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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 12, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner monday april 12, 1985 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials the medicare Victory the landslide margin of nearly 200 votes by which the medicare Bill roared through the House last week was a signal Victory for common sense and a defeat for the american medical association. With approval by the Senate now regarded As a virtual certainty an Uphill 20-year fight for an important principle appears to have been won at last. The principle can be simply stated. It is that a just society has an inescapable obligation to help protect its citizens where possible against adversities which Are not of their own making. In the specific context of the medicare controversy the proposition is that elderly citizens struggling with the problems of failing health should not be subjected to the additional disaster of being financially incapacitated in the process. In retrospect the wonder is that it took us so Long to arrive at this decision. For More than a Quarter Cen Tury we have enjoyed the benefits of a social Security system which is simply a government operated system of compulsory old age insurance and today there is almost nobody outside of the Lunatic fringe who would repeal it. Yet the equally valid principle of compulsory health insurance has been fought tooth and Nail As a socialistic Mon the r Ising demand for cleaner air a Public health service estimate that any Community with a population of 50,000 or More has a potential air pol Lution problem underscores the relevancy of the smog control hearings being held by a Senate subcommittee in Washington. Twenty years ago los Angeles county was considered the Only area in the country with a serious smog problem. Then with increasing industrialization and a steady growth of cars and trucks on the highways other cities a new York Washington Philadelphia St. Louis Cincinnati new Orleans a began to report trouble. Now the Cloud of polluted air is moving out from the Urban concentrations to the surrounding Countryside. According to the . Department of agriculture the whole East coast area from Boston to Washington a has come to rival Southern California in extreme severity and economic loss to agriculture because of photochemical the situation has reached such a Point that president Johnson took formal notice of it in his conservation Mes editors notes a Good definition of a a fun might very Well be a youngster on a firetruck. Warren Buckler s picture of the children from mrs. Joseph Carrolls Day Nursery playing on the Stark Hose company firetruck recorded a memorable time in the life of any child a the first visit to a firehouse. Its no Surprise that gov. Hoff has issued a ban on Brush burning in state Woodlands. Perry h. Merrill forests and Parks commissioner says the Woods Are a extremely Heck its extremely dry just about everywhere. Let s Hope for Many Good soaking Rains during the april Shower season. Banner columnist Jean Wassick caught some of the excitement and fun in the nations favorite free Spectator sport a watching old buildings being torn St Rosity which would supposedly undermine the a doctor patient relationship and in some mysterious fashion pose a threat to the american Way of life. The Success with which this nonsensical notion was employed against the medicate idea for so Many years was almost wholly a consequence of the enormous sums which the doctors lobby threw into the Battle. Ironically however the amass opposition to medicare proved in the end to be As much of a Blessing As a curse. By fighting the administrations original Bill on the tactical grounds that it would not provide the coverage that elderly persons actually need the Ama unwittingly caused Congress to examine the Bill More closely with an Eye in remedying this defect. Thus the result of the Ama tactic was not to kill the Legisla Tion As the tacticians had hoped by rather to expand and strengthen it through amendments which have supplemented Hospital and nursing Home benefits with a voluntary government insurance program which will provide coverage for most doctors Bills As Well at a Cost to the beneficiary of Only $3 a month. This improvement for which the Ama must reluctantly accept most of the thanks is a Happy illustration of the fact that even an ill wind usually blows some Good. Sage to Congress urging that Steps be taken to eliminate or reduce air pollution from automobiles. In Washington it is conceded that legislation enforcing nationwide controls on Auto exhausts will be enacted during the next three years despite opposition from the Auto Industry As a whole. What the automobile makers specifically object to is the notion that they must be compelled by Federal Law to do what they agree must be done eventually anyway. Against these objections must be set the growing evidence that Auto emissions Are an important part of All metropolitan air pollution the estimate ranging from 25 to 50 per cent of the total. And this smog definitely causes discomfort Eye irritation and economic loss to agriculture All of which must be weighed in the balance Sheet. Whether automobile exhausts also contribute to Graver human ailments has not been determined conclusively one Way or another though medical studies Are now directed to that end. In any Case no one claims that air pollutants Are of the slightest Benefit to Man. A program to eliminate or reduce