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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 4

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Austin, Minnesota A ii 111 or other circumstances it would not be Austin daily Herald granted. A the two University instructors said that a recent Survey of a Coop showed that Cre Isth blushed november 9. 18? i h. E. Rasmussen editor and publisher Geraldine Rasmussen bus mgr. Entered As 2nd class matter at the pest Ohice at Austin Minnesota under the act of March 3, 1179. Dit sales average about half of All sales issued daily except sunday the Herald has been for 63 years and still it a newspaper for Austin and Community fair and impartial to All seek ii g always to promote the Best interests of agriculture labor and Industry catering to no demagogues and showing favouritism to no group firm or individual. Mamba of the Assoc rated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well is All a news dispatches. Tuesday Juni 28, 1959 but unto you thai fear my name shall the son of righteousness arise with Healing in his wings and be shall go Forth and grow up As calves of the 4 2. A a a lot no Man think lightly of Good saying in his heart it will not Benefit me even by the falling of water drops a water pot is filled the wis Man becomes full of Good even if he gathers it Little by Little a Buddha through without a scratch by Bruck Biossat this was the year the forecasters said when Congress would surely bar the door to any More foreign economic Aid but in the Senate at least it did no to happen and Tho outcome spells a Victory for president Eisenhower. In voting to approve the full administration foreign Aid program of $3,530,000,000, the Senate did not Knock out the economic assistance features nor even modify them. Some republicans tried to restrict the program but failed on final passage the president s request had the support of 31 democrats and 28 republicans with la republicans and seven democrats opposed but the real test came earlier on two proposals to alter the character of some foreign economic Aid from outright Grants to Loans. The first asked that 75 per cent of a 165 million Dollar Aid fund he in Loans. The second reduced the percentage to 50. The 75 per cent plan lost 52 to 29, with 20 republicans supporting it the second was Defeated 50 to 33, with 22 republicans in support. The second plan actually was sponsored by sen. Knowland of California officially listed As cop minority Leader in the Senate two other Republican leaders Sens Bridges and Millikin joined Knowland in opposing the presidents wishes. Knowland and Millikin also supported the 75 per cent loan p in though Bridges was absent on that vote of the top gop Senate command Only sen Saltonstall of Massachusetts backed the administration on these votes the crucial measure of sup Hgt it for Eisenhower. As so often this year the president can thank sen. George democratic chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee Tor bringing the Hill through unscathed he declared that countries needing help the most would he unable to pay Hack economic ? Loans. Significant figures Carrel m. Shanks president of the Prudential insurance co. Gave some remarkable facts and figures in his dedication speech for the immense new building erected in Minneapolis to serve the North Central area of the nation. Shanks said that personal income in the United states will Rise from the present $295 billion to $420 billion by 1965. The Economy also will result in the increasing of family income from $5,600 a year to $7,-000. We can Only Hope that the optimistic Shanks quoted figures that will stand up and be counted. Furthermore the speaker said that instead of spending $254 billion As at present in 1965 customers would be spending $355 billion. The head of the Prudential who made his Way to the top of the organization from a Small town in Minnesota predicted an increasingly stable Economy which will Lead to a More Independent pattern. Another observation made by Shanks is one concerning the threat we must face and that is inflation. It is a More serious and continuous threat than possibly depression he indicated. We have Learned much about controlling inflation hut courage is required in Many High political places to take the necessary Steps to invoke the necessary restrictions to turn Back an inflationary trend. Shanks a Chi by i,., remarks with these Potpourri court personnel Here appear to be fast Guys with a Tomato. Jake Barwind 105 High court Bailiff picked a Ripe Tomato from his Garden monday clerk of court William Plzak intends to do the same thing today. However. Plzak admits that when he bought the Tomato Plant it already had Small tomatoes on it. The map showing the