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Baytown Sun Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 4

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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Baytown, Texas July 28t 1968 editorials and features germans now getting along better since misunderstandings Between France and Germany have Given Rise to rather Messy situations in the its of interest to americans to know How the two Peoples Are getting along with each other these since its founding in the fran co German office for youth has arranged the visits of Young Ger mans to France and French boys and girls to while it is difficult to measure at surveys conducted among the youths several years ago suggested that certain old stereotypes had not Digap though they had been watered Down a for germans still considered the French likable but vivacious but the in thought the germans were the most musical people in the hardworking but hard courageous but More French psychologist Yvon Bourdet surveyed French and German boys and girls aged 11 to 18 who attended Holiday Camps asked what attributes they associated with most of the germans 56 per cent said next came individuality and Fol Lowed by frivolity and two thirds of the French 76 per cent thought Germany was characterized by while nearly a third said it was other supposed attributes of germans were slow Ness of wit and the Survey also found that if they were to change both the germans and the French would choose to become american evident ally they Are not aware according to another set of americans Are Money sex mad and George warned about them Mark Twain wrote a Book called innocents it want about politicians or but the title is highly descriptive of americas historical naivete in dealing with the foreign entanglements George Washington warned about so Long Henry for crossed the Atlantic in a peace ship in 1915 in an attempt to Stop world War i by sheer moral a few years presi Dent Woodrow Wilson carried Over his formula for enduring peace in loftily ignored both the Reali ties of politics at Home and the deep seated nationalistic jealousies of Eugene an other Man of High entertained thoughts of dropping in on the North vietnamese delegation in Paris to find out what they really want in the Way of a settlement to the in the face of much criticism that such a trip would disrupt the talks and interfere with the conduct of american foreign the senator has now indicated that he is having second thoughts about the Well he it is not just that Mccarthy appearance could interfere with the ticklish peace there is no reason to believe that the North vietnamese would be any More candid with him than they have been with this country official represent knowing his Fame As a they might very Well be tempted to set and the rest of up for a Fine there has been a refreshing naivete about Mccarthy Campaign for the pres he ought to keep it at at least until and if he wins his party your hypnosis is sound tool in practice of dentistry by William hypnosis in dentistry has had less than enthusiastic response from patients and Den Why maybe because of a general fear of this Little in in the Garden inexact science maybe because it is tinged with quackery and yet much Good has been answer to previous Puzzle across 1 Hardy Type of cabbage 5 Green vegetable 8 Garden tool 12 goddess of discord 13 Knock 14 winged 5 Sethson 16 arrival 17 one of the hebrides 38 secluded 20 Percolator part 22 numbers 23 mine Shaft hut 24 nagers 21 considers 31 sheltered Side 32 land Parce 33 folding bed 34 before 35 possessive pronoun 36 Garden implement 37 Yellowish vegetables 40 states of mind 42 River islet 43 Oriental Coin 44 Caress 47 tests 51 kirghiz mountains 52 River 54 Hodgepodge 54 corded fabrics 56 stray 57 masculine appellation 58 do it to potatoes 59 period of time 60 Chalcedony Down 1 ships dotcom 2 italian Stream 3 maned animal 4 hebrew ascetic 5 implores 6 Auricle 7 peach like fruits 8 lifted 9 tropical Plant 10 German Rneta 11 Ages 38 vegetable 39 lubricate California 21 negative prefix 24 fish sauce 25 of milk 26 soothsayer 27 cooking utensils 28 reverberate 29 Crucifix 30 Saintes 32 strewn r 40 sea 4 1 Strong vegetables 43 Taie 44 agricultural area 45 Genus of True olives 4g snoozes 48 Athena 49 falsified 50 vended 53 boys name 1 10 ill newspaper enter Pritsc Fred Hartman editor and publisher Bill Hartman general manager John Wadley manager Beulah Mae Jackson to the publisher Paul Putman assistant to the publisher Ann office manager editorial department Preston editor Johneva Boynton managing editor advertising department Dwight retail manager Corrie Laughlin manager entered As second class matter at the 77520 Post office under the act of Congress of March published monday through and sundays by the Baytown at 1301 memorial drive in Box Baytown 77520 subscription rates by Carrier per year single copy Price 10c mall rates on request represented nationally by Texas newspaper member of the associated press the associated Preas 13 entitled exclusively to the us for to my news flu Paschoa credited to t or not credited in Uila pair ail Othar matter herein Are aug under hypnotic suggestion perfect anaesthesia of Long duration has been obtained impacted Wisdom Teeth can be extracted and Teeth drilled and filled without pain Mouth habits can be breached gagging stopped psychological denture Trou Bles eliminated even blood and saliva stemmed and on Awakening one can be made to feel Treyve actually enjoyed the what is hypnosis its said to be a state of heightened suggestibility resembling sleep extremely deep the general feeling is pleas ant and agreeable and has been likened to daydream the subject hears every thing but responds to the hypnotists suggestion if you wanted to be flip you could the id control Ling the hypnotists say they have no Power Over their the patient never loses conscious Ness and his conscience pre vents carrying out objection Able subjects will do Only what is accept Able to of with some people that May be too left alone for any length of time patient goes into Normal How does it work d