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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 22, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Clear and cooler Clear and cooler tonight. Low near or slightly below freezing. Saturday fair and Little temperature change. Yesterday s High 72 Low 42. Today at 7 ., 44. Total precipitation .05 Inch. Sunset 6 43 p.m., Sunrise 4 57 Benning Bennington Banner Friday april 22, 1966 Armer weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 20,049 to cents Divoll resigns As chief judge Montpelier up a chief Superior judge Nat Divoll of Rockingham says he will resign effective May i. Divoll said thursday he has submitted his resignation to gov. Philip h. Hoff but gave no reason for the action. Divoll 52, was elected a Superior judge in 1955, and became chief Superior judge in december 1963. Prior to 1955, he was states attorney for Windham county and municipal judge in Bellows Falls. His current annual salary is $17,000. Gov. Roff who apparently has had Divoll a resignation for some time was expected to name a successor today. The two top candidates were former Burlington City atty. Cattle Stampede at Hialeah Hialeah Fla up a almost 200 head of cattle panic stricken by City traffic noises stampeded into Hialeah today after breaking out of a slaughterhouse Corral. The fowling beef ran roughshod into cars chased people Tore up lawns and shrubbery and created a tremendous traffic Jam. No one was Hurt but police said at least a dozen enraged animals had to be shot after they charged the populace. The local humane society got into the act mustering out its tranquil Izer guns in an Effort to painlessly Stop the Stampede. Police used patrol cars helicopters motorcycles and wrecker trucks like cow ponies in a frantic Effort to round up the rampaging cattle. Robert Larrow and former House speaker Franklin s. Billings of Woodstock. Indications were that Larrow would probably be named to the Post. Boff said he had intended to announce Divoll a resignation and the appointment at the same time but news that Divoll had submitted a is resignation had leaked out. Divoll has been unavailable for comment. He was first elected to the Superior court Bench in 1955, and was appointed chief of the Superior judges in 1963. Most Superior judges automatically ascend to the Vermont supreme court. But Divoll was passed up by judge f. Ray Keysersr. Some time ago. Divoll was educated at Bellows Falls High school and Middlebury College. He graduated from St. Lawrence University Law school in 1937. He commanded a it boat in world War ii and became Secretary to the state Senate upon his discharge in 1947. He also served As a municipal court judge in Bellows Falls from 1947 until his appointment to the Superior Bench. Larrow and Billings Are close personal friends of Hoff and the governor said thursday he was on the a horns of a dilemma a in making a decision. W Arris of b Ood Scarcity committee blocks farm program cuts Holt Ltd Shine nearly 300 persons including Peter Calabro son of or. And mrs. Louis Calabro visited a Hobby show at Mccullough Library North Bennington thursday. Peter views a 53-year-old Model train in the collection of Village trustees chairman Fred Welling a former director of the Rutland Railroad. Otis marines and planes smash crack communist Force Saigon up . Marines supported by a thundering air and artillery bombardment trapped and smashed a crack communist Force today in one of the major Battles of the War state police alerted for Little Green men Montpelier if the Day Ever the Little Green v up comes men in when their 21k Post h ins a Icard top winners in the 36th annual Ayer cup newspaper contest were cited for excellence of typography makeup and printing. Winner of the cup which the Banner won last year was the Washington Post. The Wall Street journal the Haverhill mass Gazette and the Banner won first honorable mention citations. The tabloid Day of Garden City . Was also cited. Banner cited in Ayer contest Philadelphia a for the third consecutive year the Bennington Banner has been cited for excellence in printing typography and makeup in the annual Competition among daily newspapers sponsored by . Ayer and son inc the Washington Post with a circulation of 444,396 won the Ayer cup which the Banner won in the 1965 Competition. The Banner with a circulation of 5,300, won first honorable mention among 201 newspapers with a circulation less than 10,-000. The Banner won similar honors in 1964. A total of 696 newspapers entered the Competition. They were judged on their Issue of March 17, jurors were Kenneth Stuart Art editor of the Reader s digest George d. Culler president of the Philadelphia