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Austin Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 2

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Austin Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Austin, Minnesota 2auitin Dally Herald tuesday j in 28, 1955 foes in House seek to trim foreign Aid by b. L. Livingstone Washington a a Hill to a Thorn new foreign Aid spending of More than 3 a billion d. Liar came up for House action today with critics aiming to pare it Down in size. In Advance of debate on the s3 a it 285,900,000 global Aid program chairman Richard dec of the foreign affairs committee told newsmen a i Hope the Bill will not he Cut t appreciably. The Bill passed by the Senate it already Cut 139 Mil j j Ltd dollars. I think that s enough but what the House will think ii another matter a Ike s request president Eisenhower requested 3l billion dollars in foreign As j Sis Tanee funds for the bookkeeping year beginning Friday aside from the Money cuts the House Bill is Stan tally in the form outlined by the administration. The Hill is f merely an authorization which sets a ceiling on foreign Aid spending actual funds will be voted Separ la top. A Sharp attack was levelled at the program in a minority report prepared by four Republican Mem hers of Richard a committee the signers were representatives Church of Illinois Bentley of Mir Igan Adair of Indiana and Law rence Smith of Wisconsin. They contended the Aid program should he critically reappraised before new funds Are authorized and contended it is so Broad As to he no More than a a Blank Check Quot Fike at it Vav but loin go smoke and flames shoot up the planking of the to stories of the 15-million Dollar Fott schools of health amp professions building in Pittsburgh adjacent to three hospitals on the left. The fire Early today caused an estimated $250,000 damage a maybe twice that much wire photo 2 senators agree Security study May not silence red Issue it a More a firemen said a j Idaho officials blast or. Salle polio program specific Cut proposed Washington e a Democrat and a Republic an agreed today a Boise Idaho Jan the Idaho polio mass vaccination program already postponed indefinitely a i think the percentage of republicans who Are going to talk proposed Rcv spirt Tom ecu ?1 about it to 1956 will be much Ace it new plays today As state other members have Laid they Gurvy �?zh0uld-but probably won t Mailer than before a he said he health authorities announced they planned to a Eek rut applying up him Ruit that it of must in gov added he does t believe it will had a lost Confidence in the silk i finally to India and to Yugo foment Issue from the 1956 Polit he a prime Issue vaccine. Davit yesterday s announcement a fam it Jlian sen Monroney Dok ahead state health director l j. From Belgrade that marshal lib Senate passed by unanimous of the democratic speakers by in fiction told newsmen that Idaho a accepted an invitation to visit vote yesterday a Bill by sen Reau in 1952, said he doubts the will not sponsor another mass Moscow is expected to give added Humphrey i Minn to set up a communist Issue will he entirely inoculation program tie cause of ammunition to those who contend member special commission to forgotten. New doubts about the effectiveness he is becoming too Friendly with or government s Security demo cats complained bitterly and safety of the vaccine the russians with whom he split in 1946 another Section under criticism would give the president a up Cia 200 million Dollar fund for use in Asia without a requirement for immediate accounting. Program notice Tok equitation meeting for Austin township is postponed from june 29 to Friday july i at the clerk s Home beginning 9 30 a in. Signed town clerk in 1954 that vice president Nixon he told newsmen he holds the the proposal now goes to the implied their party was soft on vaccine together with its Manu i iou be where a similar plan communism they characterized a factoring instructions response a a a number Racket the cop Hie for a polio outbreak which has administrations claims As to the killed seven idahoans and hos-011 in Ber Sof Federal employees who vitalized 79 others since the mass had been separated from the pay immunization program was started Roll on Security grounds m april. App let dby Muon hut he added that the depart Nixon would appoint four of the ment does not blame the Cutter a this sort of study should take ? im.mp#,r, a of the c a minion laboratories of Berkeley. Calif., the c oui must in government is Whit h is to tie split evenly be which produced the vaccine used sue out of next year a Campaign tween the two parties two of has been approved by the Judi Clary committee. Defended by Humphrey Humphrey said in an interview his Ohlef objective is to a take the Security program out of in Idaho a because they were Only he said �?