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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 9, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Clearing Cool Clearing and turning cooler tonight with Low in the High 30s. Clear and Cool saturday. Yesterdays High 45, Low 24, today at 7 . 30. Total precipitation in last storm .20. Sunset 6 28, Sunrise 5 18. At 9 . The Moon will be at Perigee a 229,000 Miles from Earth. Benni Bennington Vermont Friday april 9, 1965 Anner founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 19,731, to cents jets Battle hits North Bridges roads blasted one Mig thought downed Saigon up a . Navy jets battled communist planes almost on the Doorstep of communist China today while an Armada of 220 Navy and air Force planes carried out the biggest raid of the War against communist North Viet Nam. Nationality of the soviet built Mig jets was not known. One was seen going Down in flames As the migs broke off the action and fled into a Cloud cover. No american plane was hit in the engagement but a Navy bomber was shot Down elsewhere by anti aircraft fire. The Pilot was rescued. The massive raids against the communist North were carried out As the . Embassy announced 3,000 More . Marines and a Squadron of Marine jets were in route to South Viet Nam in line with the . Policy of increasing pressure on the communists until they Are ready to talk peace. There was no indication the communists would. Red China thursday rejected president Johnson a offer for unconditional discussions of an end to the War and president to Chi Minh of North Viet Nam indirectly rejected it today. In addition to the Marine reinforcements informed sources in Washington said the United states is sending supersonic f104 Jet fighters to the far East to help protect bombers from air attack. The Marine Squadron will Fly f2 jets four Navy f4 Navy phantom jets were involved in the dog fight with the communists while flying a Mig patrol for a 140-plane Navy raid against communist North vietnamese Bridges. At the same time 80 . Air Force planes were bombing other targets in the North. A . Navy spokesman said the migs broke off and fled after a Short Exchange of fire. The american fliers could not say whether the planes bore North vietnamese or chinese markings. Both countries use the russian migs. It was the first Contact with migs since a handful of them darted out of a Cloud cover on sunday and shot Down two supersonic . Air Force jets. The dogfight took place 35 Miles South of Hainan Island just off the South coast of China. This placed the american planes in the Mouth of the Gulf of Tonkin far closer to chinese territory than to any other part of the asian continent. The Bridges attacked during today a raid a railway Bridge at qui Vinh and a Highway Bridge at the Khe Kienz were reported a partially throughout the attack about 30 f100 and f101 Jet fighters carrying sidewinder air to air missiles wheeled overhead to Battle any migs that might attempt to interfere with the bombing. Earlier the United states announced that 3,000 marines and a Squadron of Marine jets Are on the Way to South Viet Nam. A spokesman for the . Embassy said the two battalions of combat ready marines and the jets were dispatched a at the request of the government of South Viet today a air raid on the communist North involved about 80 american bombers and escorting Jet fighters. The announcement on the marines said the troops would land in the Danang area where 3,500 marines went ashore last month to guard the big . Air base. Danang is 60 Miles South of the Border with North Viet Nam. In Saigon today a military court ordered the death penalty for a terrorist who took part in the bombing of the . Embassy. The sentence could result in the reprisal murder of an american held captive by the Viet Cong. The vietnamese tribunal doomed the defendant Nguyen Hai 27, after hearing two hours of evidence against him and deliberating for 30 minutes. No notice was taken of the communist threat to murder the american hostage Gustav Hertz 46, of Leesburg va., of Hai is executed. The court did not set a Date for Hal s death but executions Are normally carried out within a few Days of sentencing. Stafford backs Hoffs stand on poll i axes Montpelier up rep. Robert t. Stafford r-vt., has assured gov. Philip ii. Hoff of his support in an Effort to abolish the ancient Vermont poll tax. Stafford has written Hoff informing the governor he is delighted to a join forces with you in an Effort to induce Congress to adopt voting rights legislation that will broaden the franchise in local Vermont Hoff is spearheading a drive to have written into the administrations voting rights Bill a clause to eliminate payment of a poll tax As a requisite to voting in local elections. Vermont has had the Law on the books since the state entered the Union. House judiciary committee chairman Emanuel Ceiler of new York has hinted his group is thinking strongly of writing anti poll tax language into the Bill. Medicare landmark welfare legislation Washington up a the $6 billion health and welfare Bill approved by the House thursday would provide the most sweeping Extension of welfare benefits since passage of the social Security act in 1935. Here Are the main provisions Extension of the social Security system to provide a compulsory Hospital insurance program for persons 65 and Over. These benefits to become effective july i 1966, would be financed by raising social Security payroll taxes. Doctor Bills would not be covered. An optional insurance plan for the elderly to defray doctor Bills and other costs. Each participant would have to Chip in $3 a month to join. The government also would match this. This provision also would be effective on july i 1966. All Cash benefits paid to social Security recipients would be increased 7 per cent retroactive to Jan. I 1965. Each retired beneficiary would be guaranteed a minimum $4 a month increase. A general liberalization of other benefits including allow ing the social Security pensioner to earn More Money before losing his eligibility for a retirement Check. Widows also could retire at 60 instead of 62. Children collecting survivors benefits could continue on the Rolls until age 22 if in school. The present limit is 18 years. Medical benefits