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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 17, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner wednesday april 17, 1983 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont % editorials hot and cold partisanship it is tempting to admit our agreement with one of our More frequent contributors to the a letters to the editor column Faxon Bowen of Pownal. A perpetual critic of the state legislature a former mayor of North Adams mass., and an Alert and crusty octogenarian or. Bowen says he has observed the Quain Nesses of the Vermont legislature for 75 years and he keeps things Lively by hurling frequent epithets at its membership. The Public has Good reason to be confused even annoyed at what has been going on in Montpelier but one thing seems quite Clear politicking is the preoccupation. In the absence of any solid accomplishment there Are at least some amusing if somewhat sad sidelights to the activities of our August legislative body. For one thing this is the first time the whole show Hasni to been staged by one party and it is evident that the majority party does no to quite know How to handle the new circumstance of having a Democrat seated at the governors desk. The fluctuation Between Harmony and rancor Between cooperation and Dis sention has become virtually a daily manifestation of this state of affairs. This is perhaps Best illustrated by the actions of it. Gov. Foote who is widely assumed to be the heir apparent to the governors office. Starting out with his famous a a infanticide speech of cooperation he then shifted to a frontal attack on the governor. That was followed almost immediately by a series of conferences which resulted in a shaking of hands All around and statements signifying sweetness my Light. And when gov. Hoff strongly endorsed education commissioner Holden in the cd dispute just How Happy is the teachers lot despite the enormous improvements that have been made in Public school salaries and working conditions Over the past decade there remains a widespread Public impression that the teacher s lot in America is a distinctly unhappy one. Indeed Reading some of the literature on the subject one might conclude that nothing but an invincible quixotic sense of duty prevents teachers from quitting the profession in Masse to take vastly More lucrative jobs in private Industry. An interesting antidote for this impression is contained in the current Issue of the National education association journal a publication which certainly is not Given to picturing a teaching career As a bed of roses. In an article about an exhaustive study to be comment Sale tax pondered for Manaseh setts Christi an science Monitor Massachusetts has but in one of tin most inveterate resisters against a state sales tax. If that resistance should crumble in 196.3 or show significant signs of weakening the event might be noted in parts of the Union where other holdouts include Only about one in four among Tho american suites. Thirty seven of the 50 states have sales taxes and in .30 of these the retail Levy is the largest source of Revenue. Only 14 states make their largest collections through a state income tax. Eight of the state s that do not have a Fischetti May need one of those Little Black boxes syrup Safe vinegar wasteland revisited it. Gov. Foote hurried to the other Side in a Patent attempt to Appeal to the governors opponents. There Are Many other instances of hot and cold running partisanship. The governor has taken All this pretty Well though his frustration was clearly shown last week when he appeared on television to launch an attack on the a purely and solely obstructionist and strongly partisan gop leadership. Another Factor not to be overlooked amid All this nonsense is the apparent groundwork being Laid by a number of Bright Young men in the Republican ranks who would surely be available to run for a political office higher than town representative. Just off the top of our head this list might include such names As Billings Mann Mallary Mac Bride Partridge or Babcock. In fact it. Gov. Foote seems to have been having such a difficult time finding an appropriate role to play since inauguration that it be surprising to find a Large number of names on the 1964 gop primary ballot for governor. Some of these things Are merely amusing and it be a legislative session without politicking. But there will come a time when some politicians will want to Point Back to a record of accomplishment a and the Way things Are going there Isnit going to be much to Point to. Meanwhile we have a sincere governor who has presented a sensible if unusual program to be pursued. It would seem to make most sense for All concerned to play along at least until he and his study commission have come Forth with some solid proposals then debate them on the merits. Published soon by the Nea research division the journal reports that morale in the profession is remarkable High judging by the responses elicited from teachers when asked whether they would make teaching their career if they had it to do All Over again. Specifically 77.8 per cent of the teachers interviewed said that they certainly or probably would. Approximately 12 per cent weren to