�1 Hope it will but you them. Appointees would be from carry mgr out the procedures out can t be Reijm Snible for Irres Ponsi Hie sen. Aiken r it Bani he thinks the measure Stu help in that re Speet hut he made it Deal in Doest think All republicans will the Senate and two would in civilian. President Eisenhower would name four civilians and speaker of the House Rayburn of Texas would name two from the House Stop talking about an Issue Many in Ltd two from civilian life the of them thought helped them win commission would elect its in 1932 chairman Highway equipment co. Inc. Cedar rapids Iowa manufacturer of the worlds mod Complete in of spreaders and bulk delivery equipment congratulates Earle Neville on the opening of the Neville Asphalt co. Bridal gowns too revealing pastor says Burley England a the Rev la Slie Aitkin complained today that he sees far too much of some of the girls who get married in his cd and Church the trouble the 37 year old anglican pastor explained in a letter to his parishioners is the Low Cut of Many bridal gowns Many of them Are backless and some Are practically front less too really a the Clergyman wrote a ifs a Miracle How they stay up a to the congregation behind it must look As though some brides have nothing on above the Waist. During the ceremony the girls stand two Steps below me. Ifs All terribly the Rev or. Aitken suggested that of a Bride must Wear a revealing dress she should cover up with a shawl for the ceremony. The pastor himself has let Een married for 17 year lined by or Salk a the reference was to or Jonas Salk Developer of the anti polio Acline. Lebanese release israeli freighter Jerusalem f an israeli freighter seized when it mistakenly entered Lebanon a territorial Waters has been released a u n. Truce organization source says. The source reported the 1,500-ton Branca fold was set free by lebanese customs guards yesterday afternoon a report from Beirut had said it was intercepted sunday while bound from Turkey to Haifa with a cargo of Beans canned fruits gop to fight for Ike s atom peace ship Washington a a Senate republicans planned a floor fight today to restore funds for president Eisenhower a demonstration peace ship project. Sen. Hickenlooper a Iowa told a reporter in Advance of debate noon Edt on the measure that he would offer an amendment to the atomic Energy commission construction Bill to put Money Back for the ship. However sen. Anderson dam chairman of the Senate House atomic Energy committee said he was ready to Back i groups action in knocking out the 21 million dollars asked by Eisenhower for a reactor to run the ship. Patted in Hout the House passed the Bill which authorized $267,709,000 in dec construction projects by voice vote after Brief debate yesterday. House gop leaders did not seek to restore the ship reactor Money. The president had asked that such a move be made after the democratic majority on the joint committee stripped the 21 million from the Bill last week the Bill authorizes funds for atomic projects Over the country. It includes five millions for the program announced by the president june la to help other nations build atomic Power reactors. It also carries Large allocations for three big dec reactor projects for aircraft an improved submarine engine and Large surface vessels Eisenhower launched his peace ship project in a speech last april at an associated press luncheon. He said the vessel could tour the ports of the world without refuelling and could he fitted with exhibits to show american Progress in peacetime uses of atomic Energy. Several members of the atomic Energy committee including at least one Republican. Rep. A Sterling Cole it by. Were highly critical of it. They said the dec resources particularly in scientific manpower. Were limited and that it was much better to concentrate on More important reactor projects reactor available the president asked that i demonstration ship he built in about two years dec expert said the Only reactor available for such a fast moving program was one similar to that used in the Nautilus the first atomic powered submarine however the experts acknowledged that such a reactor would not he the most feasible economically for surface Craft dec chairman i wis l. Strauss told the committee that a More efficient reactor undoubtedly could be produced after More extended research. Hut he said that if this country delays any further it runs the risk of seeing an atomic powered ship built by Norway Britain Kus Sia or France sail into american ports. Blasts domination by Kingmaker 40 and 8 to Cut legion ties Indianapolis a members of the forty so eight unmaking organization of the american legion today had the recommendation of their executive committee that they break away from the legion organization. A we renounce our association with the american legion and declare it dissolved Quot the executive officers said in asking organza Tio wide support of the secession move. The declaration which appeared yesterday in the forty St fighter society Public Tion accused the legion of letting itself be dominated by Kingmaker who disregard the wishes of the membership. Need ratification the statement urging members to ratify the break off at the organizations National convention in Miami this october was signed by j Earl Simpson Tulsa. Okla chef de Chemin de Fer. And the four other members of the forty so eight executive committee Quot it is the considered opinion of this executive relations Between the american legion and la society have become so strained that their continuation is impossible a the top officers said. They argued that the legion a for the last seven years has been under the dominance and control of a Small group of men. Rapt Lade it a it is common knowledge that these men have made use of the funds assets and prestige of