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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 9, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner Friday april 9, 1085 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials the president s speech for the better part of two months the Johnson administration has been trying to solve the impasse in Viet Nam by flailing the communists with a big stick. This week the president finally acknowledged that a Carrot May be a useful persuader too. The key phrase in or. Johnson s speech wednesday was his expression of a willingness to enter a unconditional discussions aimed at ending the fighting. This is a major departure from his previous position even though he was at some pains to picture it As nothing new. Until his speech he had firmly maintained that negotiations could not take place until the Viet Cong operations against the South vietnamese government had been brought to a halt. In effect the administration has now embraced the proposal made last week by 17 nonaligned nations which jointly called upon All parties to the vietnamese controversy to enter into immediate peace talks without any prior conditions. The president has thus backed away from the inflexible position that has alarmed our friends abroad and has caused increasing fears at Home that we were moving inexorably toward a major commitment of troops in a potentially disastrous land War at communist China a Back door. What brought the president to his new position is the subject of much speculation. The official explanation is that we have now demonstrated with sufficient clarity our absolute commitment to editor s motes Village fathers have joined with the town in tightening up enforcement of the Law governing junkyards with the letters going out this week to four property owners who have allegedly allowed junk or garbage to accumulate in violation of the Village ordinance. It looks like a real double barrelled crackdown on junk is in the works. Paul bohnes a a operation Telescope which is being sponsored by the Lions club and other local organizations continues to intrigue us. In Case you did no to know its Paul that provides us daily with some of the weather information on our front Page As Well As the Little comment j Ermont land j allies Rutland Herald a How much is an acre of Vermont land Worth a a John c. Page Bennington county agricultural agent asked this question and offered a variety of answers. One was to the effect that we May be approaching the time when a the Back forty with a View is More valuable to a buyer than a Good Flat i he re is no question that land values in Vermont Art being knocked helter shelter in a variety of influences. The most pro bounced changes have undoubtedly occurred in and near the ski areas where some it of the states lowest Rice land has Sud Lenly become valuable. Such land Worth &30 or less an acre has suddenly acquired i value of $1000 an acre or More. The influence of tin ski Industry on and values in locations where land values Tere very Low Only a few years ago is Only Art of the trend. There is interest in ver int land in general especially in the Southern Section of the state. A connect ant Man called this office recently who South vietnamese integrity and hence Are in a position to bargain from strength. But it is also quite evident that the change is partly due to the pressure of the peace sentiment both at Home and abroad a and perhaps also to the evidence that our bombing raids on North Viet Nam have thus far stiffened the communist resistance rather than weakened it. But whatever the explanation the new emphasis is an enormously hopeful development the first Ray of Light that has been brought to Bear upon the vietnamese battlegrounds since the crisis became acute Early this year. Not Only has the president offered to talk he has also proposed As an additional inducement the vision of a Southeast asian Multi nation economic development program which among other things would represent the first International regional undertaking in which we would work Side by Side with communist nations. What will come of All this is of course impossible to say. With Hanoi increasingly moving toward dependence upon communist China in the face of the american bombing attacks and with soviet military Aid to Hanoi now being cleared for delivery by the chinese it May be that the Effort to extinguish the flames has come too late. But the important Point is that there is now Hope where there was none before. The president has at last opened the door to peace if the communists Are willing to have it. Paragraph at the end regarding momentous happenings of the stars and planets. The forecast however most emphatically is not Paul a. You can blame United press International for the vagaries in that department. We were glad to see that sen. George d. Aiken is not leaving any Stone unturned in Washington to guarantee that funds will be available from Congress to Aid drought strike areas in Vermont including Bennington county. Sen. George hardly Ever misses a trick when it comes to seeing that Vermont though Small is not forgotten when it comes to Federal Aid. For a while it looked As if Vermont might be excluded from emergency Aid until the senator stepped in. Said he wanted to buy a place with 200 acres of land preferably located somewhere in the general area from Rutland South. This kind of inquiry indicates an interest in buying an old Vermont farm or a a place in the country which is nothing new in suite annals. But times have changed substantially from the Day some years ago when such a place