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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 4

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Austin, Minnesota Austin daily Herald something awry let s find out Why a. Richard Cross publisher a Page 4 it takes More than Cash to get Job done to it a Ern ment seems to feel that Ifyu a just appropriate enough Money problems will be solved. But it takes much More than Money to do the Job. Take for example the National school lunch program which having been around for a Long time my might expect to have achieved something near perfection in operation. But this is far from the truth. Now it is brought to Light that Only about 4 per cent of the Public school enrolment Are Able to get free or reduced Price lunches a and they Are generally of the More affluent areas of the country. Millions of children in the most poverty stricken areas Are not included and go hungry. To the neediest of pupils tile free lunch would be of immeasurable Benefit to them since they get Little of nutritional Alue at Home. Many of them Are ineligible for government lunches because the sub Standard schools in the Urban and Rural slums have no lunch rooms or cafeterias. Since the free lunch program was originally set up to help poor children it is shocking to find they Are the ones who have been left out. After years of operation. It was not the government who made the discovery of this neglect of the poor but through investigation of a private organization. When this happens in a program that has been around for a Long time one can Only wonder How far Many of the newer programs Are missing their intended goals and the amount of waste involved. It is pretty obvious that the government should give some attention to following through for accomplishment rather than merely making appropriations for Public effect. Change at Northwestern by guest editorial from the Chicago daily news Northwestern University has never been regarded As a pacesetter of liberalism Aid one of the surprises to come out of its showdown with Black students was the University s ability to Cope with Radical change. Whether it has coped correctly can to yet be determined with full Confidence the Cycle of action and reaction has not yet run its course. But the avoidance of violence and the establishment of opens lines of communication with students look we noted yesterday the sit in tactics of the students cannot be condoned of the student leaders believe that similar tactics will win no matter How outrageous the demands May be they will be making a grave mistake. Faced with this situation the University would have no Choice but to respond with whatever degree of Force became necessary. In this instance however the More extreme demands emerged As bargaining joints to be dropped in the final settlement. And the concessions Quot won Quot turned out not to be unreasonable. Northwestern already had plans for example to admit More negro students and to take Many of them i rom inner City areas. Negro Counselor Emu advisory committees of negro students already in residence will be needed to carry out the plans. One sticking Point in the negotiations was Hie demand for separate living and meeting accommodations for Black students. The administration at first took the stand that this was intolerable racism and would move away from the integration policies the University was trying to Foster. But the fact is that current thought among negro students runs to the idea that integration can be successful Only if Black and White students meet on equal planes. Their aim now is not instant integration but consolidation of a Quot Power Quot base which in turn will Lead to Mutual respect. This is the Quot Black Power concept widely misunderstood and widely abused yet one that May prove to la constructive once it is i Oreed from the rantings of the violent fringe. It is charged that the Small minority of Black students at Northwestern has been subject to hazing Quot of Many kinds and that this situation can be remedied Only if the negroes band together. This May be True. It is also Tine that Northwestern has Long accommodated groups of like mind and background by providing separate living and meeting quarters. The whole Frater nity sorority system is such an accommodation. Students of differing religious faiths have their own meeting places. In this context the demand of the Black students looks less sinister. Many questions remain students and foe. Ult alike will have to be Alert for individual of group actions that Cross the Bounds of rational conduct. No individual or group can be allowed to impose a particular Brand of a Freedom Quot by trampling on the Freedom of others and if a University fails to teach that lesson nothing can save it. Opinions of others White off . Nazis to is in interesting sign of the times that someone has painted a Star of David on the driveway of the dilapidated three Story House that once served As Quot Barracks Quot for the