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Baytown Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 1

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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Baytown, Texas A Scott Azalea to the Brunson to is Good through 30 for two when predated at the Brunson Box movie How is Mutiny the Bounty out your Home newspaper vol 31 Sih tag circus of Telephone number Washington apr Deot Kennedy assured the worlds finance ministers today that the United i determinedly bringing its International payments into will support any needed Meas ures to avoid damaging its Trad ing partners around the the president won a standing ovation from the boards of governors of the world Bank and International monetary fund at the opening of their five Day an Nual assistant District Gallier said late monday morn ing that the Harris county grand jury indicted Vada Murl on charges of murdering her Henry at a Baytown Sun spots parents Council the Parent Council of Travis elementary school will meet at 1 wednesday at the room mothers and their assist ants will be Byron Clair will altar society meets Josephs altar society will meet at tuesday in the Parish House at 1907 grand jury talk Joseph Guarina of the Harris county District attorneys office will speak on activities of the grand jury at tuesdays lunch Eon meeting of the Baytown Lions club at the he Iii be introduced by Dick theft reported Robbinson of 301 reported to police the theft of 10 pounds of beef from a deep freeze and some total ing from her Home some tune Between 9 and 6 automobile entry theft of a Polaroid camera and automobile accessories was reported to Baytown police by David Teakell of 3306 Teakell told police the theft happened Between Friday and about 5149 Worth of accessories was re ported y Board meeting the Board of directors of Baytown Young mens Christian association will meet at 7 monday at the Myca building on Market Street continued on Page 2 weather tiie says it will be coolish through tues with temperature Range of 5580 degrees expected monday and monday mornings Low in Baytown was the Low est Reading since last sundays High was 88 Al Melinger says a rotary club speaker get much attention during the world series so instead of planning a formal program for wednesdays meet rotarians will watch these Ries on John Guem pie phones in a Good news Margaret Good is much relieved these she found a Ca that bit her on the and i want note to c Cashman we have a City directory at our switchboard that Lef for Billy son of or and Bob will enter Texas Chil Drens Hospital be Wil be treated for a heart ailment Billy is 13 and an eighth Grad student at Baytown Junior High de Boone and Charles Caldwel Are special guests at a luncheon meeting George Chandler re Marks that he use a Rol of newsprint he borrowed because he afford to buy a print ing press Bob Warford to the football classics on a transistor while having lunch Donald Oscar son o and Michael Peter celebrated his third birthday Larry a staunch Gander forgets his football Ticke Money at Cedar Bayou Junio so he eats lunch in five cents and transfers the rest to the Leo tall ticket Malachi breaking his underworld blood oath of mobster wipes face w he puts the Finger Oahu or Ati Public and televised Harbir of the Senate investigate off subcommittee in the underworld is said to have plier a Price or on the head of former dope peddle i peace ikes theme presi Dent Kennedy is approaching the Campaign with be apparent hope1 of borrowing a Herrie from former president d Wight Eisenhower peace and r test marketed the peace argument during the West Ern tour he just he obviously was pleased with the re particularly because he Drew warm r resp Binse the Becky Mountain area where Man voters Avor the conservative of Barry Arizona Kennedy was interrupted by i As he talk etl up the limited foreign Aid and global involvement All of which he credited with making brighter the prospects for this Choice of subject was to determine Audi ence but these topics Al so concern Kennedy More deeply Jian conservation matters that were the announced focal Point of his Kennedy was far less successful in striking Sparks with appeals for bigger conservation programs than when he argued for internationalist plugs for local conservation projects Drew but audiences rarely responded to talk about in the broader Prosperity also figured in Ken Nedys speeches usually in connection with his argument that an Sll billion tax Cut is vitally needed As anti recession if a tax Cut is enacted before the elec and a recession is Prosperity certainly will be one of Kennedy major Campaign the democratic presiden tial candidate next year May employ substantially the same arguments that Eisenhower used successfully against Democrat Adlai Stevenson in on the second of five Days of Kennedy began to swing away from conservation and emphasize his contentions by shouldering International the United states is re pulsing