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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 15, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Green Mountain entries first mile r of 6 lady Oregon k. Heeney 2 Jimmy a. Deon w. Long 3 Breezy Deon f. Church 7 free n easy j. Elliott boy state Isabel v. Cut hone 4 up top. W. Arthurs i w. D. Me Burn j. Covell 1 Jock free Hotl Vav. Langtry a Goy Liberty j. Hutch soc end mile Poce. 00 2 White Dole j. Cross 0 Boron first j. Maori or. 5 lord me Burn e. Lilly 3 Houston express i. Foster a Down Ace j. Skinner 4 colonel Dee w Arthurs 1 Lafayette Avenue g. Moc Detnold 7 Huish Bonn a. Cassidy Bel Jody Alan c Marsh a 2 airy sea j Cress third mile a a Dee Moo 5 Gene Trot Quot Hanen 6 Kelly bar p. Casey 3 or. S it Shne i Foster 1 Golden Frost w. Arthurs 7 miss a Yin Tow a v. Cow or 4 Jerry Jolley r Collette 8 Vivian a or a dross 2 Lum put i Coville Ort in mrs a try Loury. N. Allen oe2 rip Moss i. Foster fourth mile. Poce Saso Bay state Joan. R Cross 5 Bonnie Wayne Brittingham 7 a on Castle j Elliott 1 Glenn m we silk or. 8 Eddie chief l. Borte iian 6 secret or word j. Skinner 2 Jane Chance a Arthurs 3 Somers girl p Phette piece fifth mile Poce Mso a Success Morgo w Collin e i 7-2 9-3 6-1 6-1 8-1 �-1 10-1 5-1 2 1 7- 4 1 6-1 1-1 a i 8-1 10-1 la 5-1, i 7-2 4 5-1 6-1 i-1 8-1 8-1 8-1 ii 3-1 72 5-1 la 61 8 1 is 8 1 3 Mac Adios f. Joeger 7-e 8 Brox Tlell w. Long 4-1 1 lindas Dee f. Tingley 5-1 5 Adio Knight v Cowger 6-1 2 savings Bond w. Hatfield j-1 7 Chi Jim to d. Marshall 8-1 4 Chocko Yotte Guy l. Alosso 0- sixth mite Poce 700 3 Betty Gold i. Lubor 2-1 4 Cirrus or nov w Pali Odd 7 Chipper my. Childs 5-1 2 Duffett. N. Olin 6-1 6 pot Little Berry h. I 11 Toms 8-1 i Jose Daie Katrinka i. Foster 5 a any fool p. Cottrell 8-1 8 Gray Wolf a. Annunziato 12-1 seventh mile Poce s700 5 Success Comet w. Silk or. 3-1 3 Deon Dudley Sommerville 4 Joe Dillon h. Purdy h 1 chortle Ging Brittle whom 6-1 7 Mac Vole r. Dunn la 6 Glendale Jerry f. Church 2 von Honor r Cottrelle 8-1 8 Grey Volley r. Foster 10-1 eighth mile Poce 8788 6 Jeff Armstrong. V. Ferriero 7-2 4 lady wonder k. Heeney 3-1 2 porn chief r Chase 8-2 7 valorous e Gray 5-1 5 Birc Crest Pink v. Cut hone 6-1 8 Honey doll j. Cross 8-1 3 chief Canuck j. Hutch 8-1 1 Maine topic w. Allen 8-1 ninth mile Pace 1688 2 Niagara Folsch d. Marshall 3-1 6 Prince discovery g. Macdonald 4-1 3 Omar s Quick fish v. Cowger 7-1 i Zelda c., k Heeney la 5 Shem Don w. Silk or. La 4 Foxey s Star a. Cassidy la 7 Peter up w. Langtry la 8 Verna Duke Mott Hon read this before you buy any fertilizer Only turf builder is Trioni Zed. Grows deeper roots in any soil. Keeps grass Greener longer. 2,500 soft 5,000 soft 10,000 soft 2.95 4.95 8.95 authorized Scotts dealer Adams hardware co 497 main St dial 2-5026 baseball standings National league w. L. Pct. Go 2 0 1.00 0 1.000 i .667 it 2 2 i i .500 i i i .500 i i i .500 i i i .500 i 2 .333 life to 2 too 2 2 too 2 Chicago los Angeles Pittsburgh Philadelphia Milwaukee Cincinnati Houston san Francisco i St. Louis 0 new York 0 wednesday results Houston 7 . 6 la innings Chicago 7 St. Louis 3 los Ang. 3 Pittsburgh i night san Francisco 5 Phila. 2, night thursday s probable pitchers Houston at new York a Johnson 11-16 is. Fisher 10-17. Chicago at Milwaukee a Koonce 3-0 is. Sadowski 9-10. Los Angeles at Pittsburgh night a Podres 0-2 is. Cardwell 1-2. Cincinnati at St. Louis night a Tsitouris 9-13 is. Purkey g1-9. San Francisco at Philadelphia night a Bolin 6-9 is. Herbert 6-7. Friday s games no games scheduled american league w. I. Pct. Go it Trout 2 0 1.000 Minnesota i 0 1.000 v2 Cleveland i 0 1.000 it Washington i i .500 i Baltimore i i .500 i los Angeles i i .500 i Chicago i i .500 i Boston i i .500 i new York 0 2 too 2 Kansas City 0 2 too 2 wednesday s results washing 6 Boston 4 Baltimore 6 Chicago 0 l. Angeles 4 n. York 3, night det at minn., Ppd., rain Clev at pc night Ppd., rain thursday s probable pitchers Washington at Chicago a Daniels 8-10 is Buzhardt 