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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 24, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner saturday april 24, 1905 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials ups and Downs of civil defense the announcement there will be a statewide civil defense Alert next monday indicates efforts Are still being made to awaken the Public to cd needs. But a disconcerting commentary on our reluctance to acknowledge the distasteful realities of the nuclear Era can be found in the mercurial Story of the civil defense program Over the past 15years. If one were to Chart the ups and Downs of Public concern about cd it would make a pretty accurate cold War fever Chart. When things get tense abroad the concern spurts. When the tension eases off cd is quietly swept under the Rug until the next crisis occurs. Obviously this irrational attitude results largely from the Odd mixture of fatalism and Blind optimism with which the Public regards the possibility of nuclear War. But a Good Deal of blame also must be placed upon the Washington policymakers who have blown hot and cold on the cd question with bewildering inconsistency. The attitude of the Johnson administration is a Good Case in Point. In his defense message to Congress three months ago the president said that a without fallout shelter Protection for our citizens All defense weapons lose much of their effectiveness in saving in february Secretary of defense Mcnamara said that fallout shelters a should have the highest priority of any defense system and estimated that a $5 billion investment in shelters could save 30 million civilian lives in the event of a sneak attack. Yet this years defense budget prepared by or. Mcnamara and submitted to Congress by or. Johnson is the first since 1960 which fails to provide funds editor s notes the Village Highway department has packed away its Snow lows for the Sefft son and Are now getting set for Sun me time chores. The picture of work on Elm Street for a new curb and Gutter is As Good a sign of Balmy Days ahead As the Robins chirping on the front Lawn. Education commissioner a. John Holden a comment this week that hundreds of hours a year Are spent in school Board meetings around the state is a quiet recognition of the fact that one of the most difficult Public jobs today is being a school Board member. Time is not just the Only requirement. A Board member these Days must be dedicated As Well As possessing a thick skin to protect himself from the verbal brickbats that come his Way. One of the curiosities of the Vermont judicial process was on exhibit in Bennington this week when a civil trial was comment Why not w Ait a few years Archie Mountain in the daily Claremont . Eagle. The people of Vermont or the majority we should say probably favor operation of a state sweepstakes much like the new Hampshire sweeps which was initiated last year. However we also feel that the Vermont legislature will say a a Nix to such a proposal even though it did come out of the House committee with a favourable vote. The Beer Bill that would allow Sale of malt beverage on sundays just barely squeezed past the House by a two vote margin. It does no to seem Likely that sweeps Bill would get by the House when the Beer is for a fallout shelter program. The ostensible reason for this omission is the administrations feeling that there is no Point in asking Congress for appropriations that wont be approved and on the record this pessimism As to the attitude of Congress is probably justified. The late president Kennedy tried for three years to get an adequate shelter program through Congress and was thrown for a total loss first by a House appropriations subcommittee and subsequently by sen. Russell of Georgia the chairman of the Senate armed services committee. But quite evidently fear of congressional rejection is not the sole reason for the Johnson Mcnamara failure to go to the mat in behalf of cd. There is also a reluctance to add $5 billion to the budget. And there is a fervent desire to avoid triggering a repetition of the 1961 wave of Public hysteria which occurred when president Kennedy in an Effort to persuade Khrushchev that we meant business in Berlin suggested that every american a take Steps to protect his family in Case of nuclear attack a thus fostering a spate of Fly by night shelter construction companies As Well As a preposterous National debate Over whether one might shoot ones neighbors at the shelter door. But whatever the administrations motives for putting the cd question on ice the deferment is exceedingly hard to justify in the Light of or. Mcnamara a own testimony As to the number of lives that an adequate shelter program could save. A if the program was an urgent one last year a one congressional proponent recently remarked a it is an urgent one this the logic of this is unhappily irrefutable. Held before a Stamford Justice of the peace with a six member jury Impan eled. Such a proceeding is an extremely rare occurrence under the Law that allows this Type of trial in civil suits of less than $200. Most lawyers prefer to bring their civil suits in county court. With such an oddity nobody was much surprised to learn that atty. Reuben Levin was involved to educate Benning ionians on a Little known procedure of the courts in Vermont. Carlo Wolters Story on the Success of . Precision inc. In its business ventures made interesting Reading. These smaller Type factories provide in total much of the