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Barre Daily Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Barre, VermontThe Barre daily time vol. Xxiv no. 85. Bahre Vermont wednesday june 23, 1920. Price two cents. Half Millio gift. Minor business dead. Cannot done by Council Democrat to May split stole million in supplies deny Rumor pkg strike Cornell University received it from August Hecksher. Ithaca no y., june 23. A gift $o00,0 w by. August Hecksher new a few building permits and License be determined were granted at meeting last Bone dry la w a few building permits a few co because intensity the Railroad a unions will not Goj this week say Mittee reports and a few minor License applications constituted the work thieves made raid gov Ernie it depot at port Clinton ohioans debate is certain Lork Tity for the endowment re search in Cornell University was announced by president Joseph Gould Sci Burman at the University 52d commencement to Day. The income the fund will be used to maintain professorships research and to provide facilities for scientific work. At Thia commencement the univer sity conferred t 8. First degrees and t5 advanced degrees. The medical College gunfire in Londonderry Ireland Weir leaders the Barre City Council in regular met1ing last night All members being pre ent. The hearing the application the Standard Oil co. Of new Yor continuous fire. Open fight would be Likely it i pre h0v3vt0 receive wage. Award soon Federal agents Are investigating galls m Doo for a permit to erect a distributing stat part leaders have Given dieted to furnish Many thrilling Tion at the Corner main and West. I turns. Is being kept up second streets was postponed a we Bryan May head prohibitionists up Hope settling the question behind the request the company As some the company s agents could not Jennings Bryan would be a number port Clinto unionists and. Nationalists expected to head the Bone Drys and present. The building permits granted we he. Probably would find pitted against the strike the yardman seems lessened at Philadelphia him strategists and orators the first Small in nature being As follows mrs citizens May be involved in new York City graduated 51 div Tor Medicine two weeks ago. Earlier in the year the University granted 271 first degrees and 43 advanced de Grees. The total number graduates for the year is 1,123. The certificate War alumnus was granted to 31 men whose services in the world War prevented their earning a regular degree. The University also inscribed its Rolls As War alumni the names 110 men who enlisted As undergraduates and lost their live in the service. Engage in a fierce Battle rank. Caroline b. Milne to re Shingle roof at doors the platform committee and will be forced to let decision Bryan says his close re 28 spauling Street Jamea h. Sulliv. Bourke Cochran new York was mentioned As one those who might be asked to match wits and eloquence Van to remodel House and build with the pres Toledo o., june 23. Government at i Brooklyn. Street mrs. Agnes Wil Londonderry Ireland june 23. With the nebraskan m the to the floor the agents investigating the disappear ancient hurts him there was no cessation in the Liams to build an 8x12 office off Granite Street William Carrigan to build Woof ordnance equipment at the Eri Battle Between unionist and National although . Bryan is expected tomake a fight also against the administration treaty Plank the general belief convention. Washington d. A june 13. Presi Dent Wilson sent a message to the Railroad labor Board at Chicago urging that it make an immediate award the wage controversy. The text the message was not Raad Public at the White House. Proving grounds at port Clinton 40 Piazza in front Bouse at and Spaulding Street William Fifield repair House and build garage at is factions which has kept Londo Wilson need not Miles East Here redoubled their Derry in a terror Stricke state for South main Street Hedberg & Gustva efforts to Day to find the parties guilt be considered Davs l ast during the night the when president Schurian closed his address at the commencement exercises to a he ended his administration More than 28 years. His resignation which wag accepted by the trustees feb. 28. Took effect to a in his address to the graduating son to build a garage off s Decla rival actions erected additional bar Street the Black theatre co., inc., Toof the