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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Austin, Minnesota Weather Clearing and cooler tonight with local Frost or freezing temperatures zone i and 2. Mostly fair end warmer sunday. Lows tonight 32-38. Austin daily Herald schedule of pages area news�?7 vs.-mkt.�?�?2 editorials�?4 sports�?8 women s news�?5 comics-�?9 investors guide established 1891 vol. Xxvi no. 11 5 Austin Minn., saturday May la 1%8 single copy a 10c 12 pages . Forces kill 442 reds below Doz ii. S. And Viet delegates Saigon a . Forces reported today killing 442 North vietnamese troops below the demilitarized zone in renewed of procedural matters cars Burn in Paris barricade two students stand against cars burning As a barricade in the latin Quarter of Paris Friday night. Riot police crushed the latest and bitterest student revolt after an 11-hour clash. There was no immedi ate count of the injured or arrested. Map wire photo by Cable from Paris see poll Frk and Humphrey take turns in addressing democratic dinner by Walter r. Mears associated press writer Omaha neb. A Hubert h. Humphrey and Robert f. Kennedy have shared a Campaign audience without seeing each other and a promoter of the vice presidents cause said he hoped the appearance would encourage Humphrey write in votes in the Nebraska presidential primary. Kennedy arrived at salad time Humphrey came on alter dessert Friday night As the presidential rivals took turns addressing some 1,600 democrats at a $35-and-up fund raising dinner. Humphrey got the louder More frequent applause. He was the featured speaker and was at the microphone More than twice As Long As Kennedy. By the time Humphrey arrived Kennedy was on his Way to Mitchell ., for a round of campaigning in that primary state. Kennedy and sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy d-Minn., Are the democratic contenders on the Nebraska ballot for next tuesdays primary. From Valentine neb. While Humphrey and Kennedy talked in Omaha Mccarthy was Hunting votes in Oregon and California where he and Kennedy Are contesting later primaries. Mccarthy who has All but acknowledged Kennedy will take the Nebraska race. Contends those Western contents Are the crucial ones. Humphrey jokingly told the Omaha dinner that he thought Mccarthy deserved equal time there and had wired him a please advise whether it is in your interest i speak for you or against gop task Force urges Kemer report support Minneapolis a a Minnesota Republican task Force says political parties must shoulder a Large share of responsibility for Lack of Public awareness that a crisis exists in american cities. It suggested that candidates should be required to support the Kerner report and outline programs which they will propose and support in an Effort to solve the Urban crisis. Another task Force report states should seek an Early end to the fighting but maintaining the nations objectives of securing the peace. Its also suggested that the United nations assume responsibility for reconstructing the area. The gop committee on Core City problems one of 25 task Force groups to cover a wide Range of subjects called for adoption of the report by the biracial committee headed by gov. Otto Kerner of Illinois. That National group sought. Calls for an end to the bombing a a a Humphrey is not entered m 0f North Vietnam and meaning causes and cures of the prob any primaries. Fun negotiations to hasten tile lems in big cities including end of the conflict in South Viet Sharp fighting described by some officers As another phase of the enemy a so peace talk a offensive. In the enemy a seven Day old attack on Saigon the american command reported 50 Viet Cong soldiers killed in fighting in and around the capital. Some guerrillas still were holding out on the Southern fringes despite heavy Allied air attacks. In the Northern War zone. . 1st air cavalry division troops rushed in to reinforce Marine units battered in heavy fighting around Dong a where 1,500 enemy soldiers have been reported killed in the last two weeks. The army reinforcements and marines reported killing 442 enemy soldiers in the last 24 hours in five Battles ranging from 5 toll Miles below the demilitarized zone. American casualties were put at 24 killed and 54 wounded. If the . Count is Correct 18 enemy soldiers were killed for every american slain. Many of the enemy dead were claimed from american air strikes and artillery barrages. . Bombers reportedly killed 56 enemy troops Between Dong a and Gio Linh another Marine Strong Point to the North after a company of infantrymen from the . 