the american legion to gain and maintain domination and control a the statement said a the men who have gained control of the legion have singled us out for sustained harassment abuse and vilification a it said. A we do not know other grievances cited by the article were these i. Refusal by legion s National executive committee to allow a separate forty so eight Parade a practice of a More than 30 years a at the october convention in Miami 2. Failure by the legion to give proper credit for the a More than $850,000 the forty so eight has raised for the children a welfare fund. Names withheld 3 repeated efforts by the legion to control forty so eight funds and membership. W Hile no a King makers were named by the article the Indianapolis Star reported it had Learned the men referred to were James p. Ringlet Chicago a member of the legion convention commit tee Maurice Stember new York City a state department adjutant and Thomas w. Miller. Reno nev., National executive committee member. Ringley reached in Chicago ridiculed the a King maker Quot Label and called reports of a secession empty threat a a in la Lay 100-to-l Odds that the forty a eight won t secede in october Quot he said. Seaborn f Collins Las Cruces. N legion National commander and himself a forty so eight member. Said he had heard a a rumours Quot of a possible break but said he considered it All at a local level. On the other hand. Charles w Ardrey Indianapolis National Cor respondent of the forty so eight predicted a overwhelming Quot ratification of the secession by the organizations 107.000 member sex factory worker sole heir to $104,289 St Louis in mrs. Ann Cholick 48-year-old former $1.13 an hour factory worker yesterday became the sole heir to a $104,289 estate. She inherited it from her Uncle. Michael Kowal who died May 21 at the age of 70 Kowal had been a confectionery operator and retired 27 years ago with a a Little Money Quot which mounted through simple living and shrewd investments. Philippines have climate for Coffee Manila f the Philippines May get into the Coffee business. C Dewitt Dyckman new York consultant save the Small Industry can be expanded readily to move into the world Market and earn dollars. Dyckman reports that the Philippines has the right soil and climate in Northern Luzon and on the Southern Island of Mindanao. Insurance when you need it if vol were to Check All the ways in which you might by held responsible for injury or damages to the property of others you would have a pretty Long list. But even that list might not include the very thing that tomorrow May become the basis for an expensive liability claim. You can insert against unforeseen hazards. May we Tell you How Frank j. Bradley insurance Agency 229 a n. Main phone 3511 fire destroys Plant Muscatine Iowa it a the Mccormick Craig co., an aluminium coating firm. Was destroyed by a fire which broke out shortly before Midnight sunday unofficial estimates placed damage at More than $200,000 auction new ranch Type. 3 bedroom Home 1703 Sun Valley Road tonight june 28-7 00 . Or. I mrs. Jack Rainey owners. Albert Hopfe for son Aget the District of Columbia has no status As a state hut is simply a Federal District a millionaire vacation on a Piggy Bank budget Taki a happiness tour and win a Frie trip around the world for 2 Iii your travel agent for details new Sarasota Terrace hotel i d1 Sarasota. Florida Low pack Aci rates Towi to Bikini Zhem. It # spacial a at a la a a a and my hta of at he a my a Towe get a extra coat a air let do it and Otto Nodot Nyu. Barb met Uda Loach a Bobby we 27-Bota Coart. My at Dada pow Battu Bard Coart Alberton to Ara. Qia Anad a Attama ant read Quot foe oct to it Atad party. A oar fact at a mom Camet 7�er4y,&Quot a a tax Yatty Bra Ciao a Tho Cadi it Moor a ism fat Omaha Banda Kays Tho Alert of Yray Baraad moot in Spirof sad a Ami a. Ai Pru pop reservations. See write or Poe Yow local Tiwa Al afoot am office of National or capital air. Lines or happiness Tours inc. A 6 e. Moore. St., cd Cofo i. A 2 w. 46th St. New York. N y. Law Toto of t in a my a oru Wulw it i in few we or g Atlanta Boston Chicago _ his Orleans new York Philadelphia Washington do. Orive your silk special Low nato $29.96. I and Mien too Milt Kuk Uri Vic now Ford or Chevrolet i 7x92 1 3.42 122 02 �?�2 02 114.42 113.32 fool new Sarasota Terrace we i tri rating 2-3311 p. O Box 1720 a Sarasota Florida a i it vhf / a a a j Fem he buy now and save Model f-701 $139.95 $30.00 Trade in allowance limited time Only Cleveland a Sterling downtown Bacon. I i do you bring Home the Bacon Quot in the form of a regular pay envelope or Check make sure that you keep a healthy slice of it for the future Benefit of a your family and yourself. Best Quot Home Quot for the part of your Quot Bacon Quot that you aim to hold onto is in your savings account where regular savings Pius Liberal earnings can add steadily to its size. Decide How much you can reasonably expect to save each week. Then faithfully save that amount in your account first thing every payday sat e to it b a purpose sat e u it b a plan a. Sat e Bere. Come in open an account. Each account is insured up to $10,000.00 Home Federal savings and loan association 129 North main Street e Austin Minn e phone 3432 Home offices Spring Valley Minn

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