10-8. Detroit at Minnesota a Wickerham 19-12 is. Pascual 15-12. New York at los Angeles night a Stottlemyre 9-3 is. Lopez 0-0. Cleveland at Kansas City fright a Mcdowell 11-6 is. A Donoghue 10-14. It. Headmasters meet april 26 Woodstock a the Vermont headmasters association will hold its annual Spring professional meeting at the Woodstock inn april 26. The meeting will open at 9 30 . With registration. John Ragle of Springfield High school Maynard Robinson of Rutland High school and Douglas Tudhope of South Burlington High school will give reports on curriculum matters on which they Are working. . Heath will give a Progress report on the role of the principal study. Clifford b. Fagan executive Secretary National federation of state High school athletic association will speak on the Aims of his organization. The Vermont headmasters association is a member. Supervisors from the department of education members of the superintendents steering committee and other educational leaders have been invited to attend. Pownal results april 14, ims track Good weather Cool fir a mile Trot Moo i Gemmo pick r Cross 4.80 3 00 2 40 4 Harry m w Langtry 3 60 3 20 7 Edgewood Giers i Berg 3.60 also 4 Royal a 8 old Torney 5 Torch town 7 mss Banff Peggy 3 follow Mcewen. Time 2 15.3. Second mile Poce Moo 1 Andy Monbar h Story 3 80 3 20 2 80 7 gracious Mckloy h Williams 5 40 3 40 6 Little Guy put j Coville 2 60 also <5 to to Hill 3 Trumps 2 Richmond Gal 8 Morry dares 4 your Adios. Time 2 10.2. Dally double 1-1 paid 12.60. Third mile Pace Moo 5 Coney Boot w Long 30 40 9.20 5 20 2 Robe Star e Lohmeyer or 3.20 2 80 i pleasant Echo o Cote 3.40 also 8 Nobell Lite 3 Happy Duchess 7 Axine Hall 4 Brownie Wood 6 Georgi Volo. Time. 2 08.1. Fourth mile Trot 700 5 Darcile in Ahen 6 60 3 60 2 80 3 cosh freight o Cole 7.00 3.80 6 speedy g j Berube 4 00 also i a c s magic 7 steadfast is Bernie s buddy 2 Jean Ellen 4 tuition. Time 2 08. Fifth mile Poce 650 5 cracked ice e Crowson or 22 50 8 60 4.20 7 w j counsel r Plentl 5.60 3.20 3 jealous abbe w Long 260 also 4 fair Kamela 8 family fun 6 Erick s Bucky i Irish Gander 2 Pulaski Mac. Time 2 10.3. Sixth mile Poce Moo 4 Yankee boy r Collette 5 60 4.00 3.20 3 Ben Turlington v Culhane 7.80 4 80 8 Vermont Rose t Lourlee 5.00 also 7 Blore Adios i Demon a 5 Fleet pick 6 Corydon Joy 2 Egunus Jim def. Time 2 10. Seventh mile Poce 700 1 boots Rockwood r Cottrell 27 60 8 20 4 40 2 Joey h w Long 4.40 2 80 4 . H Story 4.40 also scotch Delight 6 chief Richard 7 do Royal 3 Colleen Royal 5 mystery Melody. Time 2 06 4. Eighth mile Poce 750 3 Meadow girl r chose 5.40 4.00 2.60 4 Sussex Ace w Allen 6 80 3 80 6 s s. Irish boots g Mcdonald 3 20 also i Runnymede Puzzle 2 la Gal Hoste 7 Gay yonder 5 Vernon Mac 8 Peter g Scott. Time 2 09 twin double 5-4-1 paid 2,668.26 Only three horses necessary. Ninth mile Poce Moo i miss Kalona w Wells 15 00 5.00 4 00 4 King Cole g Hinds 11.60 6 40 7 Lovely Newport r Collette 5 80 also 8 mighty haves 5 King Zamoun 3 Chocko Yotte Lee 2 miss Girdletree 6 Scottie g. Time 2 11. Attn. 2,063 handle m05.79s. Of mses Bennington Banner thursday. April 15, 1985-9 Donald Dufresne hit tor a big 244-625 series in the Green Mountain league to take the men s title of a Bowler of the done a average is 160. Helen Harrington a 523 was the High women a score reported and represents the women. Smokey steam in the menus City circuit really hit the pins tor a big 2822 scratch score. Members and their scores Are Bob Jones 534 Paige Heald 530 Victor cumm 558 Leo Bentley 568 Bob Townsend 632. Smokey a wins the team honors of the week. No women steam scores were reported. Bowling have been that bad. Get those sheets into the Bowling Box at the Hines. Individual a Bowler of the week Quot winners should pick up their award at Bennington lanes. Abc tourney happenings the fact that a Man has appeared in 51 straight american Bowling Congress tournaments is an outstanding accomplishment in itself. But when a Man is a Doughty 73 and goes out and smashes out a better than 600 series it