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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 14, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Clear and cold Clear and cold tonight with Low in the 20s. Thursday fair followed by increasing cloudiness and Little temperature change. Showers possible late thursday or at night. Yesterdays High 39, Low 30, today at 7 . 33. Total precipitation last 24 hours .16. Total for the storm .99. Spica the Brilliant bluish White Star Low in the Southeast Early evening is 220 Light years away. Bennington o in Bennington Vermont wednesday april 14,1965 Aimer founded in 1841 daily 1903 no. 19,735 to cents president Tours disaster areas promises Aid to states in route with Johnson up a president Johnson took a first hand look at the Tornado and flood disaster areas of the Middle West today and pledged the a maximum assistance of the Federal government. The president in a grim somber mood walked through the rubble of Tornado shattered towns in Indiana and then flew on to St. Paul minn., Center of a flood emergency area where rising Rivers have driven 31,000 persons from their Homes. In remarks prepared for delivery at St. Paul he said a when such disaster strikes i know it is the will of the american people that assistance shall be provided to help citizens and communities undertake the task of rebuilding and restoring the life of families cities and farms. A i would pledge to you that we will do All we can As promptly As efficiently and As usefully As possible to Render the maximum assistance allowed under our Federal the president flew from Washington at Daybreak on a ground and air tour of Midwest states plagued by some of the worst floods on record and stricken by a Palm sunday Tornado onslaught which killed at least 236 persons injured More than 2,000, and left thousands More homeless. As he viewed the devastation left by the twisters in the Elkhart ind., area the president murmured to himself a awful. Landing at South Bend he went by motorcade to this Northern Indiana town where the twisters killed 23 persons and injured 111. A i know it is the will of the american people that whenever their neighbors or friends in any Community in any state suffer such losses at the hands of nature the government of this Good and generous people should be ready and prepared to assist in every Way a the president said at South Bend. A that is the reason we Are Johnson planned to Fly on to Minnesota for a first hand look at flood Waters on the Mississippi River and its tributaries which have driven More than 31,000 persons from their Homes. On the Way Back to Washington he planned another Stop at Toledo Ohio another disaster Point in sundays Tornado onslaught. The schedule also called for Johnson to visit a third Indiana City a Goshen about 25 Miles Southeast of South Bend. The president planned on the a ground inspections in Minnesota flood areas around Minneapolis and St. Paul. His schedule called for a visit to the Toledo Ohio area where a twister killed 13 and destroyed or severely damaged More than 125 residences in a Northside suburb. The presidents itinerary also provided an Opportunity to see wind damage in Illinois Wisconsin Michigan and sections of Ohio South of Toledo. His schedule was put together late tuesday. Changes during the Day were possible. Plans still called for his return to Washington shortly after 5 . Est. On his departure from Washington Johnson issued a statement saying he would meet on the trip with governors other Public officials and private citizens of the stricken states. A the tornadoes in seven states and the floods in Minnesota have wrought a heavy toll in human lives injuries and Selma Ala. Up a three men were free under Bond today on a murder indictment charging them with the Street slaying of a White Clergyman following a civil rights demonstration last month. Arrested several hours after the indictment was returned by the Dallas county grand jury late tuesday the men posted $10,000 Bond each and were released. Four men had been arrested following the March 9 beating of the Rev. James Reeb a 38-year-old civil rights advocate from Boston. But the grand jury indicted Only three of them Brothers William Hoggle 38, and o Neal Duck Hoggle 31, and Elmer Cook 41. The other Man r. B. Kelley 30, was not named in the indictment. Reeb a unitarian Universal property damage a the president said. A no words or deeds of ours can ease the loss of the bereaved families. A we can however Hope that the meetings today will serve usefully to make More effective and efficient our Federal assistance to the afflicted states and their citizens for the widespread reconstruction of Homes Public facilities business and Industrial plants damaged or destroyed in these natural disasters. A while it will not be possible to visit each afflicted Community i Hope that our visit will convey to All residents of these states the concern compassion and support their countrymen feel for them in this hour of Shock and after the tour of Elkhart the president planned to return to South Bend to Board his plane for a flight Over Illinois and Wisconsin both Tornado targets. The president was prepared to move quickly to meet the disaster needs of the Midwest. But so far according to the White House no formal applications for Federal disaster Relief has come from governors of the More heavily damaged states. 