paid under present Federal state welfare programs would expand. At present the emphasis is on elderly persons who Are needy. This would be expanded to include other needy persons including children the Blind and the disabled. During 1967 a the first full year of the program the entire welfare package is expected to Cost $6 billion. Most of this will be raised by increasing payroll taxes. The plan is to hike the tax rate gradually during the next 21 years. A worker now under social Security pays 3 3-5 per cent on the first $4,800 each year. The maximum payment presently is $174. This is matched by his employer. Under the graduated increase this $174 maximum annual tax would be increased by a Little better than too per cent by 1987. On visit to sweeps state a rep. Byron Hathorn chairman of the Vermont House ways and Means committee right meets with new Hampshire sweepstakes chairman Howard Shepard left and gov. John w. King. Hathorn headed a delegation of 22 vermonters who studied the sweepstakes operation and the possible adoption of the fund raising method in Vermont. I pm photo House committee a impressed by close look at sweepstakes Montpelier up a a a very very impressed House ways and Means committee sat Down today to decide whether Vermont should have a sweepstakes program just like the one they studied thursday in new Hampshire. New Hampshire officials gave the 22 Vermont lawmakers and Hebard has no fear of Holt veto Montpelier up a the chairman of the House reapportionment committee says he wont Shelve plans for a 210-member House despite a virtual pledge by gov. Philip h. Hoff to exercise his executive veto. Emory Hebard a Glover said he does not feel the governors threat to veto any House reapportionment plan for a lower chamber of More than 150 members will have much effect on the House. Hoff told his news conference that he a very probably will turn thumbs Down on plans to re apportion the 246-member Vermont House if an attempt is made to reduce the House in size Only very slightly. He urged Hebard to ignore a vote earlier this week for a 210 member House and go ahead with plans for a 150 member lower chamber. Hebard said he feels the House vote was a a mandate to his committee to Shelve plans for a 150 member House and work hard toward a 210 member plan. Hebard said a Hoff has threatened vetoes before and Hasni to done it a giving the impression he thinks the governor May be bluffing. An avowed foe of reapportionment rep. W. Clark Hutchinson of Rochester said he is Happy to hear of the possible veto. A i Hope he does veto it for that will just delay reapportionment some More and in a in favor of that a Hutchinson said. Linda Darnell critically burned in fire Chicago up a actress Linda Darnell was critically burned Early today when fire swept a Home she was visiting in suburban Glenview. Miss Darnell 40, was rushed to a Hospital. A nurse said she suffered third degree Burns Over most of her body including her face. The nurse said miss Darnell was Semi conscious and in critical condition. Patricia Curtis 16, daughter of the couple miss Darnell was visiting and David Mundhank 22, a neighbor who helped Rescue the Homes occupants also were burned. They were listed in Good condition. Mrs. Richard Curtis was slightly injured and taken to a neighbors Home the Hospital nurse said. Her husband was not Home when the fire broke out. Tax officials a red carpet treatment during the Day Long visit but they were Quick to Point out they hoped Vermont turns Down the sweeps idea. A we did not in any Way encourage them Vermont to have a sweepstakes a said sweeps director Edward j. Powers. Rep. Byron Hathorn a Hart Ford chairman of the Vermont ways and Means committee said after Powers made his 15-minute speech a there were no questions he had covered it All. It was a very very impressive Hathorn said the sweeps study was a Well Worth our while and might have a changed some committee minds about Vermont adopting a similar program. His committee Likely will report next week on its recommendations. Gov. John a King greeted the ver Monters the new Hampshire legislature went into joint ses Sion to Welcome them and sweeps officials spent several hours outlining the program. But Powers and sweepstakes commission chairman Howell Shepard made it Clear they did not Welcome any Competition from Vermont. A i told them that establishing a sweepstakes program was very Complex and that if they were to have one in Vermont they would have to resolve Many practical and Legal problems a Powers said. He added a we were not encouraging Vermont to adopt such a program inasmuch As we feel that new Hampshire is Well Able to handle the sweepstakes needs of All citizens of new a but we did not take a position As to whether they should or should not have a sweepstakes program a he said. A Vermont can make its own following the presentation by Powers and a trip through the state House the vermonters were taken to Rockingham Park where the new Hampshire sweeps race is run. After leaving some Vermont Money on the harness races the delegation flew Back to Burlington from Manchester thursday night. Hathorn said several committee members also purchased new Hampshire sweepstakes tickets. Committee approves voting Bill Washington up a the House judiciary subcommittee today approved a broadened version of president Johnson a voting rights Bill. The subcommittee vote was to to i with three of the four Republican members supporting the measure. Except for the addition of a provision to repeal state and local poll taxes the subcommittee Bill was close to the legislation sought by president Johnson. The measure would strike Down without court tests literacy and other voter tests in Alabama Mississippi Virginia South Carolina Georgia and Louisiana. It also would provide for appointment of Federal examiners to Register negroes who have been blocked in an Effort to exercise their voting rights. The Bill also would give the govern meet new weapons to use against voter discrimination in other states but these would require court procedures. Among these would be provision for appointment of Federal registration examiners in a a pockets of discrimination said to e 1st in teas Arkansas Florida and Tennessee. The provisions of the House Bill for areas outside