could be bought for a song a song being in the $1,500 Range. A variety of factors has forced More and More Farmers out of farming in Vermont find the Rise in land values for other purposes will further contribute to the trend. As Page Points out a there is nothing in sight in agriculture in this area that says a Farmer can pay $500-$l ,000 per acre for land and even pay for it from farming this presages a change in agriculture Page believes which eventually Means moving away from animal agriculture leaving a shortage of meat and milk. A it takes the average housewife about four Check books to fill one stamp Book. A Craig Colo Empire courier Fischetti Sparks from the forge puerto Rico bound today and tomorrow in defense of the Dollar by Walter Lippmann Washington. There is Good reason to think that the president s program for the defense of the Dollar As Laid Down in his message of feb. 6, is proving to be a notable Success. While the reports from the business corporations participating in the voluntary program will not be in until the Middle of the month the Secretary of Commerce is confident that the corporate program will be successful. A without having any specific figures we Are very much encouraged by the Way in which the program is being we do know that Bank Loans abroad have been greatly reduced. The application of the interest equalization tax to Bank Loans together with the voluntary cooperation of the Banks has Cut Down substantially the flow of dollars to Europe. There is objective evidence of this in the fact that before president Johnson a message in february the 90-Day rate for a eurodollars Quot which Means the dollars on Deposit in Banks overseas that Are held and Lent abroad was 4v2 per cent. It is now 43/4 per cent. This Means that in Europe dollars have become scarcer and dearer. The president s program for the defense of the Dollar has been Well conceived and carried out the business and banking communities have shown a High degree of Public understanding. The basis of the achievement is the extraordinary strength and flexibility of the american Economy. It has been expanding without inflation and the surplus of our exports Over imports has become very great indeed. It has been demonstrated to the world that the american deficit in the balance of payments is not chronic and Struc Tural but controllable and if we choose to make it so transient. It is in the perspective of the american program that the British problem and the British budget can usefully be seen. The British Economy differs not Only in size but in kind from the american. The sharpest proof of this is that president Johnson has been Able to defend the Dollar without deflating without reducing the Public a buying Power. Indeed while he has been defending the Dollar american business Lias been booming and unemployment has fallen. The Wilson government has had no such attractive possibility it could not eat its cake and have it too thus defying the financial orthodoxy of the 19th Century. A the Chancellor of the exchequer has had to bring in a budget which will appease the Bankers and the speculators and the finance ministries on the continent. To defend the Pound Sterling in the face of their opinion he has to Bear Down on the British Public and to risk a slowdown in the sorely needed modernization and expansion of British Industry. On the Early returns the financial augurs seem favourable. The British budget appears to be Tough enough to Ward off speculation against the Pound and to make it Likely that the British government will be Able to support the Pound at its present rate. But Only a wild Optimist would say that this is More than breathing spell or that anything has been done or is within the Power of the British government to do which will solve the Sterling problem soon. It does appear however that Britain is reasonably certain to be allowed to draw enough hard International Money to weather its immediate difficulties and proceed with the structural adjustment of British Industry. But we must keep in mind the prediction made at the end of the president s message last february. He said then that our Success in defending the Dollar would confront the rest of the world with the problem of finding sufficient International liquidity and Bank reserves. The problem is already presenting itself. The solution of this problem is by no Means impossible and though there Are important differences Between Che United states and France and some other Continental countries president Johnson a successful defense of the Dollar has greatly improved the american bargaining position in the coming negotiations. Havir tic demonstrated that we can defend the Dollar by reducing our big but not necessary deficit in the balance of payments having demonstrated also that the drying up of our deficits will create difficulties for the europeans we Are in a Strong position to argue for a Reform of the International monetary system which will permit an expansion in world Trade. These Days by Samuel r. Ogden the . Puerto Rico. At sea off the Virginia capes the s. S. Puerto Rico with a full cargo of motor vehicles finds herself skipping through the Dew headed for the port of san Juan on the Carri bean Island of puerto Rico. There is a fair wind and a following sea out of the Northwest which appreciably adds to our Speed now 15 knots a very respectable Pace for a fully loaded lib cargo ship of 4400 horse Power. In spite of the wind or because we Are running with it there is very Little deck motion a no pitch at All and at most a 5 degree Roll. The Sun is Bright and All across the dark Ocean