1st minister died in a Birmingham Hospital two Days after the beating. He and two other ministers were attacked by a group of White men on a Selma Street after leaving a negro restaurant where they had eaten supper. The other ministers were not seriously Hurt. The incident followed a second unsuccessful attempt by demonstrators to March from Selma to Montgomery to protest Alabama voter registration procedures. The controversial March was staged about two weeks later and a White civil rights worker mrs. Viola Gregg Luzzo 39, of Detroit was shot to death while transporting negroes Back to Selma. Three Kun flux klans men were indicted on Federal civil rights charges in the Liuzzo killing. A grand jury in Lowndes county where the killing occurred meets april 19. Three in Reeb death free on $10,000bonds a Century ago today a Century ago it was exactly too years ago today that president Abraham Lincoln was shot by a crazed Assassin april 14, 1865. A Century later today a generation also knows the meaning of presidential assassination and knows that Many of the promises held out by Lincoln in the Field of civil rights have not yet been fulfilled. The Lincoln memorial in Washington pictured Here was the work of sculptor Daniel Chester French a summer resident of nearby Stockbridge mass., from 1898 until his death in 1931. Photos and articles about the Lincoln family a associations in Bennington county appear on pages 6 and 7. Bombs leaflets fall in Viet Nam Saigon up a american planes showered millions of propaganda leaflets Over communist North Viet Nam for the first time today warning of More bombings unless the communists Call off the fighting. At the same time . Jet bombers raided radar installations and military highways in North Viet Nam seeking out a targets of the air Force used 1,600-mile-per-hour f4c jets a Navy planet for the first time to supplement its own fi05 fighter bombers. The bombings and propaganda raids that dropped 3 million leaflets were carried out As another battalion of 1,800 american marines landed at Danang bringing the number of marines in Viet Nam to 8,000. They were equipped with their own jets tanks and helicopters. A spokesman in Saigon disclosed that government forces had dealt a major blow to the Viet Cong War Effort by capturing the largest Supply of communist food stores Ever taken enough Rice to maintain a communist army of 25,000 men for an entire year. It was found Only 30 Miles North of Saigon. Wilson la a ii t talks scheduled United nations n. Y. Up a British prime minister Harold Wilson arrived in the United states today for talks with . Secretary general Thant and president Johnson. Both meetings were expected to Center on Viet Nam. Wilson scheduled an hours meeting today with the Secretary goner so to be followed by a luncheon and 3 . Pres conference. He will Continuo to Washington thursday for his second meeting with the president since he became prime minister in october. Wilson and Thant Are both interested in a negotiated solution in Viet Nam. The labor prime minister sent his former foreign Secretary Patrick Gordon Walker on a Mission to Southeast Asia a few hours after he left London himself. The refusal of Hanoi and peking to receive Gordon Walker crippled his plans from the Start Wilson would like a conference on Viet Nam informed sources in London said made up of the United states Britain France Russia communist China and the two Viet name. Thant has been trying for weeks to get negotiations started that would Lead to the withdrawal a with dignity of u. S. Forces from South Viet Nam. He also wants a conference of All the parties concerned. on the inside reports that the Pownal track is for Sale Are denied at stockholders meeting a Page 3. This is baseball asks columnist Elizabeth Dwyer a Page 5. Two pages of articles on president Lincoln a assassination and his family a ties in Manchester a pages 6 and 7. In Danang a South vietnamese tribunal condemned to death by firing squad the Youthful Leader of a Viet Cong suicide sabotage team who tried to blow up the grand hotel filled with americans. He was 24-year-old be Dau who had warded off execution earlier by informing on other Viet Cong terrorist leaders. The leaflets dropped today were about the size of playing cards. They were showered Over the Northern cities of Dong hoi a Tanh Vonh and Thanh hoax areas which have been bombed frequently in the past by american and South vietnamese planes. One leaflet said a we love peace but if the communists of North Viet Nam persist in their aggression the air strikes will be continued on a wider scale until the communists Stop the killings in South Viet there were three separate types of leaflets. All accused the communist regime in Hanoi of being a a Lackey of red China in that or similar phrases. They generally apologized for the bombings and they warned civilians to keep away from the military installations which Are targets of the raids. An air Force spokesman said the half dozen jets which dropped the leaflets hit All the targets. He said preliminary reports indicated the attacks against roads convoys and radar stations were a a successful and that All planes returned safely. They encountered Light anti aircraft fire but no communist migs. Battle against flood a Aerial View shows Battle to save the City court House in Chaska minn., on the Minnesota River. The River has already crested ending a four Day Battle by residents to save the building by piling Earth fill and sandbags around it. The entire town background is now under water. Floods in Minnesota threaten to be the worst on record. Up photo Hoff warns of serious drought will sign death penalty Bill Montpelier up gov. Philip h. Hoff said today he will sign in official ceremonies thursday morning the Bill to virtually end capital punishment in the state. Hoff one of the chief backers of an abolition Bill that failed in the 1961 session said he Hopes ultimately the death penalty will be eliminated completely in the state. The Bill he will sign thursday eliminates the electric chair in All first time first de Billings and Hathorn rap gof conservatives Montpelier us a two Republican party leaders have charged that conservative elements who attack the traditional moderate position of the Vermont gop should be drummed out of the party. House speaker Franklin s. By Lings a Woodstock and House ways and Means chairman Byron Hathorn a Hartford tuesday labelled a meeting monday night in Woodstock of the Windsor county Young republicans As �?o19th Century Billings and Hathorn who spearheaded a recent drive to get the Vermont gop to redraw its image on a More moderate plane spoke angrily against the session. Some 30 Young republicans mostly representing the conservative Wing of the party met to offer their ideas on rebuilding the state