muscle in Vermont Industry. And you know that George h. Schneeberger president of the concern hails originally from Switzerland. What better place for a Swiss to Settle than in the mountains of Vermont. Sue just did Snake it. After All the Beer question does no to carry pressures that a sweeps Bill would. Despite the fact that a sweepstakes would bring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the state House till it does no to seem like a Wise thing for Vermont to do at this time. New Hampshire despite operating one successful sweeps race is still on the ground floor with its program concerning improvements and expansion. Why does no to Vermont sit Back for a few years and let new Hampshire get the bugs and Pitfalls of a sweeps race cleared up then we would say it would be Wise for Vermont to give serious consideration and possibly adopt a sweeps Bill. Without a doubt two sweepstakes could be operated and operated Rod and gun Wco us i in Quot let s just say you and i Are segregated Washington calling Johnson s fac decision by Marquis Childs Washington. By a turn of events he could hardly have forseen a Short time ago president Johnson has been taken off a singularly embarrassing Hook. Chairman Joseph c. Swidler has informed the White House that he does not seek reappointment to that office when his term on the Federal Power commission expires on june 22.Swidler, a Strong consumer minded commissioner had already become the Center of furious tugging and hauling within the powerful and Oil Industry. Not Only his decisions but his forthright speeches had angered the moguls of the big corporations. The president had just been through the same kind of struggle that promised to build up Over Swidler. The target of the companies was Charles r. Ross whose term on the pc expired to months ago and who had been serving pending White House action. Many of or. Johnson a Long time friends in the Oil Industry import Ned him to supplant Ross a Republican the lighter Side and a vermonter who has the Strong support of sen. George Aiken of that state. But defying these pressures from close to Home the president reappointed Ross to another five year term. He twinned this with the appointment of Carl e. Bagge a Chicago Railroad attorney to the pc. Bagge a Republican one of the candidates on a list submitted by sen. Everett Mckinley Dirksen of Illinois is acceptable to the Industry. At the time he made the announcement the president said with some irritation that he wanted judges men who were Neutral rather than advocates for either the consumer or the producers and distributors of electric Power and . Those familiar with the history of the pc insist this is contrary to the concept behind its origin under Theodore Roosevelt. To saw the pc As standing guard for Consumers who had no powerful lobby in Washington to protect them. A of in his last year in the White House president Eisenhower got embroiled in a Sharp controversy Over this very question. He had announced he would not instant exper Manship is big morale Booster if r i Ltd if that in Moon Hoh pm ism no by Dick West Washington up a Many people who Are trying to get ahead in the world take self improvement courses of one Type or another. That is the hard Way. I can Tell you How to enhance yourself in the eyes of your friends neighbors relatives and associates with no Effort at All. It is called the a instant expert method. The system was accidentally discovered by a Friend of mine last summer when he was taking some House guests on a tour of the National Art gallery. One of them paused to Admire a Rembrandt portrait. A i wonder How Long it took him to paint that a she mused. It took 3-v2 years a my Friend replied. He told me later he did no to know what caused him to say that. The figure just popped into his head. �?0�? a thereafter a he said a Rev Ery time anyone expressed curiosity Over some obscure Point i would manufacture an answer. It made a great impression on my a but Isnit that kind of dishonest a i asked. A in a Way yes a he said. A on the other hand my guests enjoyed their visit to the gallery much More than they would have otherwise. A since then i have practice instant Experiment ship on a number of occasions always with splendid results. Within my Circle of acquaintances my prestige and social standing have measurably improved. A people who once regarded me As something of a washout have begun to look upon me with new respect. It has changed my entire life. A of course you have to be discreet about it. Never give answers that Are Likely to be remembered or checked. An instant expert must choose his spots carefully to avoid exposure. A you also have to be careful not to overdo it or people will Mark you Down As a big a Okay a i said a a in la try and this week while my family was watching the Academy awards ceremony on television i did. The Opportunity arose when the cameras showed a close up of Ethel Waters a singing Star of an earlier generation. A i wonder How old she is now a my wife said. A a she a 76,�?