thefts that will total close to million . From which Thev Kent no a can proceed with reconstruction at the Oldt n. .1 Uris i i Zanleoni building North main a tree Ryan Ujj Ciares Ivl Cadoo tenuous fire. At times the shooting his friends Here is that he will re serve his greatest Effort for the prohibition problem. Senator Carter Glass Virginia who is credited with hold ing president Wilson s commission to write the administration league nations Plank is the leading candidate for chairman the platform commit tee and the general prediction to a was that he would be chosen to that position with Little Cummings said to a ration against the Law interpreted questioning civilian employees at the government station was continued under the permit granted mrs. Mar class president Schurman paid a Tri breached the intensity Volley. Zanleoni. Cleveland o., june 23. Rumours that Railroad unions will Call a strike this week affecting All unions were denied to a by the chief effective the four transportation brotherhoods Engi would be easy Mark for Ute to the career Ezra Cornell by a Iliad department Justice the malcontents today were j he Street committee reported Noj Iesals and it was said that a number Wilson s enemies damage done by the City Fairview charge most the City and it even Street and the same committee re was impossible to Icahn the number neers firemen conductors and train. Founder Cornell University who he said began life As a poor Mechanic and won a Battle with poverty ultimately becoming Rich and successful. President Schurian appealed to the graduates to cherish always the ideals dear to some consider that Burle commended favourable action Grant men. Simply strikers propaganda 1of casualties from the authorities. Re the Village s citizens might be solved. M0ntpelier Man honoured. Lane s application for an air station Lincoln neb., june 23. Discussing that it still was an open question whether the adaption the platform said w. G. Lee president Theon North main Street. Both report the possible democratic candidates for ports were in circulation that several bodies have Wen seen lying in Bishop the heart youth Foremost which the Choice a nominee would com first the convention program. The presidency William j. Bryan in an were accepted and air. Lane was Given a permit under restrictions. Dun son represented presi. Dent Wilson s views " both forces Are endear Street but any attempt Roget to Bish he san was Liberty. George b. Young gets master degree article in his newspaper the commoner Philadelphia june 23. Improvement in the yardman s strike situation was Prospect a prolonged right in com bar & Arnholm. Across the Street Fromor. N Hurman said the world Toop Street to verify the reports was at Over prohibition and perhaps declares William i. Mcadoo is Handi Lane in the Palace garage wanted virtual suicide. Reported to a by both the Pennsyl Vania and the Reading railroads. Off permit to replace a hand pump Gas capped As a candidate by his clime re Hanover x. A. June 23. Dartmouth some other subjects has led to a move ment to go ahead with balloting while Day is being menaced by class favorit Tom. There is no duty he said More urgently incumbent thoughtful adoring to strengthen the military remained passive the line station with an electric pump an Cial Haid a number men returned to College at its commencement elation ship with the president while the committee aits. Troops watching forces armed men work the Midnight shift last night patriotic citizen to a than the a president Wilson himself he says such talk As there wan to Day re mercies conferred the honorary degree doctor Laws upon major pass through the Side streets to their the permit waa Brechin got a permit keep two pigs at 73 Hill Street and that conditions gradually were assertion the rights the american need not be Battle positions. Considerable fighting preaching Normal although the Ovetie izeral theorge v. To Goethals and he people As a whole against the Privi themselves for the conflict that seems Ineyie table. Garding candidates seemed to strengthen the prospects a deadlock for Sev eral ballots. Some those in the in asserting that . Mcadoo also is Andreoletti to keep one cow and two Cri no Over. A neral i Nuthals was occurred the waterfront which was Cut off from the rest the town. The ment freight was still More Les seriously affected. Embargoes except pigs Spring Street