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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 15, 1966, Bennington, Vermont I Bennington Banner Friday april 15, 196h today and tomorrow editorial the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont statistics on education statistics compiled by the National education association and reprinted in a recent Issue of the Vermont school directors association newsletter indicates How Vermont ranks among the states in its support of education. According to the report Vermont has a school age population of 105,000. Only two other states have fewer youngsters of school age. The estimated Public school enrolment in Vermont is 88,-000, which places Vermont 49th among the states. The per capita expenditure by state and local government for local schools is $90.55, below the . Average of $106.61. Vermont ranks 37th in this category. Vermont spent $47-5 for each pupils education As compared to the National average of $533, and thereby ranks 28th. In per capita expenditures for higher education Vermont ranks 20th. By comparison Vermont ranks 12th in state and local government per capita expenditures for Public welfare and 8th in expenditures for highways. The estimated average salary of elementary teachers is $5,400, about $1,-200 below the National average and lower than in 34 other states. Secondary teachers earn $6,028, about $740 below the . Average. Secondary teachers in 29 states earn More. In several categories Vermont ranks High among the states. The increase in estimated average salaries of teachers this year was 86.8 per cent. Only four states did better. In the average number of pupils per classroom teacher Vermont with 21.5, ranked sixth. The National average is 25.1. Only 1.1 per cent of Vermont a population Over 14 is illiterate. Eleven states have lower literacy rates. The National average is 2.4 per cent. Also noteworthy Are figures showing that Vermont ranks 36th in personal per capita income and 28th in the percentage of households with incomes under $2,500. Vermont ranks seventh in per capita Federal Aid payments to state local bodies and individuals but the local tax Burden is also far greater than in most other states. As Charles Nichols Vida executive director Points out in a footnote the report gives a Clear idea where state and local governments place their financial emphasis. Missing from the report As Nichols also notes Are figures on expenditures for the state department of education. The juror this week Over the condition of the department resulted partly from the is Day a concern Over the Low salaries paid state education officials. In Many cases according to Nichols local administrators Are receiving More than their colleagues in state employment. Air travel and Vermont a future pan american world airways decision to order Gigantic new jetliners designed to carry up to 490 passengers has certain implications for Vermont. The extraordinary Progress that has been made recently in building aircraft capable of transporting More people farther for less Money suggests that commercial planes designed to serve Small airports such As the one in Bennington Are also on the drawing boards. There is no doubt that our rapidly advancing air age will soon make Vermont More accessible to thousands of people a Prospect that must be horrifying to those who value their peace and quiet and enchanting to businessmen and resort operators. The increasing number of skiers who Fly to Albany and Are then ferried by Small plane to the Bennington Airport gives Only the first Small hint of the editor s notes no matter where the new Bennington bypass goes the taking of land and buildings will make a Dent in the towns grand list. Although the concern of selectmen that the loss will be serious is perfectly understandable there is no Way to build a Highway through town without eliminating some taxpaying properties. We also understand that the state reimburses the town for the amount lost in taxes for a specified number of years for any loss Over 5 per cent of the grand list. As selectmen pointed out at their meeting tuesday however the route now proposed by the Highway department is especially destructive because it cuts through the Eastern Section of the Village and would wipe out at least two new residential neighbourhoods and a number of other Homes and Fischetti should . Be involved in Rhodesia. Or is Ian Smith a British problem importance that air travel May have for our part of the state. We can foresee the Day when plan loads of midwestern and Southern Winter sports enthusiasts will arrive at the local Airport and then travel to ski areas by rented car or bus. The Day Isnit too far off when californians and mississippians who want to visit Vermont but done to relish the Long trip Between their Homes and the Green mountains will be Able to Fly to Bennington in a few hours and then go touring for two weeks in a rented car. We done to know whether the new planes that will come to Bennington in the future will be of the vertical take off variety or whether a larger Airport combined with Shorter Landing and take off distance requirements will make air travel in and out of Bennington fast cheap and convenient. But we have doubt that the fantastic new products of the aircraft Industry will have As great an Impact on the state in the next ten years As the four Lane Highway has in the past ten. Businesses. Because of the terrain and resulting engineering difficulties it May not be possible for the Highway to swing further to the East of the Village line. This we Hope will be explained in detail by Highway department officials at a hearing later this month. We heartily approve of the activities of the 1,000-plus committee which Hopes to obtain pledges from More than 1,000 citizens that they will vote for unification. Nevertheless we help but wonder about the picture in thursdays Banner showing four members of the committee in front of the town building. In the lettering Over the Entrance to the building the a a re and a a to in Vermont were out of Kilter. Was this meant to be a silent and Subtle comment on the present state of municipal government by Walter Lippmann was he ton. For the first time since it was formed the United nations on the request of great Britain and with the support of this country has invoked chapter Vii of the . Charter. This chapter covers unexplored territory. For it deals with the use of military measures to enforce the peace. All the rest of the charter deals with conciliation mediation and the like. But chapter Vii envisages a resort to War by the United nations itself it envisages the waging of War to forestall a a threats to the peace breaches of the peace and acts of aggression.