was made comfortable in the dental chair and she was asked to concentrate on a Small round spot on the Ceil make yourself you must feel comfortable in order to youll soon notice a feeling of heaviness All Over your breathe notice the extreme heaviness in your your legs Are petting heavier and now the lower half of your body is getting extremely your eyelids Are so tight that its impossible to open your right Index Finger is now when you touch your jaw with your Finger your jaw Wil also become now touch your Index Finger to your a Large cavity was prepared and filled with no when i count three you will awaken and feel perfectly and fully and will feel Normal in every Way after this pleasant exp newspaper Enterprise wrong hands tied by Paul Harvey Baytown Sun columnist i am your i feel compelled to warn you that there is a Man lurking across the Street from your part the Over there by the curbside in a car or afoot he has been passing your House at least twice a Day i know who he is 1 do not know what Hes up perhaps he is determining what hours the House is empty or what time your daughter is there the Man observing you from the Shadow is Well known to us his name is let me Tell you about he did time in Angola for in Joliet for armed Rob berthes been arrested for pandering 24 times in 13 six the one time he went up for 10 he was Back in judging from his Sam is casing your place for burglary As i he could be More interested in your crimes of passion Are More prevalent in you can go to the Telephone and Call us the police if you like but there is nothing we can we had Sam in last week when the House was burglarized and the week before when that schoolgirl was Way Laid under the viaduct he laughed at years ago wed have taken Sam to the police told him we had demanded an Alibi for the time of the crime and booked not any now the supreme court says if we arrest Sam on we must immediately and in front of witnesses advise him dont have to say any you do say it can and will be used As Evi Dence against you in a court of you do not have a Law the state will provide do not have to talk until your lawyer gets we policemen carry a Little card with All this Rig Morole written out to be sure we say it Sam has it so he sits there and smirks until we let him if we do Call a lawyer for the lawyer smirks you mean no witnesses so we have to let him go any dear is Why there is a dangerous Man watch ing your House from across the if it is any Comfort to Sam has not murdered anybody but other recent supreme court rulings on the selection of juries have All but abolished the death so he chief Justice John Bell of the Pennsylvania supreme court recent supreme court decisions which shackle police and lower courts have jeopardized the future welfare of the United respect for Law and lawmen is vanish it is now almost impossible for the policeman to protect you from crime and the fraternal order of police is trying to is seeking 50 million signatures on a petition to Force nullification of recent supreme court until some such Effort is Suc there is nothing we can do about the High court has hand cuffed the wrong today in history by the associated press today is july the 209th Day of there Are 157 Days left in the today highlight in history on this Date in an armistice was signed at pan Mun ending the korean War after 3 years and 32 Days of fight on this Date in Congress established the department of foreign affairs the forerunner of the state in Orville Wright set a record by staying aloft in an air plane for More than one hour and 12 minutes Over in Britain and Egypt agreed on terms ending 72 years of British control of the Suez in Austria regained sovereignty after 17 years of occupation by foreign in a Republican Conven Tion in Chicago nominated vice president Richard Nixon for the ten years ago Claire who led the flying tigers in China in world War died in new five years ago negro and White leaders from met in the Washington of fice of Robert Kennedy and signed an agree ment to rapidly integrate Cam Bridge one year ago peace returned to Detroit after five Days and five nights of rioting and loot the death toll was put at then i get terrible pains right Here Washington merry go round congressional code of ethics is fiscal joke by Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson phonies move by Congress this year was to pass an alleged code of the code didst even begin to Deal with the Fina gling and Bac stairs lobbying that takes place on Capitol one illustration of its failure is what is happening with Tele where crime and Vio Lence programming is influencing the crime rate in this in England and where the crime rate is almost Zero compared with the television is strictly in the United states it is supposed to be regulated by the Federal communications but in real fact it is Basic reason the influence of congressmen who own to stations or have Law firms which represent to clients or who want favors from the net in the presi dents for the first time in is a to con Gressmen with pocketbook Inte rests have cracked Down on the Federal communications commission when the acc tried to limit the number of commercials on for the House Wrath fully voted 317 to 43 to strip the Agency of this few other issues have received such overwhelming House sup the secret of the television Industry hold Over Congress is threefold secret 1 congressmen like to see themselves on and to stations offer a lot of free a broadcasting mag Azine Survey indicated that 70 per cent of the senators and 60 per cent of the representatives film to reports to constituents which Are shown As a Public service by local Sta the provide both the Senate and House with free radio and Tele vision the members pay for Little More than the Cost of the scarcely a fraction of what commercial studios would Everett for gained an advantage Over other recording stars by cutting his patriotic recording of Gallant men in the tax subsidized Senate Stu secret 2 the radio to Industry has More influence on Capitol Hill than any other except possibly the High Way the National association of broadcasters has lined up station owners in