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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 24, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Just Pok it around by Agnes Rockwood up White House tulips mrs. Lyndon b. Johnson this week dedicated the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden at the White House. She said that every detail or it Quot reflects the unfailing taste of the gifted and gracious former first Here mrs. Johnson shows some of the tulips in the Garden to mrs. Hugh d. Auchincloss of Newport r.i., mrs. Kennedy s Mother following formal ceremonies. Home demonstration notes Thailand project head stay and planning appetizing meals by Marion s. Harris Home demonstration agent mrs. Lucien Hanks of North Bennington will be guest speaker at the Spring meeting of the Bennington county homemakers Extension Council in Shaftsbury on May 3. Mrs. Hanks will speak of the work that she and prof. Hanks did in Thailand and the study made of Remote tribes in that country. She will display some of their arts and crafts. The meeting is open to All in the area. It will provide an Opportunity to see exhibits and learn what homemaker Extension clubs do. Health citizenship creative activities safety International relationships family relationships and Tours As Well As a program of Home eco rare museum Washington up a the Thomas Wayland Vaughn aquarium museum at the Scripps institution of oceanography in to Jolla calif., is of of two such museums in the world according to the american automobile association. The other is in Monte Carlo Monaco. Comics Are part of the organized clubs program known As homemakers Extension groups. Leadership and supervision of these groups is supplied by the county Extension service. There Are 23 homemaker groups in Bennington county with a membership of More than 400 women. Anyone can organize a club by contacting the county Extension service at 310 main St., Bennington. Project head Start How Many of you have heard of Quot operation head stay Quot in Many parts of the country there Are children who Start kindergarten or first Grade without the skills that most children gain by the time they begin school. Many of these children May not speak More than a few words or Converse verbally very Well. Some May not know How to hold a Pencil May have had to medical help and yet Are expected to compete with others whose development is More advanced. This not Only makes a problem for a teacher who has to reach All her students but creates a possibility of lessening the educational advantages of the underdeveloped child. Quot operation Headstall Quot is intended to help Correct this problem by making possible some pre school experience this summer to give these underdeveloped children a Start and hopefully an Opportunity to catch up to those who Are ready. It will give eight weeks of training to Advance these skills. These schools Are to be sponsored and applied for by local people schools voluntary organizations private agencies non profit and non political organizations. They will be financed by the office of economic Opportunity up to 90 per cent the remainder being taken care of by local people. In this area application for such a project has been made through Bennington College in 5ince outdoor innerspring chaise red Green a or yellow Floral a a aluminium Frame j a full size adjustable a you can count on a amp a for mum 29 95 $3 Down $1.50 week now is the time to dig out those old books you have packed away in the storeroom and contribute them to the annual Book Sale of the Bennington unit of the american association of University women. The Sale will be held May 5, 6 and 7 in the old Aap store to South Street. Whether they re paperbacks or leather bound makes no difference As Long As they Are in readable condition. These contributions in this major project of the Paauw will this year greatly Benefit the red Brick school in the Purchase of books. Last year chs Beni and North Bennington is each received $100 from the Sale. Hours of the Sale Are wednesday 9 30 . To 5 30p.m. Thursday 9 30 to 5 30 and Friday 9 30 . To 9 . These books will be collected by just calling either mrs. Robert Gibbs of North Bennington a 2-5659, or mrs. George Jenkins of weeks Street a 2-6625. Contributions Are already coming in but Many More Are needed to ensure the sales Success. An Early response to this Appeal will be appreciated. Der the direction of mrs. Marion Downes Nursery school supervisor and using facilities of the College. It is hoped that another school will also be made available so that 60 children can be accommodated. Meal planning variety is the keynote to successful meal planning. First choose foods from the Basic four food groups. These Are i. Bread and whole Grain cereals 2. Milk and milk products 3. Vegetables and fruits 4. Meats. If All of these food groups Are represented in your daily meal plans you will be assured of an adequate Supply and essential nutrients. But food not Only nourishes the body it has an Appeal to the senses and so we