certainly ranks As an amazing sports feat. Frank Chick Carr of fort Wayne ind., did All of these things in the 1965 Abc As it continued its 68-Day appearance in the St. Paul auditorium. Carr opened his singles play with a 226 opening game came Back with 222 and then finished with 175 for a 623. Carr who started his amazing tournament string in 1912 and Hasni to missed Bowling a biggest show since let that 600 series get away. After his Fine 448 total for the opening two games he ran into immediate trouble in the final game with two open frames. A 5-7 split showed up in the third Frame and the Little Man with big courage picked it off and kept clean the rest of the Way for his 623. Sitting in the stands and rooting for Carr was Bill Doehrman also of fort Wayne who had bowled on an earlier squad to Complete his 55th straight Abc appearance. Carr finished his All events with a 1686, a 187 average while Doehrman had a 1562 for his nine games. They both signed up to bowl in the 1966 Abc in Rochester . Hope Bennington has a Large team turnout in Rochester too. Three youngsters whose combined age Falls far Short of carry a 73, also played Star roles As the abcs second week of action came to a close. Bill Hoppe 21, and Mike White 19, of Lincoln neb., moved into the top spot in regular doubles with a 1255 and Ken Mcbride 25, Muskegon mich., paces the regular All events with 1876. White appearing in his first Abc had a 565 set but his partner Hoppe Nebraska All events Champ and a surprising 20th place finisher in the 1965 All Star popped in 688 As the Lincoln pair rolled games of 435, 438 and 380. Mcbride picked up by the Wolverine express team of Muskegon As a sub hit a 608 to help this team to the regular Lead on a 2995 set and added 610 in doubles and 658 in singles for his leading 1876. Ken is a Salesman and agreed to make the trip Only two weeks ago when the regular member of the team was unable to make the trip because of work. Dan Stachnik 39, a Milwaukee Pressman turned in the first too set of the 1965 Abc when he had games of 241, 233 and 257 tor a 731 in the regular team event. Stachnik organized a team in Milwaukee dubbed it the Stachnik and his big Outing boosted it to sixth place on 2935. Abc tournament standings show regular team leaders previously mentioned As Wolverine express 2995 regular singles Dick Ude Lincoln neb., 689. Frederick a builders Lead the Booster team event with 2790 and regular All events Leader is Ken Mcbride a 1876. In the classic events Woody Hulsey Ray Orf of St. Louis Lead the classic doubles with 1240 bowlers journal St. Louis a 5692 in classic teams Lou Campi Paramus n.j., 635 in classic singles and Gus Marsala St. Louis 2439 in All events. The tournament is still Young and Many big scores Are still to be recorded. A of Alley dust Maggie Lacroix pulled in the 6-7-1c split conversion in girls City league Winter couples league leaders were Virginia Galvin 205, Marcia Ryder 513, Bud Messmer 243 and de Luce 582 girls Eastern ten pin honors went to Donna Pray with 210 and a Star Quot Harrington a 523 Bob Townsend a 215-632 led menus City league one of the interesting marches of the week took place saturday at Bennington lanes. It pitted Jack a lefty Dailey and Dick a Speedball Rabideau against their sons John and Wayne. Understand the results made the fathers take quite a razing. Young John Dailey had a big 278 game and totalled 671. By the Way he had a 680 total a few weeks ago. Will there be another match or has a lesson been Learned time will Tell. Don Fisher led the garage league scores with 246-649 Mitch Kahwajy had a Nice 253 game in Green Mountain. Keep Mem Rollin. Done to fall ii store More Rubbermaid turntables revolve smoothly on steel Ball bearings. Spin needed items up front. Four sizes is 98 to $4 98 White Sand Rubbermaid Safti grip Bathtub Mats help prevent dangerous tub accidents hundreds of suction cups grip tub securely. Sizes from is 98-s3.98. List colors Here h. Greenberg amp son inc. 321 main St. Dial 2-6325 Bennington better than Sunshine a electric clothes dryer Stop in today Central Vermont Public service corp. Major league baseball scores by eked Keppler United press International National league St. Louis too Ooi 002�? 