� i said picking a random number. Later on we caught a glimpse of Francis x. Bushman who starred in silent movies. My daughter 1 wondered what the a stood for. A Xavier a i said making a wild guess. I kept this up for the rest of the program which endeared me to my family More than Ever. I can hardly wait to take them to the Art gallery. Reappoint William r. Connole to the commission. Connole had been a Strong supporter of the consumer. Protests came from 27 states and most Large cities in the North where since 1945, natural has become the predominant fuel. Eisenhower nominated to the commission a Man who had no previous experience in Utility regulation or rate making. He said he was not interested in whether the individual was on the Side of Consumers or of Industry but merely whether he was Able. Swidler will not discuss his status present or future. It is believed that after nearly five years of battling through interminable hearings against the highly paid Legal Talent at the command of the corporations he was fed up. Commode when Eisenhower failed to reappoint him went into private Law practice and now has retainers from firms believed to be several times the salary of a commissioner. The pc chairman gets $28,500, members $27,000. A of this is a familiar pattern in the Phalanx of Money and influence the Industry can Muster. A recent new York times article listed seven men As the closest advisers to the president in a kind of inner Council. Three Are Washington lawyers a Abe Fortas Clark Clifford and Thomas g. Corcoran. Clifford represents Phillips Petroleum the largest company in the Field. Corocran represents Tennessee transmission which is also a producer of . Fortas firm represents Florida transmission in litigation and other interests before the pc. Printed reports had Fortas and Clifford recommending William Kenneth Jones a Young Columbia University Law professor to succeed Swidler. They both say this is untrue adding they have made no recommendation for a successor. While he is off the Swidler Hook the president will be subjected to continuing pressure for the stakes Are so High. The commission will soon decide the permian Basin Case involving 400 companies in a part of Texas and new Mexico. This accords with an order of the supreme court which held that regulation of the producer As Well As the distributor was necessary if the consumer was to be we Are too wealthy and consequently unpopular. A or. Konrad Adenauer West German elder statesman. Since 1945 producers have hiked the rate from four cents a thousand cubic feet to 16 cents and in opposing regulation before the pc they argued 20 cents was essential. Each increase is passed on to the Householder and to Industrial users. There is also a question of entry into the Rich Southern California Market. Given the present balance of the commission the permian Basin decision will in All probability be for regulation. An examiners report has spelled out a pattern of rates for that is found coincidentally with Oil and for into which Independent investment for exploration has gone. But with another balance favouring Industry or with neutrals easily swayed such a decision could be rapidly chipped and running by Roy Marsden 12 01 . This morning marked tile opening of Trout season in Vermont that Day which has been eagerly awaited by thousands of fishermen since the 1964 season closed last fall. We fishermen Are blessed with much More water than Ever was expected before the recent period of precipitation began last week and with just a Small break in the temperature things should really favor us today. Actually the weather will make but slight difference fishermen Are found on the streams Early in the season in Snow Hail sleet wind or in Sunshine if they Are Lucky. With the fishing Calendar making an Advance report of Good fishing it will be interesting to see if the prediction holds up. A the Vermont state fish hatchery on South Stream Road has been very Busy the past two weeks distributing Trout to Bennington county Waters in preparation for the opening Day and the Harvest reaped by fishermen today will probably run higher in total than at any other time during the entire season. There Are Many who will fish opening Day and possibly the second Day of the season and then Lay their tackle aside to remain untouched the rest of the season. Others will go this morning and then wait for warmer weather and much More pleasant fishing conditions. I doubt if the water will be right today for much action for the dry Fly Fisherman. His innings will come about the latter part of May and into Early june when insects begin to Hatch out in profusion. The spin Fisherman the bait Fisherman and the wet Fly or Bucktail Fisherman gets in his Best licks Early in the season when the water is High and cold. Using heavier tackle than the dry Fly Fisherman they still get plenty of action in the first few weeks before the Trout Start surface feeding. A of personal preference for Trout fishing will place me on the Batten kill when Trout first begin to show signs of taking the bulk of their diet off the top of the water. As far As fishing hours Are concerned i like to hit the rive these Days after supper 6 30 . Until Little after dark when i can have the most fun with dry Fly. To be on a still Pool in late evening with a Good Rise is my idea of Utopia As far As fishing goes. When it is dark and you have to listen for the slosh of a rising Trout before you set the Hook certainly is pure enjoyment for me. If you Are Lucky enough this season to have a youngster to accompany you on your fishing trips you Are to be envied. From experience i suggest that you plan to neglect your own fishing and concentrate on seeing that the lad has a Good time. It takes patience to be a Fisherman but it takes much More patience to teach your son to be a Fisherman. There will be Hooks snagged in the Bushes maybe in the seat of his pants or just Hung up in River debris. There will be snarled lines spilled bait boxes and other