plan for meals that look Good have variety in flavor and texture and include both hot and cold foods. The most attractive foods include foods with Eye Appeal. Color is the first noticeable one. Reds yellows and greens bring out a More favourable reaction to food than a monotonous grouping of meats potatoes and bread with no color values. It is also important to Cook foods so that color is retained when it is put on the serving Platter. Shape and size also relate to food appearance. An assortment of round Square or miscellaneous shapes tends to quicken appetite Appeal. A meal should not have More than one indefinite some items could remain whole others Cut up in pieces. But flavor is our most attractive food characteristic. Flavor includes taste and Aroma and usually we try to incorporate several complementary flavors in a meal without allowing Strong flavors to overpower the less noticeable ones. When you Are thinking about next weeks meals try to incorporate some of these ideas and see what a difference it can make. Furniture co. 0 519525 main St., Bennington 0 a phone 4425346 0 a open Friday evening 0 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a it will be 19 years come dec. I since 18-year-old Paula Weldon of Stamford conn., a Bennington College freshman vanished after supposedly starting out for a hike on the Long Trail on a cold sunday afternoon. Every once in a while someone has an idea he has the answer to the disappearance but when these Quot clues Quot Are checked out the mystery still remains. Now a woman in Maine who claims she is gifted with extra sensory perception esp Powers writes that she had a dream in which she concludes that Paula is being held a prisoner or at least was a prisoner for a time. She recounts the dream Quot i dreamed i went to Vermont and met some College girls who walked with me a Long Way to find Paula but got tired out and left me to walk alone. I walked quite a Way turned to a Westerly direction then North until i came to a Frozen Pond or River. On the right was a Steep Hill and a House at the top. I walked in her footprints up to the top. I walked in through the Back door which had a tree and a window on the left. I walked through a narrow entry stepped into a Kitchen and sat Down on a Couch. I looked up and saw a girl standing behind a barn which Means she is a prisoner. I was just going to ask How she came there when a Stocky Man with Winter coat and Cap came in from a door on the left. He sat Down by the stove then looked up and saw me and he was so mad his eyes blazed like fire. He looked crazy and seemed about to jump at me. I was so frightened i woke up at the woman claims that the events she has dreamed since she was 14 years of age have always really happened and not once has she Ever been wrong. She says that her Only Hope is to dream again of where Paula is now or perhaps some other esp will dream where she is. An associated press dispatch this week reported that a Bronze panel destined for a memorial Bell Tower at the Cathedral of the Pines Rindge n.h., is being shown to the Public in Boston this week and next. The panel dedicated to women who served in the armed forces in world War ii is the work of artist Norman Rockwell and his son Peter. The drawings were done by the elder Rockwell and the sculpturing was done in Rome by Rockwell a son. The work is one of four to be placed in the fieldstone Tower which will Rise about 80 feet. The four panels Are to be placed Over the Arches of the Tower and will celebrate american heroines from different periods of history. Or. Lewis Webster Jones former president of Bennington College who has been president of the National conference of christians and jews for the past seven years will retire on june 30. Or. E. Sterling Brown a Texas born Clergyman has been elected to take or. Jones place. Mrs. Joseph r. Swan who died in Boca Grande fla., april 13, and who was one of the original trustees of Bennington College served two six year terms on the schools Board. Her fundraising efforts Are said to have been responsible for the schools theater and education facilities and other major projects. The swans had been residents of Farmington conn., since 1949. Rhode islands largest tourist attractions the mansions which Drew More than 120,000 visitors to Newport last season will be open weekends from now on and daily from memorial Day until oct. 31, from to . To 5 . These mansions open under the auspices of the preservation society of Newport county Are Quot the Breakers Quot the famous Cornelius Vanderbilt mansion built in 1895 by Richard Morris Hunt Quot the elms Quot the French chateau built in 1901 for Edward j. Berwind of Philadelphia and Quot Marble House Quot the William k. Vanderbilt sumptuous Palace by the sea which was built in 1892. The society has two free folders ready for prospective visitors to Newport which May be obtained by writing the society Washington Square Newport re. There will be a tour of colonial Homes on june 26 from la . To 5 . Several of the City a famous privately owned 