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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1966, Page 6

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 21, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Bennington Banner thursday april 21, 1966 postmaster explains advantages of pending postal Reform Laws residents of Bennington would save thousands of dollars annually on heavier packages under parcel Post Reform legislation pending in Congress postmaster Stanely j. Pekalsky said today. The saving could be $2 to $3 a parcel or More he explained. Equally significant postmaster said there Are Many instances where mailers decide not to Send such parcels after All with resulting losses of much business by the Bennington Post office. Postmaster Pekalski a report was based on a new analysis of parcel Post Reform legislation . 12367, sent to him from Washington d.c., by president James o Toole of the National association of postmasters. At the same time the Post no favourites Eugene Ore. Up a an organization called Swine meaning students wildly indignant about nearly everything announced tuesday it will show no political favourites on the University of Oregon Campus. Imperial Board Bob Runkle said the group has the blessings of cartoonist Al Capp who uses the term to satirize student protests. Runkle said the club plans a different newspaper every two weeks the East compone Dally hallelujah which take on the far left and the Battle cry of Freedom which will tattle the far right. Master reported the parcel Post Reform measure would help the Post office department reduce the postal fund deficiency to its lowest level since enactment of the postal policy act in 1958�?from the present $376 million deficit to $187 minion. On behalf of the postmasters association which has thrown its fullest support behind legislation introduced at the request of postmaster general Lawrence f. O Brien postmaster Pekal ski made these Points of particular interest to the residents of Bennington. As a first class Post office the local office cannot accept most parcels of More than 20 pounds or More than 72 inches dimensions of they Are going to another first class Post office 150 Miles or More away. Such parcels sent by private express at much higher charges often Cost several dollars More than by parcel Post. However . 12367 would provide new parcel Post limits of 40 pounds and too inches with resulting savings for mailers at the Bennington Post office. An increase of 14 cents a parcel would be needed to offset the parcel Post deficit but of . 12367 is enacted into Law a much More moderate increase averaging 8 cents a parcel would be provided postmaster Pekal ski said. More than too smaller size Post offices Are raised each year from the so cond class to first class. When they Are raised parcel mailers under the present restrictions often suffer added costs involved in private express company handling of the heavier parcels. Residents of smaller Post offices enjoy limits of 70 pounds and too inches for parcel Post packages. In a recent typical example Roanoke ala., a second class office was raised to first class. A parcel of 21 pounds was formerly sent to Bainbridge ga., about 155 Miles away for $1.59. Now of it is sent at All it is sent by a More expensive Means. In the Case of the railway express Agency it would be $4.70. Residents of Small common ties who do not have the limitations imposed on first class Post office mailers suffer nevertheless As a result of limitations on parcel Post provided 14 years ago under a Law favouring Rea the a pus report indicated. Because of the lost volume in first class offices a which today serve 140 million americans a parcel Post rates or taxes for everyone have been raised about $500 million since 1951. Overall increases in parcel rates have totalled about 130 per cent. Some Post offices More than 150 Miles away from Bennington which Are now affected by the limitation Here include Augusta ma., Provincetown mass., Buffalo n.y., Philadelphia pa.,and Trenton . The parcel Post Reform legislation would go a Long Way toward correcting parcel mailing problems and reducing expenses the postmaster noted. For parcels going less than 150 Miles the present 40-Pound Lim it would be retained but a new size liberalization to too inches from the present 72 Inch limit would be beneficial for these parcels the postmaster explained. Fish and lame department warns of dangers inherent in Dot use Montpelier a the Vermont fish and game department has gone on record As being against All Dot spraying programs arbitrarily activated. It is understandable that this department should be deeply concerned when in spite of so much accumulated Adverse evidence built against this compound towns cities and individuals still persist in using this highly toxic residual Poison for insect control on a Large scale. Direct kills Here in Vermont Are difficult to come by and personnel needed to carry on a widespread investigation Lias been very limited to Date. But we can profit from other studies involving the same insecticide used in