storm troopers of the american nazi party. The Structure on what used to i called Quot hatemonger Hill Quot in Arlington va., has been boarded up and is soon to be torn Down to make Way for High Rise apartments. This More or less symbolizes what has happened to the american nazi party since its Tenpenny fuehrer George Lincoln Rockwell was gunned Down last year not Long Aller his appearance in Mankato. The followers of this apostle of hate a la Hitler have themselves fallen on evil Days. Matthias kale. Rockwell a successor As Quot commander Quot of the party lacks the Rockwell touch As a rabble rouser and does not Rake in the honorariums for speaking engagements that used to keep the party in precarious solvency. Federal sources Are said to number the party membership at to or fewer now. That is not such a comedown in itself the party Nerer did attract Many members. But it signifies the Good news that this particular Batch of hatemonger at , is rapidly moving toward oblivion. A Mankato free press exported know How where Only a few years ago the South vietnamese were wallowing in feudalism they have now in Short order swept through the centuries arrived at the 1920s and Are wallowing in Speake Asies. After the act offensive the government padlocked All the bars in Saigon. Our indefatigable ally quickly found an american solution to the problem and now along to do St., one can see . Servicemen ambling up to closed nightclubs tapping gently on the door and disappearing inside. Perhaps social Progress in South Vietnam Isnit As slow As we sometimes think a Chicago daily news Cuba to explode cuban refugees arriving on the twice a tiny air lift to Miami say an internal explosion is brewing on their Island. They Point to Castro a arbitrary closing of 6,452 businesses and All the 955 bars and cabarets in Havana All privately own. Cd. Castro according to the citizens committee for a free Cuba has accused proprietors and clients of being Castro has also ordered the National lottery closed Down claiming that Quot bums and loafers Quot were living off it. In Hurt say the refugees there is beginning to Ijo serious question about the Many a sanity even among his supporters. Food and clothing Are almost impossible to find even for those who have Money. Sporadic anti communist demonstrations have been reported in Guines Sanctis spiritus and Camaguey cubans third largest City. The sugar crop is disastrously Small. Says the citizens committee Quot it is at least possible that Castro himself May not last out another year in Power. But this possibility will depend in Large measure on Washington a ability and willingness to capitalize on cubans internal a Orlando i Fla Sentinel turn Back quotation for today the clock a Good name is better Titan precious ointment and the Day of death than the Day of birth. A Eccl. 7 1. # the Way to gain a Good reputation is to Endeavor to be what you desire to appear. A Socrates ancient greek philosopher Austin daily Herald Thomson newspapers inc Lino new 1st drive 4338651 sound class postage paid at Austin Minnesota 55912 a. Richard grim Puni Sher and Genera manager Sud change of address notice to Box 578, Austin Minnesota 55912 subscription rates single copy at new dealers and Street sales tio Home delivery in Austin single copy other than regular weekly subscribers to per week Carrier delivery. 2 0 by mail zone i general delivery Austin minn.$26.00 delivery in Rural area Post office within 50 mile radius of Austin and to All . Armed f orces personnel anywhere in the United states or in areas served by . Or . Payable in Advance. Three months 4.<j his months. 8 50 one year. Mail All other zones a Jhel Ivery in Post office Over 50 Miles radius at Austin a payable in Advance. Bix Mouths. J0-50 one year. Where antisocial acts committed chemical analysis May give clue by Don Oakley 1 Nea editorial writer in the world of not too Many years hence it May be a routine to make chemical analyses of psychologically disturbed persons As it is now to take their fingerprints if they commit antisocial acts. The words of the Laboratory technician May carry More weight than that of the psychiatrist in pretrial or recommitment hearings or in decisions to dismiss patients from mental hospitals or Grant parole to prisoners. One of latest developments suggesting this eventuality is the reported Success of a chemical test which can deter mine the extent and severity of serious mental illnesses. The test which involves measuring the amount of a certain protein the body s Yereb spinal fluid was applied to 131 patients at St. Vincent a Hospital in n e w York most of them schizophrenics. In about 90 per cent of t b e persons tested a definite correlation was found Between the severity of the psychoses and the level of the protein in the fluid. The More serious the illness the lower the level. There w As also a correlation with treatment. If patients improved regardless of what kind of treatment was Given them the protein level increased. In another part of