18th Century houses will be open for one Day Only for the Benefit of the society. Eddie Rich producer of the Colonie summer theatre in Latham n.y., announces that he is engaging top stars of Hollywood Broadway and television for the 1965 season of hit musicals and plays. The gala opening will take place the latter part of june and Rich says the upcoming season which will be his eighth in the Tri state area promises to be an exciting one. The definite schedule including one night special attractions will be announced shortly. Miss Deborah d. Vogell daughter of or. And mrs. Frederick Vogell of Springfield vt., is pictured in some of the state papers this week. She will perform at the Springfield Hospital auxiliary Apple Blossom cotillion which will be held May i at the Riverside gymnasium in Springfield. She is the granddaughter of or. And mrs. Frederick w. Vogell of Troy n.y., the former having been pastor of the local first methodist Church several years ago. Bennington Banner saturday april 24, 1985-3 woman s world Twenty acres More or less 27 four Gallons of syrup by Carlo Wolter after our first annual town meeting we experienced another significant March event in Vermont. This is the time of year when Maple Trees Wear sap buckets and the Woods resound with a musical tap tap tap As the sap drips into pails sugar houses erupt with White plumes of billowing steam and the Flavoured smell of boiling sap mixes with that of burning Wood. Even the modern equipment Hasni to changed some of this although some of the gathering methods have changed since we first watched neighbors gather sap. They poured it into a huge wooden vat that stood on horse drawn sled. When it was full the men boarded the Back of the sled and horses pulled the Load to the sugar House tucked away in a snowy Clearing. There we saw for the first time How sap is boiled in shallow evaporators until it reaches the Sweet Golden syrup stage. We watched it being piped into Large barrels to be filled into ornamental Metal containers later. And we tasted fresh hot syrup. It All looked so simple that on the Way Home i said to Charles school Loohs red Brick monday a Tomato soup Bologna sandwiches cube cheese Carrot and celery Sticks peaches and cookies milk. Tuesday a Spaghetti peas hot muffins pears milk. Wednesday a Tomato juice Turkey and Gravy Rice Green Beans bread and butter plums milk. Thursday a baked Beans and Bacon coleslaw Cornbread and butter jello with Topping milk. Friday a Macaroni and cheese stewed tomatoes Peanut butter sandwiches birthday cake and ice Cream milk. Arlington monday a beef Noodle soup crackers meat sandwiches cheese wedges Green Beans fruit milk. Tuesday a Spaghetti meat sauce Peanut butter sandwiches peaches milk. Wednesday a hot dog on Roll Corn Cherry tapioca milk. Thursday a hot Turkey Sandwich Cranberry buttered beets fruit jello milk. Friday a Macaroni and tomatoes tuna and celery sandwiches peas cake milk. Quot gee that s easy. We could make syrup Quot guess we could Quot said Charles looking at the souvenir spigot Given to him by our neighbor. Quot i can make these from when we arrived Home he strapped on his snowshoes and went in search of Ash saplings which he hollowed out with a hot wire. It was a slow process but he came up with enough spigots to tap 22 of our Maples. We used fruit juice cans buckets shortening cans and water pails. Our boiling equipment was As primitive As that of the pioneers. A Large galvanized Wash tub was our evaporator which we placed on two Iron bars bridging the Gap Between two Flat topped boulders with the space underneath As a fireplace. Several times a Day Charles and i Snowshoe through the Woods with water buckets to gather the sap. And while it boiled under a billow of White smoke we dug Wood from the Snow and Cut it to keep the fire burning. Cutting Wood on top of three feet of Snow or More Wasny to exactly easy especially while wearing snowshoes. Oto Day one of them got in the Way of Charles saw and that s How a new Model of Square toed webs was invented. We boiled sap from Early morn in to late at night. Long after the Moon cast shadows across the Forest floor we were still boiling sap. The syrup did no to look much like that of our neighbors. It was much Darker almost like tobacco juice because of the twigs and leaves and pieces of bark that fell into the open tub. But in the end we had almost four Gallons of tasty Maple syrup from our own Woods made by our own efforts. We never tasted anything so Good. Even though a lot of Snow still fell during March that year and the beginning of april the Sun Rose higher the weather warmed and then one Day it was Spring. And like everything else that awakens in Spring new problems were born. Continued next week sex pastor Here is reassigned to Essex Center in the announcement of transfers and appointments this week by the most Rev. Robert f. Joyce dd., Bishop of Burlington was the name of the Rev. Molly Stark James t. Engle a former ask monday a hot dog on Bun Distant to the pastor in St. Fran relish Corn pineapple