sure one Way or the other and 8 per cent thought they probably would pick another career. Only 2.8 per cent were positive that they would seek their fortunes elsewhere. Predictably enough men teachers were less enthusiastic about the rewards of teaching than the women were. But even among the men Only 6 per cent said they would certainly pass up teaching if they could Start Over again. We d hate to see the results of a Survey which asked the same question of men and women in the newspaper business. Broad based sales tax it is reported will consider one this year and at least 13 states that have such levies will consider increasing them. Despite gov. Endicott Peabody a recommendation of an increase in the state income tax it looks very much As though Massachusetts will have to consider seriously a sales tax if it wishes As it should to improve support for education without overburdening real estate. Prof. John f. Sly of i it Princeton authority on state taxes Points out that although property taxes Are High in Massachusetts the Ier capita o vat All tax sacrifice in pro portion to income is lower than in most states. On the basis a sales tax would not seem oppressive. Today and tomorrow Kennedy gov. Rockefeller and a briton agree on the philosophy of a tax Cut by Walter Lippmann Washington. There has come to be general agreement in Washington that the Only big and new measure which has a Chance to be passed by Congress is the tax Bill. There Are of course Many other things that we ought to be greatly concerned about a notably the Inadequacy of our educational system. But there we Are immobilized by the deadlock Over the Church schools and Over states rights. The tax Bill touches All our interests even education since an expanding Economy would produce More Revenue for the states and localities As Well As the Federal government. It touches almost every other Public matter be it the race for the Moon or unemployment and juvenile delinquency. A measure which will stimulate economic growth is the Hub of the wheel from which All the spokes radiate. A of although the House has completed its hearings there Are few outward signs of what tax measures Congress is in fact going to enact. There has been one decisively important development since the administration sent its proposals to Congress. Though it is not admitted officially tax Reform except in More or less Token face saving details has been abandoned. The Bill which will go to the House this summer will be a Bill to reduce taxes. This will put the con Gress and the country the Basic question shall we reduce taxes though this Means a bigger budgetary deficit in order to stimulate economic growth by evoking a greater demand for consumer goods and a greater investment in capital goods cd two quite separate witnesses have recently testified on this question. The one is or. Maudling the Chancellor of the exchequer in the conservative government of great Britain. The other is gov. Rockefeller the leading contender for the Republican nomination for president. It is a most interesting and significant fact that the British Chancellor and the new York governor take their stand on the same economic doctrine which is the foundation of the Kennedy fiscal policy. Ail three Are concerned with the same problem a sluggish rate of growth accompanied by unemployment. All of them propose in principle the same remedy. A of them derive this remedy from the same school of economic thinking that of the swedish economists and John Maynard Keynes. A of them propose to Over come sluggishness by expanding Quot demand and All of them propose to do this by reducing taxes and accepting budgetary deficits. Or. Maudling not Only reduces taxes but increases government expenditures All three believe that the Way eventually to bal Ance the budget will be to produce More tax revenues from an expanding Economy. Mem co governor Rockefeller a contribution to the discussion is in a statement issued on april 6. It is i think no misrepresentation to say that the statement endorses the theory and the main substance of the administration program. The governor who is in search of Republican votes does not of course want it too widely realized that there is such fundamental similarity Between the Kennedy my the Rockefeller diagnosis of and the Kennedy and the Rockefeller prescription for Eca nomic sluggishness. Both the governor and the president want a tax Cut As soon As possible and both of them Hope that if the Economy responds adequately it will then be possible to balance the budget. They differ somewhat on How much expenditures should be held Down in next year s budget. But the differences Between them Are trivial As compared with their fundamental agreement. By Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington. The entertainment world appeared last week to be in the hardware Busi ass starting with Frank Sinatra handing out Gold plated oscars to the movie Industry and ending with Bob Hope passing around Over sized punch bowls in a popularity contest for television entertainment. Where but in America would we Awald for excellence Quot Lawrence it arabian with one Ham and Quot the Beverly Hillbillies with the other my television viewing car at Best be described As spotty but so