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Bemidji Pioneer (Newspaper) - December 5, 1977, Bemidji, Minnesota I the i Ioner Bemidji Minnesota monday december 5,1977 Zhe Pioneer opinion Page toy safety Virginia Payette writes although you May not be thinking much about Christmas yet chances Are your kids Are starting their wish lists. Toy stores Are getting set for big business already. This year your kids will have More than 150,000 types of toys to ask for. But you can to assume that All toys they want Are Safe. A free fac Sheet from the consumer product safety commission gives suggestions on what to look for when shopping for toys. For your copy of Safe toy tips Send a postcard to the consumer information Center dept. 641f, Pueblo Colorado 81009. Shop carefully to prevent these toy related injuries from happening to your kids. Cuts and puncture wounds Check toys for Sharp Points and edges and rigid wires or Small parts that a child is Able to remove. Choking suffocation for Young children avoid toys with remove bless my Kkt v Art Buchwald son of Huey Washington a the Call came in at seven of clock. The dispatcher ran Over to his chief a a someone a hijacked the presidents Energy Bill and is holding it As hostage until we give them $40 a get the swat squad and surround the Capitol a the chief ordered. When everyone was in place the White House representative said Over his Loudspeaker Quot this is the Carter administration we know you re in there. Come out with your hands a this is the son of Huey a a voice shouted from a window a and if you people make so much As a move Well kill your Energy Bill once and for a hold it a the White House Man called a a we re willing to talk done to Hurt the Bill. Who else do you have in there with you a a we have some stubborn congressmen from the House a few bleeding heart senators from the Hast whom we have tied up and we re going to stay Here until hell or the country freezes Quot we done to care what you do to the congressmen or the senators. Just release the Energy Bill a the son of Huey laughed a a you la get your Energy Bill but you won t recognize to write stat san at District 4 sen. Gerald Willet 205 state Capitol St. Paul in 55155 Stath Housh District 3-a rep. Irv. Anderson room 272, state office bldg St. Paul in 55155 District 4 a rep Doug. St. Onge room 223, state office bldg. St. Paul in 55155 District 4b Glen Sherwood state representative Star it. 60 Pine River in 56474 office 612 296 4252 the White House representative shouted a How do we know you have the Energy Bill at All a the son of Huey held up the Bill to the window. It was battered and Tom almost beyond recognition. A there it is. But we re not finished with it yet. Now Are you going to meet our demands a the White House Man got on the radio to the president. A they have your Energy Bill All right. It s still alive but just barely. What should i do a a find out what the Ransom is for getting it the White House Man got on the Loudspeaker. A listen son of Huey we re ready to bargain. What do you want a a a new you re talking sense we want an increase of prices to $2.03 As opposed to 11.75 per thousand cubic a we can live with that a the White House Man said. A we also want the revenues from the new crude Oil tax to go Back to the Oil companies As incentives for drilling new a but that Money was supposed to go to Consumers who could t afford the High fuel the son of Hue held up the Energy Bill. He had a knife and was about to slash it. A wait Quot the White House Man pleaded a a in be got to talk to the White House Man reported the demands Back to the president. Or. Carter thought about it for a moment. A the s cutting the heart out of my Bill but maybe we can live with the White House Man shouted a you can have the incentives for the Oil companies now can we have the Bill a a Are we talking about new Oil or old Oil a the son of Huey yelled. A which one do you want to talk about a the White House Man asked. A both we should get rebates on old Oil As Well As new a Okay you have it is there anything Elese Quot a i want a private Dane to take me to Louisiana for the White House Man got on the radio to the president one More time. A the says hell release our Energy Bill providing we give him a private plane to take him Home for a ifs blackmail a the president sighed a but when the country a Only Energy Bill s life is at stake what Choice do we have Quot c 1977, los Angeles times Syndicate new gang pulls same old tricks Small parts the child might Swallow or even inhale. Burns Check and abide by age recommendations on electrically operated toys. Hearing damage for the Sake of your child Sears avoid extremely loud toys. And be sure to keep the child a skills and abilities i mind when selecting toys. A toy that is Safe in the hands of an eight year old can be a serious Hazard when a toddler plays with it his or her Way. When Christmas morning arrives explain and show the kids How to use their new toys safely. Tell them to let you know when a toy needs repair. And always try to supervise Young children while they play. Although these reminders May seem just Plain common sense each Holiday season thousands of children Are seriously injured playing with their new toys. Done to let your child a Christmas end this Way. Washington every congressional election we 9end a flock of a Young Bucks to Washington to whip the Good de boys into line and every time right before our eyes they turn into Good Young Bucks. With emphasis an yours and mine. Which they spend on things like office parties. Boy scout dues salary increases for themselves and fancy War toys even the Pentagon says it does no to need. Every other year a new Batch Sweet talks us with Campaign promises to clean up the you know what in the every other year we fall for it. And get it in the you know what. This Congress Isno different. It May be operating under new rules but its still the same old House gang with one extra twist it pays pious lip service to ethical Reform but it does no to even bother to hide its to Heck with the voters arrogance. If being a a ethical Means you do your mischief right out in the open this