College of Art and Freeman Craw Type designer who is vice president and Art director of Tri arts press in York City. The Washington Post is the first metropolitan daily to win the cup since it went to the Chris see Banner Page 12, col i ufos land in Vermont they will be greeted by other men in Green. A memorandum was issued Here thursday by the department of Public safety advising troopers who Wear Green uniforms what to do in Case of unidentified flying object should land on their Cruiser. The memorandum stated to All Quot a Quot troop personnel. From it. . Curtis commanding officer. Subject ufos Landing. Because of Many confirmed sightings of ufos in this immediate area no doubt can exist but that we Are under surveillance by persons unknown from planets possibly outside our Curtis then outlined the Fol lowing operating procedure should a trooper come in Contact with a ufos �?�1. Immediately notify the lieutenant and sergeant. 2. Advise dispatcher to Call the commissioner major and Captain. 3. Notify governor he should be on hand to Welcome them to Vermont 4. Notify development department. They May be interested in an Industrial site 5. Notify the civil defense director there is a possibility of radioactivity 6. Secure area do not let unauthorized personnel within one half mile of scene. This applies particularly to press radio and to 7. Have adequate Supply of a Welcome to unspoiled ver see Green men Page 12, col. 5 lbs blocks airline strike Washington up a president Johnson has blocked a threatened mechanics strike that would have shut Down five major airlines at 12 01 Saturday. The president created an emergency Board to investigate the dispute Between the airlines and the International association of machinists and aerospace workers Al Cio. Under Federal Law the presidents action thursday automatically blocks a walkout for 60 Days. The strike has been threatened against Eastern National Northwest trans world and United air lines. Johnson acting on recommendation of the National mediation Board named sen. Wayne Morse d-ore., As chairman of the emergency Board. Serving with Morse will be two experienced mediators Richard Neustadt of the Harvard Public administration school and David Ginsburg a Washington attorney. Leaving More than 500 enemy dead. The leathernecks and government paratroopers counted 322 bodies in the Low scrubby Hills and Rice paddies near Quang Gal City about 335 Miles North of Saigon and estimated about 200 More also had been killed in the Day and a half of fierce fighting. The communists believed to be North vietnamese regulars and armed with unusually powerful weapons tried desperately to fight their Way out of the trap. But the marines moving swiftly by helicopters blocked All escape routes. Heavy artillery pumped More than 4,400 shells into the a Circle of death and Marine planes striking Low out of the Sun dumped More than too tons of bombs. Then the leathernecks moved in closing the noose around the trapped enemy. A a we re sure kicking them a said maj. Gen. Lewis j. Fields of Salisbury md., co commander of the operation. A one of these Days they re going to learn to keep the hell out of our the communists believed to be North vietnamese regulars and armed with unusually powerful weapons were trying desperately to fight their Way out of the encirclement in the rolling Hills and Rice paddies near Quang Ngai City about 335 Miles North of Saigon. Not since the marines and vietnamese smashed a crack North Viet name be led Force on almost the same Battleground in operation Texas two months ago has the recently slumbering War so burst into flames. More than 400 Viet Cong were killed then. The marines found action on another front. A helicopter borne reconnaissance patrol heavy fire from the rugged Hill area West of Phu Bai about 60 Miles to the North and called Down artillery and air strikes that left a number of communists dead. The marines said the Force was a sizable one because the fire was so heavy the patrol had to withdraw. A Forward observer reported seeing flashlights Bobbing about the strike zone later a sign the guerrillas were burning their casualties. Washington up a the House appropriations committee warning of possible food shortages in coming years today wiped out president Johnson a proposed Economy cuts in major farm programs. A if such a policy As the administration advocates were followed for Only a few years the United states would Likely be a food deficit country instead of one of abundance a the committee said in a report to the House. The committees action in junking Johnson a proposed agricultural saving indicated it might do the same next week on his proposed reductions in several popular education