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Baytown Sun Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 1

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Baytown Sun, The (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Baytown, Texas Tonight v weather considerable through cooler Low of and Frog southerly shift northerly late 218 Titi fat february 1953 today news today Telephone five Par questions and answers farm Price p United dust storm in covered two turds with a fog forecasters u s one of the headaches confront the Isenhower is be r toe Bonf v than the Benefit of Cit Dwel Ash a d0t be a and wind made a desert out of of West okla Kansas and new income has shrunk even on these what is parity government economists have a Price on each commodity which Thev Sav will Eive the Farmer a a return crop in relation to his costs of to major crops were Selling below their parity wheat was 14 per cent under us Price of a Bushel Oats were 8 per cent below their parity Price of cents a Bushel oranges were 65 per cent below their parity of a caused the farm Price Albert Thomas has accused vet Erans administrator Carl Gray of deliberately who buy sum ass cities m an As of last 11 out of 23 see on farm Pake two tos35 k Panhandle was the first to r be of the the wind son and Ali stripping the powder dry Congo Over livestock have moved gradual by Patricia Wiggins forecasters said All of Texas questions and answers about the no 3t x farm Price problem that has set off a controversy Between secrete tar of agriculture t some members of press and pastures How much have farm prices de calmed 2lhedust began for past Cul a Mue at at to was reduced to one fort Worth to a Mil and Ter Cotton is now Selling at 29 79 r and m East Texas cents a Pound compared to a visibility at 10 and 12 cents two years ago hogs at far to a 100 pounds compared to beef had a visibility of Only cattle a 100 ibs com i pared to 51 cents a i area around Wink appeared Pound compared to 98 cents the worst of the some like wheat have or there was Down to a half dropped so sharply in Bui four Miles of visibility production costs fertiii2er reported at cheery and others have not dust was not thick dropped As much As prices re apr to ground Cei Ved by Farmers so Farmers net sections of the state not yet a in the dust area were act 2itv readings in the dust now As i was saying Eisenhower Middle and her guests Chat at White where she gave a luncheon for Cabinet wives and wives of other top administration at left is Richard wife of the vice Ami at right is Arthur wife of the postmaster International Iaal mile 1 mile ring and Abilene 1 mile Useto Ai of a Lim spots Mardi gras thousands ready to cast worries aside new 16 and King of Mardi admitted the Golden nuts have been Al thousands of fun lovers prepared rather sadly that it has seen better ways been one of the most highly monday for a fantastic Climax to prize of Mardi gras the fabulous six week carnival sea this years Noel them with 2r in a South Rampart Street they i Nave election time conspiracy last fall to turn the on Congress men for bigger a Thomas made the charge at an appropriations subcommittee hear ing at which Gray was present 10 Days testimony was made Public Thomas told Gray his conspiracy involved getting in touch with All the veterans organizations and getting them All keyed Thomas told Gray the moves were part of your Well Laid plans to turn the heat Loose on All Mem Bers of Congress on both sides of the and you allocated the Money to suit your own purpose and to fit your conspiracy you had entered into to close Down those Hospital when you could have taken other Norris Cotton joined Thomas in his the record would show that there was a striking coincidence in that these cuts to hospitals were applied just before the election and the separation slips took effect election Cotton i found myself not against the which is bad Cotton but against the veterans adm Nistra Cotton and Thomas made the accusations at a on a a re quest for deficiency appropriations of s5 million would be for Hospital Gray and a officials explained the cutback in Hospital service was due to a million reduction in appropriations asked for Thev medical the Lay All four of planes life rafts found the last faint Hope that any of the 46 persons on a National airlines dc6 that crashed into the Gulf might be found alive disappeared monday after All the four life rafts the plane earned were accounted a preliminary investigation indicated the big airline May have been slammed into the heaving seas about 60 of night by unexpected torn adic the plane carried four life rafts 20man rafts and one for 10 the coast guard advised National airlines that All have been accounted until there had been the faintest of chances that might have Clung alive to one of those As the search for More bodies National announced will remade to raise father Joseph wreckage from the new Jersey Shields his runaway 18 seventeen bodies had been re by a search for More bodies and focused atthe crash site 12 Miles off the Alabama was intensified a Dawn and extended Over 60 Square Miles of tie Choppy Gulf the coast guard revealed a Navy Jet plane was believed to have plunged Gulf a Short distance West of airliners two to coast and two patrol boats were joined plane returning to the area at Dawn for a combined Udick strikes mounted 16 up More four air Force two bossed the area nigh Long Lhasa 200 United nations warplanes Marine air groups no smashed a