them should be Worth the while. Down and new buildings being built. Sophisticated spectators in new York can watch new skyscrapers building but in Bennington Well Settle for any new building. We heard one youngster watching the Burgess Brothers Crane at work on the site of the new Christian education building of the Baptist Church ask his Mother if the Crane operator really got paid for having so much fun. County agricultural agent John Page had some Dandy pictures in saturdays Banner of this years Maple sugaring operations. The dry weather Hasni to helped the crop but the annual rite of Spring in Vermont a sugar Bushes is just As exciting As Ever. That photo of Everett Randall of Sunderland with his horse drawn gathering tank and sled was memorable. You done to see them around any More. New York state politics legislators struggle with sales tax plan the out suck shooter in perspective implementing Johnson s policies will take generation of hard work by Frio Sevareid Washington. This is a peculiarly difficult time for Ahi those whose Job it is not Only to understand National policies but to estimate their practical effectiveness. It is not quite right to say that too much is happening at once it is More accurate to say that too much has been organized to happen for any of us to do anything but guess whether and How Well they will happen. We can to quite make the assertion that Quot the country is on the move we can say that president Johnson has assembled an amazing variety of vehicles for his Wagon train of Progress dirt How Many new frontiers they will actually Cross remains conjectural at this Point. A of the country a the government rather a is gearing up for its Quot War on poverty on ignorance on crime on racial discrimination on ugliness to say nothing of its extended War to end the limited War in let Nam. But in none of these salient Are we entirely sure that either the weapons at hand or the tactics in mind Are going to work. The coming assault on our Domestic ills is organized on what is known As a Quot Broad the lighter Side As in War offensives of this kind Are bound to move slowly. No commander in chief not even one with the presidents extraordinary Energy can inspect All these salient with great frequency generals of the highest ability can hardly be round for All of them available resources Are thinly spread the War reporters have Only a limited attention Span and the Public cannot follow All this action with More than fleeting attention to any one salient. So far it is the general staff that is really Quot in motion a the White House administrative branches and key personnel of the Congress. Their communiques Well written seemingly both lofty and practical in concept have been pouring out for Many weeks. But even the journalistic writers of Quot history a first draft Are troubled to keep track of the precise Content of the voting rights Bill the terms of reference for the crime commission the Workings of the education Bill the nuts and bolts of the Appalachia and general poverty schema. As with the new strategy of escalation in Viet Nam most of us Are reduced to panting in the presidential Wake giving him the Benefit of the doubt and hoping Dally that the Pentagon a penchant for alphabet hash Hov to rum property Valore m Alabama by Dick West Washington up a Pound for Pound diminutive Haile Selassie carries More title than any other practising Monarch. Currently he a Lis Tedas Quot conquering lion of the tribe of Judah elect of god emperor of at the Pentagon i presume he is known As the Pentagon a penchant for reducing fancy titles to alphabet hash reached an apogee of sorts a few Days ago when it. Gen. Bruce k. Holloway appeared before the House foreign affairs committee. Holloway identified himself As Quot Deputy i invite you to pause at this Point and see if you can figure out what Quot stands for. No peeking please. Give up All right ill Tell you the answer. In its full majesty Holloway s title is Quot Deputy United states commander in chief of the Middle East Africa South of the Sahara and South a of if is not the longest military title currently Active it is certainly one of the most far Flung. It embraces All of Africa and the malagasy Republic except for Morocco Tunisia Algeria and Libya the countries of the Middle East except for Turkey the countries of South Asia from Ceylon to the India Burma Border plus the Waters of the red sea and persian Gulf. What got me on this subject was a Chat i had with sir Charles Moses former head of the australian broadcasting commission who came Here to speak at a radio television awards dinner. I made a Date to interview sir Charles upon learning that he once held the intriguing title of Quot Federal controller of the title led me to assume that it was his Job to regulate the length of after dinner speeches in Australia. If so i wanted to find out More about it. I had in mind starting up a lobby for the creation of a similar Post in this country. It turned out however that the title was somewhat misleading. Sir Charles explained that Quot talks referred to broadcasting. He had charge of programs of an Oral nature As opposed to those featuring music. Nevertheless the interview was not a total loss for it gave me an idea of How we might solve a problem that is even More acute than the length of after dinner speeches. What this country needs is an Agency to regulate governmental abbreviations beginning with . We can Call it the Federal controller of initials. Or if you prefer the Fol by Kirtland