199th Light brigade came under enemy Small arms fire and pulled Back. One american was killed and two wounded. Other fighting was reported near Hue about 50 Miles below the Doz. A the enemy has definitely escalated two fold a said col. Mil ton Hull of Plant City fla., commander of the 3rd Marine regiment. Marine officers said they believe the fighting around Dong a is part of of general escalation in the Northern War zone aimed at giving the North vietnamese a bargaining Edge i the Paris talks. Hull said North vietnamese forces reportedly two regiments Are trying to close the Cua Viet River East of Dong a one of the main Supply channels to . Combat bases along the Doz. Dong Hall Miles South of the Doz is Headquarters for the 3rd Marine division which is responsible for defense of South Vietnam s Northern Frontier. Paris apr a american and North vietnamese negotiators reached agreement today on procedural matters for mondays opening of talks which could Lead to an end of the War in Vietnam. The atmosphere of today a meeting was desc Meu As a very Good by an american official. Cyrus r. Vance Deputy a Cader of the american delegation told newsmen after today a session a we have concluded ail procedural arrangements. We will go into substance on Vance was emphatic on one Point a the atmosphere has been very he said it had been agreed with his opposite number col. A Van Lau that the conference will be conducted in two official languages English and vietnamese with French As the working language. This Means that each Side will use its own language in conducting the Day to Day business of the conference. But French will be used for any conference documents and statements which can be readily translated and understood by both sides. After today a second and final 2-hour and 22-minute procedural meeting Lau was smiling broadly As he usually does and told newsmen he was a very asked if there would be a further meeting tomorrow be said a tomorrow is pressed As to whether a Vietnam cease fire would be the first order of business monday he replied a no comment. We must leave that to the Heads of the Vance said an Agenda for the talks monday was not discussed. Vance and Lau were reported also had been described As polite. Vance and Lau reportedly agreed that they should give out As Little information As possible on their discussions. The North vietnamese spokesman said a the americans suggested that nothing further be said and the North vietnamese agreed. Other sources confirmed that this was an american suggestion. It was widely reported nevertheless that Vance and Lau to have shaken hands at the had agreed at least tentatively Start of the meeting As they did that their official languages the first time they met. Would be English and Viet their opening round Friday namese but their working Lan Guage would be French meaning they could speak French in addition to the other two languages As they wished. Vance and ambassador w. Averell Harriman top . Negotiator will use English in the meetings associates said because neither is fluent in French. Vietnamese Diplomat normally speak French As Well As their native Tongue. What language they will speak in the conference is optional among the two official and one working language. Harriman and Hanoi Stop negotiator Xuan Thuy will have their first encounter on monday. Miner recounts their life under editors note Ottie Junior Walton is one of the 15 Coal miners rescued today after spending five Days in a flooded Southeastern West Virginia mine. He sat with his wife and five children and recounted the five Days of terror with associated press newsman Holger Jensen. One of the 15 Coal Mitt ers rescued today from a flooded Coal mine Shaft gets a big hug from his wife. He and 24 others spent nearly five Days in the flooded passageway. A group of to is presumed dead. A wire photo All in Good shape but democratic National committeeman Marvin Werve of Omaha said Humphreys Nebraska supporters hoped to promote a sizable write in vote for the vice president. Werve said in an interview he hoped the Humphrey show in Omaha would bolster what he called an informal word of Mouth Campaign. A a it a not in tended to be any kind of an aggressive Campaign a lie said. A this is going to be while Werve would offer no estimate of the potential Humphrey vote he said a it will be Humphrey denies Humphrey specifically denied he was trying to promote write in votes. The Omaha engagement was arranged months ago before he was a candidate for the nomination. And his Campaign Headquarters in Washington disavowed the Nebraska write in Effort. United democrats for Humphrey said the vice president is not directly or indirectly involved in the primary and his organization has no part in any write in Campaign. This was designed to dissociate Humphrey from efforts his strategists rate As Likely to fail. Kennedy is rated the favorite in the Nebraska primary. While Humphrey was having no part of the write in talk he was not neglecting the other Side of the primary ballot on which Nebraska democrats will choose delegates to cast 28 nominating votes at the National convention. 