communist one of the pilots former t target only15 mile from Pyon Boston red player Ted a coast Guarr said year old Buckner news cameras As they arrive Washington National the object ofa13day went to Daytona 16yearold Ivi Ichael Oconnell of she was working As a waitress in a restaurant when 15 de bombs and the bullets on and Over North Korea with Tampa Fla to never o Supply As Early those aboard Iffla am lab h n Charles said that during the each Agency head would full report on activities past election will be held at monday in the Baytown Nily on Way till Baytown received that steel Lor the Jon elevated water t tank has been shipped and be Here in a few construction of a Aion surface storage is most has been Chlea go Bridge and Iron 5 both meeting sectional head in i and development division attends a of american Petroleum biological subcommittee this group is search on the of Ial waste Waters on Marine been Active in the of Means clean i effluent granted love has been a Patent on a Sweeting is based on research d in the refinery on hypochlorite one of the methods for the odor of is widely used in Industry bobs permits the use of pre not be so but there wont be As gilded coconuts As in the Pastl the Zulu Aid and pleasure members freely As it used to and til have that not Many Only a handful this anytime during the you he can find at least people who in the past As Many As but comes car negro carnival organization of the much sought after nuts have Nival time and you try to get any which sometimes steals the spot been tossed to zulus admiring not anybody much be Light from lord of misrule Lones go on Sale Here today North korean Sabre jets reported their Cess Ful Days Hunting this screening the of the polish diplomatic first it Harold Fischer of sea the former wife of a destroyed two the wife of a new Orleans House committee overrides tax Cut is approved despite his Goslow request Baytown car owners have begun the Rush for 1953 License tags As the Sale got under Way at 8 monday in the county tax county tax collector col Lins said the new plates would be yellow with Black about 16 up would go into effect on would not be Wise to reduce our the same As issued in 1951 the House ways and Means com making the total reduction Mittee overrode president Eisen about 10 per in line with speaker Joseph Bowers Goslow request and voted legislation providing for the tax Martin said the tax cutting t 21 to 4 monday to Cut individual Cut was approved by the ways and Bill would not be called up for a income taxes on july Means committee despite i Tion on the a balanced sold at the Woodard motor the if it becomes would sen Howers statement to Congress budget is in m Rosy at and my amount to 5 per cent for most tax two weeks ago that payers in this Calendar an determine the additional Cut of about 5 per cent Pendi Tures c May never get through the sen which it would have to do be fore it could become other developments e 1 k i w Yalta of the Senate and and that the same prefix my would be used in in addition to the Sale in the county License plates will Millan motor companies in la lands Laming Jet not injured it Cut hits military Anas in substations will not be March Collins inspection stickers will not be required for Purchase of tags but House f motorists must have the car Lees and top Republican leaders and License receipt Collins 16 met president Eisenhower to Dis said that absence of the twice vetoed tidelands Legisla cuss plans for a Resolution Dis present the apply Tion started through Congress owning Yalta secret conces Cawn for again monday with greatly in according to informed deadline for Purchase the Patent feb 16 the House appropriations com Mittee kicked off the Eisenhower administrations Economy drive proved chances of becoming Law the Only question at the new plates March 31 and tags monday by slashing this regular monday meeting seemed must Fae on the april 1 from a Money Bill originally total Senate Interior committee to be what form the Resolution scheduled its first hearing Mon would Ling Day morning on legislation Simi files the per cent Cut in a request Lar to that which was successfully Vladimir a Young prepared by the Truman admin vetoed in 1946 and 1952 by former state department was the the republicans president the House jul main scheduled witness As the sen took hit the defense depart Ciary committee begins hearings ate permanent investigating com ment on the same Issue Mittee resumed hearings on Al bulk of the savings resulted Spessard Holland d legend mismanagement of state from Complete elimination by the was the first witness before department personnel of billion sought the Senate he is the tidelands Bridge painting contract is let painting of the Market Street Road Bridge across the san a teens j3aou was the defense department to chief spokesman for 40 senators twice vetoed tidelands legis scheduled to begin Early this l Latoi Sta h n count commissioner meet higher and who joined in sponsoring a Bill Lati Oit starts through Congress other increased costs identical to the one passerby monday with greatly improved in Large part by the last de Congress and vetoed by tru chances of becoming Law this contract had been let to Courtney county commissioner v sey reported monday that theocratic Man last see two Andrus drops Lor Way Janie h Locasc rs1 Loci at cd a game of Billy Fulton keeps heres Brink and on a Low bid of the steel Bridges will be Sand blasted Down to the Bare Given a coat of Lead base paint