i. Kind United press International Albany . If you see a Man carrying an Over sized Book approach your front door he is not an encyclopedia Salesman. He a your state senator or assemblyman. The lawmaker however has something in common with the encyclopedia representative. He wants to sell something. Not the Book but a 2 per cent statewide sales tax. A of legislative leaders having failed to line up enough votes through the usual techniques decided on the door to door approach As the state began to feel the Pinch of operating without a budget for 1965-66. To be successful the lawmakers must make a whirlwind Quot Selling Campaign because the Senate expects to vote on gov. Rockefeller a $3.5 billion expenditure program either monday or tuesday. Sen. Joseph Zaretzki democratic majority Leader said he will do everything possible to help the legislators find out How their constituents feel about the sales tax and How the Money will be spent. Zaretzki ordered a special printing of the amended tax Bill and mailed out copies so that the legislators can discuss the proposal with the folks Back Home. A of the deadlock on the tax program a except for doubling the Levy on cigarettes a has continued despite More than the usual number of Public hearings private discussions and amendments. Quot we do not feel we can go much further in amending the Bill to provide exemptions a an administration spokesman said. Quot More exemptions will reduce the amount of Revenue we need and if that is done we will have these Days he knows a in that we done to know. Much More t Lan is usually the Case we Are ail going to have to wait for the first actual tasting to test the proof of these puddings. No doubt it would All be neater and easier to judge in Advance were this country Given to five or to year plans As in the totalitarian countries. But that is not our Way. Even the new Deal measures of Roosevelt a Early years came helter shelter in a Rush and it was a Long time before their full effectiveness and justification could be determined. Except in one respect they did change the climate quickly they did by the very emotion of Relief they engendered bring a Rush of Confidence to the people. In a similar sense but one diminished in degree the present motion in the general staff is producing a sense of Confidence Confidence that this com Mander in chief is trying and trying hard. That after All is the first requirement. But the preliminary judgments Are about to Start As the the first skirmishes with the various social enemies proceed. In the wars on poverty for example line officers Are already trying out their new weapons and tactics. Doubt is growing that these resources Are anywhere near sufficient for the Job. The dimensions of poverty in this country seem far greater than most of us had thought and this Quot new poverty is very different in kind from the a Verty of new Deal Days. Then the aim was to step up production and the immediate need was jobs jobs of any kind. Now increased Industrial production will not soak up the unemployed because the work of modern production is too sophisticated available jobs Are highly specialized so the first need is education of the unemployed and the badly employed. Our troubles do not come from any drop in general production. They come from the arrival to adulthood of the Quot War baby crop about 26 million for this decade from the vast migrations South to North and East to West from Industrial depletion of areas such As Appalachia. But essentially they come from the simple inability of millions of the newly grown up to Cope with the new kinds of jobs in the new and very different Economy the scientific revolution is creating. It is now dawning on More and More people that the number of these millions will rapidly grow that we face the possibility of an immense body of unemployable citizens a permanent class of sub citizens. Different in kind the problem maybe but the truth seems to be that the dimensions of it equal the awful dimensions of the poverty problem faced by Roosevelt. In difficulty of solution it is a worse problem than the one he faced. Pretty surely the weapons now provided the appropriations asked by the president and granted by the Congress Are of a Token nature Only. Far far More is going to be required. A generation of hard work and heavy spending lies ahead. Political Quot front groups Are in full Bloom a Jain to Cut or eliminate some of the services provided in the the leaders noted that few new faces appeared at the numerous Public hearings. And the Quot spenders far outnumbered opponents to the tax. Zaretzki held a special Public hearing last week to determine whether a substitute for the sales tax could be passed. He said after studying voluminous Timony no workable alternative was unveiled. A of Quot there is a great Deal of sentiment for a state lottery such As new Hampshire has but this would not be available for at least two years and we need the Money now a a democratic Leader said. Rockefeller a original sales tax plan has been taking a mauling. First the democrats changed it to exempt clothing and shoe re pairs Barbers beauticians Laun a dries and dry cleaning. Republicans followed with Quot outs for farm machinery fuel and Power costs for manufacturing and participating sports such As Bowling skiing Golf and roller skating. Quot the exemptions will Cost the state millions of dollars in Revenue but without them we would not be Able to pass the Bill a senj.1 Elisha t. Barrett ranking Republican on the Senate