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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 1

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Austin, Minnesota The we thai considerable cloudiness with scattered thundershowers lot tonight Ond wednesday Tittle change in temperature Austin daily Herald vol. Pc rvs no. 152 single copy 6c 1 Austin minn., tuesday june 28, 1955 member associated press 1955 City traffic accidents. 397 injuries. 36 fatalities none domoge.$56,243 16 pages steel firms prepare for shutdown us resumes bargaining As deadline nears by John Moody Pittsburgh a Cio United steelworkers president David j. Mcdonald pressing to Avert a nationwide steel strike thursday Midnight resumed negotiations today with the nations six big steel producers. At the same time u. S. Steel corp., the worlds largest producer and Jones amp Laughlin corp., the nation fourth biggest steel maker said preliminary Steps Are under Way to effect an orderly shutdown of its Mills. A spokesman for Jones amp Laughlin also said the company will submit an offer to the Union later in the Day. He said the offer substantially will be the same As that offered by u. S. Steel earlier. That offer was rejected by the Union. Seek wage boost the big Union is pushing for a wage settlement before thursday Midnight and is empowered by its wage policy committee to Call a nationwide strike then if its demand for a substantial wage increase Are not met. In newspaper advertisements signed by the Union chief today the Union claims the u. S. Steel offer of about a 10-cent-an-hour average increase would apply to u. S. Decides to drop Lattimore prosecution blames trigger Happy soviet pilots v. Dulles import Washington up minimizes of attack who son first a Margaret Truman television Star and daughter of sex president Harry Truman helps liven things at monday nights sandlot baseball Benefit at Yankee stadium in new York. A she plays a two Glove game of shortstop left dunces in the coaching Box Center and shoats instructions right. She acted As a coach during a celebrity softball a contest that preceded the giants Yankees exhibition game. A wire photo i in report on Federal government workers Hoover commission told to return hits Ike Road plans to their jobs Washington up the commis Sion on intergovernmental Bela Ernie their constitutions and tax systems and reorganize their Bri tons took Issue today with presi ministrative machinery to serve the Public better. It proposed that each state launch a a searching Dent Eisenhower a Highway financing program and called on his administration to assume full com j reappraisal of its fiscal Maori of civil defense. While the cities and states Are the 25-member commission Ere at a disadvantage in competing just slightly Over 50 per cent of the Aje j a Congress two years ago j with the Federal government in the 600,000 men involved. The offer recommend Boundary lines for same Fields of tax collection the provided for a 6-cent across the overlapping taxes and encroaching commission said a substantial Pollard increase plus one half cent governmental authority filed with Tennial for More Revenue exists in increments Between Job classifies i the president a 311-Page document almost All if not All Tiona. Proposing last night Stephens declared his i. Withdrawal of the Federal gov comp any a offer which has been Ern ment from some Fields of Taxa matched by Inland steel corp., Tiona leaving them to the states a would lift the average straight a and cities As rapidly As tax reduce time hourly earnings of steel work a Tion becomes possible. It named Era to a level More than to cents no specific taxes Federal payments 2 Federal a payments in lieu of in an hour higher than that which now prevails in the automotive steel offer it concluded that Complete elimination of tax overlapping a is not feasible while Large a part of National income is being taken by taxes but went on tax reduction a the Best Chance of reducing tax overlapping probably lies in a major reduction of the Over All _ in i from their tax Rolls Bir steel has shown no indies 1 tal ownership lion that it will up the Ante in a taxes a to cities and states in com j level of taxation since this May sensation for real estate stricken result in the full repeal of certain because of taxes by one jurisdiction or an i other. Counter proposal but some observers thought this was entirely possible. . Steel which employs about 150,000 of the 600,000 us members in the Basic steel Industry has offered a wage hike of about to cents an hour. Union Romandt a entirely inadequate a is the answer of the Union headed by David j. Mcdonald. Among other things Mcdonald says the steel Industry is booming and can Well afford a a a substantial hike for his men who now average $2.33 an hour. Despite unanimous hacking yesterday from the unions 170-Man wage policy committee to strike Mcdonald said at a news conference later that he a still optimistic. A there is still time for a peaceful wage Mcdonald declared. Hopeful for settlement John a. Stephens . Steel vice president and chief negotiator declared that he too is hopeful of avoiding a strike. But Stephens declared the concern a still believes its wage offer of last thursday is a substantial a and will prove the basis of settlement steel talks continued on Page 9 3. Increased Federal appropriations for a stepped up state administered Highway construction program to be financed on a a Pav As you build basis not by borrowing. Full consideration to the problems 4. Action by Congress to trans of tax overlapping a Fer responsibility for civil defense the report although sprinkled. Tax overlapping can Best be reduced by action of the National government. When further tax reduction