103 candidates there were 103 candidates 42 of them pledged to president Johnson whose name also remains on the preferential ballot although he has said he will not run again. The preferential poll does not bind the delegates. Humphrey planned to talk with Delegate candidates today before moving on to Huron In the Republican primary Richard m. Nixon was rated a virtually certain Victor. The name of California gov. Ronald Reagan also is on the ballot and there is a write in Effort for new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller. Also on the ballot Ara the names of former Minnesota gov. Harold Stassen and Americus Liberator retired Cowboy Nam. The task Force committees were named to make recommendations to the gop platform committee which will report to the party a state convention in june. Details of two of the reports were disclosed Friday night. Position paper the position paper on Viet rioting and suggested that a White racism was to blame in Large part for the unrest. Voting Public a the voting Public is not forced to face important problems in an election usually because the political parties decide to keep them hidden insofar As it is possible a the task Force said. The group called political 7 on probation in fraud charge 15 miners ride conveyor Belt to Freedom before Dawn today Sioux City Iowa a seven men were placed on Proby ii Olger Jensen associated press writer Hominy alls . Apr fifteen stiff and chilled Coal miners Rode a conveyor Belt to Batton by . District judge be Edom before Dawn today aft Nam suggests that the United platforms meaningless useless j on William c. Hanson Friday on fraud and conspiracy charges stemming from cheating on state Basic science Examina Mccarthy Heads for California documents which say nothing require nothing and demand nothing of party members or the task Force recommended that candidates for office be a a required by the gop to publicly state their positions or. Matters of concern to both White and non White citizens. Or spending five terrifying Days huddled in a flooded mine. Left behind deep in the Mountain were to of their Fellows for whom All Hope was lost Long ago. It was believed the to were swept to their death monday noon when a break in the Wall to an adjoining abandoned mine shot millions of Gallons of water Iby Gordon g. Macnab associated press writer la Grande Ore. A sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy fresh from a Day of scholarly lectures and sidewalk handshaking in Oregon headed today for California to press his democratic presidential Campaign. He carried his Hopes in the May 28 Oregon primary to a wide variety of audiences Friday. Some 2,500 heard him in a series of talks in Portland and la Grande. Hundreds More greeted him at airports in Portland and Pendleton. His audiences were largely business and professional men students and their parents. They applauded infrequently but warmly a a n d laughed at his sallies. Cheering Young people were on hand at every Stop. He told the la Grande chamber of Commerce dinner meeting that six million units of substandard housing should be replaced and that a sound agricultural program including some cattle import Protection should be approved. Both issues were close to the hearts of the people of Oregon a mixed Timber and farming country. At a storefront Mccarthy Headquarters in Portland a negro District he said he would be Back no matter what happened in Nebraska a primary tuesday. His partisan audience More White than negro even in the negro District shouted Back a Victory in among those placed on three years probation was Richard w. Brevik 25, of Moorhead Minn. The original indictment charged 21 persons but charges against 14 were dismissed be through the mines Wavy Pas cause of insufficient evidence. Safeway. The defendants were accused the first Miner came out of of conspiring to cheat on Basic the mine Entrance into the a they candidates must be science tests in six states and Glare of floodlights and the wait required to support the Kerner on those Given by the National my arms of his wife and family Board of chiropractic. Nearly All states require passage of a Basic science examination for lice sure of a person to practice the Healing arts. Report and outline programs which they will propose