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Barre Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 4

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Barre Daily Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Barre, VermontThe Barre daily mrs Bare vt., wednesday june 23, 1920. Barre daily times wednesday june 23, 1920. Published every week a y afternoon by the Barre daily times inc. Frank e. Langley publisher the White House but it was a consid Erable proportion of the rank and file of the democratic party who were not considered of sufficient importance to be called into conference. Only a few democrats have remained in the Good Garwes of president Wilson and it was Only rarely that the president saw fit to invite them in to Tell of his plans. This aloofness has caused no slight ill feel ing among the members of the party july 1, 1920entered at the pos Toffic lit Barre a second Clas Smail matter subscription rates one year by mail three month by mail $1.15 one month by mail., Fin cent single copy .2 tents v to feel that they have been slighted. Ninety five e per cent of the world s businesses done by Check. Five per cent of the world s business is done by the Transfer of Cash. The world is progressing. Don t pay your Bills in the old fashioned Way be modern. Open a checking account with us. All subscriptions Cash in Advance. Of i314 15 16 .7 wig. A if member of the associated press possibly or. Mccoombs does not represent that faction but there Are Many others who do feel the slight. The associated Frew i exclusively entitled to the use for Repusic Atyinn of All i is of patches credited to it or not otherwise cred ird in this paper and aim the local news put Lianea Zieran. A. G. whose initials Are they t people will be puzzled As a Rule to guess president Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia University recently a Candi Date for the presidency of the United states and eliminated at the Republican convention in Chicago did the commendable thing in apologizing to col. William c. Proctor and other support ers of major general Wood for intemperate words used directly after the at the first thought on the matter. Yet they Are initials which seem destined to become quite prominent. The Semi Annu Al settling period crediting of interest declaration of dividends make this a Busy time indeed for the Banks and their patrons. During the Rush of this mid year season we want to take a moment to thank our friends for the exceptional Prosperity which this Bank has enjoyed during this first half of the year a Prosperity which is due to your Confidence and we feel that you should know How we Are getting on for the Success of your Bank has a direct bearing on your own Success personal or corporate. Our earnings have been such that after allowing for All of the usual contingencies and setting aside a Liberal amount to the surplus and profits account to protect depositors we shall be Able to go Forward with our anticipated outlay for our new Home in the Aldrich building with full Assur Ance and Confidence that the expense will be amply provided for and our foresight we Hope will be amply rewarded by the appreciation of our patrons and friends for a finer More convenient and More serviceable Bank ing Home. To live work and be a part of the Thrifty Industrial life of the Busy City of Barre to be patronized by the Good people who live in or near the City to serve their needs inspire their Confidence and hold their Good will is an Ideal Worth striving for a most prize Possession. The Only Safe Rule of conduct As we View it is to grow stronger through Trust and larger through service. Whatever part of your banking financial or investment affairs you May entrust to us will be guarded with Diligence and care. Deposits in savings department go on interest from july first at 4 per cent. Good men have changed their minds convention and tending to cast serious possibly Mcadoo will change his mind and permit his name to be presented Quarry savings Bank and Trust co. Ben , pres. . . Directors t ban a. Eastman j. Ii. Boutwe w. G. Remold h. F. Cutlet e. L. Scott h. J. M. Oiwa h. H. Jacaso reflection on the character of the Wood support. However it is scarcely an ext the democratic National convention Cuse for a Man of Butler s position tothe chances Are. Against it however. Forget himself As he did even though he was under the Strain turmoil and a the new York times refers to gov Tigue of the Chicago convention and in Sharp revolt against the Power of error Coolidge As possessing that con Ais tent antique Vermont character Money in we expect to find it is a characterization