proposed now fir Ion area in Austin Wii a published in the Austin Dai y Herald wednesday. Under present plans the new Lone will take in in area about three times is Greet is the present Lone. At the old settlers Day gather ing at Leroy saturday Otto baud Ler was telling about the Abund Anre of wildlife during the Early Days Here of his parents the late or and mrs. William Baudler he told of How his parents saw a Herd of about a Elk one Day in the front Yard of their Home. At that Point one youngster in the crowd obviously impressed. Looked up at his dad and said Quot Davy Crockett huh a nothing has been More pro a Yuetive in the realm of dad land a j the area of son father relations a a than the contest a my pops tops a conducted by the Milwaukee Jour i Nal in which youngsters were ask Side glances tuesday june 28, 1955 Austin daily herald�?4 Fulton Lewis or. Guatemala gains Guatemala City a much re the problem of maintaining a gov Mains to be done but during one Ern ment but with not one cent of year in office the anti communist Cash with which to Start maintain guatemalan government of presi my it. Dent Carlos Castillo armas has b y frugality b y eliminating made truly remarkable strides to waste by cutting Corners were Ward restoring this Central Amer j Ever possible the new Golem ican country to a firm and stable moot has succeeded. Expenditures footing have been strictly on the basis of economic problems still Are current income but even so gov manifold and social problems Are Ern mental services have been far from full solution. But sub maintained and some $2,000,000 of Stantial starts have been made to the Federal debt has been paid off Ward settling these and the Many elimination of communist in other difficulties dumped into Cas dances has been a major Job Tillo armast Lap when he overthrew but has been largely accomplish the communist regime of the during the year for example quickly departed Jacobo Arbon some 2,500 persons proven or sus t 26 Guzman. Castillo armas himself has been confirmed overwhelmingly for the office of president in a plebes cite of guatemalans establish i ment of a constitutional form of j government is virtually completed j and the threat of sub Rosa com i munits left behind when known petted of being reds or sympathizers have been removed from various government jobs. Privileges of unions privileges of All labor unions wholly red controlled under Arben were suspended immediately on Castillo s accession to pow t m. Up a Ort Elt. to it i reds skipped the country has been c r a individual Union could a Henry next year lets go Tome place where the lifeguard Man boat a or Pamela Wii never learn to swim a largely eliminated not peaches Cream this is not to intimate. Of demonstrate that it had rid its leadership of communist influence however that Union has been re certificated and restored to full important wants Quot there swum to be Little i of to Arite sir a their Imp Reulon doubt it these Are Hood year ahead of the male Hood of the. Hoa hold Here Are some of the Choice and i amazing results i one youngster wrote a my pop lets me take Cordine lessons Ile lets me practice outside w Hen i practice outside he goes inside he can Tell Hefter from a distance a a another entry a my pop done to i spoil me he spoils my sister j though. Wow is she Rotten a More Quot when my pop was a Little Bov he used to go to the grocery store a Little girl there always i gave him a big sour Dill Pickle i which later turned out to be my j Mother a finally a every child should Loe j their father because if it were not j for their father where would they. Be nowhere that s where they a i be of it a easy credit two University agricultural economists in a study being made of co Ops revealed in their report this week that too much a a credit is getting the Minnesota farm Supply Assn into precarious positions. It makes no difference How credit is acquire if the account ii not handled in a Businesslike Way it will cause trouble for the association in one Way or another. There is a tendency to take the position that a this is my Assoc la turn and expect and even receive credit where perhaps unix presidents with two sex presidents of the i United states still living suggestions Are being made by members of Congress for something to do for these former executives. Their experience and knowledge for governmental affairs should indeed be valuable to the country. A Kentucky representative comes up with what looks like a reasonable and effective plan. Rep. Chelf suggests that the two sex presidents because of their experience should become senators at Large with the privilege of debating and consulting but without having the right to vote. Fortunately rep. Chelf says Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman Are a two splendid who Coult serve the body politic in an effective and worthy manner. The plan has much to commend it. Opinions of others modest guatemalan a year ago this month Tho army of liberation of col Carlo Castillo armas moved on Guatemala City to unseat the communist led government of Jacobo Arbenz in taking office a president Castillo Amias found i country sacked and its Treasury destitute Chao prevailed throughout the tiny nation the Farmers who had been promised the Moon by Arburn resented Cadillo annus of first some still do hut Many More have come to believe in this slight shy Man who saved Guatemala from a Fate much worse than these Farmers could have imag Iitto no sooner had he assumed the presidency than Castillo armas was beleaguered by pressure groups the extreme right conservatives most of whom Hail supported the dictatorship of president Chico importune him to join forces with them he refused the Ultra liberals likewise sought his support he refused i do not like hard shelled ideologies a a he is quoted As saying a i like to think my politics As neither right nor left i prefer to think of them As upward a a history already holds a Niche for this modest guatemalan the first latin american Leader in his tory to eject communism from his native land by Force for this service to democracy in the americas we Salute president Castillo armas and wish him Well As he faces the tasks ahead a san Diego Calif Union greeting card King makes gags pay off by Edward s. Kitch Chicago a every time Billy Harris meets a stranger he to say something funny a sometimes i say a Well it is n t so easy to say something funny. I can t get anywhere just go showing around making funny quip meet if i have anything to say that s funny i make a greeting card out of it a a he says. A producer of to million car Toon Type greeting cards a year it s one of his biggest problems. Also he must come up with ideas for 200 now cards a year. Are utilized however although he reads All of them on the Chance asked that one May spark an idea. Harris gives his ideas for cards to an artist who illustrates them with colourful cartoons. Then he the samples to anyone he a the truck Driver the Man m the Street or his Secretary. A Elf i set it won t do anything for people i won t product it which happens about half the time he says. Course that the guatemalan pie collective bargaining unit Tatu Ture is by any Means All peaches with a party 30 0f the biggest Inland Cream far from it for sex j0n, now enjoying this privileged j ample the drop in Coffee prices j status undoubtedly has been a Boon to f n 11 e of stat House wives hut 1 so Nemnom c Quot a has a equally undoubtedly it a Rome River Ament but the by close to causing the demise of the Boon Guatemala seek. From Castillo Atmas government 115 Quot big brother Quot Coffee land excellent Coffee in it Quot a restoration of the one pro i dentally to this country s most Tahle tourist Trade. More about important crop and its a beast exp a a it Quot Morrow. Copyright mss. Port item the drop in its Price my features inc not Only has slashed the income of growers hut it also has Cut into t h e governments revenues because the tax on Coffee exports has had to be sliced to keep Pace with the drop in prices. It was just one year ago a1-j most to the Day when Castillo a j find Bone fragment replaced in leg Chicago Al a dirty three Inch piece of Bone found too feet from an Accident scene May enable Mas. Then an exiled former Guate Harold Walat 19. To recover com Malan army colonel moved Back Petely from a serious leg injury typical is a Tallulah a like draw get out of Thi. Not for father you my bearing a simple but emphatic says Harris would not see hardly no children message a Dah line. A a. Or it a a a a j. / a into his Homeland from neighbor in motorcycle Nick collision i confidently tbsp ays Quot no Nocar Gua at the head of a a policeman found the Bone and his new favourites another i revolutionary band now known to it was taken to a Hospital along Day Stop worrying you la never l around unlike the Unicof Slat. Britain do not tax the Money which a opt win on Hor races football Pool or other Lamb Liq activities. Recently after re appraising their policy a British Board decided to retain it. Of they taxed winnings they would have to allow deductions for losses. Since people always lose More than they gain Whan gambling the British government decided it a ahead by not imposing a tax. Sounds logical too. A my idea is that folks Are tired of the Gushy hearts and Flowers greeting card. I know when i d1 want to Send anyone a card that Sall i could find. So i thought there must be a lot of people who thought the same about All the Mush Harris says. One of his cards says a