programs. Johnson won a $500 million Economy skirmish on the school front in an appropriations subcommittee this week but members said they expected the full committee to override his school economies and possibly add additional millions. The committee approved and sent to the House for action next week a $6.9 billion Money Bill to finance farm Price supports agricultural research and related programs in the 12 months starting july i. This was $527 million More than was appropriated for farm purposes this year and on its face was $113 million less than president Johnson requested. But the net cuts reflected mostly hoped for savings that May not materialize offset by hard Dollar increases in program after program for which Johnson had proposed Sharp reductions. In a report drafted by rep. Jamie l. Whitten d-miss., the committee said declining . Food surpluses represent a major asset in a world half hungry. It told the House proposed administration cutbacks in farm research insect control soil conservation Rural electrification and school lunch and school milk programs could Start the country Down a disastrous Road from abundance to Scarcity. More immediately it warned the cuts could jeopardize farm income and thus the Economy of the nation. Is for the committee s offsetting cuts in the Bill one proposed $75 million reduction a from $200 million to $125 million was in a land diversion program which pays Farmers to take land out of production. The committee noted that hunger malnutrition and starvation around the world Are on the increase. It cited a a unbelievable population increases and said the Outlook is that food shortages will continue to Worsen. A a majority of the committee feels that under present conditions policies of paying producers to take land out of production is at Best unsound and has contributed to our present Low inventories of certain Basic commodities a the report said. Women organize for War on blight move closer Pownal a women Here Are winning a reputation for getting things done. Witness their War on blight. No sooner had unsightly photos of Vermont a a Scenic Gateway at the South end of town appeared in the Banner than they organized a Garden club to do something about it. Now not Only have state county and local officials been Quick to jump on the bandwagon but one penitent offender himself has lost no time in offering apologies and cooperation. on the inside columnist Sam Ogden comments on human nature and Highway safety a Page 4. Pictures and Story on Job corps Camp in Ripton a Page 5. Saturday morning Henry Hart Williamstown contractor who claims responsibility for the Junky appearance of the a a Gateway will meet with the Pownal women the Board of selectmen and rep. Kenalene Collins to see what can be done about the situation. Hart according to rep. Collins says Only Cash has prevented him from cleaning up the mess resultant from an uncompleted 16-unit Motel that he still plans to put up. The contractor says he will Start cleaning up next week and mrs. Collins has expressed deep pleasure at his a Fine a the move to clean up Pownal is most Gratifying a the legislator said. A but we must remember the problem also exists in other parts of the state a the to Meeting saturday will be held at the Home of mrs. Byron Barber founder of the Pownal Garden club at Barbera a Pond. At a joint news conference thursday Senate cop Leader Everett m. Dirk sen right moved somewhat closer to the position of House Republican Leader Gerald r. Ford in his criticism of the management of the Viet War. Up rep. Ford reiterates Viet War charge was Hington up a House Republican Leader Gerald r. Ford sticking to his guns claims he has heard reports suggesting a quite shocking mismanagement of the Viet Nam War. Ford said thursday he had been told the Pentagon planned to buy Back from allies 30,000 bombs of the 500-Pound Type for future b52 raids in Viet Nam. A if this is True it is an illustration of quite shocking mismanagement a he told newsmen. The Pentagon promptly accused the Michigan lawmaker medical team successfully implants artificial heart in 65-year-old Man Houston up a a 65-year-old Illinois Coal Miner today passed alive the 24th hour with a promising artificial heart installed in his body. He was unconscious his hold on life was precarious and he May have suffered brain damage. Attachment of the artificial heart technically known As a left ventricular bypass started at 10 14 Cost 11 14 Est thursday. It was later however before the machine actually started to help his heart life through his body. In a 6 Cost 7 Est medical bulletin physicians emphasized the fact that Marcel l. De rudder was still unconscious and that because of this