is possible the commission urges the Congress to give Detroit of a Back to work movement at general motors Willow run transmission Plant was reported today after a court order dollars prohibiting Wildcat strikers from any violence on picket lines. An unauthorized strike of 150 tool sharpeners closed the Plant wednesday idling 8,000 workers. The Cio United Auto workers called on the men to return to their jobs and to ignore unauthorized picket lines. But they were reluctant to enter the Plant after disorders broke out. Circuit judge James r Breakey or. In Ann Arbor last night issued an order prohibiting trespassing on company property violence threats and interference with persons entering the Plant. The tool sharpeners were Dis satisfied with the 20 cent hourly package agreement reached Between pm and the Union two weeks ago. They contended they were skilled workers and were entitled to an increase of 8 cents an hour like skilled workers in addition to the 6 cents increase allowed unskilled workers. Secretary of state Dulles today blamed a a trigger Happy russian pilots for the shooting Down of an american Navy patrol plane off Alaska last week. A a far. We doubt that represents a considered policy on the part of the soviet Union a Dulles said. A a certainly we Hope Dulles statement in effect deprecating the significance of the plane incident came at a news conference. He and president Eisenhower had talked Over the affair during a plane trip monday night from Maine to Washington. In reply to questions Dulles said the government has not decided vet whether to stick to its demand that Russia pay the full Cost of the plane and provide reparations j for seven Crew men w to were wounded or injured in the crash Landing. It Russia has expressed regret j Over the incident and has offered i to pay half the Cost of damages. The Navy estimates the planets value at More than do million on tiny life raft in Pacific searchers sight missing airman cites crash data talking to reporters Tokyo jul a search plane to night sighted one of two . A identify the Drifting Man or determine i condition from the sput charges of perjury will be dismissed Washington the government decided today to drop its 2 a year old attempt to try Owen Lattimore on charges of perjury. Atty. Gen. Brownell made the announcement. Brownell noted that the . District and appeals courts Here had twice thrown out key counts of indictments charging Lattimore with false testimony before the Senate internal Security subcommittee in Early 1952. Brownell said it thus appeared impossible to proceed on five remaining perjury counts accused of lying Lattimore a Johns Hopkins lecturer and far Eastern affairs specialist was accused of lying in denying that he had been a Fob j lower or promoter of the communist line. These accusations were de i scribed by Federal dist. Judge Luther w. Youngdahl As a formless and obscure a a and too vague for the 54-year-old Lattimore to defend. Court ruling Youngdahl threw them out and his judgment on this was twice Dulles Rine fliers missing for three nights tearing radio signals stressed the plane crash occurred in the Pacific. He was seen Send j the search spread Over 20,000 at least 25 Miles from soviet Tor my radio signals from a tiny life Miles of the foggy Western Pacific upheld by the court of appeals Mitory and Well beyond the 12 raft about 123 Miles South of in an Effort to locate the fog Russia claims As its Tokyo. Mile limit air space. The plane was on a routine flight made twice weekly from Kodiak air base North to look for vessels in distress and conduct similar patrol missions a at least the soviet Union has made an expression of regret a Dulles said in a statement he said he believes this is the first time it has publicly expressed regret a Over the conduct of its armed meats Ike Dulles had flown to Bangor. Maine earlier that he could talk Over International developments which occurred during Eisenhower six Day trip through a we arc in radio Contact with the Man a said an air Force spokesman. A two planes Are circling overhead until he is picked up. The spokesman said the Sahi Albatross search plane which first spotted the raft could not Tell whether both missing marines were aboard. Foggy Waters Ile said it was considered doubt Ful because of the size of the raft and because of reports of two Small rafts Miles apart in foggy Waters. The Albatross and an air Force b50 circled the Bobbing raft two shrouded men before they died of exposure As they drifted in Little rubber rafts. By grim coincidence the wife of one arrived today from Minneapolis with her 5-year-old son. I she is mrs. David Winton Bell. Her husband a second lieutenant is the son of Charles h. Bell president of general Mills inc. The Navy notified Bell yesterday that his son was missing. The Navy has not released the names of either Man. The two Drifting fliers were hidden by fog from More than 50 planes and nine ships combing the sea around the volcanic islands South of Tokyo. For the District of Columbia. The appeals courts second ruling was made june 14 on a 4 4 vote. The tie let the Youngdahl finding stand. This confronted the government with the Choice of appealing to the supreme court or going ahead with an attempted prosecution of Lattimore on five other counts which Lattimore attorneys had described As a trivia a the further possibility open to the government was to drop the whole prosecution. This is what it elected to do. Brownell said in a statement a upon a consideration of All aspects of the Case it has been decided not to apply to the supreme court for review on certiorari on new England. On their arrival late hours receiving its flickering radio last night at National Airport i signals. To Washington