Congress is the most ethical Ever. Their biggest Ripoff of Public Trust of course is the korean bribery thing where they grandstand the motions of Flushing out every current senator and representative who was on the take. Then they shuffle their feet until the statute of limitations runs out and everybody old pol or Young Buckis Home free. They deny it. Huffing and puffing they maintain the investigation is still going on. But depend an it no congressman on the Hill is going to be found guilty of accepting a korean bribe. Not this year not next year not Ever. And then they wonder or say they do anyway Why on a scale of Trust voters put them right on the Bottom of the list a notch or two Belv Snake Oil salesmen. That a Why they made such a fuss about laying Down that smokescreen they Call the a Tough new ethics All that has been done so far is to Cut Down on slush funds and fat speaking fees from special interest groups. Nott to worry. There Are ways around that and the gentlemen found them Early. Right Aff the Bat they Slid through a fat pay raise for themselves taxpayers squawked their Heads off but Congress just looked out the window. It was an automatic increase what could they do Tiey did t even bother to fulfil the condition that went along with that extra Money that they Start cleaning up they Way they run things on the Hill reorganize everything on an ethical basis and then follow it. The House did go through the motions of drawing up a code. A Noble blueprint calculated to prevent any More Wayne Hays Type scandals guarantee Public disclosure of where they get their Money and hmm they spend it and a Long overdue revamping of the inefficient committee system. Then they voted it Down 252 to 160 but not before they quietly voted themselves a Little extra spending Money from $4,000 to $14,000 beginning next year. Just in time for their re election campaigns. Its supposed to pay for District office space but there Arentt any strings on it. They can use it for whatever they want and they undoubtedly will. This is on top of their $57,600 salaries and Perks and its tax free. And while we re on the subject of taxes Congress Long ago declared itself exempt from one of the biggies the rest of us have to pay the social Security bite out of our paychecks. Legislators you see Are covered by generous government pensions and done to need to fool around with that peasant stuff. Not Only that they be just passed up a Chance to ease the Burden on most of us by including government workers in the social Security program. Somebody in the House last his head for a minute there and suggested that might be a Dandy Way to keep it from going bankrupt there Are by rough count six million government employees who Are now exempt from the compulsory coverage that gets the rest of us whether we want it or not. They like it that Way. They have their own pension plans and they Are not thrilled at the idea of paying taxes like the common folks. So the House put the idea on one of those Back buyers they Call a and then got ready to increase the social Security tax for the rest of us to a maximum $2,982 a year. One mathematician sat Down with his Handy Dandy calculator and came up with the shocker by caving into the civil servant lobby the House automatically upped everybody else a social Security tax by $250 a year meanwhile we re laying out almost a million dollars a year per congressman part of which goes for bigger and bigger staffs to help them with such Busy work. Last time anybody counted noses the legislative bureaucracy was up to around 20,000. Those Are the unelected ones who do the work and make the decisions while the big boys Are making headlines and politicking for another term. They might even when you get right Down to it be running the country for All we know. Or for All their Bosses know. Or care c 1977, United feature Syndicate inc. Readers write Cass lakers disappointed in sewage Choice to the editor we have recently been informed of the decisions reached by the Bemidji City Council and the Eis citizens evaluation committee and Are finding it rather difficult to write this letter without using four letter expletives. We own and operate a resort on the North Shore of Cass Lake in Beltrami county through which passed 937 tourists from All Over the country during the 1977 season. My wife and i Are 58 years of age and have put our life savings into this resort Over the past seven years. We have built up a steady repeat business during this time and we Are not about to sit Back and watch while a Bunch of bungling City officials and township business Mirror Farmers who done to know fertilizer when they see i play at politics and destroy everything we have worked for. Justification there should be no need to justify a hearing or information meeting in Cass Lake one Good look at Wolf Lake Lake. Andrusia and Allens Bay or one Good look at the filth coming from the discharge pipe on the Mississippi River is justification enough its about time we received equal representation and thank god or. Lange Layne lame Epa project director had enough sense to realize what an asinine our word not his recommendation the committee and the City have supported the City officials done to want the responsibility the Eckles Farmers done to want the fertilizer and the at Large residents simply done to care so lets continue to destroy Over 32,000 acres of our downstream lakes we downstream resident do care we done to want a mechanical chemical Plant existing or ultimate because the City can to be trusted to insure its proper maintenance and operation and the Mica can to be expected to maintain constant surveillance. The installation of an onland irrigation system will insure for the first time in Over 40 years Zero discharge and Zero seepage to the Mississippi River. The City Slack of moral and civic responsibility and the City s procrastination Over the past nine years have brought this Issue to a boiling Point where animosities Between the upstream and downstream residents Are Rife with the City officials in the Middle smirking at both the downstream residents done to want the effluent in the River the upstream