thought you find a the southerner who opposes integration but believes in Law and order. Reluctantly he says the courts must be obeyed. A the person who says Quot we were All getting along Fine until outsiders came in and stirred up the negroes. If the outsiders would go away the negroes would be perfectly Happy a the Man who says that since the supreme court reversed itself once on segregation it May do so again sometime. He wants the 1954 ruling tested again and again. For years the South has been working aggressively to attract Industry. The businessman knows a possibly from experience a that violence will hinder the drive. So. Although segregationists some advocate accommodation with negro demands. The situation for the Southern College student often is similar to that of the businessman. It May Gall him to see negroes on the Campus. But graduation is More important and he does t want to jeopardize that. Some thoughtful sincere persons in the South Are deeply troubled wrestling with conscience. A divinity student candidly acknowledges that he had been strongly prejudiced against negroes. After he began studying for the clergy he concluded that he could not reconcile his prejudice with his religion. Quot it was very difficult but i believe i can say now that i have freed myself from those prejudices a he says. A woman commenting on racial disturbances in a nearby City says Quot when the troubles started i tried to imagine myself in the position of a negro. I tried to see things from this Point of View. Frankly it was a Shock. But it still seems to me that of i were a negro it would be better to try to elevate my own race not lose myself in another this dovetails with the position of southerners who deny any prejudice toward the negro but say Quot race mixing is not the answer to the problem. For both races it is better to develop one Man said he is convinced that Quot idleness is causing the negro unrest North and South. Negro unemployment nationally is More than double the figure for the Whites. He said Quot i be lived All my life with negroes and i know that when they re Idle they tend to get in trouble. Give them something to do and you won t have All this Atlanta has gone further than most Southern cities in de segregating. A waitress in an upper bracket restaurant says she has seen Only one two White couples left in the Middle of dinner when negroes were seated at an adjoining table. How does she feel about waiting on negroes Quot i done to mind a she says. A the kind who come in Here Are just like anyone however placard carrying segregationists picket an Atlanta restaurant that has integrated. This is a painful example of the situation confronting Southern businessmen. They get it in the N.C. from both sides. Finally the southerner is watching with the keenest interest As negro demonstrations spread to the North. A now the Yankees Are getting a taste of the problem a he says. 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