George w. As the instigator Eccl handicapped by his silence thener Circle plans said it was hard to Der to sell fireworks. It was vote Central police station was isolated from perishable foodstuffs and Coal for Leges any class against favorit ism to any German Cabinet peace treaty . Bryan declares Rator and the greatest Supply program the country has Ever that if the knights Columbus up conceive How the two third s necessary to nominate could be brought into one the other stations and the police Vir Tualla were lies egad Public utilities were still in effect 011 both roads and there was considerable Mcadoo is tins Hie to Call to his sup ply for a permit to hold a carnival known in his contribution to one column for two three Roll Calls at show the old trotting Park Suchit was rumoured that a Force sin port those to whom the president s the greatest Crise the War and congestion 011 the Reading Road. The least and they pointed out that if partly formed permit would lie granted for a fee Hoover As the eloquent spokesman candidacy appealed with special Force 1 1 i. Pennsylvania reported seven its 13 Yards operating at 100 per cent Cato three candidates divided the Fin a great nations Lilter sell and expo seiners was gathering outside the City and also that the Irish volunteers were about to take a hand. To More troops had arrived in up to this Anu mine would Rural Hui an easy Hulk the voting strength among Neil to St Ken Peoples its tract two men Are said to have been be the Bills ordered paid were school department $12,000 the 1d20 tax parity four at 0 per cent one at 75 per cent and one at 50 per for All the president s Nethem favorite sons and dark horses would be encouraged to prolong the Cai idealism. Professor Stephen b. Lea Cork Money j. F. Spencer compensation afternoon it was reported however strike leaders denied any break 111miea. The article says however that . Mcadoo has considerable strength that an additional battalion had de Montreal and Justin h. Simth Hist deadlock by holding to their balance Power. Cured to fill Post in ministry. I Guidon june 23. Formation a 830 i. M. Miles Coal co. .ltf.7 William Stephen 12.80. Auditing their ranks. Instead they declared they Are gaining accessions daily and retrained at t Ole rain about 30 Miles Rian new York were Given the de among wage earners. Northeast this cite and was March a. Lundgren $k.s0, auditing Robert diced a general walkout in the Phil agree Tio Etor the generally accepted View Ine withdrawal William g. Mcadoo will referring to president Avilton. Or. Mackie. Auditing d. M. Gilbertine in to escape the danger its train Delphia District Friday. They Hev. Jane l. Barton foreign Secre san Francisco. June 23.rumhlings democratic discord Over the prohibition Issue became hourly More Omi Nous As delegates and party chiefs arrived in increasing numbers for the National convention. Hope that the gathering. Storm might spend it self behind the closed doors the plat form committee virtually was Ahan done by the leaders and they pre pared to face an outbreak tempestuous debate the floor the convention itself. Such a development it was agreed everywhere would hold Majiyu dramatic new German Cabinet is reported in Bryan says that while vague hints being wrecked. Son io"0. Services As wire inspector tary the american Board cooperate to make a deadlock More Likely by distributing More less widely Berlin despatch printed in a late Edias Many persons As can do to Are miss Grid lev j2fi c. L. Booth 20and suggestions have been thrown out missioner Tor foreign missions was claimed freight traffic was badly tied up and said the men would not resume work until their grievances were satisfactorily adjusted. Tion the times Thia morning the police pay $111.8,1 firemen pay l?10j.leaving Londonderry. Made a dead divinity and the de occasionally no one. Claiming to speak 5.v, water pay lli.2l engineering message saying new men have been the strength which had been lined up behind him. Some thought however that a considerable following would vote for him despite his Public with Gree master arts was conferred professor Burton e. Scale cof Radfor the president near enough to him the Reading railway issued a bulletin pay ?44.7.j Street pay found for a couple posts in the min Yale honoured express his wishes has announced his College Philadelphia Lucius Teter Chicago a banker Poland Ennis. T by. This