from the states and cities which the commission said ave ill equipped financially and otherwise to carry the Burden. Grantt in Aid 5. Continuance with some important changes and curtailments of Federal Grants m Aid under which More than two billion Dol i Lars annually is furnished to states and local governments. The Federal t Grant the report said a has become a fully matured device of cooperative the commission headed by Meyer Kestnbaum of Chicago president of the Hart Schaffner a Marx clothing concern emphasized this View a a fundamental objective of our system of government should be to keep centralization to a minimum and state local responsibility to a stat constitutions it called on the government to exercise a a forbearance a in end a Roehing on the jurisdiction of i states counties and cities but emphasized that the states must mod-1 with dissents mustered a majority commission continued on Page 9 presidential press Secretary James c. Hagerty said the two men had discussed plans for next months big four Summit talks and he added a the president and the Secretary also reviewed fully the shoot two harbours mayor to be Freeman aide . Paul us mayor Cyrus e. Magnusson is resigning that office at two harbours to become executive Secretary to gov. Freeman. Magnusson whose appointment is effective immediately succeeds George Selke. Who resigned june i to become state conservation commissioner. No red carpet ready for these 3 pos House extends doctors draft Washington ii a the House today extended the bitterly disputed doctors draft for another two years after beating Down an Effort to kill it. The measure also extends the regular draft of men for the armed last general pay raise for these i services for four years. Workers was in 1951. Pay hike Bill signed by Ike Washington president Eisenhower today signed the Hill raising the pay of 1,073.262 Federal employees 7>x per cent or an average of about $325 a year. Enactment of the measure completes a round of u. S. Pay increases voted at this session totalling about in billion dollars. The Bill signed today covers 983,-057 classified civil service employees throughout the nation and ,. Of. A a a a a Burns or injuries. Russia while 90,205 others in various govern. A contending the . Plane invaded the planes dropped flares to Light up the area for a huge Armada of search planes and ships. A we done to know whether he will be picked up by a ship or a chopper helicopter a a the spokesman said. The Albatross which a it frustrating. Madden the two counts that were recently ing a a Navy officer said As he invalidated. In the absence of reported feeble sporadic radio these counts there is no reason code signals were received from a Little emergency radio set aboard one of the rafts. Yesterday one raft was reported seen by a search plane that made five passes Over it Only to lose ing Down by soviet planes of the sighted the raft could not put Down it again before a ship could reach us naval patrol Craft while it was Over International Waters. A they discussed the soviet memorandum of explanation and regret to which a reply will be made reply to soviet Hagerty declined to shed any Light on the nature of the reply. The incident occurred last wednesday in the Bering Strait off Alaska. Seven of the la crewmen in the Navy plane suffered on the surface because of the fog and darkness. Radio signals search planes were unable to the spot. The fliers apparently bailed out or ditched when their f3d sky Knight twin Jet ran out of fuel. Get away car found . Louis Park Bank loot set at $10,000 to pay half the damages. Dulles said yesterday the rus ment agencies with separate pay systems. The increase which will Cost about 328 million dollars a year is retroactive to March i. This Means the employees will get Lump sum payments totalling about to million As soon As they can be arranged. The annual payroll for the workers covered by the Bill now is. About $4,350,000,000 a year. The Ould be Adamant in to pm to on Dulles continued on Page 14 soviet territory has conceded the Minneapolis a a Fri agents Check indicated about $7,900 of the Chance of error and has offered and police today were processing loot was in Cash including several Able likelihood of a successful prosecution on the five counts remaining from the first indictment. No comment a therefore the United states attorney for this District intends to take the necessary Steps to bring about a dismissal of these counts thus bringing this litigation to a Lattimore attorney Thurman Arnold said he had no comment when informed by a reporter of Brownell a statement. The original seven count perjury indictment against Lattimore was returned in december 1952, under the previous democratic administration. After the two key counts of the original indictment had been thrown out by the local courts the Eisenhower administration sought a new indictment. Brownell said this was a in order to make out the strongest possible Case for the the stolen car used in a $10,000 bags . Louis Park merchants had run . Louis Park Holdup monday for used for night deposits. All the loot Sian offer was Quot not. Ii Tot Cines to the Lone gunman. A Moured. Birther of the court. This new indictment was also re the car stolen in Minneapolis agents reported it was the first june 23 from a Royalton Minn successful Bank Holdup in the twin while a renewal of a request for visjt0r, was found abandoned Mon cities area since the Barker Karpis full reparations seemed Likely it Jay night near a Large apartment grabbed $112,000 from the we consider appropriate under the ejected by the court As too vague. Did not appear that this country Seoul f a three american soldiers who refused repatriation after the korean War but now want