the communist Offen this argument was voiced in at Billings and Grea before made i the theme the major address in Sal Lake cites mormon Tab treacle in City Kennedy twice was interrupted by applause As he the limited nuclear test Bah treaty which Goldwater has cheers again halted Kennedy when he defended for eign Frank was Ama Zech the obviously was i the just plodding Lacfi until Kennedy hit up ii the Pezic question in he spent increasing amounts of time shaking hands with those who greeted him at air auditoriums and stadiums in the final at Las vegas saturday Kennedy again stressed foreign once the reaction was first Little norther is Nippy at 55 the first Junior norther of the season blew into Baytown sunday afternoon and dipped tie temperature to a Chilly 55 degrees at 6 it was the lowest Reading since last Spring and More of the same is on the tuesday weather according to the weather Bureau in an other Low of 55 is sundays High in Baytown was 86 degrees just right for Joy Riding and that if you did your fishing in the the norther blew in shortly after 1 and stirred up some whitecaps on area any Way you look at this is real football its also sausage Deggs enjoy it 1963 2 jailed in White men were placed in Cit jail today for further i Vestiga Ion into Tolje series bombings hat have racially troubled City for several Al head of the state said that others picked up in the intensified investigation have been he say Many others had been night Warden Holcomb identified the two being held As and Charles both of the birding Ham Cha Ibliss found innocent 1949 on a charge of flogging while he has been Active in ant integration officers had to Chambliss recently when he engaged in a near Brawl with a newsman a segregation Cagle has been affiliated with mostly in the area South of last summer he was while going to Kii Siux klan rally Short time University of Alabama was state officials identified him As x a Klansman and said that hews carrying a weapon both men had been under surveillance by fed eral the local Law enforcement agencies said that the arrests by the estate came As a Saxl that the state was apart from police Lingo would give no information on the nor on results of the questioning he also declined to them wit the blast of the Church 15 in which four Young negro i1 the women arrived the City where some negro demonstrators were held in Patsol car with two dressed in sport shirts they covered their faces As they were led into the although the investigations into the been at least been intensified since the Church these were the first a Tipoff that they were Corning came Sun Day night in Montgomery from the office of George a statement said that arrests were imminent in the Church but the actual announcement of the arrests did not specify the Church it said state investigators have taken into custody and Are holding two persons in connection with the Bir Mingham their identities Are being withheld in the in Terest of i Vestiga the City has had More than 40 bombings since world War but the one destroyed the 16th Street Baptist Church was the about 20 persons were Hurt in the which sparked a near sporadic outbursts of Vio Lence continued through the Day and two Young negroes were shot to death one by police officers and the other As he was Riding two White youths Are free on Bonds in the death of the second Kennedy dispatched Secretary of the army Kenneth Royall and former army football coach Blaik to Birmingham to help soothe the troubled racial Waters they conferred with leaders of both races last week and planned further talks Birmingham racial situation was further clouded Over the weekend when two prominent negro leaders Gaston and attorney shores took Issue with mar tin Luther King Over Kings threat of renewed 100 Community leaders at of drive launching one Hundred Community Lead ers attended 1963 uni Ted fund Kickoff Breal fast Mon Day at Holiday this years goal is Charles general chairman hit m my kicked off d and the Baytown Baytown Beer Dis first National Bank Peoples state citizens National and a Padgett is assistant general chairman of the Watts holds the Campaign at Humble Oil and refining assisted by Jim Roy elms is at the Helm of the United Carbon drive while Mari Lyn Linder is the director of the drive at Huber Mcchesney is the chair Man of the Industrial division John Echols and de Vaught commercial Dave s h e r r o Branch stores Tommie Jack Huron and Calvin Ruther Public service Bill schools Herbert her building and construction Jack Industrial construct Jim Harrop and mar Sce of Page 2 Charles Baytown out the give 100 looking last years drive chairman the drive got underway Mon for some the breakfast was paid for Baytown a foal of has set i Baytown photos Kennedy to decide on wheat Sale to Russia Washington big question of whether to permit the Sale of wheat to the soviet Union lies in the decision Basket for president returning to his White House desk some High officials expect i to say expect him