i done to want to seem Nosey but in t it your birthday again Many Happy inside the folded card a Cross eyed character pops out a Long nose As the card is opened As chief designer and company head Harris is putting a new look into the 300 million Dollar greeting card Industry with his action decided cards. His smoking Rabbit card dramatizes greetings by a cigarette which is lighted by the receiver discouraging pro smoke rings puff from the tiny Novelty fag. A Jigsaw punt greeting card is signed by the sender and taken apart before it is mailed. The receiver must put the punt together before he learns who sent it. Humor comes easy for harris37. His father was Harry Harris a song and dance Man of the eau i Deville circuit Harris himself is an Amateur in drop dead a fracture Mem. World alive a a that will really a thou a of democrats who about a month ago to Twain getting rough w Ith Ike to whittle him Down for the 1950 Campaign have patently Mads Gress. The latest Gallup poll Ike s popularity is still rising among democrats As Well As republicans More than half of the democrats said they a hive risen Hewer is doing a Good Job As pre Sidcot Ike a popularity has stumped even the experts perhaps no pre evident has Ever enjoyed such a steady a varied popular approval. Nor is his popularity merely personal Appeal rather it rests the Public great Confidence Ike is better qualified than any other american to Lead the people and make decisions. Billy Harris vegetable record Davis Calif a a the super giant among California s agricultural giants is the vegetable Industry. So says j. E. Knott chair ter Tainer doing a routine at local Man of the department of vege Benefit shows it s one he used table crops at the state Agricula. A up s Arm lur.,i Oil i or Aid a stable to ,urn.-$5,000,000 that co with George e. Sokolsky Wollk sitar chs Al Tho or cent anniversary Celebration of the United nations glowingly and eloquently depicted the u n As the world great Hope for peace most during i Lour in the t air forces at War Bond drives shipment in 1954 More than doubts Oug Hout the West after being led the state s combined volume of drafted while working in a defense grapes Citrus fruits deciduous Plant in to Angeles. Fruits nuts berries and Misc Ell dts charged in 1946. He returned Anjou fruits. Home to Chicago and obtained an established greeting card firm about 75 per cent of the new cards he creates last Only a year. Left Castillo armas a Alec great 1 t have numbered Only some 250 with Walat doctors identified it men. As a fragment of the youths left Why they rallied Tibia cleaned it and replaced it further they were armed Only in his leg. With revolvers rifles a few a today five Days after the acct Chine guns and a couple of beat Dent doctors said Walatt a leg is in up former u s air Force fight mending Well. Had not the Boneer planes. But the internal disgust fragment been found they said in Guatemala with the red a the leg might have been shortened Beni government was such that or Walat would have faced an the populace rallied to Castillo a expensive Bone graft. Support and even the nationalist i army refused to fight in behalf of Arbenz. One of the biggest headaches facing Castillo when he first took i Over and a continuing headache Ever since was the governments financial plight. The Arbenz communist govern ment had floated $45,000,000 Worth of Bonds within the country during its relatively Brief life and because they were held within Guatemala the Castillo regime wisely decided to Honor them. With previous Bond issues this left the new government staggering under a debt of about $50,,00b�?insignificant to the billions minded United states but considering the population and Economy overbearing to Guatemala Treasury looted furthermore one of the last acts of Arbenz and his cronies before they fled was to loot the Federal Treasury of every cent of Cash and negotiable securities in tvs a i j i cd ? eur 00 Ftp to a. Ii vie Winter months like Baittle ice Burak oct to say goodbye. But gee with june t it almost seemed to melt into july. Today talk reason for Molotov smile when Molotov smile t h e r e Central committee and the user is in reality a free Market the must he a reason. Hts face and i Council of minister decided to last vestige of capitalism in Kus disposition were not made for sow Grain Over 28,000,000 to of them were pinning their real jokes daily life and the 10,000 let Hope on the forthcoming meeting ters a year he receives from con at the Summit a conference outside tri Butor few of the contribution the framework of the u n personal interests the Mediterranean sea Loc that which makes people inter 5�rwj�iu�?T. .dw.7. More water by evaporation than eating to themselves makes them on year is replaced by Rivers flowing into interesting to us. Interesting peo-1 by Wail zone i he gets ideas for cards from it my rain on its surface the loss a a a a Quot a subscription rate single copy Tat new dealers and Street Saex i Fie heme delivery la Agattia i 3 flip. 1130 30. Laughter surely not for Gay laugh too too hectares of Virgin and Idle ter and the photographs of him land in 1956 according la a Thrush in the pose of a benign ancient i Chev More than 3.500,000 hectare patting the head of errant Chil of Virgin land Wert Dren give evidence of the torture j and More than 17,000,000 slowed of his spirit at such a revolution up for 1955.