Cabinet is regarded As an eme conferred la. D. On the a. E. F. Com yesterday notifying tie strikers that new men were being employed and that if the strikers did not return to their Woik immediately their positions and drawl while the most enthusiastic the Mcadoo supporters still were predicting that he would be the Nora Young in Montpelier a former Mander to a president the Vermont bar Asso Herbert Hoover is eliminated from the list candidates whom . Bryan Barrt girl the Bride a Bristol conn.,gency one the despatch quotes the l ,.1.1 in. Nee. F elation. Seniority rights would be Haven conn., june 2.1. Yale Man to a considers available while senator the graduating class was one the adding hat it must walk warily to University at Iti 21 the commencement a Fil 1. 1 t.,., t under an Arch ferns and wild maintain itself but will at least be Largent in the history the College 22, Ruvi Viiu Uia Ana Ccreary i exercise ill Vav Ooi Sev Nail to a con funeral Dorothy Smith the Bay window Orbio to go to spa As representing a degrees being awarded. Roses formed i agriculture Meredith Are described As i erred honorary degrees upon the Fidall factions g. O. P. Committee the Home . And mrs. F. T. Cutler Large majority Derman ing being among the few available men was held at Home her grandpa ,1s i North main Street. Mips Gertrudei he Lage Blatt say further that the doctors Laws general John per possibilities including a further plication the Uncertain Outlook As to the presidential the overshadowing Issue in conferences the ques Tion a platform declaration against the present Bone dry Law almost took the whole stage for itself As the gathering delegates heard fire at St. J0hnsbury,thus far to be available Cabinet will meet the Reich Stag i. Ennis. Oldest daughter e. Ashing Thomas Dewitt Tiyler rail Road administrator and War Tim e chair ends Montpelier Road. The funeral Dorothy Maxi thursday when Kun Tantin Fel Irei Ennis this City and Thomas g. Pot his year . Bryan asserts a Candi Fairbanks shops the scene a Livel Bach the new Chancellor will read Aman the association Railroad exec land Bristol. Conn., son . And mrs. Thomas b. Poland Bristol were Blate to a Date must be known to be for woman suffrage for prohibition and against Smith daughter mrs. Ethel b. Smith occurred at the Home Hefu Tives right Hon. Sir Auckland Camp declaration relative to the policy the Geddes British ambassador to the s John Bury. June 2.1.-- spark pronounced Man and wife by re Frank Hokerk pastor the i Kiwall l United states and Jean Adrien an from a welding machine falling int postmaster general Burleson s in grandparents . And mrs. F. R. Hay Denon the Montpelier Road at 2 p. M. Tuesday Rev. B. G. the hed an earlier Berlin message to the versa list Church at 9 30 Thia . Bryan sars attorney general Tome Jules Josserand. French Amassa vat Japan so he Ici i a Blaze in the machine shop 4f the Fairbanks scale ounce tent for a modification the volstead act. By Many accustomed London times received in the news j Aimer entered the Campaign in a Posi the double ring service waa to the l United states. The Bride was attended by Bride despatch tuesday night reported doctor science Henry Prentiss works at i clock this morning which maids. Miss clan los Poland Bristo the collapse the proposed Rehren Tion to Deal sternly with the profiteer and an expectant Public stood ready to applaud but the profiteer a Nisby director the Institute resisted the efforts the firemen for half an hour. The property damage Ding m. E. Church officiating. Burial was in the Tureen mount cemetery be Side her father the late Osborne w. Smith. She was a lovable child held in High esteem by regard the postmaster general As a political spokesman for the White House the development was accepted As a warning which Way the wind conn., sister the Groom and miss animal nutrition at Pennsylvania state leaders Republican party expressed satisfaction Over personnel the committee. Washington d. A june 23. Republican leaders generally expressed approval to a the personnel the executive committee which will con duct the party s presidential Campaign. Twenty e members including seven women will constitute the committee and the names 20 these were announced last night by chairman will Hays the National committee. One name said to be that a. National committeeman waa omitted because . Hays had not had time to com Bach Cabinet