the original six a hard cores states would be less sweeping than those voted by the Senate judiciary committee thursday night. The senators moving even farther away from the administration than the House group provided for an automatic a a trigger to Send voting examiners into states where discrimination is not widespread. The Senate judiciary committee was under instructions to report its Bill before the end of the Day. School Bill gets boost in Senate Washington up a the Senate gave president Johnson a $1.3 billion school Aid Bill a big boost toward final passage today by voting Down an amendment to assure court review of the Bill a constitutionality. The vote was 53 to 32. It brightened Hopes of administration leaders for getting the Bill to the White House by Nightfall. The action came soon after see school Page 12, col. 7 Wilson Ray nolds propose racing unit changes Montpelier up a two freshmen democratic senators today drafted a Bill that would beef up the state parimutuel racing commission in Hopes of preventing annual discord Between the legislature and Green Mountain Park horse race track in Pownal. The senators Harold Raynolds of Windsor county and Robert Wilson of Bennington county proposed the commission be enlarged from three to five members with terms of six years. Two members would be appointed biennially by the governor under the measure. The Bill stipulates the members will be a highly qualified by experience including a background of business finance and accounting representing a variety of interests in Wilson and Raynolds specified the permanent sharing of the total handle at the track shall be to per cent for the Oval 8 per cent for the state with any negotiated change in the split being temporary and subject to biennial legislative scrutiny. The track in its third year of parimutuel racing has experienced financial difficulties because attendance and total betting has not been anywhere near predictions. Each year the track officials have had to negotiate temporary changes in the handle sharing to ensure continued operation. The senators said the racing commissioner would be the bargaining agent for the state in any negotiated future changes in handle. When the governor was satisfied with the agreement reached by the track he would present it in Bill form to the legislature. A key provision Raynolds said was an annual a a thorough Independent audit of All financial records of the track by an auditor of the states Choice paid for by track officials. Raynolds said this would permit a Normal business methods rather than a watchdog a As had been earlier suggested. He dismissed any plan to have a permanent state auditor scrutinize the books each racing Day at Pownal. The Bill should be on the Senate floor next week. . And red massive raid Saigon Obst aclese massive Concrete pillars Dot the Street in front of the i s embassy thursday As part of increased Security measures designed to thwart More bombing attempts by the Viet Cong. The embassy was bombed March 30 with Many killed and injured. I pm Vermont House rejects Des Bill Montpelier up a the House today killed a Bill that would have brought employers hiring one or two workers under the unemployment compensation Laws. The Roll Call was a decisive 156-48 and climaxed an hour of debate. One of the strongest proponents rep. Charles o. Greene a St. Albans said the Law should cover one employee As Well As 30 employees a a for one Man can get just As hungry As 30.�?� Greene said the Bill had the backing of the Vermont labor Council and the associated industries of Vermont and said it was not a designed for Charity but to bolster the purchasing Power of workers and boost the states under present Law employer participation in the jobless fund for firms with fewer than three workers is voluntary. Opponents were led by Samuel Parsons a Hubbardton who said a this House passed the minimum wage of $1.25 an hour a now they want us to rap the Small businessman he predicted that owners of Small country stores and service play balls president Johnson looks Over a major league season pass presented to him at the White House thursday by Joe Cronin left president of the american league. In keeping with a 55-year-old custom Johnson will throw out the first Ball at the season opener in Washington april 19. I i photo stations who Are a now just hanging on will have their Burden increased so that rather than contribute to the fund will fire the Little help they have and a do the Job in the Senate a Bill changing registration renewal dates for motor vehicles was passed without dissent and shipped to the House. Under present Law All motor vehicles must have new plates april i each year. The new Bill would push the deadline Date Back one month to March i for pleasure cars and up one month to May i for All other motor vehicles. The measure is aimed at easing the March Burden on the motor vehicle department. The Senate a institutions and appropriations committees have Given a favourable report to a Bill bonding $1.25 million for a new medium Security institution at the state prison at Windsor. The institution is designed for Young lawbreakers Between the Ages of 16-26, and will be constructed Over a to year period at a Cost of about $3.5 million. A House Bill was introduced today which would boost the salaries of municipal judges an average of about $1,000 a year. Biggest jumps would be $1,400 for Chittenden and Rutland counties and about $1,000 for Windsor Montpelier Hartford Caledonia Bennington Brattleboro Bellows Falls and Barre municipal courts. Chittenden and Rutland would be paid $5,400 a year while the salaries boosted $1,000 would set judges pay at about $3,800 a year. Another House Bill provides that insane persons whose property does not exceed $1,000 will be supported by the state while in mental institutions. The present limitation on property ownership for payment of expenses by the state for insane persons is $300. on the inside Sam Ogden is off to puerto Rico a Page 4. Son of White Creek couple undergoes 34-Day space Iso Tion test a Page 5. Dorset students spend a Day with the legislature a Page 6. Excellence in education Means different things to different people Manchester Pat panel concludes a Page 9

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