�?T1 until last week the members of the United nations have always avoided bringing chapter Vii into their arguments. A of the Security Council has now accepted a commitment under chapter Vii in the dispute Between Ian Smith s rebel racist government in Rhodesia and the Queens government in Britain. It is admitted that in order to do this the Security Council has to stretch to a develop a the words of the charter. For there can be no doubt that the British quarrel with Rhodesia is a quarrel within the British Commonwealth or that Ian Smiths rebellion against the British Crown is not an act of aggression by one a Overleen state against another. In order to bring the rhodesian affair within the Purview of chapter Vii lawyers have argued that because of its racist character and policy the Smith government in Salisbury Rhodesia is a a threat to the when the Security Council accepted this determination it possessed the Legal right to authorize great Britain to prevent Oil intended for Rhodesia from being carried to portuguese ports in ships. A of it cannot be denied i think that there is a genuine threat to the peace in the soldering racial conflict in that part of Africa which is controlled by Rhodesia Portugal and South Africa. The Security Council is not concerned with an emergency. But it is concerned with a real and not an imaginary threat to the future. For there exists in South Africa and in Rhodesia a though not so sharply in the portuguese a Voclav a otherwise i Raimer en3oy Vay Job. Territories a a policy of White supremacy which in fact closes the door of Hope to the native african majority. The risk is very considerable that this White oppression of the native population will bring about uprisings rebellions and massacres and that a racial War will result into which the Black african states and the White european states will be drawn. A of the threat cannot be shrugged off. It is a real one. What is not so Clear is whether it was necessary whether it was prudent to involve the United nations at this stage of the quarrel with Ian Smiths rebel government. For in doing this the . Has become involved along with Britain in a quarrel which extends beyond Rhodesia and includes Portugal and South Africa. Would it not have been better of the Wilson government had treated Rhodesia As a British responsibility could it not have taken other British measures which would have involved Only members of the Commonwealth before it involved the . In a quarrel which is not at least not yet International a of it is of the utmost importance that the . Should not be used As a dumping ground for hard decisions which Are unpopular at Home. For surely the . Is in no sense a world government which can step in where the National governments fear to tread. It cannot for example Settle the racial conflict in Africa nor can it Settle the War in Viet Nam. Its main business while the great Powers remain so divided is like the business of any infant which is to survive in order to grow up. Only when the great issues of the cold wars in Europe and in Asia have been dealt with and the . Has become in reality a Universal society can the . Be counted upon As the principal keeper of the peace. Letters to the editor Marc Mes he St of Bemiss nuclear Power to the editor of the Banner for those who Are interested in the Canadian Power question and Are perhaps debating the Wisdom displayed by our state representatives in wanting to study the matter further i would like to recount some of the latest developments in the swelling tide of nuclear Power. In my mind this is an extremely relevant area since nuclear Power could free Vermont from the need of importing Power again. It also would keep investment capital in this state to be used for construction operation maintenance and tax expenses. This holds True except perhaps for tax matters whether nuclear Power in Vermont is developed by Public Power cooperatives or private utilities. Fortunately in this Case the Laws of nuclear physics Are not in the least discriminatory As to who makes use of them. According to the february Issue of nucleonics a reputable Trade journal published by Mcgraw Hill a Hydro Quebec. Is planning its debut in nuclear Power generation with the next big step in the Candy system a the change from heavy water to boiling Light water coolant. Hydro Quebec can afford to wait until 1971, when it expects to have an decl designed Candi it blow prototype in decl Means atomic Energy of Canada ltd., the canal Dian dec Candy refers to a Type of reactor developed in Canada a heavy water moderated advanced converter the blow stands for boiling Light water during the legislative debates gov. Hoff assured everyone that the proposed agreement with Hydro Quebec would not specifically Purchase Churchill Falls Power but that we would be tied in with their entire system. In View of the nucleonics report it now looks like part of that system will be nuclear by 1971. Why would anyone in Vermont want to subsidize Canadas nuclear Power development nuclear Power in oui own Back Yard without the non productive costs of Overly Long transmission