this still largely unexplored Field of human chemistry scientists have discovered that a Small percentage of men who Are abnormal a aggressive and who have committed crimes of violence re genetically abnormal. They have an extra male chromosome. Chromosomes Are the strands d genes present in All living cells which contain the biochemical instructions that make a Man or animal or Plant what it is. Associated with the chromosome defect Are other typical characteristics taller than average height mental dullness severe acne and a history of bizarre sexual behaviour. Studies have found that Over aggressive inmates of prisons and penal hospitals Are about 60 times As Likely to have been bom with an extra male chromosome As men in the general population. At least four of those studies so far have been convicted or charged with murder. One of them is Richard speck killer of eight nurses in Chicago it is possible that speck s genetic defect May be cited in the up coming Appeal of his death sentence. If so it could not Only set a Legal precedent but could bring society into its first significant confrontation with the new knowledge that scientists Are steadily uncovering about the psych physical make up of human beings. In the Short run science id forcing us to a re evaluation of our traditional concepts of mental illness of individual responsibility of crime and punishment in the Long run it May provide the Means whereby we no longer sentence criminals to death or to specified terms of incarceration with the aim of punishment but to indefinite periods of chemical and psychological therapy and eventual 11 y even Quot genetic surgery a with the aim of rehabilitation. In the longer run the potential psychotic or criminal May be spotted and treated in Early childhood with the aim of prevention. S0 years ago weather forecasts today held Orth the Prospect of More rain after a downpour last night which added .28 inches of rain to austins already abundant moisture. May precipitation caused concern in other Minnesota communities by washing Railroad lines damaging City streets flooding basements and sending the swollen Mississippi River on another rampage. Marcellus King took off from Decker Airport this afternoon and headed his plane Tor Minneapolis on the first air mail flight in Austin s history. 20 years ago hundreds of children played paraded and Sang in Austin during the first county picnic and music festival for Rural school children. Mrs. John Lobar wife of the fire chief caught a prowler this morning As he left her Home with a radio a toaster a jacket and a pair of Nylon Hose. To years ago Mower county was one of seven counties in Minnesota to reach its goal in the cancer crusade with 16 of the 87 counties now Over the top. A native of Austin c. E. Crippen has been appointed assistant to the president of the Milwaukee Road a new position in charge of special studies and other duties with Headquarters in Chicago. David Poling wrong act right reason major methodist error oar a Imi by Nia inc. Quot some election year it would be fun to have to make a Choice Between the lesser of two goods Quot tile methodist Board of missions has made a glaring Blunder by pulling its $10 in investment portfolio out of the first National City Bank of new York. For More than a year the Board has been sparring with the Bank Over its relations with the Republic of South Africa. First National City which has three branches in South Africa is a leading International Bank touching almost every country around the world. The concern of the methodists a and All christians for that matter a is the unjust treatment of b i a cd people by the White rulers of South Africa. Their philosophy of apartheid or separation of the races is unacceptable to c h r i Stia is and should be under constant barrage by All men who believe that Freedom is everyone a right. What has annoyed and then angered Many Church leaders has been the business As us Ual approach followed by the in \ 500 americans died storming of Attu 25 years ago today recalled by sports editor ter National Bankers merchants and investors who see a Good the i n g in South Africa. T he churchmen w an t human advancement and dignity to come before dividends. So they Are saying which will it be god or Gold people or profits the methodist Mission Board picked first National City Bank because they were the custodians and rather successful ones of methodist millions used for overseas Christian work and be cause they were the leading financial institution in a 10-Bank . Consortium that provides standby credit for the Republic of South Africa. Should a larger discussion follow this action of the methodist m is is o n Board i think you will see that a first class Blunder has been made and should be corrected. For one thing the methodists and other leading denominations have been calling for an end to the Quot cold Church in e n have been urging new talks visits conversations across ail International Borders. They want to bring Cuba Back