because the majority socialists were said to have decided that they would decline their Aid in securing Beatrice d. Ennis sister the to Nave to tags All his own Way College. Was not Large but there will lie con and the attorney general is now suffer mis Gertrude Sale Barre was Mai doctor divinity v Arthur Good Sid Erable los time in getting the machine shop into shape the placing from the he adds that the Floral tribute were Many and administration influence would blow others among the party leaders re vote Confidence for the status the new Cabie Noigh for 50 years n congregational pastor at Winchester attorney general is unfortunate having been flooded with water. Beautiful the which follows Spray Jack , Mother and Broth Honor and Roy d. Kelson Bris Tol. Conn., served a Best Man. Two Little Flower girls completed this bridal Tir cession. Thev Teing Helen Cutler net seems still rather Uncertain the the firemen finally resorted to Sheet doctor letters Albert to take that View but no one Here assumed to know with certainty How the sentiments president Wil Iron and Sand to extinguish the fire Spray Sweet peas and roses . Too in having to espouse the ratification the treaty without Reserva 1. C 1 later advices appear to indicate that the difficulty with the majority social professor English literature at the i Niv Ersita i Ennis. The Sand Wing thrown into the vat and and Millard Poland. And mrs. F. A. Tia Den. Or. And might be in Accord with those its has been arts Malcolm Lee me Sheet Iron being thrown Over the vat miss Rachel Cutler placed prom former i Eaker i name i Lark is mentioned As having his own state be it was 40 Vears ago that the most Bride. Business Man out Eland Wil if. B. Hayden carnations mrs. A j. Smith carnations and roses . And mrs. F. B. Smith carnations and snap ise me then Ixia Wengrin s Maren aim ind him while opposition to governor Lidahl Darrach surgeon and . Burleson. What everyone Here does know How Ever is that both sides the controversy Are cementing their lines and disastrous tire Ever experienced in Stew president Bates. During the service the Flower song Fol senior Lersey and fio Vernor Johns Biira was caused by a match sultans in surgery at Headquarters owed by Mendelssohn s wedding dragons mrs. Harriet Hayden. Or. And american expeditionary Force . Clifton d. Gray formally Ina mrs. Earle Haven Iris and lilies. Ohio Are reiterated. Governor Cox the Arti bringing their heaviest artillery for a Brown into a Japan vat in the fair Bonks shop. The Bride was hero mingle attired in and mrs. Frank Hayden Spray Carcle declared will urge him As a com Herbert even Hawks author Dean Columbia University Kew god William Nelson chief the biological Survey in White Georgette crepe Over White sating rated at Lew is . Lewiston. Me., june 23. Or. Clifton nations. Or. And mrs. Newell Nelson . Aid . Howard Rockwood. Ralph and wore a veil caught with a Wreath Promise Between the wests the Edwards Type and the Bone pm Jingle is exonerated. Finish fight. After Many conferences in an Effort to Lay a basis for har Mony. Homer s. Cd Ronnings the chairman said to a it seemed to be a fair be that the question i. She also carried a Large bouquet Oft Ray in formally inaugurated As tunicate with the appointee. Or. Hays Heads the executive com Mittee which includes former senator John w. Weeks Massachusetts. Leaders claimed that every group the party was represented in the com Mittee membership and that this amalgamation insured Harmony within and a solid front against the. Democrats. The nominee senator Harding to Day was engaged in adjusting his affairs in Washington so he might leave Early in july for his Home in Marion Marshall is accused guide s roses. Miss Dale he maid pc Lou Paul Kelson peonies and pan Sie . Nad . J. L. Smith . And . John Anderson roses. Or. Henry the l United states department Agri culture Preston Brown chief stall the second division who issued Ders for the Advance chateau Thier president hates College this morning. The exercises were held in the presence making a feeble bid for the wet Burlington Man had been charged under the lever be taken to the convention floor Honor wore a Jade Green Charmeus gown with a picture hat and carried a Boisonet Pink carnations. Miss to a numerous and distinguished com arwell. Or. W. A. Stowell Rose. Imge candidacy has South re. Later commanding general the Burlington. June 