which neither governor Coolidge nor Vermont will re a judicial temperament in persons occupying positions such As Butler holds. Possibly the outburst of petulance and Diate because it is about the Bestas june is the begin Ning of the Comfort lovin g season when shirt sleeves Are in triumphant evidence due attention should be paid to the shirts which furnish the sleeves. It Means that the Man nervously fastidious about wearing Only " Correct " clothes should be particular As to the fabrics of his shirts. It follows As the night the Day that he will select his shirts in this store. Suits for summer some Palm Beach some mohair some Are Chev its Serges and Home spurs some double breasted and All Are Good Money s Worth at from $18 to $60. Praise that can be Given in these Days of Ultra Moder n foolishness of Many resentment gives some intimation Why Butler was not More seriously consid ered As a candidate for the presidential nomination. Outside of his own state sorts. Safe Deposit boxes steamship tickets Liberty Bonds stored foreign Exchange. Commercial department savings department Trust department travellers cheques delegation Butler was not supported and of course the new York support another weekly newspaper in ver Mont the Springfield reporter Hai found it necessary to raise its sub strip Vermont Mutual tire insurance company of Montpelier it. Ninety secon d year him was purely perfunctory such As accorded Home stat e candidates notion rates Tho yearly Bill being $2.50 after Jiffy 1. Printed on heavy coated paper the Springfield contemporary is and then. An unfinished a class by itself in Vermont. Besides that it is very Good newspaper and is the Peoples National Bank 4 per cent the Only National Bank in Barre 4 per cent announcement with considerable asset Worth the advanced Price. $11,653,426.00blare of trumpets that another and More Complete round a p of is strange indeed that Only one parlor bolshevik etc., is to be mad really avowed candidate for lieutenant by the United states government has familiar sound very familiar since governor of Vermont has made known his desires to the people of the state. At this time in mod biennial election Palmer became attorney general of the United states. In the meantime what years there have been several pos Sibil Are we going to do with the consider father s one Hal f baskets of strawberries from my Garden at Camp Lookout insurance in Force $112,201.181.00 number of policies in Force 57.750 policies written under Mutual or paid a p plan at actual Cost no profit consider this fact when placing your automobile fire insurance if you Are seeking insurance see our local agent Mcallister & Kent agents for Barre Berlin and Orange ties yet the name of Abram w. Foote of Cornwall is the Only name thus far ble number of people who were taken bridegroom the Dills Tor Yourin custody in previous raids and who re still held in detention quarters in no. 63." Long Street and before this a Small Quantity was picked but not measured. These were of the Ever bearing variety and of excellent flavor. Vav. M. Spear. Ture and a governor of Broad mind Clear g vision and the spirit and purpose of making self secondary to the work of state Progress. Candi Date Emery is a vermonter who Meas ures up to All these requirements and with the of the people would work for a bigger better and Mora progressive Vermont. Newport pres and Standard. Mentioned in connection with the re publican ticket. If the foot of the tick a l thus seems fixed there is still much uncertainty about the head of the ticket. Various cities one shipload of these radicals was sent abroad and was land Trousseau Why i thought your father paid these. Bride it is customary dear. But papa thou gift you would rather do it than give him the humiliation of Bor rowing the Money from you. Boston transcript. F. H. Rogers & company de within easy approach to Russia the land of the soviet s dream but since then there has been no movement West Ward or eastward while so far As the current comment Public knows there have Bee few lib rations of the men and women who letters to the editor Ere gathered in during the raids and placed in confinement. Instead of Mak in threats of rounding up other per on Early strawberries. To the editor while we Are Al sons of tendencies it two boys aged six and Serroi years who Are held responsible for a rear in collision on the Boston 4. Albany rail Road in Massachusetts cannot be punished under the Law but they can be spanked for their wrong Bent in placing obstructions on the track. The boys should be spanked but along with the spanking should go a rather Clear explanation