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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 3, 1963, Bennington, Vermont An a news a analysis Bennington Banner wednesday april 3, 1963-3 Khrushchev soviet regime Are facing a policy crisis a amp Sman ready to play chop chop with foreign Aid by John m. Hightower Washington apr the shadowy outlines of a policy crisis in the Kremlin have cast a deep uncertainty Over the future development of soviet relations with the United states and the outside world in general the Best informed . Officials discount reports abroad that Premier Khrushchev is in serious political trouble faced with Tough opposition inside the soviet ruling group. So far As can be judged from Here he is still the dominant fielder of Power in Moscow. Yet the accumulation of troubles with which the soviet government is now beset including the Long and serious argument with red China is a condition for which Khrushchev As the Leader of the government and the communist party must take major responsibility this could Lead to personal difficulties for him. In Broad policy terms authorities Here see the present period in Moscow As one of great indecision and the question which concerns them is what the trend . Out Toporov bombers Are very largely obsolete Washington up a american weapon ears Are out to prove that a plane flying 1,000 Miles an hour with a nuclear bomb six times More powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb must be consigned once and for All to the military horse and Bugg Days. That according to defense department experts is one Way of describing renewed u. S. Efforts to close the so called Low level anti aircraft defense Gap which French president Charles de Gaulle a supersonic nuclear bombers Are designed to penetrate. Such a Gap does exist the experts admit. But three u. S. Missile weapons a the Hawk mauler and redeye a Are expected to close it before de Gaulle completes his �?o>0-bomber a Force de f surprisingly consider Long there have been few realistic tests authorities including de Gaulle appear to be agreed that the High flying bomber which can neither be seen nor heard is no longer any match for sophisticated missiles. Less than three years ago there was consternation when the Sov Iet Union shot Down an american u2 reconnaissance plane at 60,000 feet or More. Now it is taken for granted that the upper air lanes would be unsafe for bombers in War. The difference is that the far faster. Heat seeking and radar guided missiles have time to a clock onto the High flying planes and assure their destruction. The same does no to apply to a Low flying plane which May appear suddenly just Over the top of a Ridge May go into a wild looping Man Euver to toss its bomb upward and then disappear in seconds before the bomb explodes. Low level . Reconnaissance planes Over soviet missile bases defended by antiaircraft guns in Cuba last fail proved Thev could get in and out before Ain one had time to take aim and tire even though the planes had to come in nose Down to get close up photographs. A u. Slow level bomber would come in Flat and execute a Man Euver called an this is a backward Loop followed by a Roll in which the bomb is released while the plane is speeding upward. The French have a v a i at Ion called a a Chandelle a in which the critical turn is More sideways than upward. The Pentagon s answer is a a de sense in depth which would producer tothe vet new York apr Howard Irskins is producer who does no to mind being an actor Ai the same time. The cosponsor of a calculated risk a Erskins joined the suspense play s cast As a replacement for Ben Hayes. The switch enabled Hayes to accept an invitation to join the Tyrone Guthrie repertory company in Minneapolis. The assignment was or skins s first stage workout since 19.12. In the interval he has taken part in the management end of four shows. I doubles amp a Stamps wednesday either Force the bombers up to where they were vulnerable or destroy them near the ground As they sped toward their target. The Hawk is already operational on a Large scale. The first production models of the mauler Are to be purchased beginning next july i under terms of the budget now before Congress. Redeye is in an advanced stage of development and could be in the hands of troops by 1965. Of soviet policy will be when the time of debate Over various possible courses of action comes to an end. The Brief period of seeking friendlier relations with the United states which began in the aftermath of the cuban crisis last fall when Khrushchev was playing out his chosen role of Savior of the peace has Long since ended. It has been succeeded in East West relations by a period of stalemate with evidence of soviet stalling on such issues As Berlin Cuba and disarmament. Within the communist bloc there is a kind of slow motion sparring Between Moscow and peking Over proposals to restore some degree of Unity but with results which so far Are unpredictable. But Khrushchev a difficulties Range far beyond his quarrel with the red chinese and his obvious efforts to reassert soviet leadership throughout the communist bloc. Probably the most serious problems he faces Are those concerned with promoting agricultural production and stimulating Industrial expansion. After to years of growth soviet Industry has levelled off. The chronic farm crisis is probably As bad now As it a s a decade ago when Khrushchev virtually took personal control of agricultural policy. Editor s no t a Louisiana s Dapper rep. Otto Passman for years has been a major obstacle for foreign Aid measures. Now he is sharpening his a for new Aid proposals sent to Congress by president kennedy�?4my Friend in this exclusive interview by Stanley Meis Ler Passman tells of his simple philosophy of foreign Aid. Washington apr rep. Otto Passman d-la., said today he finally feels vindicated in his Long Battle against foreign aids a but vindicated in words not in so he still will Wield his a when president Kennedy a $4.5 billion foreign Aid Bill comes his Way. For nine years the a of this Dapper jocular 62-year-old businessman from Monroe la., has been a major obstacle for any foreign Aid Bill trying to wend its Way through Capitol Hill. No Bill has emerged unscathed. Passman derives his Power from his position As chairman of the House appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations. A head to a bar tonight and watch some people drinking cocktails a he said in an interview. A then watch the drama that unfolds each time the waiter firings the Check everyone Gratis for it. We Are Al nation of Check grabbers. A everyone is a he continued. A i am too although my Arm gets Shorter As i grow older. We think we accomplish something if we grab the Check. That a what we do As a nation grab checks All Over the world. We think we Are going Good. And we re Passmann a new sense of vindication comes from the spurt of criticism that has buffeted foreign Aid in recent weeks the gloomy report on Aid to Southeast Asia by Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana and three other senators the critical analysis of foreign Aid by the special committee headed by Gen. Lucius Dclay the incorporation of some Clay committee criticisms into president Kennedy a foreign Aid message to Congress tuesday. But to Passman despite the feeling of vindication these criticisms Are words words words while he is interested in cuts cuts cuts. Passman believes his nine year Battle against foreign Aid has been misrepresented by the press radio television and the state department. A they have accused me of trying to wipe out the whole program a he said. A a that a not True. I have been trying to contain it. I have been trying to help the executive department manage a program that is uncontrolled and but in the next breath Passman acknowledges that he actually is against the whole idea of foreign Aid. While he sees his assigned role in Congress As the Man who must prune and slice the program he personally would prefer to have no program at All. A a let a look at the Alliance Lor Progress a he said. A we Are not accomplishing a thing. Have you is Ever seen an exiled latin Ameri can Leader who was poor even if they Are in office just six months they end up Rich. There Are no income taxes in these countries. There is no land Reform. Without this foreign Aid simply fills up coffers that keep on emptying. A but even if these countries had Reform it and their leaders were not corrupt i would be against the Alliance for Progress. These countries done to need Aid. They need Trade and private fillet Haddock to 59 Best Center cuts sword steaks 9 Best Center cuts v halibut steaks is 79 a photo a Ibin that can never be filled a with Quot Golden hinge Quot Frame sections no mounting or pasting Corners for the first can keep All yol ii snapshots and portraits out where they can be reviewed repeatedly 411 Sweet Vermont Quot just awol shut Ftp. 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