minor inconveniences but with that extra measure of patience he will have a Good time and want to go again and again. The Reward for All that patience spent in countless fishing trips you will make in the process of teaching him the right Way to fish will be amply rewarded every time he catches a fish. A of remember again this year the Batten kill River is designated As test Waters from Manchester to the new York state line. The red mail boxes Are in their accustomed location conveniently situated for All fishermen to report their catch or if unsuccessful to report the number of hours spent fishing and the method used. It May be that you can t see the necessity of stopping to fill out the required form but rest assured it is scrutinized in detail at the Montpelier office of the fish and game department and the data obtained has a bearing on the stocking program in the future. Failure to Register atone of these red boxes can cause you to be fined for a violation of fish and game Laws so take the time to Stop and make out the form. You Are doing yourself a favor in spending a couple of minutes to do it. If you happen to get hold of a Large Trout at any time let me know where he is. Id be glad to catch him for you. Political bombs ticking in two largest states by John Chamberlain new York. The two most populous states in the Union new York and California seem to be racing each other to Plant time bombs under the most carefully Laid plans of the politicians of both parties. A of consider the political similarities Between the two states. In California the democratic party is split by the feuding that goes on Between gov. Pat Brown and a big daddy Unruh the speaker of the state Assembly. In new York the adherents of mayor Bob Wagner of new York City continue their silent jockeying to keep sen. Bobby Kennedy relegated to the role of new boy in the Empire state political school. Bobby of course refuses to accept any such downgrading and his suburban and upstate allies such As Boss Jack English of Nassau county Arentt accepting it either. The democratic party in new York state is Likely to become a Poser for president Lyndon Johnson because of the Complete Lack of consensus about who is Best fitted to be the democratic candidate for governor in 1966. Franklin d. Roosevelt jr., who believe it or not is moving toward late Middle age is faced with a now or never proposition if he is to live up to his picture of himself As his fathers son. But Sam Stratton the upstate who wins two to one in what used to be a Republican area thinks he deserves a shot at the Albany Job. Jack English still angry because a strange Alliance Between Bob Wagner Boss Charlie Buckley of the Bronx and Liberal party factotum Alex Rose nominated Robert Morgenthau for governor in 1962 and lost disastrously to Nelson Rockefeller is Busy polishing the claims of his candidate for 1966. A of the English a dark horse is the capable Eugene Nickerson the Nassau county executive. Between ups taters and manhattanite liberals and moderates Bosses and advocates of a direct primary pro Roosevel trans and those who think Jimmy Roosevelt a defeat in the los Angeles mayoralty has rubbed the magic from the Roosevelt name there is bound to be blood letting among democrats when they try to come up with a candidate capable of taking on Republican Nelson Rockefeller in 1966. Rockefeller would be sitting pretty of it were not for the Anemose Ity of the conservative party which will almost certainly Field its own candidate against him. A of in California the Battle for the governors Job promises a Donnybrook All around. Jesse Unruh subtly undercuts Pat Browne a chances for re election. The republicans sensing they have a unique Opportunity to elect a governor in 1966, Are As usual split Between the liberals and the conservatives with the liberals plugging sen. Tom Kuchel who would have to quit his Job in Washington to run and the conservatives debating the relative merits of Oil executive Joe Shell and actor Ronald Reagan. Like the democrats in new York the republicans could Hurt themselves with feuding. But this does not necessarily let president Lyndon Johnson off the Hook for he May have to choose Between the Brown and Unruh democratic factions which would make it a bad blood Campaign for both democrats and republicans. A court appointment for governor Brown might solve things for both big daddy Unruh who sometimes goes by his own name of Jesse Marvin Unruh and for Lyndon Johnson As a dispenser of Harmony. If Unruh is to be the democratic candidate for governor he would be a formidable campaigner. He proved his muscle in a recent los Angeles mayoralty fight when his candidate Maverick Sam Yorty easily polished off Jimmy Roosevelt and an also ran Republican. But sen. George Murphy Republican has warned the democrats that if californians farm income is ruined by Secretary of labor Willard Wirtz a Campaign against the use of mexican migrant workers it will take More than Unruhe a magic and Lyndon Johnson a Balm to produce a 1966 democratic Victory in the fight for governor. The time bombs that Are ticking at two ends of the continent could have their Impact on 1968 As Well As on 1966. For when it comes to electoral votes California and new York Are not going to be surpassed by any other states for a Long Long Birds of a Feather it has been said that keeping a secret from some people is like trying to smuggle Daylight past a rooster. Craig Colo e courier Empire

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