to go Home will be Given one last Chance to turn Back if they appear at Panmunjom. Has been made they would he offered passports to the United states and help in getting there. A they Are civilians All three have been Dis honorable discharge they Are free As the a they will be informed they will air and can see anyone they de be subject to the Laws of the United states and responsible for any acts they might have committed Quot a . Embassy spokesman said today. He made the statement at a press briefing on procedure to be followed if the Trio Are released in Korea. Reds arrange return they Are Lewis w. Griggs Jacksonville Tex. Otho g. Bell Olympia Wash. And William a. Cowart Dalton a. Red China piping radio has stated arrangements Are being made for their return. The spokesman said if the five Are freed in Korea it most Likely will take place at a meeting of the military armistice commission. Willard 0. Brown first Secretary of the embassy Here would Fly to the commissions joint secur sire a the spokesman said. A there will be no red carpet for these Fellows. We Are not prejudging them but. A a Griggs asks help from Baptist group Dallas Tex. Of Cpl. Lewis Griggs has appealed to the Southern Baptist convention Headquarters Here for help he says he needs to get out of communist China. Southern Baptist officials in announcing the letters receipt yesterday said they would relay it to the Baptist world Alliance meeting in London july 16-22. The letter was dated May 19. Griggs is from Jacksonville Tex. Communist China said recently it would free Griggs Otho Bell of Olympia Wash., and William try area inform them of their Cowart of Dalton a. Griggs said rights have them examined by a Many others want to return a but doctor if necessary and then Fly we Are continually delayed and them Back to Seoul if they still me is made hard on want to come the spokesman said. A i done to know if we will he killed would Gat Aid thrown in prison or let leave her one final identification China a he added. Disabled vet killed in tractor Accident Crosby and co. Stage Benefit boost Hospital Mcarthur. Calif it Bing Crosby and son Gary on a fishing trip Learned this Little town had no Hospital a and was having trouble raising funds to build one. Yesterday the Crosby returned. They brought band Leader Phil Harris comedian Jerry Lester dancer Donald of Connor red Nichols and his band Singer Peggy Connolly and others to give a Benefit show. Fire from his office door off the help Start a neighbors car. Arm i More than 5,000 Persona a to main banking floor. Strong unmarried lived in North times Mcarthur population paid Fri agents said a preliminary Field. $20,000 for tickets. At Chowen Avenue and 44th Street i theml Northwestern National Bank s., about two Miles from the Holdup a Minneapolis in 1932. Two men were killed during that Rob the armed Bandit fled unscathed Bery. Even though the Bank a president Allen Burrill sent four shots from a Deer Rifle after the fleeing Man. Officers said a later Check showed that All four bullets went into Walls of the Hank. Northfield Winn. Ftp How Burrill shouted a warning to the Ard Armstrong 27, disabled Ko-10 employees and 8 customers in Rean Veteran was fatally injured the Bank at the time to get Down monday night when a tractor he before he started firing. He said was driving toppled into a ditch. He kept the Deer Rifle in a Comer Armstrong was visiting the farm of his office for emergencies. Home of his brother in Law. Albert the president reported that the Remme near Dennison 20 Miles gunman appeared a too surprised to Southeast of Here when he was use his pistol when Burrill opened killed. He had used the tractor to a amp or flooding River a the raging North Platte River flooding for the first time in 25 years rages against riverfront structures and spreads debris along the Banks. Heavy rain Hail and tornadoes raked the North Platte watershed in Wyoming and Nebraska the last two Dayt with port showers predicted today. See Story Page 3 a wire photo near n. Y. Central terminal trains collide Bondsmen jolted Syracuse . Up a a slowly-1 Duane Olson 16, a band Mem Atlantic City n.j., for a band co moving westbound freight train Ber gave this account petition. They were on their Way sideswiped a passenger coach car-1 a most of us were dozing when to Niagara Falls for a Brief sight trying 39 members of the great All of a sudden there was a terrific seeing Stopover before continuing Falls mont., High school band on Jolt. The car seemed As though it Home. A siding near the new York Cen had turned Over kids were scat j Trai Mastai. Walt a Barnes Aidra Road to form Nal Here ,hda-v-1 a Al a a her the aisle of the the coach we a Bei Salt Che i t0 Bondsmen was be car and thrown to the opposite j Anothy a track when the freight a a moved into the same line. The a your musical instruments and coach carrying 38 girls from the Luggage were thrown All Over the band was not struck. Place the girls in the car ahead Ceorge Tonkovich. 48. Of great of us were screaming Tike mad. Falls mont., was hospitalized for the Accident happened just before 5 30 . The band member none of the piously Hurt. Two men were injured one of them was hospitalized. The passenger coach was knocked to a 45 degree Angle and kept from overturning Only because of the weight on the Bottom of the car Railroad officials said. The Bondsmen were jolted out of their reclining seats and some suf jeered bumps and bruises. A head laceration. He was one of nine male sponsors with the boys were transferred to another car to group. He had a Aon in the band continue their homeward trip. 1 and his wife a with the girl in the band members had been in. The other car

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