residents done to want the effluent on the land but ifs a question of who will be Hurt the least. So yes by All Means hold a hearing in Cass Lake for the downstream residents have been and will be harmed the most and deserve every Opportunity to fight he mechanical chemical recommendations John amp Gen Hook Hook s Horseshoe Lodge Cass Lake not All Homes on Market Are new ones by John Cunniff a business analyst new York a it looked perfectly logical at first glance this defense by the nations Home mortgage lenders against complaints that rising new Home prices were excluding Many americans from Home it Xiv Pership. New Homes usually Arentt meant for first time buyers explained economists of the . League of savings associations which make most of the Home mortgage Loans throughout the country. A most new Homes Are built for the second a third time buyers a they said. An a a overwhelming 65 per cent of All new Homes Are bought by families a who Are using the accumulated equity and a get pow h8& nyx it want to look like Twat when Quot the arrive Quot appreciated value of their present Homes to Purchase new housing a they explained. So what do we offer the firs time buyer who Hasni to had the Chance to build up much of a Down payment we offer him the used or existing Home. Its a a great Opportunity a they said. More than 80 per cent of All Homes sold last year were existing Homes they said. Its True. The National association of realtors recorded 3,002,000 such sales a record. The number will be even higher this year. Those existing Homes Are a great buy said the . League economists. The median Price of a newly built Home last year was $44,200, but an existing Home sold for 13.6 per cent less at $38,100. Watch those figures did no to we hear earlier that the people who sold the existing Homes benefited not Only from accumulated equity but from a appreciated value a in other words existing prices seem to be rising too. How True. That median figure of $38,100 is a Good one for certain purposes but it does after All include some Homes that Are in very poor condition and ready to be phased out rather than lived in. This does no to mean there Arentt bargains in existing Homes. Many Young couples have found renovated and upgraded such houses and now have accommodation Superior to those who live in Brand new houses. But existing Home prices Arentt standing still. That $38,000 median figure has already been bumped up to about $44,-000, or just about the Price of last years Brand new Home. Quite understandable too. Done to forget ifs just that kind of appreciation the . League economists Point out that provides first time owners with the equity to apply to a Brand new House. In 1976, the year in which the median Price of an existing Home was $38,100, More than 39 per cent of All existing Home sales were at minimum prices of $50,000. That percentage is much higher this year As it has been every year this decade. In september 1973, about 13.5 per cent of existing Home sales were for $50,000 or More in september 1975 the percentage was 231 last year 29.1. Existing Home prices clearly Are soaring especially in the Quality Home category. But yes there Are bargains. Nearly 14 per cent of existing sales this year were for $25,000 or less. The question to be asked about the Low priced Homes however is How Many of them represent genuine bargains and How Many Are accommodations barely fit for habitation and not Likely to appreciate Jimmy a White House j by Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington apr president Carter has enthusiastically embraced Camp David md., As a private weekend hideaway with emphasis on privacy. Carter has told aides he wants no Public announcements when friends and associates visit him there unless he is holding a business meeting. During the Long thanksgiving weekend therefore the White House announced that Secretary of state Cyrus Vance went to Camp David to Brief Carter on the chief diplomats recent latin american tour. But there was no announcement of the fact that three tap White House assistants Jody Powell Zbigniew Brzezinski and Frank Moore spent much of the weekend there with their families. In fact after a reporter Learned that the Trio and their Kin were bound for Camp David an aide to press Secretary Powell conferred with her Boss then called the reporter to say the information was in error. Since a press Secretary a credibility is perhaps his greatest asset this raised reportorial eyebrows. Questioned about die matter Powell contended there had been a misunderstanding rather than any intent to lie. It is known that Powell is under considerable pressure from Carter to keep the weekend guest lists secret. The press Secretary once told a reporter the president looks on Camp David As an Extension of his private living quarters at the White House where the comings and goings personal guests rarely Are recorded. Of there Are limits on the openness of any administration and Carters is no exception. While the president and his associates were wrestling this week with plans for a Middle East Summit in Cairo a delicate operation to be sure state department sources were leaking the fact that Carter had decided to Send a . Representative to the talks. When Powell saw one such report he stormed a a can to those Guys Over there Ever keep their Mouths shut a when Powell read that the presidents evangelist sister Ruth Carter Stapleton had brought Hustler publisher Larry Flynt to god he cracked a now that she has warmed up on the easy ones she can go to work on the president himself once joked that if the first Baptist Church of Plains ga., banned Beer drinkers brother Billy Carter would try to attend services the next sunday a just to prove he could do it. No need to add that kid brother is not a churchgoer. More fun and games a Man waiting for an appointment with a Carter aide read aloud a crossword Puzzle clue a a president who was not the Man presumably knew the answer former president Gerald Ford. But that did not Stop a White House Secretary from suggesting Hamilton Jordan Carter s principal assistant

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