into the Caribbean club. Doors Are open wide into every country of Eastern Europe. China they say must not be isolated any longer from the Community of nations. Here is a fresh creative look at Mankind a and every situation they have described is strengthened by the world View of a Lloyd a of London or a first National City Bank of new York. With this kind of exhilarating discussion going on it seems incredible that the churches should Tell us that Castro is Sweet and South Africa sour. On the practical Side of it does the methodist Board of missions plan to punish Tho 300 . Companies that Are expending their Enterprise in Sou t h Africa will they demand that Church members and employees declare How much of their in come or salary is derived from South african business investment last summer some presbyterian leaders quietly visited South Africa. They talked with government labor Church and University leaders. On their return one observer told this writer that a restrictive punitive Boycott of Johannesburg would of course be an uncomfortable cramp to the White Community. But to the negroes a catastrophe. The people we were really trying to support and lift up these would be the victims. On the other hand the strategy of today in history by the associated press today is saturday May la the 132nd Day of 1968. There Are 234 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1867, the treaty of London was signed guaranteeing Luxembourg a neutrality on this Date in 1647, Peter Stuyvesant became governor of new Amsterdam. In 1846, president James Polk sent a War message to Congress calling for military action against Mexico. In 1858. Minnesota became the 32nd state. In 1910, Glacier National Park in Montana was created by presidential proclamation. In 1943, american forces landed on Attu Island in the aleutians. It was the first american territory regained from the japanese in world War in in 1949. Israel was admitted to the United nations. Ten years ago a the United states hailed a soviet agreement to discuss detection of nuclear tests As a possible step toward disarmament. Five years ago a it was announced that Canada had agreed to accept nuclear warheads for . Missiles installed in Canada. One year ago a . Secretary general u Thant said he feared the initial phase of world War Iii was being fought in Vietnam. Open Trade wider Exchange of people and ideas increase i n g Western industrialization was bringing the liberation movement by leaps and Bounds. Alas we Are in a classic dispute of the Church doing the wrong thing for the right reason. But churchmen would really be surprised to discover the number of Bright sensitive Bankers Oil men and Diamond dealers who would like to sit Down with them a even after this undeserved Public slap a and talk about primary tactics to achieve everywhere. These people have been dealing with the russians chinese arabs greeks and cubans while the Church has been throwing Sand in the air and of course tile incredible irony of All this a just where do you think the missionaries fraternal workers clinic doctors Bible translators Cash the i r checks in South Africa and when they want to Send Money Home or pay tuition Bills for kids studying in Paris or travelling to Rome where do you think this currency Exchange happens in the first National City Bank. Editors note Georg n. Meyers sports editor of the Seattle times was a go ser Geant correspondent for yank the army weekly when . Troops stormed ashore on the Aleutian Island of Attu mry la 1943, to fight the Only land Battle of world War ii on american soil. On this 25th anniversary lie tells of the strange and hellish 19-Day struggle that resulted in virtual annihilation of the 2,649-Man japanese Force and loss of 500 american lives. By Georg n. Meyers written for the associated press Seattle Wash. A Twenty five years ago today the Only land a file of world War ii fought on american soil began a four Days late. A Day was May 7. 1943. The troops were ready though scarcely impatient. They huddled in ships lying off Attu. The last misshapen Blob in the necklace of ugly islands stretching from alaskans Mainland almost to the soviet Union. But the fog was impenetrable. Four Days the men waited. Then when the troops did go Over the Side into the Bobbing Landing boats the weather was worse than Ever. It was a strange disturbing sight. Scrambling Down the nets were tanned Young men trousers exquisitely creased fresh from desert warfare training at it. Ord. 7th infantry division. Attu is Rock reel and Tundra 17 Miles by 40. It is so close to Asia that Only an artificial Zig in the International Date line keeps it in the same Day with san Francisco. Rain and the storms leave it eternally wet and Nasty. Even in May ice crusts the Ponds at night. What brought that ill equipped Force to the remotest tip of North America was a japanese frustration. Eleven months earlier in a feint toward Alaska. Japanese planes bombed dutch Harbor. They were driven off by planes from a secret