every state who can be called upon to apply pressure upon their when the occasion the Nab can Back this up with letters from its member each network also keeps a vice president in whose main function is to keep congressmen secret 3 Many con Gressmen have a pocketbook interest in broadcasting through personal or family holdings in radio to equally congressmen Law firms have radio to to Clarence Brown int the least abashed about feathering his nest via com in As executor of his Fath ers he holds 75 per cent of the stations voting yet he has become the Champion of radio television interests inside the House communications which processes All broadcast ing he led the fight against forming a Public broadcasting equally he sought to restrict educational radio and he was willing to permit the teaching of academic courses on educational but he introduced legislation to prevent these stations from broadcasting classical music or cultural activities which might attract viewers away from the com Mercial another Brazen pocketbook congressman is Paul when the acc tried to Quick quiz q what is the size of the largest Atlantic Sailfish caught by Rod and reel a the record Sailfish weighed 141 1 ounce and was 8feet5 q which of our vice presidents was of Indian descent Charles whose Mother was a full blooded member of the Kaw tribe of what Point on the Earth Are Days and nights of equal length a All Points on the Equa Tor have Days and nights 12 hours q what is the meaning of the name Roy a this gaelic name Means q what is the greatest solvent a it dissolves to a greater or lesser extent Al most All substances with which it comes in q is Lloyds of lond07i a regular insurance company a it is a corporation with a great Many members grouped in each doing its own q what animal can stick its Tongue out farther thai the length of its body a seven n c h Chameleon has been known to extend its Tongue 12 regulate to the loudest How came from he did not reveal that his fam ily then owned a substantial share in Boa of i have had a recent experience with the Federal communications he wailed on the House and have been the victim of rulings made by incompetent employees who have been Given too much authority with no supervision and no when you try to talk to some of the com you Are usually referred to some i want to predict that unless we do pass this legislation to prevent the acc from limit ing commercials we Are going to find the Federal communications and particularly the employees of that taking unto them selves authority which no one feels they should John who owns a Large Block of Stock in me div of called for a statute last april that would require the Community Antenna to companies to pay copyright fees for the programs they pick up from the equally this Legisla Tion is being handled in the Senate by John who owns an interest in Midwest a cat com his son and Soninlaw Are also he does not worry about this obvious conflict of in an interview with Tele vision Mcclellan de scribed the cat business As i will oppose anything i think will destroy he snort this is part of the Case against the Public has been fooled by the adoption of a code of but that code merely brushes a lot of unethical conduct under the this is one reason there is so much crime and violence on Bridge ups South wants out of Dummy by Oswald and James Jocoby North d ak5 a k 7 3 void a a k 9 8 7 4 3 West East 4kq108632 y a a 109 v 52 6432 a 5 a Clos South a a v864 kqj10987 a 6 both vulnerable West North East South 1 a pass 1 pass 3 a pass 3 pass 3 pass 4 pass 5 v pass 6 pass pass pass opening q Marshall Miles concluded his article on entry problems for the May june Issue of popular Bridge with a rather unusual hand of Well known souths Choice of six no Trump rather than six Dia monds for the final contract is due to the fact that he is playing match Point duplicate and six no Trump bid and made will be a top score while six diamonds will Only be average he wins the first heart in Dummy leads the five of Spades and puts in his should the Jack he will go Down several tricks but the Jack he has found an extra entry to his own hand and is Able to Knock out the Ace of diamonds and get his top there Are probably a few remarks about horseshoes and Blind but it is pos sible that one of your readers May have noticed that East could have beaten the con All East would have to do would be to play his Queen of Spades at trick this would kill that extra entry to the South hand and keep the Diamond suit from being brought this second hand High play to kill an entry is not Imossi every expert has made a play along those lines More than this one would be a trifle sensational but should not be out of the ques it should not be hard for East to realize that his Queen of Spades would be worthless if retained in his if East were a real expert or even just a Stu Dent of the game who had seen this play discussed in various Bridge he might Well play the on the other hand if one of us happened to be playing this six no Trump contract and someone did make the play against you would prob ably be Able to Fryan egg by dropping it on the head of the Enterprise bidding has been West North East South 3 a pass 4 a 5 a pass pass Dale pass 1 hold v532 a what do you do you have not shown any tricks against a five club contract and your partner obviously expects to beat this con tract in his own today question instead of West has doubled your three Spade your partner East bids four what do you do now answer monday q Hoitz Many planets Are visible to the naked Eye a five jul Saturn and news Popr Enterprise association thoughts i Tell do not be anxious about your what you shall eat or what you shall nor about your Fiat you shall put is not life More than and the body More than cloth ing Matthew there Are three ingredients in the Good life earning and Chris Gopher m o r 1 e american Bible verse and walk in As Christ also hath loved and hath Given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to god for a Sweet smelling ephesians o Fred likes to Deal in Wholl be the Vic presidential candidates

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