Heads up contest Winner Check from san advertising manager John As she was named of the Baytown sons Heads contest Gid Tey identified More Baytown business people by other contest second prize Winner was Therna collecting a si5 and third prize to Gene 203 who collected Check the russians have made no formal request to this but soviet negotiators have been talking in Ottawa of deals for american one report mentioned three million tons at million administration officials sounded out Congress last week on feelings about a Grain Deal with the so it is understood that there was some outspoken it is reported that the officials considered the Burden of congressional sentiment to be in favor of the government departments involved Are expected to recommend a policy change to permit the Grain Sale when they meet with the probably tues Secretary of stale Dean Rusk told newsmen in sunday night that the question would be resolved in a few he said any proposal to sell wheat to the soviet Union will in clude a provision forbidding its re Sale to one senator predicted Over the weekend that Kennedy would approve the wheat Jacob said it was up to Kennedy to decide the question on the basis of american from what i see i be Lieve that the president would de cide to do javits said in a television interview taped for new York javits sad it should be a single Phot Deal and rot open the door general Trade with the soviet offic is Are somewhat mystified As to who the soviets to but so when 1rist Vear they imported very it Itrat Cron fair fus Hirn estimated at 10 to 25 myth of wheat to the so r Viet lord Gromyko big 3 envoys huddle tonight United a of state Dean Rusk breakfasted with Britain for eign Secretary lord Home today and conferred on aides said the two paid special attention to the colonialism which is prominent in this session of the general they did not discuss East West affairs or the plan for an Allied seaborne nuclear it was these items Are ticketed for later the two join so Viet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko tonight at a dinner be ing Given by Secretary Gen eral u sources said Rusk May explore a considerable variety of ranging from a consular agreement to cooperating in outer this weeks which will in clude a Home Gromyko lunch were about All that emerged from a meeting of the Throe ministers the High level East West session since the 5 signing of the limited nuclear test ban treaty was de scribed As cordial but unproductive of any agreement of sub Gromyko was said to have talked about Complete disarmament philosophically with out giving enough details on the soviet proposal for an Exchange of observers for the Western ministers to judge whether it would be the observers would guard against Surprise at for Rusk and it appeared just As Well that Gromyko did not press another soviet pro a no aggression pact Rel English teacher Dies rites pending James of 136 Bayshore in English teacher at Robert Lee school 13 died at Sun funeral services will he held wednesday afternoon at Rumph funeral Home in Al details will be announced by Glen Dale funeral Home in a graduate of Louisiana state he taught at Texas College before coming to he is survived by his Rachel King of Bay town his King and a both of Al Rel expansion to be discussed by Board preliminary plans for improve ment and expansion of Robert Lee High school will he presented to the school Board monday night by architect James Billy addition of ten classrooms and improvement of the existing build is one of four projects Clud cd in a million bord Issue approved last also in the a Gondi is final con of a contract the Thias picket of data for of producing and Utility property within the school Between the nato and Warsaw military the Western allies have not agreed what to do about this which is linked to the Germany Berlin sources believe there is room for secondary soviet deals on matters of Mutual they listed among pos sible items a convention setting Forth con sular arrangements in each coun building new embassies in Washington and a private communications line from the embassy in mos cow to a Post in Western says facts kept secret Washington a a con Gressional subcommittee today accused the state department of hiding the facts from the Ameri can Public by restricting news men in South Viet the criticism came from the Louse subcommittee on inform headed by John e recent a report by the subcommittee said the american Public has been prised by developments in Viet which have been Many months in the the report said the restrictive press policy in Viet Nam unquestionably contributed to the ack of information about conditions in Viet Nam which created an International instead of hiding facts from the american the subcommittee the state department should have done everything possible to expose the True situation to full the subcommittee directed most of its criticism at a Cable prepared by Cari now ambassador to and sent Over the signature of Secretary of state