american base at cold Bay and Munak. Japanese troop ships heading for the Alaska Mainland t u r Ned Back. They unloaded at Kiska and Attu. It took nearly a year of Island hopping in the Aleutian chains including unopposed landings at Adak and Amchitka a to mount the task of wresting Attu part of the then territory of Alaska from enemy occupation. In the fog of May la 1943. Numerous amphibious Landing boats lost their escorts and hit the wrong Beach. For the yanks there really was no right Beach. Attu was an eerie spectacle. Fog swirled at the snowline on the sharply rising crags. There invisible hunched the japanese with machine guns mortars and rifles. Minutes after the first wave dug itself into the Tundra White faced gigs clustered peering at an object on the moist Earth. It was a hand All that remained of the first american struck by a mortar Shell from the Mountain. Young men who Days before were laughing Over a Beer in the it. Ord pm knew there was a War on. As wars go it was a Vest pocket affair it lasted 19 Days. For 500 yanks history never will record a bigger War. They died there. Eleven Hundred More were wounded. By official military records there were 2,649 japanese on Attu. Of those 2,638 died including their commander col. Yasuhiro Yamabuki. Eleven were taken prisoner. Tile night before the Landing a handsome Young Captain from Ladysmith wis., enthralled an audience with hilarious tales of War Maneu vers in Louisiana. He was regular army the Type who adored military tactics and logic and was confident that they would make him indestructible. On the morning of tile invasion a colonel jabbed a Finger at a Relief map at a Rise called Holtz pass. Quot at 2 of clock this afternoon a he said Quot i want my jeep right Yard by Yard Ravine by Ravine crag by crag the gigs evicted the japanese from the Snow crested Skyline. At noon on the seventh Day they reached the Summit of Holtz pass. No jeep Ever made it there. Neither did the colonel. He Lay Iii a Hospital ship offshore. By then the sleek desert troops from California had been joined by scruffy soldiers of the 4th division veterans of months of battling mud. Rain and wind at other Aleutian outposts. The support troops slogged ashore in homely rubber shoe Parks. Hundreds of the Early invaders already were casualties crippled with Trench foot victims of the soggy mass which the mud and Tundra made of their Sharp looking leather combat boots. Day after Day subsisting on cold c rations the yanks dragged artillery pieces higher up the Slushy slopes blazed away with Rifle fire crawled in with bayonets and dug the japanese from their tunnels Foxholes and machine gun nests. There came a night when All the surviving japanese were squeezed into a pocket in a Cove called Chicago Harbor. There col. Yamabuki posted an historic order Quot we will attack and annihilate the . thus was launched the first of the suicidal Quot Banzai charges Quot which later in the War became Standard desperation tactics by the japanese. In the foggy predawn japanese streamed from their hideaway shooting and screaming. They swept through the american Forward bivouac firing wildly into tents jabbing them with bayonets. When Dawn broke the War on Attu was Over. Japanese who had not fallen to american fire had clasped grenades to their chests and wiled the pins. Among the identifiable bodies in that dreadful Panorama was that of col. Yamabuki another was the indestructible Captain from Ladysmith wis. Today Attu is the site of a coast guard navigational station. The Cloud shrouded Battlefield is strewn with the rusted debris of a Long ago War. Bruce Biossat Nebraska in rfcs bag question Mark is huh Omaha neb. Nea a the sign in sen. Robert f. Kennedy s negro Headquarters on Omaha a 24th Street reads Quot Kennedy a White but All right. The one before Jar opened the in this City a negro ghetto where some smashed windows on a recent saturday night reminded nebraskans that a very uneasy peace prevails since the Omaha riot of 1966, the overwhelming evidence is that the message on the sign is believed. As is indicated in so Many places Kennedy Here is going to got the preponderant bulk of the negro vote in Nebraska a May 14 presidential primary. Nobody else is really in it in the ghetto. The fact is Kennedy is the heavy Choice to win this primary with a majority vote and make he has done before a Surprise everybody with the size of his fresh Impact on his succeeding primary tests in Oregon California and South Dakota. It is hard to find any knowledgeable political figure in Nebraska who doubts Kennedy will win Here. He has been in the state More than his principal ballot rival sen. Eugene Mccarthy has been seen by More people is basically far better known and almost surely will spend the most. Kennedy of course also has a Strong Appeal to Blue Collar workers. And while there Are fewer of those proportionately in Ray Cromley Mao plans Long Range subversion in Thailand Northwest Thailand Nea a the communist chinese sergeant