23. In the Case the l United states government against Pany including Tove Rizor my liken Maine and governor Coolidge Mas Dakota s support and he has Many third division and military governor .Imi Rannal Frianela k i i i mrs. E. F. Rand roses and carnations . And mrs. W. O. Comstock snap land a bridesmaid wore a Sand coloured. Aill a tinier Ucie i rave. Ilk taffeta gown with a picture Batsa Chusett. Dragons mrs. Ines Darling assorted Gates . Bryan says. To match and carried Sweet peas. Miss Harris p. Prindle this City charged with violating the lever act. In Selling sugar at an unreason he profit. Prindle in his inaugural address which was Nitis. The other bridesmaid sure a Flowers mrs. Theorge e. Maker an members Blessing bearers hed Good sailing weather flashlight. Elaborate and extended. Or. Tray specifically recommended a new gymnast flesh Pink Organ die gown with picture was discharged yesterday by t Onius plaster building. Ing m. E. Church teacher and school promised for to Day a test for Reso Bat. And likewise carried a bouquet Sweet Cas. Mates Barre Road school. Alice and sooner j. Enright upon the announce ment that the government had de the Case. Israel Cohen who was arum a new recreation building an Addi Tion to the Library and the establish ment a department music. He Ivian Inge . And mrs. George the trouble with most us is that we want More than we deserve. After a woman has been married a few tears she gets so that she can be following the nuptial service a wed Lute and vanities. Newport r. I. June 23.- for the Johnson. Or. And mrs. O. Dwinell rested in the same connection is held ing break fast was served by . And . And mrs. M. B. Green . Eli i owner Woolworth building seek to raise $3,,0oo to pay taxes. New York june 23. For the first time since its erection a decade ago the Woolworth building tallest office mrs. Cutler Fostera parents the first time since Resolute and vanity Eberean their elimination Raic s off this made no specific mention any contemplated change in administrative policy. He approved the action the Beth m . Or. And mrs. A. D. Young Nice to the wives her husband s Busi Ness friends without half trying. Ride before the couple started a . And . John Benjamin . An wedding trip two weeks to Points inthe Voung fellow who thinks about governing Board in voting to embark Erni ont and i Connecticut. I Ney leu his work has at least got himself head Structure in the world is to Een numbered by a mortgage. Mrs. Arthur Smith and Lillian Smith . And mrs. E. House and Mildred House . And mrs. Emslie. Here by Auto this morning Tor St. further investigation. The e men were arrested following a complaint sugar profiteering originally made in Boton. Prindle was in the charge because the sugar involved in the cae passed through his hands at one time but it was found that he had sold the product at prices which the government decided was fair. De in the direction promotion. Johns Biira. They Are to res be in bristle school experience hands out for a settlement regardless what decision was made in the platform com Mittee. Closely intertwined with the prohibition question is the problem a nominee in Accord with the platform As finally agreed and among Many the practical politicians there is a feeling that the two decisions must be settled virtually at one stroke. So the pleas Candi Ilttre managers Are failing Daf car for the present while leaders get their hearings the More immediate question a hone dry a Beer plat form. The Lescue nations disagreement along with several other disputed plat form issues has followed the question candidates into temporary eclipse. Among most the leaders it is agreed that whatever trouble develops Over the treaty will be Only a drop in the bucket compared to the prohibition fight. Bone dry claim majority. Leaders the Bone dry forces were confident to a that they would com Mand a god majority in the platform committee where each state has Only be member and could keep out the committee report any declaration for a change in the present Law. With this View Mot the Campaign Mesger Tol. honorary degrees. Mrs. Poland graduated from Goddard it was announced that heirs the late f. W. Woolworth. Founder a Chain five and ten Cen t Tores had arranged to borrow $l,0mi,000 the Structure to provide ready funds talk the town Hen Young folks make up their minds to get married All the Oij Folk Seminary