Dean Rusk to the embassy in Saigon Early in 1962 this Cable is still classified Al though its provisions Are no or m the subcommittee paraphrasing the said t contained these guidelines for handling american news correspondents in Viet Nam news stories which criticize the president Ngo Dinh diem government could not be it they Only increase the difficulties of the should be advised at trifling or thoughtless criticism of the diem government would make it difficult to main Tain cooperation Between the United states and newsmen should not be transported on military activities of the Type that Are Likely to re sult in undesirable the subcommittee said the Cable had been prepared by Row then Deputy assistant Secre tary of and described him As an official with an admitted distrust for the Peoples right to the subcommittee based this description of a former on a statement he made during a panel discussion at new York University on i am Wise enough to the work Ings of the world Rowan said to know that a great Deal of this so called con Cern about the Public right to know is really concern about the fourth estates right to make a at a closed hearing of the sub committee ins i May Roger assistant Secretary of state for far Eastern de Jan did the Cabin but said there was Sloppy drafting in he said the Cable was intended to make it easier for correspondents of the news in Viet Pope Paups plea endorsed Catholic leaders of redefinition Vatican City pro posed redefinition of the roman Catholic Church won general endorsement today from the first prelates to speak at the second phase of the Vatican ecumenical two cardinals and six Bishops took the floor in Peters Basil Ica As the Council fathers resumed working Pope Paul i reopened the Council sunday after a nine month recess with a Strong Appeal for Church the Council press summarizing today three hour meet told newsmen the schema topic before the concerning the Church accepted by speakers As a Good foundation on which to it was revised during the re and undoubtedly Wilt be re Vised it the main topic before the councils session ending the considered the key to All the councils proposed a new Way for the roman Cath Olic Church to look at its Struc it came up originally at the councils first session last year and was criticized by Many fathers As being too juridical and academic and net sufficiently Pas there was criticism thit the original draft would not help cause of Christian during the a Council spokesman said 372 pro posed corrections and Amend ments to the first half of the schema were mailed o the vat summed up this i think All the Bishops Are coining Back to this session with a lot More they know now what is intended and what it is they Are trying to he described the first convened by the late Pope John As a sort of dry run where there was bound to be some disorder because of the size of the but we Learned Tirom it and i think the Council will move much More speedily this added the american who asked to remain in opening the Pope Paul said its Aims were redefinition and Reform of the Catholic restoring Christian Unity and closer Contact Frith today Texas oilman fears taking Over Industry san Antonio Texas Independent oilman said today two recent Federal studies indicate a trend toward Complete Regula Tion of of and Gas by a Contra to oderal there is an apparent Al temp to More Complete regulation by president Kennedy inter Agency Petroleum study commit tee and one by Robert Kennedy on the interstate Oil compact Hope said the inter Agency re Rrt called for a is per Barre reduction in crude prices and its Competition and free enter Altic izod current systems for con said Arvin Hope of san Antonio a former president of the Petroleum Assoc in of Sno before trolling Oil production As no longer serving Federal or state of Texas Independent producers Royalty owners his remarks were Mads less than 24 hour after an Interior department official Tod directors of pc Teras Trade a cup there is intent by the higher echelons of government to in frn Sre in the authority to their conservation clearly Al this when summed up Points to one Agency for the circulation of Oil and Gas or Educ upon and that is a Central Federal he hop emphasized that the inter Lor department did not agree with various Conchi Sions and recon Mer Duons of the inter Agency re one office by prelates around the a of ceiling was evident am Cir the Church fathers that the worm move with a former president of Ned and efficiency than la the said recent from 11 but this report to the presi copied with a recent report by the attorney Points up c things 10 rat met Ramo from things 10 Nam Civ no director of the of both Oil tire of Ard in a speech and Ras by this Central Fei Cral Hod 8 continue unil session Ore a in v Mains o in Youn american Bishops Hope was critical of a report Hope he the first step toward preventing Stich a trend a Houll be to o Federal Power from the

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