fact a physicians fear there May be some brain famous or. Michael Deba key the cardiovascular surgeon who operated on de rudder for five hours thursday and his staff remained All night in de rudders room. Debakey up about 24 hours when the 6 of clock bulletin was issued planned to rest a couple of hours and go ahead with the operations he had scheduled for today. De rudders heart failed on the operating table thursday and Debakey had to Massage it or. Michael Deb Akey Back to life with his hand. Physicians generally consider that if a brain is without a fresh Supply of blood three minutes in a heart failure the brain begins to suffer damage. The bulletin said it was too Early to Tell what effect the possible brain damage would have on his Post operative course. A the left ventricular bypass artificial heart continues to function normally. His blood pressure remains stable. Pulse is within Normal Range and the Chest is Clear in a rays processed in the last hour a the bulletin said. The artificial heart beating 85 times a minute with a a thump thump somewhat louder than a real heart took Over most of the workload of de rudders faltering heart. Debakey said the artificial heart implanted about Midway in the Chest of de rudder in a five hour operation thursday had taken Over 60 per cent of the work of the hearts left ventricle. The left ventricle does 90 per cent of the work of bearing life giving blood to the body. The surgeons Felt the if it continued to keep de rudder alive would allow his battered heart to heal itself. The last medical report at 9 30 p.m., Cost 10 30 p.m., est thursday said de rudder a continues to follow a Normal Post operative course and exhibits no evidence of heart Debakey began the quest for an artificial heart some 16 years ago. Armed with $4.5 million Grant and a Blue ribbon staff that included some of the worlds Foremost heart specialists Debakey decided thurs on to de die Day to try his device rudder a Man doomed without it. The patient a Westville 111., resident who worked in the Coal mines even after his diseased heart began giving him trouble came to Houston and agreed to the operation without telling his wife. Debakey told reporters a successful and reliable artificial heart could save a thousands of lives a month from heart disease americans biggest killer with 900,000 victims a year. A the operation went much As i had hoped and planned a Debakey said obviously tired after the operation that once put the staff into feverish activity when the right ventricle of de rudders heart failed unexpectedly. The historic implant of the device a pair of Dacron tubes thrust into the cavity where a rib was removed began at 10 14 ., after Debakey became convinced de rudder would die without rest for his aging heart Debakey installed a mitral valve in the heart to try to Stop leakage Back into the arteries from the left ventricle. Debakey noted the valve had blood clots around it and the area showed a significant of Rumor mongering. Assistant defense Secretary Arthur Sylvester said a we have no plans to buy 30,000 bombs from our but rep. Durward g. Hall r-mo., made Public a Pentagon letter dated March 31 which said the United states was considering buying Back an estimated 500,000 items including bombs and artillery shells from West Germany. Sylvester confirmed the contents of the letter written by John t. Mcnaughton assistant defense Secretary for International Security affairs. But he said that sometime after March 31�?he could not pinpoint the Date the Pentagon had decided not to re acquire any of the items because a we done to need the list which also included radios Small and Small ammunition involves . Military Aid material that West Germany has listed As surplus. Under Long standing agreement the United states has first Call on buying such equipment. Sylvester acknowledged that 6,000 bombs of the 500-Pound Type mentioned by Ford were on the list. Fords latest criticism of the administrations handling of the War Effort was made at a joint news conference with Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen 111. Vermonters held in Elmira Jav. V. Elmira . Up a two Vermont teen agers and a 21-year-old Hampshire youth were held in Chemung county jail today following their arrest on charges of illegal Possession of several firearms. A Quality of old and valuable coins also was found when the Trio was arrested on route 17 in the nearby Community of Horseheads by state police Friday. Donald Roger 21, of Claremont n.h., and Douglas sails 18, and Gary Morse 17, of Randolph vt., were picked up after an Elmira gun dealer became suspicious of a gun they tried to sell him

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