lines be More efficient and in the Public a Best Long Range interests the March Issue of the same Magazine carries several reports which indicate the rate the nuclear tidal wave is approaching a in 1964, not a single kilowatt of new nuclear generating capacity was with my re wording for Brevity the article continues in 1965, letters to this column Are Welcome. Those of More than 200 words Are subject to condensation. Signatures and addresses Are required. All letters will be printed providing no question of libel or taste is involved. Nine new nuclear reactors representing 5.7 million kilowatts were contracted for or firmly planned. In the first month of this year five new nuclear facilities with a total capacity of 3.515.000 kilowatts were added to the list. What about costs you ask another article reports a a Stato owned proven Type water reactor could provide pumping Power for californians Feather River water Supply project at a Cost 21-27 per cent cheaper than an alternative three Mill per kilowatt hour off Peak Power offer made by a group of electric utilities. So concludes a re study of the projects pumping Power costs by flour corp. For California s department of water they Hope to soon invite bids for a nuclear Plant for operation in 1971-72. My suggestion let s All think positively about nuclear Power in Vermont and help Vermont not some other area. To drive Home this Point the proposed $400 million prepayment to Hydro Quebec could build in Vermont about six nuclear plants of 500.000 kilowatts each for a total of 3 million kilowatts 50 per cent More Power than would be available from Hydro Quebec at a competitive Cost today and without need of a fixed Price commitment for the next 25 years. Burton a Ball. Mendon. Killing Deer to the editor of the Banner on easter sunday i must come to the defense of mrs. Sheila r. Winsten of Westport conn., who in a letter in the Banner of april i expressed her disapproval of an ant Erless Deer season and her a state for Deer Hunting in general. I have lived in Vermont to years and love it its wildlife Birds Trees and peace. Each year i go away during Hunting season. One cannot argue with Hunters in Vermont. They have All the answers. So Many Deer Are taken each year that they will soon All be eaten up. Killing killing the world we live in today is accepting it but not mrs. Winsten with the Cross upon her forehead. We must have a few Good shots in the Jungles of Viet Nam. All those who enjoy killing Are needed there to defend their country. But leave the Vermont Woods to the Deer and wildlife. Ill take my chances on the Road with the Deer and my car. I be been doing it for ten years. Someone has to speak up for the humane minded people of Connecticut. We done to want them to think we Are All Hunters and wild people. Mrs. Helen t. Goeckler. Arlington. Needless rules to the editor of the Banner i am writing about the rules and regulations affecting nursing Homes since some of these places Are being forced out of business by expensive regulations which Are needless and impractical. The department of health wants them to put in a sprinkler system. Where pressure is not adequate they must have a pressure tank in the basement operated by an electric pump. In the event of fire the electricity would be turned off. An audio system is another expense these places Are being forced to install. This seems strange because most of the patients Are not Lucid enough to push a Button. These Homes have to put in eight foot corridors which would take up the whole House in some of the smaller places. Our old people do not need Plush quarters. All they need is kindness and to be kept clean and Well fed. I Hope the department of health will allow these nursing Homes to continue to operate. The patients Are Happy they have splendid care but do not regard the Home As a Hospital which makes All the difference in their welfare. We cannot possibly give them the care at Home which they receive at the hands of these dedicated people in nursing Homes. People should be alerted As to the reasons Why some nursing Homes Are closing. Patients in nursing Homes do not need licensed practical nurses or registered nurses around the clock. A Good competent person can provide All the care they would have if they were Home. Sparks from the forge homage to Carl buggies by Samuel h. Ogden Landgrove. Some time ago i picked up a copy of a periodical which i had not seen before. Liking what i read i sent in my subscript Tion. The Magazine was called listen a publication devoted to music. Unfortunately it could not quite make the Grade and within a month or so after i hopped aboard things ground to a halt and the exhortation to a a listen further was Given in vain. But there is a Happy ending to the Story for All unexpired subscriptions were taken Over by the american record guide a great publication that appears monthly and i would not willingly now be without it. It is a great Deal More than merely a guide for the buying of records. Within the scope of recordings lies almost the entire Field of serious music both ancient and contemporary and Here in the record guide Are to be found some of the most Intel agent and penetrating essays on music composers performers and recordings that i have read. All of this is apropos of the principal article in the March Issue which is called a now that other american giant a Carl there is a picture of Carl on the cover showing his rugged physiognomy smiling and lifelike just As he appears today and inside a full Page photograph of Carl standing amidst the Flowers in front of of i am not mistaken the remodeler schoolhouse in Arlington where i visited him Many years ago. The article by Arthur Cohn celebrates the issuance of Columbia ml-6201, a recording of Ruggles a Sun treader a and the comment in the text is a so now Ruggles Day Long deferred is finally beginning. On the eve of his 90th birthday Bowdoin College honors him with