finance committee said. Quot there is no As-1 Durance the exemptions will do the trick Zaretzki said action must let Vej taken Early because state work ers have a payday coming up wednesday and local govern ments have to be paid for opera Tion of schools. The new York state Bankers association worked out a plan to make sure the employees do not go Home empty handed. Various Banks will Advance the Cash and pay on a facsimile Check note without interest. Sort a i i i _ i i a by John Chamberlain new York. You be heard of the period of the �?T30s was alive with their noise their meetings and their paid political advertisements. What distinguishes a Quot front is that it is a judicious mixture of innocent people and others not so innocent who have roots in organizations that do not deem it Good politics to make a pitch for their beliefs or desires under their own name. In the �?T30s there was something called the american league against War and fascism. It advocated that we fight nazis tooth and claw. But when Stalin signed a pact with Hitler to carve up Poland the league against War and fascism blossomed out overnight As the american league for peace and democracy. And its new Quot line was that we owed it to civilization to inform the europeans that the yanks weren to coming. Well it did no to take any particular Gumshoe work to determine just who was calling the shots in the Quot front called the league against War and fascism. The Quot front technique was not used very much in the later Days of Stalin largely because americans had become disillusioned with the soviets in the Early cold War period. But the Khrushchev period got our Hopes up a and As the Quot spirit of Geneva and the Quot spirit of Camp David took Over the Quot fronts began to burgeon once More. They Are now in full cry. There is the progressive labor movement which does no to have much to do with american labor because it is so Busy making propaganda Hay for whatever Mao tse Tung and Fidel Castro think is progressive. There Are the Dubols clubs of America which would like everyone to believe they Are Quot unaffiliated a but which always seem to line up with any cause that favors the isolation of America in a world Quot neutrally committed to the destruction of capitalism. There is the May 2 committee which is for peace provided it is the peace advocated by the Viet Cong in South Viet Nam. There is the youth against War and fascism which never denounces War when it is practice by Quot Liber Ationo groups and which would be affronted if you called Mao tse Tung a red fascist. And there Are lots of others with old or new names depending on their organizers ideas about the need for better Wool pulling Over naive eyes. It was a Quot front for a Quot front that took a number of Young americans to Castro scuba a year ago. The Quot front in Back of the Quot front was the progressive labor movement the Quot front that was out in front was the student committee for travel to Cuba. A Young Man who helped organize this bit of chinese egg Dou ble fronting a his name is Philip Luce and i understand he is j under guard lest his former As Socrates decide to bang him up a bit a has spilled the Beans on the technique of double front a log. The Quot fronts Are now very Busy trying to pressure Lyndon Johnson into Quot negotiating a a peace with the Viet Cong in Viet i Nam by giving Southeast Asia to Quot neutralise so who will wind up As Quot fronts for the Exten i Sion of communism. Their advertisements Are now appearing j in big City newspapers. Those who Are skilled in following the burrowing of moles will note the judicious mixture of innocent and non innocent names on petitions to the president to get out of Saigon before the peace Loving Viet Cong bombs us out. I counted nine names of vet a eran Quot Frontier so of the j30s attached to one of these letter advertisements mixed in with a lot of new names who Are probably innocent of the whole technique of the Quot front technique is More confusing now than it was in the �?T30s for the simple reason that communism now has two j Heads one in Moscow and one in peking plus a character who dwell eth in Havana on a swivel that moves swiftly through 180 degrees like the neck of an owl. But the fact that communism now has a double focus does not prevent the Moscow and peking Quot fronts from becoming a Quot United front on specific issues. Confusing or not Quot front spot Ting Isnit so difficult. All you have to do is to note who Calls for peace when. You won t find Many incurable Quot Frontier so objecting to such gentle things abroad As the bombings of american embassies or the burning of . Libraries or the murder and cannibalization of a few priests and mins. Letter secret vote to the editor of the Banner How can we Check the voting records of our legislators when some of them dare not stand on their record. This secret ballot seems to be a Protection for legislators who apparently Are unsure of the right Way to vote , cannot defend their position. We the voters have a right to know How our legislators vote. Through our state taxes we pay their wages and vote them into office. What if the . Congress adopted this method of secret ballots would the civil rights Bill education Bill the medicare Bill have been passed in either House or Senate any person who is supposed to be knowledgeable enough to vote on the Laws of the state should stand up and be counted or get out mrs Emma Hoyt. Shaftsbury. I my

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