other places and its documented effects on varied forms of wildlife. The Long Range or Quot Sleeper effects Quot of environmental contamination is of utmost interest to this department. In nearby states this accumulative residual aspect has proved More devastating than the obvious on the spot kill which Seldom occurs. New York s recent experience with High mortality in Lake Trout in Lake George and Maine s Well publicized problems with the Salmon fishery in Sebago Lake Are but two Well documented natural resource tragedies attributed to Dot. Several states have outlawed the use of the compound Alto r in in a Boston by two blocks from Moss. Turnpike twit \ the Friendly hotel Suchman of 6ml Tollman All rooms with private Bath television radio a rooms with air conditioning 3 Poy package a on writ fit a plan 4 children free in dooms from w a special student rates Walter j. Carney o free overnight Auto parking a new tradition the ring that grows in a Wytol it ship la we Mother s ring we wont say that baby a birth is not official until his or birthstone has been added to Mother s ring. Hut a new tradition is on the reflow Quot it band of 14 Karat cold represent Mother and father. With a birthstone for Earh child. As the family grows so does the ring. A tasteful and thoughtful gift Patent number 186,183 your Choice of yellow or White a Karat Gold. Synthetic stones. 9-5 Campit u with one Stone. 95 each additional Stone. Prices plus tax. Unconditionally guaranteed. Atkins Ami Gould jewellers 409 main St. Bennington it. Gather in preference to other less dangerous yet effective compounds. The insidious manner in which this compound affects wildlife should be clearly understood by the Public in so far As possible. Dot is a residual Spray and its killing effect is lasting both for the pest it is intended to control and other forms of wildlife. For example a spraying be intended to control dutch Elm disease by killing off beetles which mechanically carry fungi spores to infect new Trees. What goes up must come Down however and a Good Deal of Spray Falls to the ground. Parts per million is the common measure for dangerous concentrations in body tissues. Minute amounts can have serious results. Both plants and lower forms of animal life become contaminated. In turn these Are eaten by higher forms of life fish Birds and mammals and they too become poisoned. Surface water also carries the residue in Normal run off to pollute Brooks Rivers Ponds and lakes. Killing aspects of Dot Are usually delayed and often not connected with the probable cause. Life begins in the egg form and Yolk material is High in Oil Content. Dot from parental residues accumulated passes into the egg. If the egg hatches there is often sufficient Dot present in the fingerling fish or fledgling Bird to then kill it. Adult kills also be delayed for Long periods of time even when High concentrations of the compound Are contained in their bodies. The concentrate in effect lies dormant until the body at times of Low resistance or Low nutrition Calls upon fat reserves to Supply the needed Energy. The released Dot then can be lethal to the adult animal. The migrant Bird that have been exposed to Dot spraying in Vermont die in South Carolina. The Rabbit that eat contaminated forage in Spring after a dormant foliage spraying die the following Winter. And so the whole ugly potential continues to grow and deteriorate the whole ecological Chain of species because enough people privileged to care for our natural resources either do not know or do not care. The Vermont fish and game department has entered into a cooperative project with the University of Vermont s department of entomology in order to get More specific information on the presence of Dot residue particularly in the aquatic environment of Vermont. The department will furnish samples from various areas in the state and tissue analysis will be made at Ulm. Some sampling will be random while other samples will be taken from Sites with a Long history of Dot use. Most natural resource people agree that other alternative control measures even though somewhat More expensive to use at the source be far cheaper than Dot in the Long run. Fishing for sport in Vermont represents an estimated $4 million to the state s Economy. This potential loss is but one facet of the wildlife store of assets be Long placed in jeopardy by use of dangerous residual sprays. Or Reen the u Myers Quot save More at giant store on All their Laten and Garden needs cont a re looks like Cement. Made of Stu durable Piastre beco weatherproof Bird Bath Michigan of j t 50 Fouke Bui an a Ichibei in my aluminium Lawn chairs a jumbo size. 6 webs a in aluminium tubing a Worth much More j / 2 47 3-piece Garden too set a trowel a weeder pc u 11-Ivator set \ i a 20�?�x74�?�x3/4 foam for Patio chaise a it la a fits All webbed styles a solid Vinyl Only foam for outdoor chairs in it a knife Edge a reverses from stripes to Matching solid color Vinyl it Van x 36�?� x Van j. A a j artery Arcade North Adams open daily to . To

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