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Baytown Sun Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 5

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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Baytown, Texas Focus on to july 1968 Santonio for the week july 4 channels o o 0 Fol major network a broadcasting sunday morning july 4 Fol agriculture morning meditations f3 sign on o the 8th Man id the living word o bugs Bunny d Art of living o cartoon carnival cd your area Stingray cd this week la Galveston cd the pulpit d this week in Houston glory Road cd living room dialogues Mitori the monster o gospel singing caravan co lamp unto my feet c9 Linus the Lic hearted o Herald of truth co look up and live 13 Early Bird theatre o so Lukes methodist Church co camera three q Abc religious special co face the nation favorite Story 13 South main Baptist Church cd inquiry c9 first methodist Church is first presbyterian Church co Bishop Sheen sunday afternoon e meet the press cd successful texans discovery 68 so decision movie for a sunday afternoon ice feature for a sunday afternoon cd issues and answers s3 Forest rangers sunday movie time judge Roy bean go Rocky Jones North american soccer league game s3 Cita con Carlos time for americans Joe Pyne show Folk guitar q Flashback o net playhouse cd nil action c0 Cowboy in Africa q the Campaign and the candidates cd perspective Campus on the move Frank Mcgee o americas crises cd 21st Century cd voyage to the Bottom of the sea s3 David the gourmet if3 animal kingdom cd your All american College show is Don Mahoney and Jeanna Clare sunday night news net festival co Lassie 10 news 3 wide country i0 Walt Disney cd gentle Ben is f troop cd de Sullivan o Power of the Dollar is the Fri s3 facet mothers in Law Boston symphony orchestra s3 to be announced Bonanza iffy summer Brothers smothers show sunday night movie go David Susskind 9 00 0 High Chaparral cd Mission impossible 0 news co news s3 the untouchables 0 critics Choice cd the late show sgd news s3 for times like these Joey Bishop show co insight co the lords prayer cd sunday night late movie Conaway comments cd closing meditations 3 to so wanted by the Fri monday thru Friday july 2 cd summer semester morning meditations cd Captain Kangaroo c0 Cadet Don 0 sign on 0 today news 0 today in 0 today cd lbs morning news cd Cadet Don id fishing cd the morning show 0 today in 0 cd treasure Isle 0 snap Fol candid camera far away places 0 0 cd Beverly Dick Cavett show 0 co Andy of Mayberry in Hollywood squares cd Dick Van Dyke 0 jeopardy co love of bewitched cd morning 0 Eye guess cd search for tomorrow c0 dealing for dollars m sign on u 45 cd guiding s3 news 0 0 midday cd news at s3 Rocky and his friends 0 lists make a Deal cd As the world turns its happening s3 romper room the childrens doctor 0 the of our cd love is a Many Splendore thing newlywed s3 love that Bob 0 co House party the dating s3 take thirty with Mari Jane 0 another world cd to Tell the Central Hospital s3 the detectives afternoon report s you dont cd Edge of night cd one life to live 0 match game cd secret dark shadows s3 Stagecoach West 0 0 Merv Griffin show Early show kit Iriks Kar Rousel s3 Bozo the Clown c9 theater s3 the Cisco kid monday night july 29 0 Chris Chandler o childrens fair the Deputy c9 news s3 Forest rangers 0 Hun Jev o net jazz co news q truth or consequences s3 sea Hunt 0 news o whats Newt cd c0 news s3 Mike Douglas show 0 baseball q Power of the Dollar id gun smoke lib time for americans o innovations q Kurt travel club id the Lucy show cd 13s big movie s3 the texan o what you pay for cd the Andy Griffith show s3 movie cd family affair o music of Japan Koto music 0 the Baron o net journal cd is Peyton place 0 night beat co news news s3 Perry Mason 0 Johnny Carson co late show Joey Bishop s3 the outsiders s3 Alfred Hitchcock 0 news c0 waterfront s3 for time like these 0 the last word cd the lords prayer Conaway comments s3 closing meditations wanted by the Fri tuesday night july 30 0 Chris Chandler o Mist Erogers neighbourhood cd the Deputy so news s3 Forest rangers 0 o creative person a a news truth or consequences s3 sea Hunt 0 news o whats new cd news news s3 Mike Douglas 0 i dream of Jeannie o conversations cd Dattari e9 garrisons gorilla1 0 showcase 68 o a sad review 0 tuesday night at the movies co Showtime Grambling College 