the whitecaps sparkle. A of in about two hours from now we shall find ourselves sailing across the Gulf Stream and the color of the sea will have changed from steely Grey to cheerful Blue and the warm Waters 78 degrees or so instead of the present 48 will have tempered the Chilly air. Thus in about 20 hours southbound out of port Newark n.j., we will find ourselves in a mild and pleasant clime in agreeable contrast to the bitter winds which chased us out of new York Harbor last night. Starting from Snow covered Vermont on March 30, with a new mess of Snow just beginning to fall i landed on Board ship in the midst of a bitter rainstorm that had put a Stop to loading cargo and thus delayed departure. Arriving at Shipside by 3 30 . On a dark Day cold and wet i mounted the ladder to find Captain Hudgins gone but chief Engineer Mcghee was there to Greet me in the captains place. He installed me in the same Cabin i occupied two years ago when i made a similar trip. A of a All is warm and Friendly on Board there Are several old acquaintances on hand Well remembered from the last trip and All of us agree that it does not seem possible that it took place As Long ago As two years. Because of the storm the departure scheduled for 8 . Monday was delayed to the same hour tuesday and this gave the Captain a Chance to spend a Day at Home in Philadelphia and myself to get settled. The . Puerto Rico was berthed on the North Side of the port facilities Bow pointed West with one ship ahead and three astern All loaded with foreign cars. Across the Basin berthed on the South Side Are five More ships among them a weather beaten old Liberty ship. Directly across the Basin from us was a Beautiful new norwegian lumber car Rier appropriately named a Avenir Quot streamlined and sleek gleaming in a new coat of paint Light Blue and White. Last time i was Here there was tied up at this same spot a ship with an old Many a dream raft tied alongside waiting to be hoisted aboard for the first leg of his trip across the Pacific. It was a lonely adventure proposed then by this ancient Argonaut nearly 70 if i remember correctly and he has since brought it to a successful conclusion. Before dark the rain stopped and with the change a stiff wind whipped Down from the North so that the pedestrian who is forced to face the Gale huddles into his coat Collar and Shivers As he makes his Way toward a warehouse office. A of i was familiar with this area of Marsh and water lying Between Elizabeth and Newark and the Bay and the Arthur kill. Long ago it was As wild and untamed As any wilderness with mud hens nesting in the Marsh grasses and with great Blue clawed crabs in the Clear Waters of the Bay. In the Days before the revolution my ancestors had Cut Salt Hay from their holdings Here and As a boy i roamed the paths Between the a islands Quot with a .22 Rifle and navigated the tidal Waters in a boat rented from old Man Van Pelt at the Mouth of the Elizabeth River. I suppose it would be difficult to find another place in All the world wherein so much change has taken place in so Short a time. The new Jersey Central Railroad Bridge across Newark Bay with its two London Bridge Type towers is the Only remaining familiar landmark. All the wild places Are gone. Great warehouses cover the land with acre upon acre of automobiles either just put ashore from Europe or waiting to be shipped abroad replacing the waving Marsh grass. Trucks and traffic and piled merchandise and freight cars serve the dozens of oceangoing steamers tied up where once there were but Muddy Flats when the tide was out. Just beyond so that the jets Roar in barely above the Mast Heads lies one of the worlds busiest of terminals a the Newark Airport a humming with activity Day and night. In Between the wharves and water and the hangers and airstrips the Lifeblood of the Industrial East flows North and South through the arteries of the new Jersey Turnpike. All is noise and movement and confusion and when the wind is in the proper Quarter a malodorous stench assails the nostrils giving further testimony to the Progress that Man has made. Transportation dilemma letters to the editor fighting spirit a can t afford to $0 Awa on vacation tvs far. Matter of fact of can t win afford to fat Hohf to the editor of the Banner what is happening to the fighting spirit of vermonters we Are standing by doing nothing to keep a Man in our state who is to Vermont what j. Edgar Hoover is to the United states. Commissioner of Public safety William h. Baumann has made it Clear that he would like to continue to serve the people of Vermont. What Are we doing to Grant him this service lets Wake up letters of protest to gov. Hoff will at least let him know How we feel on the Issue. Why do we have to be denied the Best first it was agriculture commissioner Elmer Towne and now commissioner Baumann. Maude Parker. Proctorsville. Bypass condiments to the editor of the Banner the Bennington regional planning commission is faced with a grave responsibility. What these men recommend to the state Highway department May Well influence the future of Bennington in Subtle ways that defy evaluation now. Certainly it is incumbent upon the commission to carefully weigh All of the information at its disposal including the engineering information generously contributed by Wilbur Rice As Well As the data provided by the Burdis associates. At the open meeting on april i the Banner reported that Hamilton Shields called upon the commission to make an a intelligent decision Quot and suggested that Highway officials come to Bennington to provide still More inform Banner further