had been recently captured in a Battle just North of where we Are now. He was born in Canton sent to peking to study in a military signal school then shifted to Hanoi for a period of infantry indoctrination. After completing these courses he was transferred to Laos for Field training with a platoon of lao troops. When they were ready for action the sergeant and the lao unit were moved into Northwestern Thailand for the Curr e n t guerrilla operations in this inaccessible mountainous area. This sergeant says most guerrilla troops in Northwest Thailand Are Miao tribesmen. The chinese military men Are there As specialists and As senior officers. He understand d s the chinese officers plan a 11 major operations. The danger of this chinese sergeant is what his presence portends for the future. Apparently the communists have divided this part of t h e world into spheres of responsibility. He red chinese Are primarily responsible for Thailand Burma Malaysia intones i a and Pakistan the North vietnamese for South Vietnam Laos and Cambodia. But they work in very close harness. For example one major reason for this years intensive North vietnamese attacks in Laos seems to be to accomplish the opening through Laos of new to Chi Minh trails to Cambodia and to several Points in Thailand. At the same time through chinese and North vietnamese to operation old roads from red China into Laos Are being improved with major Branch e s leading into Northwest Thailand and to Cambodia. These major improvements Are obviously aimed at coordinated operations Over the years ahead. Even More serious Here is another trend. The sons of Many thai chinese residents have been set to communist China Over the past years for schooling. It is known that numbers of these Young men have returned from red China Only to disappear from sight. With few exceptions they Are apparently not connected with the communist underground terrorism in Northeast Thailand or the fighting in t h e Northwest. These educated Young men melt to the thai cities. There a a Strong possibility that a considerable number of these Young men Are what the Trade Calls that is they be been trained As organizers agents or intelligence men but have been told to do nothing live Normal lives work their Way into their communities and wait. These underground chinese will Likely a go called upon to begin operations five or even to years in the future when they be risen to positions of some influence in their communities. Some it is thought May be quietly organizing already but ordering their organizations to do nothing. It should be noted in passing that most chinese in Thailand Are known to be Loyal to the government. This Long Range problem of communist underground subversion is More worrisome than the current fighting. It also will be More difficult to defeat which is Why we and our allies should be making some Well thought out Long Range problems now even while the current War is going on. Nebraska As compared with Indiana there is also less Active labor pressure to pull them away from Kennedy. Mccarthy a backers Here think he can do on May 14 what vote even though he is Little known and has spent relatively Little time in Nebraska. The other evening he journeyed from Indiana All the Way to Scottsbluff 450 Miles West of Omaha and near the Wyoming line for a Short Street tour a private session with leaders and a Bare 45 minutes of speaking and question answering. His Fin Al week schedule allotted Only two full Days for Nebraska. Nevertheless a feeling exists in some quarters that Mccarthy a Peculiar pull with affluent Suburbia which evidently sees him As a Low key no politician May stand him in Good Stead Here As elsewhere. Once More Mccarthy is relying for manpower mainly on the fervent College youngsters who have done so Well for him in earlier tests. The visitor driving past his canvassing Headquarters Here late on a Friday night finds the place alive with kids. But Here As in Indiana the Kennedy forces have been endeavouring to match the Mccarthy youth Effort. On a Rece n t weekend when the Mccarthy people were said to have Field e d 200 youngsters for door to door canvassing a Kennedy Lead e r proudly declared a we had 217 out that same like All practice professionals the Kennedy managers adopt a Good thing when they see it. Possibly the biggest question Mark Here is How Kennedy a other rival vice president Hubert Humphrey will make his presence Felt. Writing in his name May 14 is an easy process but the experts disagree on whether much of an Effort will be made. His ally labor is lying fairly quiet. President Johnson a name is still on the ballot but few think a sizable Vogt the for him could be counted for Humphrey. Nebraska a 30 Delegate Vot e s Are not basically bound to follow the primary results. Humphrey May have a Large Edge there and Mccarthy could win some. Kennedy a Best Hope is vict o r v for Many of the uncommitted and he is pushing them hard

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