�?� Ary shenanigans. Molotov is the i the situation is apparently so last of the really old bolsheviks serious that non peasants member remaining in the soviet governor the Young communist league ment. Surely he must sometimes Komsomol have b e e n recruit ask himself by what Miracle heed to work on the new land survived j Khrushchev will undoubtedly Dis when Molotov finds it necessary cover that City boys and girls to smile there is trouble inside a while they Are always enthusiastic. .,-.1 a Kiuru Muir me Lanui the Sov Iet Union and that trouble j about being out in the country do really lost Possession of his land a in a Rit it i --�?�?1 a a this was resisted particularly in the Ukraine where millions of peas ants were permitted to starve to death of the collectives. Stalin said As nearly always is agr cultural Samuel Kucherov of the Library of Congress reports in the a political science quarterly on this subject As follows. Despite the fact that the total sowing area was increased by 6,800,quo hectares All countries who Are dream in not make Good Farmers and if they stay in the Conn try Long enough the prohibit Ity is that they will take on the characteristics of the peasants which is not to produce enthusiastically when there is no adequate one hectare return for their work the return j of restoring capitalism in the us equals 2 471 acres in 1953 Over can Only be adequate in the terms or a the sacred principle of 1940, that sown to Grain decrease of improved standards of living. J private property a is collapsing and de by 3,800,000 hectares to Grain that is. In increased availability of vanishing the peasants whom feed crops by 6.800,000 hectare j Consumers goods. They regarded As material Manur to Groat crops by 1.300,000 Hee work for govt Mont my the soil for capitalism arc Tare and to legs minus Grain by the russian Farmer works most abandoning in Masse the lauded 800,000 hectare. It also was stat of i time for i government Banner of private property and de in the Resolution of the Central generally on a peasant collective Are taking to the path of code committee of the russian Tommu farm. He is permitted to take a Tivisa the path of socialism the mat party i that collective farm share of the produce for himself j last Hope for the restoring of Cap did not fulfil the 1953 plan for for i own consumption and part Raisin is crumbling livestock Breeding and that an in of which he Sells on an official unfortunately for soviet Russia portent decrease in the number of Black Market it is to be noted the system of collectivization has cows took place in Many regions that whereas there is no free mar not worked Well enough to pro of the soviet Union in 1953. Ket for manufactured goods All of Duce the food essential to a rising Strong measure which is government owned and. Standard of living Khrushchev a Strong measure have been produced the russian Farmer has has shown interest in How it is taken to increase agricultural pro managed to obtain a share How done in Iowa if he came to look a of it is not surprising that some of our top tunes a quickly into oblivion after a few weeks of playing. What is surprising is that they Are played at All. Efforts of former Premier Mendes France to get frenchmen to switch from hard drink to milk ended in failure. But the French Are realistic and France present Public health minister. Bernard la j Fay. Is now trying to produce sob j piety with soda pop he is launch ing a big Campaign to convert frenchmen to pop drinkers. Hoping to Appeal to the patriotism of frenchmen the pop is being put into bottle with red White and Blue labels it is an interesting Experiment but we still feel that whatever is done to Pep up the bottle the ultimate Success will depend a the last Hope of capitalists of on whether the Frenchman finds i Cia. The russian peasant has never been a satisfied person once a serf he was freed into extreme sown in 1954 poverty and often lost his newly gained lands to landlords and Absentee owners. The bolshevik revolution of 1917 used As a slogan a the land Beking to those who till it a but in Short order made tile land state property. Be Ert Helass the peasants were permitted perpetual tenure when the system of collectivism was imposed upon agriculture the Fanner vocalist i pie Are bold and unafraid they delivery in Post office within in mile is being replaced a from Are first at All creative tile ulu Titu Ocean and the Black therefore in a sense unique one the a Mon he .i., Sis sea. And a Good part of the world a onem Vear Jom Washington is but the enactment Quot a a Jill. Quot a a a a a. A. Mew i j a. Pm % 11 i m a of a dream among Liberty seeking delivery in Post office Ouide so mime answer to previous Puzzle at Koss i vocalist Julius 7 he is a 13 speaker 14 oleic acid Salt 13 he seems to be a a a pet son 6 has my wings ,. 