and support in an Effort to solve the Urban crisis a the task Force said. At 5 20 . He had spent a total of 118 hours and 20 minutes in the mine since he reported for work at 7 . Monday. The others followed in Quick succession. As each Man stepped off the belts unaided a Blanket was thrown around his shoulder and he was led to a padded Bench. They were Black from hardhat to Boot and wet from the water they had to Wade through on part of their journey. The lamps on their hats flickered through the gloom. At first the 200 friends and relatives who had waited most of the night around the mine Entrance were silent. Then there was a great wave of laughing and hugging. It was difficult to make out any of the conversations As the scene turned to bedlam. Photographers bulbs went off like harsh fireflies. There also was sadness among relatives of the to missing men crowded to the Entrance in faint Hope. Mine officials had not released a list of those known to be alive and those presumed dead publicly but it was Likely that families had been notified. But they still crowded in Hope. Elwood of Dell was the first Man out. The men appeared dazed by the harsh floodlights and the questions being thrown at them by mine officials and relatives. Only five minutes elapsed Between the emergence of the first Man and the last. After a few minutes sitting Down on foam covered benches outside the mine Entrance the men were led to ambulances. But All did not go. One Man who came out of the mind did not get into an ambulance however. A woman had her around his Waist and yelled a there he is a the Miner had gone from the mine Entrance up the opposite slope Over barricade ropes and was greeted by the woman in front of the mine office. Or. Lee b. Todd of Quinwood the mine physician quickly looked Over each Man before to was led to the ambulance. Earlier officials had said that the men had agreed Over the radio Telephone to undergo observation to hospitals at Summersville and Richwood. But there was a change in plans that attested to the menus Good physical condition despite the Long cramped confinement. They were allowed to go Home. A a they re All in Good shape a said or. Todd. A none of them wanted to go to the Hospital. They Are being taken Home by ambulances. Their relatives will by Ottie Junior Walton As told to the associated pres Hominy Falls. . Apr we prayed and Sang and talked about living a better life when we got out. We had a real religious Bunch Down there. We went in to that mine at 7 . Monday. It was like any other Day. Wed been working that Shaft before so we knew our Way around pretty Well. Wed been working 4va hours when we got the first Call. This Supply Man Ernest Fitzwater who delivered supplies to t h e miners on a self propelled cart called us on the phone and said be had run into water. He said he was getting out Frank Davis Frank Davis our superintendent said there were to other men Way Down the Side Shaft and he was going after them with Edward of Bozo Rudd. He told me to get my Bunch out of there up to High ground. That water was coming in like a River. In about 20 minutes there were eight inches and then it was up to two feet in no time at All. The water was touching the ceiling in the swag a Long deep dip in the mine floor a just like that. Tneia eds not much to move around to Down there its Only 32 inches High. But Down by the Edge of the swag its six feet and a Man can stand. I got the men who were with me out of there there were 13 of us. Then we waited. Nobody panicked nobody panicked. Everybody was real Cool. As soon As he got to a phone Davis called the outside and told them to ready the pumps. I knew we were going to get out because i had Faith in Tim Salvati one of die outside Rescue officials who also was one of the first Toto the mine to Lead the men out. We just talked. Some of us slept. For a while we just sat and had a Good old Bun session. All the boys had a Good sense of humor. And they told a lot of jokes. I care to repeat them Here in front of my wife. After a while we had trouble breathing. There was plenty of air but we had pressure in there because of the rising water. Our ears nearly blew up when they punched that Hole through an air and Supply Hole drilled from the top of the Mountain that Hole meant life for , blankets and drinking water. Before they sunk that Hole it was cold if you did no to move around. Disappointed we were pretty disappointed when they did no to get us out when they said they would but it did no to dishearten us too much. We knew there were going to be several problems we understood them and we knew the boys outside were going to run into them. Tuesday night we saw the water