Many critical noses has been turned up at Quot the Beverly Hillbillies this season that i took it upon myself to watch this new show just to see what All the fuss was about. There Are those who would say that the Choice of Quot Hillbillies As their favorite piece of entertainment was a typical example of the bad taste of the american people. However when you Stop to Analyse the characterizations in the Clampett family you wonder if perhaps the taste is so bad after All. Admittedly the series about a family of mountaineers who struck Oil in a swamp and moved with their minions to a Hollywood mansion which looks like nothing so much As a Mammoth Penitentiary with swim Ming Pool is corny broadly farcical and completely unrealistic in its situations. On the other hand Don t we a dream of striking Oil in the Back Yard and thereby living happily Ever after the Clampett clan in by no Means the Jeeter Lester Type. They manage to outwit those who would separate them from their millions and through it All they retain a Peculiar sort of personal dignity. The campers done to carry guns. They Are polite to women and kind to dumb animals. They done to have a schizophrenic tendency nor a single frustration to bless themselves with. They try to be neighbourly and they commit the gravest sin of All a they enjoy themselves simply and honestly every minute. It just May be that the american Public is tired of violence of disturbed human frailty of motivation seen Quot through a Glass perhaps we be had enough of murder and misery and prefer our heroes and heroines to have hearts of Gold instead of feet of Clay. You might almost think that an admiration for decency kindness and honesty is not completely dead in us after All. Once again the wholesome family Type cowboys of Quot Bonanza won out in the to awards Over the Best the medical and Legal professions could offer in the persons of or. Casey or Perry Mason. I Long ago stopped watching the Plumpis or. Mason since i despaired of his Ever losing a Case. In this category Quot the defenders was also nominated and would have had my vote if Only because it offers food for thought my argument about some rather interesting Legal and ethical questions. As for the boys in the White suits it should be obvious that you can Catella Toore flies with Honey than with vinegar even in the medical profession since the winsome smile of or Kildare won hands Down Over the menacing frown of or. Casey. From what Little in be seen of these two i let either of them touch me with a 10-foot pole even though i hovered on the Edge of the grave. Walt Disney a Quot wonderful world of Colora As usual topped a the Competition in the Field of children a entertainment. Disney is somewhat sneered upon by his Hollywood Brethren but i say god bless him a and Long May he reign. His efforts no doubt make More Money than artistic headlines but they also keep millions of american children and a Good Many of their mothers and fathers pleasantly and safely entertained. Disney even manages to expose our children occasionally to some of the classics in literature. For a parents who have lived through a Rainy sunday with a Houseful of restless Small folks when that wonderful hour gets Here on sunday night nothing is too Good for Walt Disney. Perhaps in the Quot vast wasteland of television entertainment the american people choose More wisely than they know perhaps the popular in television fare is also the place where the True values lie. It is Worth noting that in the Field of news information the to guide popularity award went not to the Glamour of Princess Grace in Monaco nor the Charm of mrs. Kennedy in the White House not to the commanding and powerful figures of Stalin and Khrushchev. No the american people instead chose Quot the Tunnel a a documentary about a handful of Ordinary men and boys in a heartrending struggle for Freedom beneath the Berlin Wall. Would ethics be improved what a would wrong with Congress anyway a pay increase really help quote a in his Hind Are the deep Pisces of the Earth psalms All individuals Are faced with the problem of whom to improve themselves or others. Their aim it seems to me should be to effect their own unfolding the upgrading of their own consciousness in Short Seif perfection. Those who done to even try or when trying find self perfection too difficult usually seek to expend their Energy on others. Those who succeed in directing their Energy inward a particularly if they Are blessed with great Energy like Goethe for instance a become moral leaders those who fall to direct their Energy inward and let it Manifest itself externally a particularly if they be of great Energy like Napoleon for instance a become immoral leaders. A Leonard cd. Head in Quot elements of libertarian l readers hip. Security is not an aim of life i think a great Quality of Man s life is permanent insecurity a. Beginning with the simple fact thai nobody knows when he who die., when i think Back on the great moments of my life i see that All of them were mingled with insecurity a those moments when i feel now life was Worth living. A great things in life a belie in god having Hudren and so on a mean daring and daring Means insecurity. A Martin Huber 84 it jewish philosopher theologian and