2u Leafe 17 of week portico 18 masculine appellation 19 he has appeared on a a country television 22 water flask 26 savor 3 rave 4 German King 5 Consolation 6 exist 7 cleansing substances 8 sickest 9 tidy 10 Fence opening 11 eternity a 12 Crimson Euni kit cd it j car a i i i i i v i ilk i 1 i Plim i gee i Tab Peoples. What makes such a figure Akin to us is that he is interesting to himself. Ai of Austin but within in a Isis by m sir inc per it . Three month is we Only ask of our heroes that orjjsr1-.ii. Quot to we a pm veg St re to j they perform honestly and want them As patterns. That a Why we look to them Mak m ail at other zone delivery in Poe Toffic Over Iso mile radius of austins payable in Advent per week my their a tests an inspiration is month#.#0 to us. What borrowers we Are the in Kijoo Alt a a or �?4 in 28 native of 46 portuguese Serbia account Money 29 Kite part 48 Royal italian 30 gaelic family name 33 horses gait 49 to be for 39 posture 50 malign look 41 absolute ruler 51 a Diamond 25 year Between 43 Church official state a 12 and 20 44 unas pirated 52 Foo like part 27 operatic Solo 45 Chowes 53 Legal pct 21 Strong vegetables 22 surrender 23 dry 24 fastidious the taste of pop is an adequate statute my the cheerful Cherub i live too greedily a Iii Mike. Exc Small Joy stand not wit a Down my future with an undigested do St Etc a auction in the face of this failure of the peasantry to cooperate with the it Ablahed plan. The party Ever Small of his proud it which see. He would find that in Iowa he can sell on a free Market for capitalism works copyright 1955, Money the official Black Market King feature inc 31 iroquoian Indian 32 Louse egg 34 erect 35 gambling cubes 36 Rocky Pinnacle 37 Flag 38 Garden spots 40 he has made some a a recordings 42 petulant 44 Loreal 47 stagger 51 rely a 52 adhesive user 54 lure 55 dinner course 56 inferior 57 pilots Down i ship t record Book i War god in w i of Quot w i i ,4 the 3 $ t Ili amp a pm. % Foj a to 77 a i it j. A Quot Iii amp 4b 7 of w x Sibi in is to 28 interests of Plato Shakespeare Dickens Whitman Anda Host of others whose writings have added Lustre to literature have become i our own according to our ability to absorb what they had to give. Every great master by he writer Painter or poet had to formulate a plan of life and action suited to his own personal interests he had to have Faith in himself and depend upon it regardless of All outer influences. It always takes great courage to stand alone against Odds and All opposition. The More we learn of new things the better we become acquainted with people and the More absorbed we become in affairs of the world the closer we get to ourselves and the More fascinating All our interests become. We like people of Many interests and who keep bubbling Over with enthusiasm. One reason Why so Many retired men live Only a few years is that they have no compelling interests to keep them occupied one or More enjoyable hobbies work wonders after a Man has retired Long before this he can prepare for those Days which May have Little to offer him in the Way of change and a Happy occupation. Great artist reflect their Art in the lines of their face a their interest a stamped there a George Matthew Adams Noti zone i rate will apply subscription service going to be ice personnel in u. S. And Arn forces in Al areas served Throe Apo and no. When moving please Call she Herald of fire 8s1�?giving your change in address. The Herald is on Salb at the follow ing places Austin Cand co. Sit n main As. Austin hotel. Chatham and Bridge East Side pharmacy water and railway Fox hotel. Main and water Holt pharmacy main and water Lane s pharmacy. 400 n Mala Luces cafe. Is n main St Nelt Clear store 415 n. Main St news stand Post office Peoples drug store. 203 n main a k o Wold drug co a main and Bridge its Hamilton cafe. Dexter circulation dept. Phone 8856 per irregular in eerie a Pleat Call Tea aka a a Aik a Barbate 5 10 p 6 to p m. Iowa Galivan Samoa Emba a a it Mac Aveary

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