100 Yards to glory s3 the new Buck Owens show o the victorians co Good morning world Nype s3 Wagon train o net festival lbs news special report o Black America the invaders 0 news s3 Perry Mason 0 Johnny Carson cd the late show Joey Bishop s3 the outsiders s3 Alfred Hitchcock 0 news waterfront s3 for times like these 0 Peter Gunn the lords prayer from the Morris chair closing meditations wanted bythe Fri wednesday night july 31 Chris Chandler q Merlin the magician co the Deputy news s3 Forest rangers o muffin land 0 o music of Japan Koto music Jed news or consequences 63 sea Hunt 0 cd news cd o what s Newt s3 Mike Douglas 0 the virginian the o net jazz co lost in 0 men and ideas o the painting co Beverly Hillbillies o dream House s3 music City s00 0 Kraft music Hall o International Magazine oilers 6s movie cd he and she s3 movie 0 run for your life College Allstar i football game s3 boxing from the j olympic o news special o the painting o science reporter 0 neg Htwar co s3 Perry Mason 0 Johnsy Carson cd the late show s3 the outsiders news s3 Alfred Hitchcock 0 news weekends Best movie s3 for times like these 0 Midnight movie Wallace invades deep North o in our time with cd the late show Paul Douglas Dom Daluise show o Koltanowski on chess 0 night beat cd news news s3 Perry Mason 0 Johnny Carson cd the late show j0 Joey Bishop s3 the outsiders s3 Alfred Hitchcock 0 news waterfront s3 for times like these 0 m squad the lords prayer Conaway comments closing meditations wanted by the Fri thursday night 1 0 Chris Chandler o Mist Erogers neighbor Hood the Deputy news s3 Forest rangers 0 o what you pay for 03 truth or consequences s3 sea Hunt 0 news o whats new cd news news s3 Mike Douglas 0 Daniel Boone o science reporter co the John Gary show the second Hundred years o speaking freely cd the flying nun 0 Ironside bewitched s3 the texan o the French chef cd that girl s3 movie o net playhouse 0 dragnet Peyton place 0 Dean Martin the rat patrol s 30 o meet the computer the felony squad 0 night beat news s3 Perry Mason 0 Johnny Carson a a the late show Joey Bishop s3 the outsiders s3 Alfred Hitchcock 0 news waterfront s3 for times like these 0 the Rifleman the show from the Morris chair closing meditations wanted by the Fri the lords prayer Friday night 2 0 Chris Chandler cd Merlin the magician the Deputy news s3 Forest rangers o muffin land 0 Huntley Binkley o playing the guitar co news truth or consequences s3 sea Hunt 0 news o whats new news news s3 Mike Douglas 0 Tarzan o creative person the wild West Man in a suitcase o anthology 0 Star trek o nine on Japan cd Corner Pyle Judd for the defense s3 secret agent o history of the negro people Friday night movie 0 guns Are for killing o actors company f3 closing meditations wanted by the Fri the lords prayer saturday morning 3 summer semester 0 sign on morning meditations 0 George cd the answer cd farm journal 0 Popeye theater cd Captain Kangaroo c9 fantastic Jungle theatre 0 super Frankenstein 0 super president co 0 Shazzan spider 0 Young Sampson space journey to the Center of the Earth 0 Birdman Galaxy cd moby Dick King King 0 atom an secret Squirrel cd Superman a Uaman George of the Jungle s3 across the Fence 0 Cool Mccool 10 the beatles s3 spotlight 0 saturday movie cd Johnny quest Laurel and Handy saturday afternoon the Lone Ranger Larry Kane s3 Battle line the roadrunner s3 Forest rangers 0 Abc major league baseball putt putt Golf s3 National velvet co the Early show s3 Best of the Post s3 Laramie movie s3 the Stone mans co saturday afternoon movie s3 roller 0 outer limits abcs wide world of sports s3 upbeat 0 de Hawaii Calls 10 divorce court co news branded s3 news 0 news co death Valley Days news s3 Ernest saturday night 0 the Saint the prisoner s3 Buck Owens and the the newlywed s3 country music 0 get smart my three sons Lawrence s3 Wilburn 0 saturday night at the movies hogans heroes 63 Porter Wagoner Petticoat Junction Precone Naioti cover age of the Republican National convention s3 Bill Anderson show Mannix s3 Houston wrestling weekends Best double feature i news news s3 Joe Pyne 0 news the late show 0 big movie s3 Alfred Hitchcock n 25 Jib weekends Best double feature h s3 for times like these the late show closing meditations wanted by the Fri if the lords prayer our boarding House with major Hoople Mats to admit i and he Slot a set other l general of defend