reported of the meeting that Joseph a. Pello jr., Village trustee urged the commission to make a decision that would be a Best for the entire it would now seem to be in order to suggest that the commission be encouraged to take All necessary deliberation in its re evaluation of All the information relating to the proposed Bennington bypass. Public sentiment seems to favor not just an expedient decision but rather a the Best possible solution Quot to the problem. This Community deserves an optimum or maximum return on its investment in the future. Mrs James Chapman. Monument Avenue Bennington. By John Chamberlain new York. The governors of new York Connecticut Massachusetts and Rhode Island met the other Day to discuss ways of saving the new Haven Railroad deficit $2 million a month for the 25,000 commuters it carries into new York City each working week Day. It was t like the amiable time when All the governor of South Carolina had to complain of to the governor of North Carolina was that it was a Long time Between drinks. In fact new Yorkus gov. Nelson Rockefeller annoyed the new England governors by saying a we done to want to be made suckers or have the taxpayers of our state made gov. John Dempsey of Connecticut was particularly upset by the Rockefeller remark. To try to distinguish shades of possible sucker Dom in putting up tax Money to keep the new Haven Railroad passenger service running is a mathematical Poser that would require a whole panel of einsteins to crack and the Connecticut governor resented the imputation that his state was trying to get something out of new York that is not warranted. Tips column can to afford Access to uni vac but it does no to take any professional computer programming to see that in this business of giving and receiving computers Fate plays no favourites. If Connecticut suburban communities a the famous a exurbs Quot of Learned sociological dissertations a would be ruined by the disappearance of their commuter Railroad new York City would hardly escape its full share of the consequences. Just try to think of what would happen to the big town if the big new England feeder into new York were to go out of business. Surely if the new Haven were to throw its 25,000 daily passengers to the mercy of buses and automobiles the new York Central would have a valid excuse to dump its 35,000 profitless commuters. The Erie Lacka Wanna and other new Jersey railroads would also insist on following suit with another 35,000 daily travellers. So wed have 95,000 people trying to get into Manhattan Island each Day by car. Robert Moses would have to build two or three More Bridges. Parking space would have to be found for the automobiles. The outer driveways of Manhattan would have to be double decked. Talk about taxes who would be the suckers the citizens of new York or the citizens of Connecticut the 95,000 commuters could of course move Back to town. Assuming an average of four to a family this would mean 380,000 new inhabitants for new York City. Ahoy there gov. Rockefeller can you provide enough Middle income housing for that gang who would be the sucker for the Urban renewal required to domicile 95,000 new families or maybe 95,000 people would simply Stop working in new York. A lot of them now earn big incomes in new York City that Are taxed at the source by the state government in Albany. Pouf a this income would be earned elsewhere much of it outside new York state. And think of the office space around grand Central terminal that would go begging. The new York Central is just about to tear Down the Park Lane hotel which it owns in order to build a new High Rise building on the premises. Without commuters would such buildings be Able to maintain the value they now have Chicago has it easy it can use double deck the one that runs Over the Burlington tracks to outlying communities such As Hinsdale and Aurora. But the tunnels into Manhattan a terminals Arentt High enough to accommodate double Deckers. The commuter railroads could dump their passengers at the City limits but then the new York suckers would have to pay taxes to build new subways downtown. Mayor Wagner would just love that a of if there Are to be suckers in this business of keeping commuter lines going it s sure to be All of us. We be been suckered by a Federal tax policy that has Hurt the railroads in order to subsidize airlines. We be been suckered by state transportation policies that provide highways for automobiles yet tax Railroad property gov. Rockefeller should t have annoyed gov. Dempsey he should have recalled president Kennedy a remark that the word for our whole National transportation policy is chaos. Humor no system an inveterate bettor sat disconsolately with his Friend describing his terrible Day at the track. A and i Felt so Lucky this morning Quot he said. A i had dreamed All night about hats a menus hats women a hats funny hats. When i got to the track i looked for a horse named hat. There Wasny to any but there was one named Captain. Cap Tain get it i bet everything on a and he lost Quot the Friend said. A yep Quot said the bettor. A and what a worse a Long shot came in with the silly name of Sombrero Quot family weekly Marvel at democracy in a Village election in Rock ribbed Republican Vermont one democratic vote was discovered before the tabulation had been completed. Election officials stopped to Ponder this Marvel then decided to Complete the count. Another democratic vote turned up. A that settles it Quot said the official. A that dad burned fool voted a International teamster i a 4

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