3 to 0 Chicago Ooi too 32x�? 7 to i Sadecki Taylor 7stallard 7carlton 8 and Ricketts. Ellsworth 10 and Bertell. Loser a Sadecki 0-1. Hrs Santo 2, Brock Altman. Los Ang too 02 0 010�? 3 6 1 Pitts too too Ooin i 2 i Osteen 1-0 and Roseboro. Gibbon face 9 and Pagliaroni. Loser a Gibbon 0-1. Hrs fairly Bailey. Wilson Radatz 6 and Tillman. Narum Kline 8 and Brumley. Winner Narum 1-0. Loser a Radatz 0-1. Hrs Narum. La innings hous too too 300 04�? 7 9 i n. Y. Too 200 Ooi 03�? 6 to 3 Farrell Woodeschick la Owens la and Brand. Spahn Ribant 9bearnarth Macisco la and Cannizzaro Gonder 9. Winner a Farrell 1-0. Loser a Bearnarth 0-1. Hrs Kranepool Christopher Swoboda. Only games scheduled american league Chicago too too oooo 0 6 i bait. Ooi Oil 12x�? 6 la 0 Horlen locker 7 and Romano. Pappas 1-0 and Orsino. Loser Horlen 0-1. New York too 020 Ioos 3 7 0 los Ang too Ooi 20x�? 4 12 i Ford Reniff 6mikkelsen 7stafford 8 and Blanchard. Chance r. Lee 7brunet 7 and Rodgers. Winner a Brunet 1-0. Loser a Reniff 0-1. Or a Cardenal Tresh. Boston Wash 002 101 oooo 4 6 0 Cleveland at Kan City Ppd rain too 210 30x 6 7 1 Detroit at Minnesota Ppd rain a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a san fran 002 too 200�? 5 14 3 Phila too 002 oooo 2 5 i Perry Shaw 7 and Bakley. Bunning Culp 4roebuck 7duren 8 and Dalrymple. Winner a Perry 1-0. Loser Bunning 0-1. Hrs Mays Covington. Ahl results United press International series a Best of five something Quot new ,.at Benn pastry Coffee now being served. Along with pastries amp donuts Stop by soon Benn pastry shop 241 main Street Bennington it. It s easy to Start a Rochester Quebec a won series. Series d Best of five w. L. 4 i i 4 Buffalo Hershey wednesdays result Buffalo 3 Hershey i w. L. 2 i i 2 faster specials for the family clothing and shoes for men women a children Low prices easy terms Fienberg a 447 main St. Bennington it. M have $10,737,418.23 in just 30 Days How save one cent the first Day two cents the second and keep doubling the amount you saved the Day before. In 30 Days you will have saved $10,737,418.23. A More practical Way to save however is to mail a Small Deposit each pay Day to this Mutual saving Bank. The Bank pays postage both ways for savers. % open your account today As Little As $1.00 will Start you on your Way. Interest credited 4 times per year most recent rate 4 annually Burlington savings Bank Vermont a largest Bank Burlington Vermont member Federal Deposit insurance corp rating Madkour scentral Market 517 main St. Wed double stamp a Day super Armour canned picnic Ham $179 swifts fruited picnic ham49? Butterball Hen turkeys 45< 8 to to lbs. Honeysuckle ready for oven turkeys -49< Large local fresh eggs 2 Boi. $ 00 River Valley Frozen raspberries 3 it i of you can buy Pepp Ridge farm surplus bread Rolls of All kinds v i Price 2 a 39< Armour Frozen Chicken breast is i 1.98 Armour Turkey breast 69< Sweet cantaloupes0 jumbo fresh Calif. Asparagus"25�?~ 2 >49 fresh dandelions 1 lbs fresh Sweet peas crispy fresh Green Beans la. 29 fresh j of strawberries ask. 47 fresh of pineapples a y beet greens spinach bag la salad bowl watercress Parsley artichokes Broccoli grapes Belguim endive Manischewitz Passov 5 Box i .99 Matz Oths Quot plus passover wines Herrings Matz Oths of All kinds soup mixes pickles and Borsch. # 1/uu out Cuc Uttmi amp surety to it thu. Lean boiled Ham 79< baked in Vermont syrup Ham la. 79< cooked roast beef it. 59< fresh hot pies each 59< our own fresh donuts Doz. 59 Barb que 3 la. Avg. Chickens $129 jewish Rye bread poppy seed Rolls syrian bread italian bread. Plus other Home baked pastries. Bock Beer Champagne wine imported Beer mixes Scotts guarantees you Tbs turf builder will give you better Lawn than any other fertilizer of Money Back. Ii re

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