and then covered with Ramsey said the Bridges prob ably will have to be closed for a fort Worth 16 Carswell doctor at the and lowing the weak plunged his few Days to prevent cars from be Yivon Jin two Vior Etc in Sura cd Tiri medic rescues airman Given up for dead Man Iraq red from wreckage of super bomber Imo ref ably destroyed one and damaged Joseph of Apple National airlines four vice said 1 mondays attack followed two James Jabara so far indicated unexpected Tor other big in Aerial americas first Jet Nadia conditions were to blame in fighter bombers struck the claimed he damaged near for the Kershaw said there vital Sueiho Reservoir along the the Sueiho it was his first was no indication of mechanical Yalu River and sunday night score since returning for a second super forts pounded a Large target tour of duty in the plane Only eight Miles from the probable destruction claim ers at Miami and Many of the fifth air Force called the was Given to Mertiri mitc Fiell those aboard vere believed plan Kyo Ipa raid one of the largest of Ning to visit the new Orleans mar i j Kershaw there apparently was no Advance warning the All the bodies found were transferred to the Cutter largest of the surface Craft which had been crisscrossing the at a in Advance Al baser headed towards the crash area since Dawn sundays 16 Ted nearest air base the his identify Capon of the former Boston red sox not be announced until further on his first combat menu out search is called off arid the Sion in crash landed his As i neared the the a Lethron makes the coast guard flaming Jet plane monday at this Rons started to get i 1 i Advance aired off the Hydraulic he the airline reported one of the Williams practically fell out Hai to use Handson stewardesses Vas 21yearold bet of Marine Panther Jet after it the stick the to a Petite who was unhurt he had i was going too but was named miss Ilia i Beach no idea Why his caught on Ven i looked at my airspeed in1950 and who had won several Oil fire it want or Beauty contests in the Miami i didst feel a thing his flaps failed to work an the 1 he wheels would not go the polish embassy in washing was flying with the 33rd there to do but ton announced mrs Sienora stir Marine air one of two belly i hit pretty hard and Krowska second Secretary of the Marine groups air chugged Down the was a the Force wings on a 200plane raid thought i would i another passenger Over Komi to 15 Mues South of jerked the emergency release on n the North korean capital of the canopy and got it then i practically fell out of the fellow pilots noticed his plane was on fire As he pulled away from Williams a Reserve officer and i r the target smoke poured out of Veteran of world War arrived Brake ports All the Way in 3 re w Williams said he climbed to gain called to the i a f a i i were aboard death comes to Sam Oliver death planed he was to celebrate birthday today As Hod i Osman of the consulate York 16 the family Ofsan Houston Ethel Oliver of Cedar Bayou two absurd eight returned hands into feet of Snow that to see the in Snow covered wreck to scene of the crash to co had filled the after Section of the Iel reports age of a super bomber was Tine a search that began plane arid found the Arm of ser quickies by Ken Reynolds Chat Iasi College described As a wonderful Eweather conditions prevented Heli Geant him Over penance monday by a Carswell copters from operating at night Sarch Art used a scooped away air Force base As the search party used axes the Mcdowell her airman Audie to chop through me Butin some three feet below ditto of Beckville told Carswell Dowell and Bisland heard burned the entangled in the the Bunny officials of the Rescue of cries they checked with Gwit Carroll Butin of f or members the and Buttins first who was originally reported killed in the crash at Goose Labra the doctor Fow order asking 1ns phones in an Jane Reber run or red car at the usual Tevens won hair for a Rosenbergs to be executed Werf of March 9 Era monday 3et the forthe execution at sing sing on prison of convicted spies but Julius and steel the Rosenbergs United states marshal William that Day and had cried1 out on Occa Sions but was not Butin told rescuers he would pass out n and then return to consciousness Oliver had planned to celebrate Odell and Rodney Oliver of which crashed to his oth birthday Mexico he will be buried after Irene Holt of Houston Inez the latest list carried the names funeral services at 2 Paul Watkins of Tulsa and of Graham 45port Lee funeral the Neches and Beaumont pastor of second also surviving Are three 4l of Dallas Church of Cedar Willow Meybell Curtis of Houston Houston Fici ate Venice and burial Myrtle plummet of Houston f will be Bayou methodist and Brown of evos St pallbearers will be Hunt Oliver died at Troy Casey o d Day after a Long Gardner and1 Bill survivors Are his truck and car Are in coition investigating officers were parked Field mud but a somewhat confused Over who was in listed among the missing Robinson fort and j a Taylot from port another la Richard Shaddick was listed returning to Good Fetlow air was7 t National showed to As ticket who at a collision on West main Accord Wel known m into an Accident report filed in leaving a Trytek Park Salesman for Westernik Tiona 3lrfa corporation court Thede Boft the report Ter Adams 4 Driver of charges of not fall Butin is in a Goose and is expected to Arent Yon treating that dog in like one of the family

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