historian. By Edward j. Michelson Washington. When the 88thcongress convened in january there were High Hopes hat a pay increase would be enacted before adjournment next year on the eve of the Avuonal elections. More than a few friends of this writer confided that such a boost would enable them to rely on congressional salaries alone rather than Legal fees or other professional and business income. Any prospects for an increase have lately become dim. Congress is in trouble for Many reasons ranging from the excesses of the likes of Adam Clayton Powell the recurring outcries against archaic rules of procedure and Hie snails Pace to Date in acting on the major legislative programs. The president has become the object increasingly of sympathy in trying to come to grips with mid-20th Century problems with the help of an allegedly obstructive legislative Branch. The glum chances for a pay increase Are in this observer s View unfortunate. An annual salary of $35,000 rather than the present $22,500 plus modest allowances would not be too generous if As a matter of Reform congressmen applied to themselves the same conflict of interest cannons now imposed on executive Branch officials. Too often when House or Senate members Are involved in criminal proceedings As in the Case of two 87th Congress House members on trial in Baltimore on charges of conflict of interest and conspiracy Capitol Hill says the constituents can and do pass on the fitness of their representatives and exercise the Power to give them the Boot. The late Sam Rayburn took a dim View of recurring pressures for Quot streamlining and Quot modernizing Congress. He was particularly contemptuous of the la Follette Monroney act of 1946 reorganizing the legislative Branch. Quot the Only Good things about that program were the pay increase and the provision for More office and committee help a the speaker declared. Quot otherwise the act did t improve a Damn Williams College professor James Macgregor Burns has often decried the Lack of party discipline in Congress and the system which contributes to the Quot deadlock of democracy by making legislators concentrate on the narrow sectional interests rather than the National Well being. Many members Home for the easter recess would acknowledge the Merit in Burns thesis. But in filing the income tax returns due by Midnight monday they could cite the financial pressures that perpetuate the status quo. Take for example Burns successful rival in the 1958 congressional Campaign in the 1st Massachusetts District. Silvio Conte had had eight years in the state Senate during which i had built up a Law practice substantial enough to match if not exceed his first years earnings As a congressman. The fact that Conte was Only modestly fixed had been recognized in the Wake of his upset Victory in 1950 for the state Senate. Conte a Law practice has dwindled since 1959. His air plane transportation Between Washington and his District last year exceeded $2,000, plus the Cost of numerous motor trips. Congress men Are reimbursed for one. Round trip yearly Between their Home cities and Washington. Conte a allowance for Long distance Calls was hundreds of dollars less than his actual outlay. In the course of a year he and his wife spend generously on entertainment of individuals and groups visiting in Washington. Congressman at Large there is of course the maintenance of a year round residence Here As we As at Home. Members from marginal districts facing the costly biennial burdens of running for re election Are understandably inhibited about taking positions that May be right in principle but extremely unpopular at least temporarily among their constituents. That is one reason Why the foreign Aid program for fiscal year 1964 will be bruised and somewhat battered when debate in Earnest begins on appropriations in june. Practically every move being made since Congress convened both on Capitol Hiu and at the White House has been influenced by considerations of political survival in next years election wars. A pay boost for legislators is of course no cure All for what a wrong with Congress. By the same Token a salary increase for Cabinet members is not Likely to make Abler men available than the most competent ones now serving. But a pay boost freeing congressmen from the need for outside income and binding them to canons of conduct which would outlaw practices by which some Feather their own nests through holding elective office would make the nation less reliant on Well to do occupants of Public office. Moreover the deterioration of state government As an effective Force in dealing with Public problems As outlined in prof. Ferdinand i Odberg a most recent Book Quot tile coming world transformation Doubleday suggests the need for a Strong Federal government both in the legislative and executive branches. The chronic moves of the state Legislatures to push through pay raises should not be used As an argument against equitable compensation for National legislators whose qualifications responsibilities and needs Are in the overwhelming number of cases far greater than for the average statehouse lawmaker. _ or. Michelson is the in ton correspondent of the Berkshire Eagle

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