a festival and herewith a major Label issues his major and that is one hell of a Long while to wait Cohn refers to Ruggles As a a giant a which indeed he is and the greatness of his stature in the world of music is nearly matched by the Shadow he casts in the world of Art. How fortunate we Are to have a double barrelled giant in our midst and yet How sad that we should so Little know or understand him. Perhaps his music takes a bit More of understanding than most of us have got and this for my part i will confess to readily enough. Ruggles music is As Cohn says music of spartan order and it takes guts to understand it. It is music that is Seldom performed nor have there been Many recordings made. As a matter of fact the record under discussion is the first press ing made of tyls major work which was written in 1932. A of the music was first played in the year of its composition not by any american orchestra but by orchestra symphony que de Paris. In 1936 the International society for contemporary music picked the a Sun treader to represent the United states at the 14th festival held in Barcelona that april but the score was not heard in this country until this year some 34 years after it was put Down on paper. On the subject of what other music Ruggles has composed my ignorance is colossal the one of his works that i heard and that was perhaps 20 years ago was a piece for Large orchestra which was called i believe a men and i have but vague memories of this and i stand to be corrected on All details but of this piece there was a recording and i listened to it several times in the studio of the late Clay Bartlett in Manchester. I did not comprehend a that i do remember a but it was a Long while ago and since that time my musical understanding has grown slightly i hop and perhaps now i should be Able to figure out what it is All about. Speaking of the music Cohn says a the Kotoric impulse in the a Sun treader is obtained like everything else from the movement of the chunks of counterpoint. In Short a Sun treader is what one wishes in the Way of romantic rhapsody and rarely gets elsewhere because restlessness is confused with robustness. And generally when romantic music has had muscle it has been but we shall see. A of Clay Bartlett and Carl were great friends and they saw a Good bit of each other. Clay a Fine artist possessed a rare gift of mimicry with which he often entertained his friends and As i remember it Carl Ruggles was one of his really great impersonations. Always Given with gentle understanding there was never any cruel cutting Edge to clays performances and i am sure of Carl Ever was confronted with Ruggles in the eyes of Bartlett he enjoyed it just As much As the rest of us did. Clay was not Only an artist but he was a Patron of the arts As Well. As a Mark of his Friendship he once gave me a charcoal drawing by Carl a romantic landscape called a Romance and Industry a and this is the work of a great artist. Doubly treasured it shall always be. To a great musician and composer a great artist a great romanticist with guts and Power my homage. The lighter Side highways wont be Safe until autos eject drunks by Dick West Washington up a proposed legislation to require More safety features in automobiles May do a lot toward making driving less hazardous. Most experts agree however that motoring perils cannot be reduced to a minimum until someone is Able to design a Safe drunk. Speaking on this subject in the House of representatives rep. Richard d. Mccarthy d-n.y., cited various studies indicating that Many accidents Are caused by Drunken Drivers. He said he was drafting a Bill to promote stiffer Laws to Deal with Drivers who Are stiff. Mrs Doris Manchester Center. Bourn. It would impose a to per cent Cut in Federal Highway funds on states that failed to require motorists suspected of Drunken driving to submit to chemical tests. I am inclined to doubt that Mccarthy a Bill would be very effective either. There is so much motorized tipping that police possibly handle it All. What is needed is some sort of engineering breakthrough along the lines of the prototype safety car that was exhibited at the Capitol this week. A of designed by an italian motor company the Auto has such special safety features As sliding doors a collapsible steering column and eject Ible windows. The trouble is it has no equipment specifically designed to Cope with sliding drinks not to mention collapsible drunks who might get behind the wheel. The solution As i see it would be for someone to design an eject Ible drunk. Which be too difficult. It would simply be a matter of combining the air plane ejection seat with the drunk Ometer tests mentioned by Mccarthy. Autos would have on their dashboards one of those gadgets that measure the amount of alcohol in a persons breath. As soon As the Driver started the engine the meter would Analyse the exhaust fumes from his lungs. A of if the alcoholic indicator reached a certain level the front door would Fly open the ejection device would fire automatically and the Driver would be propelled from his seat. I would say that a flight of Between 75 and too Yards would be sufficient to restore his sobriety. There is nothing like a few whiffs of oxygen to Clear a Many a head. It Amor Here we go Agal n on winning $10,000 in a puerto Rico hotel Casino the Oregon Chicken Farmer wired his wife a turn the chickens Loose and join me for a trip around the six months later the two of them were broke and Back in the .a. A Well sighed the erstwhile Gambler a a it a Home to Oregon for a to recoup our losses a suggested the wife. A no a said the Farmer a to recoup our quote. Curfew tolls the father warned his teenage daughter that he wanted her Home by la . A but father a she complained a a in a no longer a a i know a replied the concerned Parent. A a that a Why i want you Home by a cappers weekly

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