with the Cias i. Aim since then has 1cen employed at theban do is to pet ready for the wedding. Met nearly three weeks ago the Early morning conditions indicated Good sail ing weather at midday and Early after noon. The sky was Clear and a smart Breite was piping up from the South Wen t with Promise greater strength later in the Day. The regatta committee ordered the yachts out to the Lih Thip for a Start at i clock Daylight time noon As had been arranged earlier in the week. As the committee cup defense was anxious to gain additional data the relative abilities the two yachts to Windward the regatta committee be fore leaving the Harbor planned a wind a. Shores Ejidio a a bookkeeper Many will lose licenses. Now and then you run across a wife and stenographer. Her husband is a to meet state and Federal inheritance taxes which totals so as1. The Woolworth building 792 feet who think her husband ought to be upon a financial Campaign covering a five Yea r period to raise two million dollars. The degree la. D. Was conferred upon Talvin Coolidge governor Massachusetts Cecil Charles Jones Educa Tor and author and Alfred Williams Anthony preacher. The degree . D. Is conferred upon Margaret Doland. Author d. D. Upon James Stanley Durker educator and pm. Upon in rent Edward Moulton. Educator and lecturer. A class to received diplomas. Approximately a thousand former students Are in to Day to attend the various exercises. Foreman for Ibe new departure fro says sec., ton. Mrs. Antonio Rossi i enjoying a week s vacation from her duties at the in Ion dry in this company. Samuel Luiz Websterville a brought to the Barre City Hospital to Day to undergo an operation this state Black. Northern tour. Manv Beautiful gifts were bestowed High and covering nearly an acre Opportunity gets mighty Little help upon them before their departure to from the Man who insists sitting Day by their Parent and Friend. Land in lower Broadway returns an. An Nual income $1,.vooiio, and is valued by Federal experts at $io,000,. Around waiting for his ship to come in among the people pres Detroit free press. Ent were r. Nei Menam. A. Father the Bride. Howard James Duncan president the Gran Ite Cutter International association who for the past two Day a been the Ennis Waterbury. Or. And . and Leeward race for the Day s event. Eis break. It is not an uncommon thing for one Harry a. Black Secretary state returned this morning from several Days ent in Northern Vermont looking after automobile matters and be said this morning that Many automobile Drivers would lose their to Morrow. Among the accidents reported to him to a were x. J. In Chance Barre town whose machine we run into by a motor Cycle june is. Joseph Poland and son. Millard Bristol. Guest the Barre Branch left Thison. Mrs. Vav. Trump Prev Nan to alter Shamrock morning the 10 2.1 train for Hilford. It. Home in Quiney. Mas. The officials fits 50th commencement. New Hampshire College conferred capitalized at jloc.000.97 in. Cavagni reports that Bis car. Wll the ban Branch together with several workmen who entertained . Duncan while in town escorted him to the de pot Thi morning. Alexander being driven by his son. Who did not to fail to catch the name the lady one has to take in to dinner and How this May result in embarrassment. An englishman in this situation said to his partner with reference to a dance that w to be Given at sir Lindsay Hogg country Bie Are Vou going t the pig Geries to Morrow . Be brightly replied i " see. I am one the Boston Tran Crip Have a License at that time had a collision Wilh a car in Williston. The 14th another association Delegate to the springing in a Lake. For hundreds years Mcxie an indians had a horror hat key culled the nest spot Lake chaps la. Near the Shore at . They would not Bat in it sail around it Declar ing that the Ater was oily. Then after a time they cautiously he pan to paint their wooden boats with this Oil. Which proved effective in keep ins out the water that it come the general custom t use it. Thru did not know that this was Petroleum gushing up through the water a magnificent flow about two Miles out in the Lake a Oculi to this Day Guh is apparently without varying. When the water is Low Petroleum floats in Olid mime. Each Large to tile weigh ing about Pound. From Toronto saturday night. Of the month. John v. To Riffith american federation Ivr Conven so a postponement