Start dropping. When Bunny Dillon became sick Oscar Dillon who had an ulcer attack and was sent Medicine from outside some of the men thought he was going to die. It was real bad there for a while. Andy my brother is a real card. He told the Best jokes. We called him the doctor because he took care of Bunny. The hardest thing to get used to Down there was sleeping on that Coal. Man it sure was hard. My legs feel pretty weak from being All cramped up. But otherwise i feel Fine. I Haven to decided yet whether ill go Back Down that mine. A Guy has got to pay the rent. Levander sends state a Happy 110th birthday St. Paul a gov. Harold Levander wished the state of Minnesota a Happy 110th birthday Friday with a cake and a Hope that it become an annual Spring event of some sort. Minnesota was admitted to the Union on May la 1858. Levander named a 15-member steering committee to come up with ideas for a Spring festival to match the Minneapolis Aqua Tennial the St. Paul Winter carnival and the Minnesota state fair news bulletins Levander says Nixon or Rocky would carry is ate in election Rains hit Texas again a we Klong siege of severe thunderstorms raked Texas with More weather violence today hurling Hail heavy rain and torn adic winds across the state from the Panhandle to the Gulf. Severe weather warnings were in effect through most of the night for South Central and Southeastern sections of the state As the storms continued into the sixth straight Day. Angry Bird a Canadian Goose zeroes in on mounted policeman John Greenwood and horse Charger in Stanley Park Vancouver. The zealous Goose attacked when horse. Man patrolled too close to its nest on top of a tree stump. The policeman and horse made a Quick Retreat. A wire Pho to St. Paul apr gov. Harold Levander says that either Richard m. Nixon or gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller of new York could carry Minnesota against any democratic presidential nominee in the november election. But Levander a Rockefeller Backer said Friday he would a be More sure of it if the governor were the gop nominee. Rockefeller has a Broad Appeal to voters Levander said leaving the implication that Nixon could not match Rockefeller in this respect. The governor was to speak this morning at the Republican 2nd District convention to St. Peter but declined to release Advance word of what head say. Its considered Nixon country and it is the Home District of rep Ancher Nelsen who ii of the Minnesota manager Nixon Campaign it is possible Nixon backers will try for a formal endorsement of Nixon although the former vice president has asked his supporters not to do so at lie risk of splitting the party. He would rather go along with a Straw vote by delegates of which potential nominee they prefer. Levander wants All gop conventions in the state to take Straw votes rather than press for formal endorsements. Democratic a Farmer labor party convention meets today at Bobbing and the 7th District Del session convenes at Detroit lakes sunday. Medicare Cost forecast too Low Washington apr forecasts of the probable Cost of medicare in 1972 made just last december have been described by the Secretary of health education and welfare As too Low by at least 50 per cent. Driver not injured As car rams Bridge Man Dies in Jack Accident the Mower county sheriffs dept reported one Accident today. About 9 30 . Friday a car driven by Conrad hinders it. I Fulda Minn. Apr Dale Manzey 29, manager of a Midland Coop station Here was killed Friday in an Accident on the Art schuster Fram eight Miles Southwest of this southwestern Minnesota Community. Manzey on a service Call was changing a tire on a fertilizer Field spreader when the machine slipped off the Jack and crushed him authorities said. 2 firms end merger talks a but a he added with the 2nd Waltham struck a Bridge East districts particular feelings to of Lansing on Cash 2. Mind a Titi not feel offended if they saw it the governor also is scheduled to speak at the 8th District gop convention in. Grand rapids today. Meanwhile the 8th District driving the sheriff reported about $90 damage to the Bridge. No estimate has been made on the Hin Der a car. Hinders received no injuries but was charged with careless new York apr control data corp of Minneapolis and electronic associates inc., said Friday they had terminated merger negotiations. Minnesota Viet toll is 473 St. Paul apr the number of Minnesota service men killed in Vietnam through tuesday totalled 473, up 14 from the previous weekly compilation the state veterans affairs office re1 ported Friday the calculations Date Back to april Imo a i

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