gop. Included was a suggestion for a a disciplining Republican members in Vermont who failed to Back Barry Coldwater in the presidential race. Members of the group also called . Sen. George Aiken r-vt., a one of the Best democrats there Billings and Hathorn both Cool to Coldwater s candidacy lashed out at the a Type of thinking displayed at the meeting. Quot there is categorically no room for this Type of political philosophy in the party a they said. A this Type of thinking was soundly repudiated by the people of Vermont in the last election and if this 19th Century approach predominates in Republican circles the party might As Well pick up its marbles and go Home a they said. Hathorn and Billings called on the so called a a tories to a acknowledge the historical Forward looking approach of the people of Vermont a and invited the conservatives to a unite with us in creating a responsible moderate Republican party which once again will assume Gree murders except where the victim is a prison guard or a police officer killed in the line of duty. The Bill passed the House and Senate after six unsuccessful bids. A i can t Tell you How pleased i am to see it pass and i will sign it thursday morning in official ceremonies a Hoff said. In other conference items the governor said Vermont May face an emergency drought situation within a month. Hoff said the dry spell anticipated in Vermont unless heavy soaking Rains come soon could be a the worst we be Ever Hoff said the level of Lake Champlain is rapidly approaching the All time Low set in 1908 at a time when a the Lake level should be its Hoff said rainfall the last two years has been 20 per cent below Normal and so far this year it is 75 per cent below Normal. A the situation is reaching really serious proportions and it is moving fast to the critical state. There could be an emergency water shortage in Vermont within a Hoff said a representative of the Federal office of emergency planning has visited the state laying the groundwork for a possible a state of emergency for Vermont this year and subsequent Federal funds. The governor said he would give a revised budget this afternoon to the House appropriations committee but he said the programs specified for extra funds Are vital and there is no attempt right now to Cut Back taxes with the Money. Vansantvoord Star Pupil in Survey of legislature Albany . Up a a coalition of democrats and republicans grudgingly pushed a 2 per cent sales tax through the Assembly Early today to help balance the governors record High budget. The 82-67 vote on the measure has split both parties. It now goes to the Senate where final approval is where a conclusion is expected for the financial crisis which has left the state without a budget since april i. Montpelier up a Vermont a indefatigable researcher rep. Edward Cornin a Windsor has whipped up a Batch of education statistics on the Vermont legislature and Bennington town representative George Vansantvoord came out As the a Star of the 246 House members three hold doctorates 20 have More than one degree and there Are 49 College graduates. Some 50 have had two years or More of College training 97 graduated from High school and 50 others have a Grade school education. In the Senate five members have More than one degree 14 others graduated from College five had some College training and the other six Are High school graduates. Contin said the Star Pupil is rep. George Vansantvoord a Bennington. Vansantvoord has a Yale degree two from Oxford and holds honorary degrees from Williams Princeton and Yale. A Republican House member from Norwich Allen r. Foley is a retired Dartmouth professor. Hoff reveals education Bonus a Holden urges larger districts Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hoff has told 50 school superintendents that Vermont will receive a Bonus of $270,000 for education. The superintendents crowded into Hoff a office tuesday and heard the governor say changes in the Federal manpower development training act have allowed the state to budget More Money for education in the next two years Hoff called the unexpected Gold strike a a breakthrough for education a and said he would ask the House appropriations committee to budget the $270,-000 for education. About $150,000 of the Money will be spent for special education classes for mentally and physically handicapped children. Administration commissioner William Kearns said Federal changes in financing the manpower retraining program have freed almost $1.1 million in state three ring circus three different exhibitions Are going at the same a a olympics a last night at Bennington High school. Performances in trampoline rope climbing background can be seen. See other pictures and Story on Page 8. Time in this picture taken at the Beni foreground Aerial routines left and photo Hassenpflug funds that had been budgeted to retraining. About $200,000 of the $270,000 for education will be Money the state would have spent for retraining. State education commissioner a. John Holden says larger More comprehensive school districts in Vermont Are the Only sensible Way to begin the education thrust needed to make Vermont schools Able to meet the rapid changes in education Fields. Holden retiring in september told a weekly democratic legislative luncheon meeting tuesday that Vermont a desperately needs larger local school districts to get the greatest possible advantage from Federal programs Cope with the a explosion of knowledge respond to the growth and shift of school population and meet the rising expectations from education. Holden said Vermont study commissions for the past 25 years have urged creation of larger local school districts. Such districts would enable the local communities to become Strong enough to meet a educational challenges and opportunities on their own he said. Holden supported two Region ligation measures pending before the legislature which he said a offer a sane and sensible move from our present state of affairs to an organization equal to the needs of the present

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