trial race was decided . Sandy Hook. X. A. June 23.might alterations sir Thomas Lipton Misrok in. Challenger for the Ameri can cup which were decided time lat Milit erupted in the postponement 1 be scheduled race with the 13 metre Shamrock today. The nature the alteration was not revealed. Mal0ne, n. Y grows. Waterbury reports an Accident near Wolcott where the Road waa not pro to the d and he went off a Bank the 201 h the Moth. Privately agreed nut they declared that when an Appeal was taken to the convention itself the vote would Tell much different Story. The Large states it was pointed out. While hav to Only one vote paid in the com Mittee will have a much greater voice in the whole body delegates who Brake up the final court Asals. And Swul the urgent delegations Are minted s for import by the advocate a brer Plank. A a Hajj Lurting feature a Conven Tion floor fight would a the not Rule tinder which Many state delegation re instructed to vote As a body. It was suggested to a however that vere wet be a p neral s freemen to Springfield development co. Files articles association. The Springfield com Pany a filed article association with the stale to conduct business in Springfield. The papers if accepted by the Secretary will permit it to do most and kind Bitsine s. It capital Sik is $10u."tni. And the paper arc signed by t Harir I a Trier. Frederick e. Mir and Wilbam c. Staples sprint held. L. A. Wadleigh her Only Opper Beaity. Heads club you get plenty sleep degrees. Durham. X. H., june 23 new Hamp Shire College conferred degree 07 senior clansmen at the both commence ment the institution to a honorary degrees doctor Law were Given to governor bar Lett and pro Fessor James a. Tuft Exeter. Other recipient honorary degree were professor Clarence e. Hewitt new Hampshire College doctor Ralph d. Paine Durham har Ris Huntress t Oro Elm a Tor Lillian j Carpenter St Rector con Cor philanthropist and c. E. Hunt. I. S. A. La Mph. All whom received the master arts de Gree. The commencement address to de live Rcd by Raymond Robin. Who Rike Ameliaa answer to the 11 Shevik the visitor to Small Edvard. Gamed 18 8 per cent up to 7.556 peo Tion in Montreal last week who a been the guest his brother. William Russell Thi City since saturday night accompanied . Duncan Back to Quiney Mas. M. Tuba a Hardson 4 Jefferson Street n the chief figure a sur prise party Given at the Home her daughter . C. S. Meaker. Monday a eng. When several Ladie Tho live Hundred club met to a a her in celebrating her 7 h birthday. Many useful get were presented the elderly lady. Among them being a valuable aluminium travelling set. In Good health ple. N. D. C. June 23. Pc. A am. Be answered. Miniri puts me to be i cry bight at re. To keep Ynn i Teachy be a mrs. T. G. Winter Minneapolis elected at Des Moines. In. Mine. La. June 23- . T in. Winter Minne apol n i his president the federation returns today included it each Dale ease be counted actor dog and a one. X. A. 7vii. Inree 1.0v.eten Roa master for a mid i e Western Railroad waa Mik h and nor t Hica to Pixton m Ben the pro i i the reply. It died at Mota Pehur while there visit. in per women club at . Tolo., .11. Onerea .1. It was announced off7 Ial at the Bienne in end it t up . Or 10 0 per cent. Nial convention to a life a. Wadleigh. Aged k4 cars. Died at Montpelier luc.afternoon after about four Dav illness. He tame to and spirit. To guest the evening enjoyed the card games music and re either Way. Re in. O f. desperate. A Cert air t wanted modern Itie came i u to that to h sides were fre Klir and to str 1 Ive it t know re Elar i he Mien me it be in. Stone the Oliet Lea its de. Tired. N a .4 oat Tecc us Asirot " c to e is Khiv t Snake a Fumeo m ctr a to the in Wreath a in r the exp fart w. La try Case a Contr is la for a visit amp med by Fres Metli which ma1 r pm d b Hibord Nate getting a shave it d a the id a h roared t Rig your Beard he Oak the he Fini t Sneha Vours f Esme i s. V be .it Ftp i the i e v. Dad t assert a a legion we tip is he was Horn Tilv i. to a t rth Jay a extremely ban Vonveh he Rush it h h. Clark a Iii list f to Etc j,1. Or barn t live Indef jtre4 in Pis at e rial expensive business hut when to i wed in me v Oil m Vou were e inv. He so i w. Twit v him d re tar her tint we were engaged for Wariy a Jur Boto transcript. In Jisi i. . V. O. A f . 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