Brownie cos de sales Church. Father milk. Engle has been pastor of St. Tuesday a Turkey and Gra Anthony Parish in East fair by cranberries mashed Pota Field and now we be pastor of toes peas Blueberry muffins St it Pius tenth Parish at Essex prunes milk. Center effective april 30. Wednesday a Orange juice the it. Rev. Msgr. W. John submarines with Ham and cheese Pradelt another former assist pickles Green Beans Apple ant at St. Francis de sales has Sace milk. Thursday a sliced roast beef potato salad pears Date and nut bread milk. Friday a Macaroni and tuna been appointed temporary administrator of St. Louis Parish Highgate Center while the Rev. Rosario a. Morency pastor of St. Louis Parish a former assist salad spinach peaches and cot at sacred heart Church Here Tage cheese Rolls milk. Has been granted a sick leave. Javery memorials 517 South Street Bennington Vermont Call mrs. Ernest h. Javery mrs. Alan h. Page the merits of apart Ness by Jean Massick people Are always saying that the trouble with marriage is that it s so permanent. Thank goodness. It would seem from Here that getting accustomed to one mate in a lifetime is a More than adequate Challenge. As the divorce rate has continued to Rise there have been rashes of articles written on the subject Quot How to stay happily married Quot Etc. Numerous among these have been the ones recommending the sensible Quot the family that prays together stays together Quot has been corrupted to Quot the family that plays together stays any time now i expect to find a charge a plate printed with the slogan Quot the family that pays together stays a of Only recently i read an article about a couple who attributed Many years of Happy marriage to among other things the fact that they had never sat Down at the breakfast table together. In be forgotten which but one was a Grouchy Riser and they decided right at the beginning that no Good could come of the two of them clashing each morning. Sensible pair they. There a nothing like a Little healthy i can to see anything fun about sitting Over a 15-cent Dimey discussing the relative merits of the mets. I can see nothing thrilling about taking a flashlight and going out picking night crawlers. A week in the same clothes at a Remote Camp with primitive plumbing a gun and an elusive Buck ugh a of a window shopping trip through three automobile showrooms and two boat displays would be the last things i d think of As saturday afternoon entertainment. Can you see 22 women lining up on a too Yards of turf to toss or kick a pointed Ball Back Burrish to speak to Lions Iii ii Gordon Gerrish psychologist with the United counselling service will be guest speaker at the regular meeting of Bennington Lions club tuesday at 6 30 . At the knotty Pine restaurant. He will speak on the Benefit of a Quot big brother Quot program for some of the local youngsters. A report will be made on the Sale of tickets for sports night May la. Members who have not returned their questionnaires Are asked to bring them tuesday. And Forth meanwhile knocking each other Down As often As possible i am not Apt to pop in knowingly during conversations about horsepower carpentry rocket fuels or Worms versus flies. I think menus clubs have a place and that they Quot Chicken out Quot and make it a policy to admit women a exception special occasions. As for poker games a Well without a Sheet that says what beats what in a lost men have no Peers As keepers of the military the fire trucks and the police stations. And i even in my wildest dreams think of usurping that Field of male Endeavor mowing the Lawn. After All we have our crosses too i have no desire to butt in on those downtown Coffee clubs that meet every morning exclusively male in both membership and talk. By the same Token i know few men who enjoy shopping trips to choose feminine finery. And there Are fewer still who would care to sit politely while a Bunch of women drink Coffee and gossip. If there a a luncheon of Dainty unwilling one bite a if pretty a sandwiches count the males out. Fashion shows interest but a few husbands and so what the theory of apart Ness covers All eventualities. Whither thou guest i will not a always a go. Which should be a big Relief to both of us. Grants makes it easy for you to buy a Complete easter wardrobe up to 2 years to pay for All purchases made now no Money Down 210 North Bennington re Bennington it. Arrow unde Adams \s7/ free Parkin Arrow r Wear clothes shoo 71 9 Ops Loo j in rear of store bicycle repairs sales and service 26-1.75 tire amp tube j Reg. 4.95 Sali 2e99 a bicycle eats 1.78 bicycle kick stands 98< 24�?�-26�?� lightweight Bicic get $29.95 in the crate 26�?� Raleigh 3-Speed bicycle $49.95 Economy Auto stores inc. Open Fri. Til 9 530 main St. All Day sat. Dial 2-8225 routes 2 and 7 Williamstown mass. Good cheer Good food visit the longhorn room Steak or roast beef with salad potato garlic bread $2.95 you la never have it so Good for so Little a open 6 Days a week a closed mondays Only

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