patriotism amd1them am Yakach Jtb behind l lines z simply Gar Rorty in Ore n to my last wish i insisted that pay uj1 in Juliji first of a by to Tiede Nea staff correspondent Wallace for resident drove into town just before ran a comb through his wiped the orders of his and an open air platform outside the masonic there was polite a thank Yvo the candidate Nice to see four Hundred people were gathered in the Street men with shirt buttons women wearing floppy rimmed children sucking col ored italian it was hot and moist and the crowd squirmed under the George Wallace smiled pro he wore a dark suit and his Large Black eyebrows were he tumbled with the a Man in the crowd turned his wife and at least he Doest have the candidates arrival was the pre Wallace program had been Amateur a Man with a big belly and a steel guitar had per Ormed he called it two polka dotted Sisters Mona and Lisa had garbled through in them old Cotton Fields Back but Here at last was Wai give it to pm somebody he you know whats wrong with the government in it cant win the War in Vietnam because its of Busy Gettin everybody to take Baths they Tell people on this Side of town to take Baths on that and people on that Side of town o take Baths on this the audience this protesting and demonstrating is another the president cant even travel without some anarchist lying Down in front of Lis if any anarchist Ever lays Down in front of my till be the last time he Ever the audience in sick and tired of All the treason going on in the some of the professors and students Are just a Bunch of communists and atheists who aint even got the brains to pick the Boll Weevils out of their the audience pretty Young girls appeared and began to move into the each wore a Wallace for president a Wallace for president a Wallace for president each one also carried a Wallace for president donation would Vou like to contrib Ute Jenifer 18 a thin Man in a t shirt turned red As she he reached into his pocket fetched a Dollar Bill and argued in for thank Jenifer brew or a Church Bell on Green Street announced the lunch hour but the Many of them downtown employees did not they seemed mesmerized by the speaker and George Wallace was just warming we got a lot of intellectuals in Washington that Cost you people a lot of he they got Federal in spectres for everything these Days and they Cost half a Bil lion a i thing we should take All those Point head intellectuals with briefcases ant toss them into the Potomac amen to an old woman now about dont know if we Ever Shouk have gotten into it or by now that were there we go to see it through and i think we should get some help doing if our allies wont help in Vietnam then we should cd off our foreign Aid and Tel them to pay Back what the already owe a number of Heads you its not Safe for a private citizen to walk the streets of the nations capital any we got to stand up to these when in in Gonna bring troops into Washington and put them five feet apart with Threefoot bayonets so you and your wife can come Down and applause and Halle on pleasant several shopkeepers locked their doors and wandered officials at City Hall came out on the Brownstone Steps to a boy who kept plead ing he had to go to the Bath room was told to hush in the rear of the crowd a line formed at a table Selling Wallace for president Gim a Wallace tie clip for a Wallace Lapel Button for 50 a Wallace hardcover biography for several near the table a Man poked a homemade poster into the it said that Wallace is the murderer of the american Lance and that he be he said his name was Michael a free Wallace a the Man protested alone you several in the crowd Ursiel what did him to drop in Guise the Wallace a woman went angrily on he Conte was entertaining damned in s that is i pea you know me i could bureaucrats and Northern never vote for a Man like newspapermen he also Down kowtowing i he swore in one ions breath Auto parts stolen Federal the Crooks and bums where Thev y rom John 115 and patrolman the investigation third party presidential candidate George Wallace is a soc Kittoe speaker cheered and jeered wherever he he Aims his speeches at typical americans he feels Are tired of riots and crime in the and allow people to decide they want to go to school he Shook hands and it was the Micro attend Church sunday phones were the spell a 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