of the right and the wrong of the act which they did. To doubt the judge before whom the boys will be brought will see to it that the matter is placed before them in Clear Light. Otherwise the spanking might been tirely in vain. Willing to admit that the gardens of Emery As governor. A Good Safe Aane and progressive state government cannot be brought about by any one person even though he be the chief executive and the voters of Vermont know it. Any candidate who hold that Only through him can these things be done is fool ing the voters. A work ing together of the chief executive and legislature alone can bring this about. This Calls for the election of the state s Best citizens to the Legisla Ould be advisable to dispose of the Barre town Are wonders still a mus cases already in hand. Attorney Gen eral Palmer s idea May be All right but is execution of the idea is very in assert that they a at any rate equalled by some of those in the City. In answer to the gentleman who claims the Dipti nation of having the first Ripe strawberries of the season i should say that on saturday last i picked two perfect. In other words he starts a Job the efficiency club Fithen you become a depositor in this Bank you have joined one of the Best clubs in the world the club of the efficient. The officers of this Bank Are anxious that every one of its depositors succeed. It is their policy to promote the Prosperity of All who do business with them. The first National Bank of Montpelier member Federal Reserve system Pride of Niagara the and fails to Complete it by a Long shot. I m Ideal pie and cake flour car. Your Fri Foj a Bellows Falls Man who was recently fined in the municipal court of his Village for operating an automobile without having taken out an operator s License admitted that he knew the Law requiring a License and that he had con formed with the Law every year until this year when he sold his machine to another Man and was instructing the purchaser How to run the vehicle when arrested. Some other people take a similar Chance and get away with it but the surveillance is getting More Sharp and the practice will not be re sorted to except by the most Foolhardy. Equally Good for pies cakes and fancy pastry. Used for years by some of the largest Bakers of fancy pastry in the world. Sold by reliable grocers. Ask yours about it to a n. D. Phelps co. He the anticipated Advance in tires in the next 30 Days is forewarned. During that period we offer Empire tires and tubes to 14 m m i the open rebellion in the democratic party against the leadership of As Ood to Wilson As headed by William v. Mccombs who was manager of Wil son s Campaign in 1012, is a natural re sult of the aloofness with which Wilo has conducted himself during the Cord and fan c tires tubes from 30x3 $14.00 $2.35 to to to 37x5. $49.00 $6.65 discount on guaranteed tires 10 Days Only commencing next monday june 21, 1920 and ending july 1, 1920 last few years of Bis stay in the White House. It has not been the republicans alone who were barred from Council in u a new line of baseball supplies including bats Call Early for Best selection. Capital savings Bank and Trust co. Montpelier it. Barre. 28 h m he m ti111 39zbk3ff2 Buitt not Stuj cd commencing May 1 and until further notice this Bank will close on saturdays at noon but will be open for business As usual saturday even Ings from 6 30 to 8 o clock. Four per cent interest is paid on Sav Ings accounts. We will give a Liberal discount on our entire Stock of tires including Viking Fisk Goodyear Goodrich Firestone United states and others. Do your buying now for the rest of the year and save dollars. We will be pleased to have you select your favorite tire from our Spring Stock. Don t wait come Early and make sure to get the tire you want. The Goodfellow co., inc. 69 South main Street Barre it. 1 i t a. You can get More Comfort More style and More Wear out of a pair of walk Ove r shoes when fitted the walk Over Way than you have Ever had before experienced. The English shoe is the proper style this season for the particular Man or woman. Our Stock of this shoe is Complete and we can properly fit you. Rogers walk Ove r Boot shop h c w m k a tag o pm St k i. Ii 1 t r . Pat. Off.,trustees Geo. L. Elax Fhaid. Or e. Edward h. Slavitt. In or Wiiest. H it plus . Pr3it i tanks ill the. Treasurer. William. Sch. Harry fan ills. Tiv thy t. Callahan. Special for this week a $35.00 Ostermoor for $31.00. Let us show Jou. A. W. Badger & co. T 4.n.r Are Lar Fri eke new term Ian aim la a Taie Warstall ? a new and it to d ate Auto ambulance

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